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Izuku smirked as he clicked off the power button of his cellphone, dimming his screen.

Ever since he’d gotten Enji to give in to temptation, the two of them had exchanged information, and from there exchanged a few flirty messages. Well, more like Izuku was prone to send provocative images to Enji to entice the older man to see him again.

But Izuku had a prime opportunity to hook up with Enji again. He licked his lips as he got off the elevator, greeting the receptionist with a bright “Good Morning!” She blushes slightly at the new pro-hero wishing him a small good morning in return.

“Top of the mornin’ to ya Deku!” Burnin’, Enji’s sidekick greets Izuku.

“Mornin’ Burnin! How are you?” Izuku greets happily.

“Not bad, not bad! Heading over to Endeavor’s office for the meeting?” She asks as she passes by.

“Yep!” Izuku says turning to walk backwards and talk to her, “Early birds get the worm right? Will you be there?”

Burnin’ laughs waving him off, “You’re such a go getter! Nope, I’m heading to patrols now! So have fun!”

“Oh, I definitely will,” he turns back with a smirk.

Izuku’s still all smiles when he walks towards Enji’s office, knocking on it and hears that tantalizing deep voice prompting him to enter. He steps in and closes the door behind him, leaning back on it with a smile when Enji looks up.

“Hi.” Izuku says coyly.

“Ah, Deku, you’, early,” Enji greets him.

“Hmm, yeah. I wanted to see you Enji,” Izuku says lowly as he starts to cross the room, predatory almost, as he hops to take a seat on Enji’’s desk.

Enji looks flustered, the flames of his costume wavering, just the way Izuku likes him, “Now, now daddy, don’t be like that. We’re not strangers.”

“Izuku, we have a meeting in thirty minutes, why don’t you have coffee or a snack in the breakroom?” Enji reasons.

“Nah, the snacc I need is riiight here,” Izuku reaches over and shamelessly rubs over Enji’s crotch.

Enji clears his throat, brushing Izuku’s hand off, “Now is not the time, we have a briefing soon.”

“Mm, perfect time, C’mon Enji, take a load off. You’ve been working soo hard,” Izuku says as he slides off the desk and standing behind his chair and pulls it back.

Walking back around, he runs his hand down Enji’s arm before stepping in between his legs and resting his hands on the armrest as he leans in.


“Nah uh, whip it out Enji. we don’t have all day,” he orders as he sinks to his knees, spreading Enji’s legs wide.

Enji sighs, ”If we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do this right. Get up here.”

“Yes Sir!” Izuku salutes as he pops up and plunks himself down on Enji’s lap. Enji extinguishes the flames around his face, places a finger under Izuku’s chin, tilting his face up to meet Enji’s lips.

It’s a slow makeout session, despite Enji’s emphasis on time. Izuku, however, wastes no time, rubbing himself against Enji, and turning the older man on. When Izuku is satisfied with his work, he pulls out of the kiss.

“Now,” he elongates the vowels, ”can I suck you off?”

He gets a terse nod, and Enji adjusts himself, unfastening his utility belt and unzipping the hidden zipper to expose himself. Izuku licks his lips and removes his gloves in anticipation. When Enji’s slightly hardening cock is in his line of sight, Izuku’s hands start to stroke it.

“Mm, Enji-san, it’s been a while since we last played,” Izuku says leaning in and kissing the tip, “I’ve thought about you a lot since then.”

Enji’s hand combs back Izuku’s hair, “I suggest you get to work Izuku, every second counts, and the time is ticking.”

“Yeah yeah,” Izuku rolls his eyes, “such a killjoy.”

Izuku licks and laps at Enji’s thick shaft, mouthing his girth and running his tongue along thick veins. Enji’s head tilts back against the chair, a low quiet groan escaping his throat. Izuku’s lips wrap around the tip, hollowing out his cheeks as he sucks and swirls his tongue around the sensitive skin.

Izuku had slowly started to descend down Enji’s cock when voices were heard and Enji’s office door swung open. Izuku looked up at Enji whose eyes shot open at the creak of the door. Enji looked at Izuku with stern eyes and rolled his chair forward, forcing Izuku under the desk. Izuku didn’t even consider pulling his mouth off, the corners of his mouth had perked up at this new challenge as he hummed. Oh, he thinks, this is familiar.

Enji coughed to cover up his want to moan at that feeling, but straightened up in his chair.

“Miriko, Fatgum,” Enji starts, “you both are quite early.”

“Not really Endeavor!” Fatgum all but shouts, “Five minutes is basically being on time!”

“Shit,” Enji says under his breath, “I didn’t realize.”

“It’s busy times Endeavor-san! You’re just wrapped up in the case aren’t cha?”

Izuku giggles, but it only causes vibrations to run across Enji’s skin. Izuku slides deeper down and Enji sucks in a sharp breath.

“Uh- yes. Yes, that’s right. I was very invested in reading the case file. Would you guys like some coffee or tea? There’s some in the breakroom if you’d like while we wait for the rest of our group.”

“Nah,” Fatgum dismisses him, “I’m good.”

“Same. The sooner those two get here the faster we can finish!”

“Ah, okay. The offer is on the table, should you change your mind. Please, have a seat.”

Izuku hears the shuffling of feet as they get comfortable on the couch. Izuku starts to bob his head slowly, really enjoying the feel of Enji on his tongue. Izuku watches Enji hunch over his desk, trying to control his breathing. Blazing ice blue eyes look down at Izuku while shaking his head, Izuku can only attempt a smile again while winking at him swallowing Enji down more.

“Fuck,” Enji whispers, and the door swings open once more. Endeavor straightens up once more rolling the chair further in, forcing himself down Izuku’s throat further. Enji bangs a fist on his table with a growl and Izuku cheekily swirls his tongue and pops off his cock for air. Izuku is stuck there, there’s no way Enji can let him out without letting others know just what exactly he was doing behind the number one pro hero’s desk. He starts to press kisses and kitten licks along his shaft and balls while he strokes him.

Enji clears his throat as he greets more newcomers, “Edge shot, Hawks. Thank you for coming.”

“Thank you for having us Endeavor-san,” a muffled voice answers.

“Sorry I’m a bit late, yenno how traffic is!” A more chipper, brighter voice also answers.

Izuku’s eyes widen, a feeling of giddiness bubbling up at the sound of Keigo’s voice, his lips tighten around Enji, who jolts at the pressure.

“Hey, has anyone seen Deku? I could’ve sworn my sidekick said he was going to be at this meeting,” asked Keigo.

The three other heroes all say they haven’t seen him, Enji stays completely quiet about it, “Well, if that’s all of us, we should start the meeting now,” Enji interjects, changing the subject.

Izuku heard Keigo hum in thought at Enji’s sudden topic change; Izuku knows that hum, he’s onto something.

Izuku swallows around Enji’s cock and hums quietly. Enji ‘s hand lands on his head, and Izuku chuckles, knowing he’s messing with the man.

“So, as you know I called you all here to discuss the latest case,” Enji starts.

Izuku can hear him try to lead a discussion only to stammer and pause to pull on Izuku’s hair to get him to ease up. But Izuku’s not the type, he wants to push Enji’s buttons.

Izuku knows Enji is saved though because Keigo takes lead on discussion, explaining how he and Izuku had studied the case rather closely, pointing out some new observations they had made. Izuku slowly sucked on Enji’s dick, acting as a cockwarmer during the meeting, much like he had done for his mentor Keigo. But every so often Izuku would flick or swirl his tongue, graze his teeth, deep throat him or play with the tip. It makes Enji lose a bit of his composure.

Enji could barely answer questions that Keigos posed, nor could he offer any input, and that amused Izuku to no end; knowing this only ends with him getting pounded to his heart's desire.

“Well, I think we should wrap up the meeting,” Keigo interrupts, about thirty minutes later.

“Uh, but we barely got started discussing tactics,” replied Miruko.

“I know, but, Endeavor seems to be unwell. Must be all the stress he’s under! I think we should get out of his hair and let him rest.”

“That’s not necessary Hawks,” Enji weakly replies. But Izuku’s shifts forward to deepthroat him, and Enji lowers his head biting his lip.

“Aw man Endeavor, you don’t look so hot!” worries Fatgum.

“Yes, I think it is best to take our leave,” Edge shot interjects.

“Great!” Keigo claps his hands, “meeting adjourned! We should all let you rest.”

There’s a shuffle of feet, a door opening and then a door closing. Enji sighs rolling back his chair and looking down, “That was close.”

“Nah, they’re just oblivious,” another voice interjects. Izuku pops off of Enji’s cock, fully knowing who stuck around.

“Hawks!” yelps Enji, “I-I thought you’d left!”

“Ah, well I couldn’t leave my sweet little kouhai behind now could I.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Enji replies evenly.

“You may have fooled the other heroes Endeavor, but you can’t fool me. I know that look of frustration, that look of lust. Only one kid I know can do that to a pro. Izuku wouldn’t miss a meeting, especially with you, so I guessed he arrived early and…” Keigo’s voice came closer and closer —

“Hi Izu-chan,” a shadow loomed over the desk, prompting Izuku to look up at a floating Keigo.

“Hi,” Izuki cheekily smiled back.

“Having fun?”

Izuku’s hands slide up Enji’s thick thighs, “Mm, kind of,” he says teasingly, “I was hoping for more.”

“Well, we shouldn’t waste a visit now, isn’t that right?”

“No sir, Gotta strike while the opportunity is hot!”

Keigo ruffles Izuku’s hair, “Good boy. There’s my go-getter!”

“What are you two saying even?” Enji aks exasperatedly.

“Don’t play coy Enji,” Keigo says, “You’ve got a wonderful pair of lovers here, together. Don’t you want to make the most out of it?”

Izuku watches Enji’s face explode into flames and Keigo’s amused smirk.

“That—that’s indecent!” Enji whisper yells, “At the office? Have you no shame?”

“You seemed to be enjoying it just a few minutes ago, though,” Izuku shrugs.

“Says the person with his dick still hanging out. You seemed quite fine with the idea of Izuku sucking you off during the meeting. You could have pulled him off, and kept him off. But you let him keep going,” Keigo smirks, “You wanted it Enji, just admit it. It’s okay. We’ve done it before too.”

“Hawks-sama and I have a lot of fun Enji. We’ve talked about this ideal scenario for quite some time! It’s ah, it’s been a fantasy of mine,” Izuku admits.

“Mmm, yes. Our sweet boy has expressed wanting to play with the both of us. So, what do you say?”

“Oh he’ll say yes,” Izuku replies confidently.

Enji’s mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. Keigo flits over to sit on the desk where Izuku stands and embraces the young pro from behind. He rests his chin on Izuku’s shoulder, his hands start to slide up and down Izuku’s body.

“Hmm Enji? What do you say? This young pliant body, so limber, we could have a lot of fun.” Keigo singsongs the last word.

Izuku watches Enji try to school his face from showing anything, but Izuku knows. Oh, does he know that look. The look where he’s teetering between being responsible or giving into temptation, with Izuku as the little devil on his shoulder that’s egging him on.

Keigo unclasps Izuku’s faceguard and starts to kiss his neck, Izuku responds by tilting his neck to give him more access, his eyes half closing but never leaving Enji’s face. Keigo’s wings spread open, forcing the man’s eyes to focus on them. Izuku watches as Enji visibly gulps as he watches the two before him. Keigo’s tongue slides up Izuku’s neck and he moans quietly; his mentor knew what buttons to press to make Izuku feel like jelly.

“You want this Enji,” Keigo’s hot breath grazes Izuku’s ear with a chuckle.

One of Keigo’s hands palms Izuku’s crotch while the other hand reaches for the zipper of Izuku’s jumpsuit. Izuku helps by shrugging it off, exposing his upper half to the cold air, his nipples hardening to the chill. Izuku turns to captures Keigo’s lips who responds in kind, but proceeds to pull his jumpsuit further, past his waist, to his thighs. There’s a small pause, and Izuku knows Keigo is slipping his gloves off, judging by the warm hand that’s starting to stroke his hardening cock.

When Izuku pulls away from their kiss, he smirks when he catches Enji’s gaze full of lust, his mouth hanging open.

Izuku taps Keigo’s hand, and his mentor releases. He steps forward, toeing his shoes off, and stripping the rest of his costume off. His fingers tease the top of Enji’s cock, as Izuku looks at the eldest pro with a cocked head a smirk.

“C’mon Enji, play with me. Please?” His fingers continue to slide down Enji’s shaft, “what do you say we move to the couch, so we’re all comfortable?”

Enji’s mouth snaps shut as he nods slowly in agreement. Izuku grabs Enji’s hand pulling him up, looking over his shoulder sending Keigo a wink. He leads the dazed hero to the couch, Keigo helping by unzipping the rest of the pro heroes suit. When Enji’s completely nude, Izuku pushes him over the armrest. Enji falls backward and shifts himself up, but Izuku places a hand on his leg, “Ah, ah, No Enji. Don’t go too far. Keigo needs to have some fun too yenno?”

Izuku’s knees rest on the armrest as he shifts his weight to his arms, stretching and arching his back till his face is at Enji’s crotch. Enji emits an odd noise from his throat as he takes in Izuku’s position; his fat ass is up narrowing to a small waist behind Izuku’s innocent looking face. Izuku lowers himself, his lips kissing and sucking thick thighs.

Enji’s eyes lock onto Izuku’s the moment he licks the entirety of Enji’s cock with the flat of his tongue, humming as he slowly makes his way to the tip. Izuku sees Enji’s gaze shift past him; looking at what Keigo is doing. Not happy with the attention being shifted, Izuku wraps his mouth around Enji, swirling this tongue as he sucks gently on the tip. Enji’s thigh muscles go taut at the sensation and his eyes settle on Izuku again as he starts to bob his head.

Izuku feels Keigo’s hands on his butt, spreading his cheeks to expose his pink hole. Izuku moans around Enji’s cock as he feels his mentor’s pierced tongue slide across his taint and asshole. Izuku enthusiastically deepthroats as much of Enji as he can while Keigo continues to eat his ass.

Keigo pulls off first, his fingers starting to probe and stretch Izuku.

“Good boy,” Keigo says, “You take Enji’s cock so well.”

The praise makes Izuku’s eyes flutter as he pauses to suck on Enji’s tip.

“Are you ready for more baby boy.”

Izuku nods and pops off replying breathily “Yes, but, let me take care of you too.” Izuku looks at Enji, “I’m gonna ride you now Enji.”

Izuku moves off of the armrest, turns to face a now naked Keigo before moving backwards to straddle Enji’s waist. Keigo takes a seat on the armrest legs widening for Izuku.

Izuku reaches for Enji’s shaft behind him, rubbing it between his ass cheeks. Enji grabs his waist, “Tease.”

Izuku giggles, “Put it in, Enji. I want your dick in me again.” Izuku uses both hands to spread his cheeks. Enji’s hand finds its way to Izuku’s waist as his other hand lines his dick up to his asshole.

“Sit back,” the elder commands.

“Mm yes, sir.” Izuku moans as he starts to sink down on Enji’s length, Izuku lets out a choked cry, “Fuck, you’re so big!”

Once he’s fully seated, Enji wraps both hands around his waist to hold him in place. Izuku wiggles a little, causing the elder hero’s grip to tighten. Izuku slowly starts to move when he’s adjusted to the massive size inside him. He leans forward, using Keigo’s thighs as support as he moves up and down.

Keigo leans down capturing Izuku’s lips in a kiss, “Izu-chan, you look so good taking Enji’s cock. I bet you love the feel of it filling you up and stretching it out.” He breathes over his lips.

“Yes,” Izuku whines against Keigo’s lips, “Want you to feel good too.”

“By all means, baby boy,” Keigo pulls away from Izuku, re-adjusting himself on his perch. His wings shift to help him balance.

Izuku stops bouncing atop Enji’s dick, looking back with a wink, “Fuck me like you mean it, I can’t be doing all the work.”

Enji grips his waist harder and thrusts up into Izuku throws his head back with a low moan, “Yes, exactly like that, fill me up Enji.”

“Your ass is so tight,” groans Enji.

Izuku turns his attention back to Keigo, licking his lips as he looks up into golden eyes, His scarred hand reaches for his cock, stroking it before wrapping his tongue around it and taking him all the way down, and hollowing out his cheeks as he works his way back up. Keigo uses a hand to brush back Izuku’s curls from his forehead.

“Good boy, just how I like it. Your mouth is so pretty wrapped around me.”

Izuku hums at the praise, he loves Keigo’s positive reinforcement. He thinks it helps him “perform” better, and he loves pleasing his boss. He continues his motions till Keigo holds his head in both his hands when Izuku is mid-way up.

“You did well Izu-chan,” Keigo sweetly smiles at him, “Now just relax and enjoy yourself.”

Izuku blinks several times before he lets his jaw and body go lax. Keigo starts to thrust into his mouth slowly at first, but soon picks up speed and tempo to match Enji’s rhythm.

Izuku’s eyes roll back into his head as his gagged moans slip through every so often. Having his ass split open by Enji and his mouth being ravaged by his lover is pure bliss. Izuku opens his teary green eyes to look up at amused golden ones, a growing smirk on his face.

“You’re so good Izu-chan. But, there’s one more thing that I think will make this whole thing just perfect for you.”

Izuku squints, unsure by what he means. But those hands combing through his hair make him think about sensations instead.

“Enji,” Keigo breathes out, “you know what Izu-chan would really like?”

Enji grunts in response, “What?”

“He likes pain.”

Izuku’s eyes snap open at that, because although it’s true, what is Keigo hinting at.

“And? Fuck! He must be thinking about it, his ass just got tighter.”

“Spank him,” Keigo moans, “But put a little heat to it, if you catch my drift.”

Izuku sucks harder, earning him a yelp, “Ah, Izu-chan! Don’t get too excited baby boy, I don’t wanna blow my load just yet.”

Izuku tries to contain his excitement at what Keigo was hinting at, but he starts to assist Enji by slamming his hips down. Closing his eyes, he knows Keigo understands. Keigo pulls his hair, popping him off of his cock, and Izuku gasps for air as he feels a hand wrap around his throat and squeeze.

“Ready Enji?” inquires Keigo.

“Don’t boss me around. You know I hate that.”

Keigo squeezes harder, “Don’t you want to make our pretty toy feel good?”

“Argh,” Enji growls, “Fine. How much heat.”

“Enough to mark him.”

Izuku’s eyes flutter open and Keigo smiles at him, “You’re doing good Izu-chan. You’re going to feel really good soon.”


Izuku’s face scrunches as he silently yelps at the impact. A flash of stinging heat radiates from his buttcheek. Keigo releases, and Izuku feels his lungs fill with air.

“You okay?” Keigo checks in with him. Izuku’s gaze lands on Keigo stroking his cock.

Izuku nods giving him the okay to continue. He wraps his hand gingerly around Izuku’s neck again, and looks past him to Enji.

“Again, but more heat.” Keigo’s tone changes, and he squeezes tight.

Enji grumbles at the command, but does exactly as Keigo says, the lack of air and the impact makes Izuku jolt forward. A whine emits from his throat as the flames of the spank linger longer. Fuck, Izuku loves the feel of that, only being able to focus on the stinging pain accompanied with his ass being pounded.

Keigo lets go again and Izuku hoarsely replies, “I’m close.”

“Hmm, okay.” His hand hovers around Izuku’s neck, waiting for a signal.

Izuku nods, the grip around his neck tightens once more; Izuku exhales, emptying his lungs.

“Make it burn.”

Enji’s hips stutter, “Keigo—”

“You’re a pro,” he cocks an eyebrow, “I’m sure you can adjust.”

Enji massages Izuku’s ass as he continues to pump in and out of him, it’s a nice warming sensation that starts to burn. But the hand is taken away for a brief second, and Izuku sees a flash of fire in his peripherals and the resounding slap timed exactly with a thrust that hits his prostate perfectly. He silently screams and tears slip from his eyes, his cum spurting across the couch. Keigo releases his hold, and Izuku just about collapses forward only to be caught by his mentor.

The smell of smoke fills the air as Izuku gasps for air. He feels like jelly, feeling Enji slowly thrusting into him, his ass burns from the lingering spank and the fire that ignited across his skin. Keigo presses kisses onto Izuku’s face as he strokes his hair.

“Good boy,” Keigo whispers, “we’re not done yet. But relax, I’ll take care of you Izu-chan.”

Keigo looks over Izuku’s head not breaking his soothing gestures to Izuku, “change of plans Enji.”

“What did I saw about ordering me around?”

“Oh, you’ll listen to me. I want to fuck my Izu-chan.”

“And? Then?”

“You’re going to fuck me.” Keigo states, “I’m not going to get off on just a blow job.”

Keigo hooks his hands under Izuku’s armpits and pulls him off of Enji’s cock. Izuku whines at the sudden emptiness but Keigo just coos at him, “Shh, it’s okay. I got you. I’m gonna lay you down okay? I know it stings, but bear with it okay?”

Izuku nods numbly, as Enji moves out from under him and off the couch to stand. Keigo maneuvers Izuku flat on the couch, with his hips rested over the armrest. Izuku’s legs open instinctively when he places himself in front of Izuku. He sees Enji stroking himself as he moves behind red wings.

“Don’t you need prep?” A gruff voice asks,

“Nah, you’ll see,” Keigo replies, “Are you ready Izu-chan?”

Izuku replies with a nod, and soon he feels Keigo pressing into him. Izuku’s eyes roll back into his head as he moans. Keigo’s touches are much gentler than those of Enji. Enji lays his body atop, bending over for Enji to take him as he presses kisses into Izuku’s neck.

Izuku hears a muttered curse, “Izuku must’ve learned this from you. Showing up with a butt plug already in you.”

“Of course,” Keigo laughs against Izuku’s neck, “Izu-chan learns from the best.”

There’s a burst of flames, but they’re extinguished quickly with a flurry of red wings, “Ah, ah. No fire for me, Just your cock Enji.”

Past Keigo’s head Izuku watches Enji line up behind the blond. His eyes trained on his ass, he pulls the plug and drops it to the floor with a resounding thud. Izuku feels more pressure being put on his body as Keigo arches his lower back to give Enji access.

Keigo’s wings flutter and he groans into Izuku’s neck as Enji pushes in.

“Give me a second, I need to—Izuku,” he grits out.

Gently kissing Izuku, Keigo leans up after adjusting to Enji. Izuku groans when Keigo starts to push in. When he’s fully sheathed, “You good Izu-chan?” he asks.

Izuku whines at being filled answering with a cracked, “Yes.”

Keigo starts to move, and all three men groan. Izuku’s half lidded eyes watch Enji’s large hands rest on Keigo’s ass, spreading his cheeks as he starts to thrust to his own tempo. It jostles Keigo, making the man thrust deep and hard into Izuku. The green-haired hero moans long and loud.

“Shh, Izuku,” Enji said as he paused, “we, and I mean it. We cannot get caught.”

“Ah, stop trying to ruin the mood Enji, just go with the flow, Izuku knows. He’s not an amateur here like you—ah!”

“You, should keep your mouth shut,” Enji grits out as he slams into Keigo. The young adult grunts as his dick is shoved into Izuku, whose knees tighten at Keigo’s hips.

“Keep—going,” he moans out. Keigo’s surprised expression morphs into a sexy smirk, and he moves independently of Enji’s thrusts.

The three heroes quiet moans, hurried pants and whispered praise fill the space between them, as they all climb towards their release.

Enji leans forward, his weight bears on the two younger pro’s as he hungrily kisses and sucks at Keigo’s neck. Izuku watches as Keigo’s hand cards through Endeavor’s dusky red hair, a seductive smile on his lips as he cranes his neck to kiss Enji deeply.

When the two pull away, Keigo’s wings fold under Izuku, lifting him up and against Keigo and finds him face to face with Enji. Enji’s pants ghost over Izuku’s lips, enticing Izuku to crane arch closer, capturing Enji’s lips in a sensual kiss.

Izuku feels overstimulated from the first orgasm, but he still feels the inevitability of a second one coming. Everything’s so sensitive, and every move makes him want to cry at how thin of a line there is between pleasure and pain.

Enji’s the one to break their sinful sounds, as he pushes Keigo’s hips down into Izuku’s with a grunt, “Close,”

“Mm, me too,” Keigo follows up. He picks up his pace too, showering Izuku’s body with kisses.

With a powerful slam, Enji’s orgasm hits them both as they ‘re pushed deeper into the plush cushions of the couch. Izuku comes on the spot, Keigo’s cock brushing against his sweet spot. He paints Keigo’s stomach with his cum.

Keigo’s orgasm is triggered by Izuku’s clenching walls around him, his cum fills up his sweet subordinate.

The three slump over one another, as they regain their breath. Unable to move till the biggest lover of the three has the strength to push off and pull out. Once he’s off, Keigo helps Izuku out of his precarious position on the edge of the couch.

Izuku can feel Keigo’s cum slipping from between his thighs, but also sees similar trails coming down his mentor’s. Enji returns back to them throwing a towel at the number two hero, but nicely hands Izuku his, who takes it with a shy smile.

The three wipe themselves down. Enji’s guests take it upon themselves to also tidy up the couch before Keigo helps Izuku slip his jumpsuit back on. Enji then throws a couple of water bottles at them, “You both look like you need it.”

Izuku smiles, “Aw such a sweet daddy.”

“I see your sassy mouth is back; recovered so soon Izuku?” jokes Enji.

“Ah, you know I bounce back fairly quickly.”

“Oh that he does,” Keigo replies as he wraps an arm around Izuku’s waist, “but I expect he’ll be at *full* recovery once we get back to our office.”

Enji stares between the two of them, “do you even work?”

“Of course we do! But we have fun while doing it,” supplies Keigo, “Now Izu-chan, should we head back?”

“Yep, sounds good to me!”

“What do you say Enji? Come by at the end of your patrols later this evening? We could always use a plus one,” Keigo winks.

“Yes! Do stop by the agency later, we could always use some extra spice in our life. And you’d be the perfect fit Fire Daddy.”

Enji stares at the two before settling on, “Get out.”

“Aww,” the two whine, turning to take their leave. Just as they open the door they turn back to bid farewell to the hero.

Enji shakes his head and waves them off, “I’ll see you both at 7PM sharp.”