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The Finishing Puzzle Piece

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Seungri closes his front door with a smile, he had a fun night with his hyungs. Daesung and Youngbae just left, Seunghyun and Jiyong are still sitting in his living room. The four of the older men had surprised him for his birthday. The youngest hadn’t planned to celebrate it, he had turned down his friend’s and family’s offers to celebrate. It just didn’t feel right to have a party this year, even if he is turning 30.

Seungri isn’t sure about anything anymore. It feels like everything he has ever done might have been bad, or a mistake. The younger man worries about times he had made someone feel upset, and never noticed and that he will repeat that behaviour.

He would never say it out loud, but he feels that he doesn’t deserve to celebrate, have fun and get gifts after everything that happened this year. But he could never turn away his hyungs, even with how he feels, they genuinely wanted to spend time with him, and he doesn’t want to hurt their feelings.

The evening has been a lot of fun, Seungri hasn’t laughed this much in months, and he feels a little more like himself and hasn’t focused on anything negative for a change.

When he enters his living room, both hyungs are looking at him in a way that has Seungri on edge, the mood feels different.

“Come sit down here, Seungri.”

Jiyong motions with his hand for the younger man to sit in between his two hyungs, who are sitting around the coffee table in the living room. Seungri follows the command without asking questions but feels a little nervous about the reason why he needs to sit there specifically.

After a few seconds of silence, the leader continues. “So, aren’t you curious about our gift?”

“Oh. You don’t need to give me anything, you being here is more than enough, honestly.”

“Come on, maknae, you’re not even a little curious? Don’t you want your gift?” Seunghyun sounds amused.

Seungri doesn’t know what to say, he opens and closes his mouth a few times. Of course, he likes getting gifts, but these months, he has a hard time to accept anything good and positive.

And, his hyungs have already given him something, their time and attention. That’s already more than he feels he deserves. So, the younger man feels conflicted and isn’t sure what to say, he doesn’t want his hyungs to worry even more about him.

When the younger man doesn’t answer, looking very much lost to the two older men, they exchange a look and silently decide to just continue their plan, and not tease Seungri much longer.

Jiyong puts a gift on the table. “Here, go ahead and open it.”

It looks like a nicely wrapped tube of something. And Seungri has no idea what it could be. So, after thanking his hyungs, he starts unwrapping it. Feeling more confused than before opening the gift.

It’s a tube of lube.

Seungri takes a peek at both older men, hoping to see something on their faces, some type of explanation. When he doesn’t see any clarification, the younger man stammers out another ‘thank you’. Seungri has long given up understanding his two hyungs, so he just tries to go along with it and continue their pleasant evening.

“This is just part of your gift.”

Seunghyun’s voice pulls the younger man out of his thoughts.

Jiyong nods. “That’s right, we have more.”

Before Seungri can say anything, both his hyungs move closer. The eldest hyung moves so he sits with his back towards the coffee table, and he can see the maknae’s face easily. Seunghyun puts his right hand on the younger man’s thigh, so high he’s just a hairs width away from touching Seungri’s crotch.

The leader turns a little and puts a hand on the back of the younger man’s neck, thumb just reaching Seungri’s ear, rubbing it against the lobe as he has done countless times before.

Seungri likes the attention, he has always loved it when his hyungs focussed on him, always made him feel amazing like he was interesting and important, treasured too. But getting both Jiyong and Seunghyun focussing on him at the same time is making him self-conscious.

Especially this year with his countless intense run-ins with the paparazzi and scrutiny from the police. He knows his hyungs would never treat him like that, but those incidents have left a mark on him, and all moments where Seungri is the point of focus makes him nervous.

“I’ll get straight to the point. We know you want us, that you’re attracted to us.” Jiyong can see Seungri is getting nervous, and he doesn’t want that.

Seungri’s mouth drops open in shock. He thought he had always hidden that from everyone, turns out he was wrong. When he tries to talk, try and explain, the leader puts his other hand over Seungri’s mouth.

“Don’t worry. We want you too.”

The younger man can only look at the older man with big eyes.

“Seunghyun and I have been aware of your attraction to us. We’ve always been open to the idea of adding you into the mix, in whatever way it ended up being.”

Jiyong moves his hand from Seungri’s mouth and grabs one of the younger man’s hand instead and continues.

“We both felt that there would be a risk of you not seeing yourself on the same level as us, so we wanted to wait until you did. But, you never got to the point of seeing yourself as good enough. Hyung and I decided that if you aren’t going to get there yourself, we will help you. We wanted to wait until all our enlistments were over, but after everything happening to you this year, we don’t want to wait anymore.”

They all stay silent, the heaviness and harsh truth of the words setting in.

“And, it’s your 30th birthday! That calls for something special.” Seunghyun adds after Jiyong is done talking, making the serious mood lighthearted again.

Jiyong nods as he smiles. “That’s true. So, do you want this, Seungri?”

The younger man looks at both his hyungs, he is having a hard time believing that this is actually happening. But he isn’t going to pass on this chance, if this truly what his hyungs want, so he nods.

“I do. If you two are sure about this. I don’t want you to feel like you have to just to make me feel good.”

“God, Seungri, you mean the world to us, and we imagine you in our lives all the time. Don’t ever doubt that.” Seunghyun squeezes his hand on the younger man’s thigh to get his attention, making eye contact before he continues.

“We dream about bringing you home with us to cuddle on the couch watching a movie, have us squabble about you not putting your things away after you spend so much time at our house it was easier for you to permanently have your stuff there. You don’t know how hard it has been to stop touching you, to not kiss you, to not bend you over, to not kneel to suck you off? We can’t even begin to count the number of times we both got so worked up we fucked desperately because of you.”

Seungri first feels emotional but then aroused at the words of the oldest hyung, but shock still overwhelms all other emotions, and he can’t hide that when he talks. “Really?”

Jiyong turns the younger man’s head, so they are facing each other. “You never noticed how we felt?”

“I always thought both of you were just joking around, teasing me.” The younger man averts his eyes, seeing the raw emotion in his hyung’s eyes is making him feel overwhelmed.

“You’re incredibly important to us, you complete us in so many ways. And we would love to have you in our lives as more than friends. Again, is this what you want?” The leader wants to make sure they are on the same page.

The younger man nods quickly, this all he had dreamed about for years.

“Good.” The leader sounds happy and pulls Seungri closer to kiss him. The maknae melts into the kiss, finally, after more than a decade of wanting, Seungri’s dream has come true.

The leader kisses intensely, taking control of the kiss, but the younger man doesn’t feel overwhelmed, there is a softness too. It’s perfect and exactly how Jiyong is, guiding the maknae and knowing what the younger man needs before he knows it himself. They kiss for a few moments before the younger man breaks the kiss.

He looks over at his other hyung, not wanting the older man to feel left out and lust pools low in his belly at the look of pure arousal on Seunghyun’s face. The two quickly lean closer, the need to kiss suddenly overwhelming.

Seungri had expected the other man to kiss in a dominating way, for it to be hard, but even with their desperate need, it’s a soft kiss. It’s tender, even as they gradually deepen it and Seungri feels like he could do this forever, get lost in the older man. But, the night has only just begun, and the younger man is sure his hyung’s have way more planned. So he pulls away.

Jiyong is looking at him with a satisfied smile. “What would you like us to do? Anything you want to try?”

The younger man nods slowly, hesitant to request what he is thinking of. “There is something, but I’m not sure if it’s really possible...”

“What is it? You can tell us.” The leader tries to sound encouraging while Seunghyun rubs Seungri’s leg.

“I want both of you inside me, at the same time.” The younger man hides his face in his hands, feeling embarrassed.

“Oh, double penetration? We can do that, no need to be embarrassed, we’ve done it with the help of toys a few times.”

Seunghyun nods in agreement. “We’ll do whatever you want, Seungri.”

“I want to try...” After a few seconds, he continues. “I better shower, I wasn’t expecting this.”

Before either of the hyungs can say anything, Seungri is already standing.

“You’re fine, you don’t have to.”

The younger man looks at Jiyong, he wants to tell the older man that he feels more comfortable washing up, but feels like he might be making a big deal out of something small, and isn’t sure how to convey how he’s feeling.

“If it makes you feel better, go ahead and shower, but don’t worry too much. We’ll clean up here in the meantime.” Jiyong pats Seungri’s leg, and the younger man hurries to his bathroom.

Once the bathroom door is closed, the older two hyungs exchange a look. “That went better than expected. I was afraid he would decline because he wants to punish himself for ‘causing trouble’.” Jiyong sounds relieved.

“I’m a bit sad he never got our hints about how we feel. But better late than never. We’ll just have to make it make up for it now.”

The two put away the drinks and food and once enter the younger man’s bedroom they sit on the bed, hugging, waiting for Seungri to be done.

When the maknae enters the bedroom, he has a towel wrapped around his hips and is holding another one in his hands in front of his torso.

“No need to be modest considering what we’ll be doing in a bit.” The oldest hyung jokes, making the leader smile.

Seungri pouts. “I know... but I haven’t been taking much care of himself, I’ve been eating a lot.”

Both hyungs get up from the bed, the leader speaking up first, with a soft voice that has a hint of sadness. “I told you not to worry too much, pabo. We don’t care about your weight.”

The older man has a different approach and pulls both towels away, leaving Seungri naked.


Seunghyun doesn’t respond and checks the younger man out, from head to toe and back up to the younger man’s face.

“You look perfect, good enough to eat.”

Seungri blushes at the low voice from his hyung, how aroused he sounds. The older man suddenly leans in and bites one of the younger man’s pecks. Not hard enough to truly hurt or break the skin, but it will be sore for a bit. Seungri can’t hide the soft moan or the fact that the small bit of pain arouses him as his cock twitches and begins to harden.

The older man looks a bit smug once he sees the effect he has on Seungri and quickly drops down to his knees. Seunghyun makes eye-contact and takes the younger man’s growing cock in his mouth.

It takes Seungri off guard, but Jiyong is there already with a hand on the younger man’s waist.

“It’ll be easier for you if you’re extra relaxed from an orgasm before we start.” Jiyong lets his hand wander, caressing Seungri’s back.

“Well, I’m not going to say no to that.” The younger man jokes, but can’t keep his voice from sounding a bit strained.

Jiyong hums to let the Seungri know he has heard him and puts his free hand in Seunghyun’s hair. The leader gently guides the older man’s head further down to take Seungri’s cock deeper in his mouth. Jiyong guides slowly, the maknae is quite large, and Seunghyun needs to adjust.

When the oldest man is feeling comfortable with the size, Jiyong guides him into a gradually faster pace. Once he feels satisfied, he takes his hand away and moves it to Seungri’s chest to play with the maknae’s nipple.

When Seungri to bite back a moan, the leader speaks up. “Don’t hold back, let us hear that pretty voice of yours.”

Seunghyun looks up and hums in agreement, making Seungri tremble from pleasure, and Jiyong continues talking.

“We both love your voice, we talked about how you would sound during sex, how loud we could get you to get, if we could make you scream yourself hoarse.”

Having his leader murmuring in his ear while both men are pleasuring him, is bringing Seungri close quickly. Jiyong drags a finger down the younger man’s back and in between the plush cheeks, teasing Seungri’s entrance. It’s enough to get the younger man right at the edge.

“Shit, hyung! I’m going to cum.”

Both of his hyungs double their efforts, making Seungri cum while moaning without holding back on the sounds, pleasing the two older men.

Seunghyun pulls off of the softening cock and Jiyong bends down to kiss the older man. Seungri already feels arousal growing again at the sight of his hyungs kiss so passionately. When they part Jiyong licks his lips. “Tasty.” And starts undressing.

“Can I?” The maknae doesn’t want to be passive and let the other two do all the work. Jiyong nods in reply. Seungri works on undressing his leader, he’s very focused on his task, he has never really allowed himself to just look at the older man’s body, always feeling like he would give away his attraction. But now he doesn’t have to hold back and can look all he wants.

He can touch freely too, so Seungri lets his hands explore all the revealed skin he can reach until all Jiyong is wearing his underwear. Before the younger man can try to take them off, the leader points to the side. Seungri looks over and can’t stop himself from making a surprised sound.

Seunghyun is completely naked, and when the maknae lets his eyes wander, he sees that the older man is hard. Seungri catches himself and looks back up in Seunghyun’s face, not wanting to make the rapper uncomfortable by looking at his body. Seungri knows that Seunghyun can still be insecure about his body sometimes.

The older man smiles. “You can look, it’s fine.”

Seungri doesn’t need to be told twice and takes in his hyung’s body. Without thinking, the younger man walks closer to Seunghyun and reaches out to touch him, but stops before he makes contact. “Can I?”

“Of course, you don’t need to ask.”

The younger man nods but still starts out hesitantly, occasionally checking the taller man’s face to see if the rapper is still comfortable with his touches. Seungri feels awed about the muscles of his hyung. He knew from Instagram posts that the older man had been working out, but seeing the results up close and without layers of clothing feels really special.

“You like?”

Seunghyun is joking, but Seungri can’t help but answer truthfully. “Yes, you look amazing, hyung. You’ve been working hard.”

The rapper looks pleased with the compliment.

“Let’s move this to the bed.” Jiyong interjects, knowing both Seunghyuns well enough to know that they can get caught up in unimportant things or stall for time when nervous.

“Seunghyun, get on first, lie on your back, and Seungri you get on top of him on your knees, get comfortable.”

The two nod and move according to the leader’s commands, he clearly has a plan.

The leader gets on the bed behind Seungri with the tube of lube. “Are you ready, Seungri-ya?”

“Yes, hyung.”

“Tell us if something’s wrong or if you’re uncomfortable or anything.”

Seungri nods.

While Jiyong puts some lube on his finger and circles the younger man’s entrance, Seunghyun pulls Seungri down, wraps his arms around him and kisses Seungri.

The maknae is pretty relaxed from his orgasm and is feeling comfortable, so Jiyong’s first finger slips in easily.

“Have you done this before?” The leader can’t help but be a bit curious about Seungri’s experience.

“Only by myself...”

Both hyungs look surprised. “ You’ve never slept with a man before?” Seungri can hear the surprise in his leader’s voice.

“No... Is that a problem?”

“Of course not. It’s just a little surprising you never experimented before.” The leader kisses Seungri’s back, hoping to reassure him.

Before the younger man can ask Jiyong to explain further, Seunghun laughs. “Of course you would go from your own fingers directly to double penetration. You were never one to take it slow or easy.”

“That’s because I know I’m in good hands with both of you.”

The older man giggles and kisses Seungri again. A few seconds later, the younger man moans into the kiss. Jiyong has added a second finger.

The younger man adjusts relatively quickly by focusses on relaxing his muscles as much as possible. He knows that will be very important later on.

Jiyong scissors his fingers and adds more lube before slowly working in a third finger. Seungri moves his hips a little, getting used to the full feeling, and moans when the leader finds his prostate.

After a fourth finger gets added, all Seungri can do is moan into the older man’s neck he can’t focus on anything but Jiyong’s fingers. When the leader pulls his fingers out, the maknae is ready to complain but he gets shushed by Jiyong.

“Don’t worry, I’m not stopping, we’re just moving on to the next step. Are you ready for Seunghyun?” The leader wants to make sure Seungri is comfortable to get penetrated.

Seungri nods quickly. “Please!”

Jiyong puts lube on the older man’s cock, he usually would tease his boyfriend, but this is not the right moment, they are all worked up enough already.

Before Jiyong can do more, Seungri is reaching back and takes Seunghyun’s cock on his own hand, lining it up and starts sinks down on it.

The oldest puts one hand on Seungri’s hip, wanting to make sure the younger man doesn’t go too fast. “Take it slow, we have more than enough time.”

Seungri slows down a little, taking his hyung’s advice. Once he is sitting down on Seunghyun’s lap, his cock deep inside the younger man, Seungri needs a moment.

“You feel so good, hyung.”

“He has a perfect cock, doesn’t he?” Jiyong kneels behind Seungri, kissing his neck. The younger man nods and leans his head to the side, inviting his leader to continue. The rapper hugs his maknae from behind, running his fingertips over Seungri’s torso, slowly working his way to the younger man’s hard cock. He teases his fingers along the length a few times until Seungri bucks his hips, moaning at the contact and how the cock inside of him shifts in all the right ways.

After a few moments, the leader pulls his hand away, not wanting Seungri to tense too much. The younger man starts rolling his hips a bit, feeling no discomfort, he slowly pushes up a little before sitting back down.

Seungri gradually works his way to bigger movements with Seunghyun’s guidance. Jiyong grabs the lube again and puts some more on his fingers, he slowly runs one finger along the rim that’s stretched by the other man.

The maknae leans forward again, having a pretty good idea of what the leader plans to do, and tries to relax as much as possible. He is feeling a little nervous about adding more, but until now there has been no pain, only pleasure, so Seungri is feeling confident that it’s doable.

Jiyong manages to push the tip of his finger in, keeping it there while the younger man tenses and relaxes around the addition. It takes a little bit of time, but eventually, Seungri relaxes enough that the leader can push a second fingertip in.

“Tell me if it’s too much or too fast, okay?”

Seungri hums in reply. “Until now everything feels good, a little weird, but definitely good.”

“You’re doing great.” The leader kisses the younger man’s back again while Seunghyun runs his fingers through Seungri’s still damp hair.

After a few more moments, Jiyong slowly pushes his fingers in further. He repeats the previous steps until he thinks Seungri is ready for both of his hyung’s cocks.

“Can you move until only the head of Seunghyun’s cock is inside? It’ll make it easier for me to push in too. And again, tell us if it’s too fast.”

The younger man moves as he is instructed and relaxes against the older man’s chest as much as he can.

Jiyong adds lube to his own cock and starts to slowly push in, taking it as slow as he can while keeping an eye on Seungri’s back, looking for signs of tensing muscles. The leader knows he can’t avoid all discomfort, but he wants to minimise it as much as possible.

It takes a bit of pressure, but eventually, the head of the leader’s cock slips in, causing all three to gasp.

“Still okay, Seungri?” Seunghyun’s asks softly.

The younger man clears his throat. “Y-yes. I’m okay, it feels so full, but it’s good.”

Little by little the leader pushes in further, pausing frequently. Not just for Seungri’s sake, for his own too, he doesn’t want to cum too quickly and ruin the fun.

After he is in all the way and the maknae relaxes again, Jiyong moves slightly, rotating his hips before pulling out slightly. Since Seungri only moans louder and louder, it’s clear he’s very much enjoying himself.

In typical Seungri fashion, he’s not one to sit still and he starts moving, fucking himself between his two hyungs. His movements smooth and graceful, showing why he is a good dancer, and he settles on a decent pace. The two older men let Seungri take the lead and go along with what he is doing.

They can’t help but touch the younger man, this is also a dream come true for them. Both older men whisper compliments. Telling Seungri he feels amazing, that he looks so good, that he is even better than in their fantasies.

Seungri’s hips stutter in their rhythm. “Hyungs, stop.”

Seunghyun looks up in horror. “Are you hurt? What’s wrong?”

To the older man’s surprise, the maknae blushes and looks embarrassed. “No... But if you two keep complimenting me, I’m afraid I’ll cum.”

Jiyong smiles. “That’s our goal though. We want to take care of you, make you feel good. Cum when you want. I don’t think we can last very long this time ourselves.”

Seungri lets out a little sound of surprise, but nods and starts moving again. Seunghyun pulls the younger man into a kiss again while Jiyong sneaks a hand between the two to take Seungri’s leaking cock in hand.

Seungri manages to make a request for his hyungs to cum inside of him, and seconds later he is cumming all over Seunghyun’s chest, tightening rhythmically around the two cocks inside of him as he gasps and moans through his orgasm.

It causes the other two to cum as well, Jiyong cums quietly, biting the back of the younger man’s neck, while Seunghyun groans deep in his throat.

Seungri falls flat on top of the older man, his muscles feel like jelly, and he’s suddenly exhausted.

Jiyong pulls out very slowly, rubbing the younger man’s back when he winches, as the older man slips out as well. The leader lies down next to his two Seunghyuns and runs his hand through the younger man’s hair. “Are you okay?”

The younger man smiles happily and nods.

“Good, I’ll get something to clean you up.” Seungri’s eyes are already getting droopy, so Jiyong hurries to get a wet towel. He gently wipes the younger man clean as well as he can and cleans Seunghyun and himself after.

The two hyungs position Seungri down in the middle of the bed, while they get in on each side, hugging their maknae in the middle. Before they are settled in, the younger man is already asleep with a smile on his face.