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Walk For Me

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Flashing lights, applause and extravagant dinners have taken up most of Jimin’s week. He expected such given that spring is the hottest fashion season in Seoul. His friends from Europe and the States have visited him and showered him with praise, but Jimin’s tired. Per usual. He wants nothing more than to collapse on his couch, down a bottle of white wine and maybe invite Jeongguk over for some fun. However, he can’t indulge in such pleasures because he has another big show in Japan this Saturday and he’s freaking out over perfecting his walk.

Jimin stands in front of his full-length mirror wearing a black top and leather pants combo gifted from Saint Laurent scrutinizing every bit of his appearance. The ensemble fits in all the right places but the feel of it bothers Jimin. With a sigh he whips out his phone and texts Jeongguk.

Jimin steps away from the mirror and looks at himself from a distance. He turns left then right and places a hand to his hip. The leather pants accentuate his hips and lean legs and the glittery top adds a touch of magic, but something’s missing. Jimin groans loudly as he turns away from the mirror and heads out of his room. He struts down the hallway, one foot after the other in preparation for Saturday. Jimin practiced his walk daily; after a shoot he’d rehearse at the venue, at Taehyung’s place and anywhere with decent walking room.

“Don’t stress yourself too much.” Taehyung said.

Of course, Jimin did the exact opposite.

Jimin stops in the living room and just as he’s about to strut his way into the kitchen, the doorbell rings. His eyes light up and he rushes towards the door. He doesn’t bother to ask who it is and whips the door open with a bright smile.

Jeongguk stares back at him, slightly caught off guard and grinning as he struggles to hold two coffees in his hand.

“That was fast.” Jimin comments as he takes a cup from Jeongguk.

Jeongguk steps close and kisses Jimin softly on the lips. “I was nearby—was gonna surprise you.”

“Really?” Jimin takes Jeongguk’s free hand in his and tugs him inside.

“Yeah,” Jeongguk closes the door with his foot. “wanted to see you too.”

Since the beginning of this month they haven’t seen each other as often. Pied Pipers have been busy with fanmeets, interviews and launching a clothing line (Jimin volunteered to be a model). Their busy schedules would often conflict, and they would text each other while the other was sleeping. This just so happens to be their first “date” in a long time.

Jimin places his coffee on the counter and wraps his arms around Jeongguk. He embraces him tightly and sighs into his chest. “Missed you.”

Jeongguk smiles, “Missed you too.”

They stand in each other’s arms for a moment as if they’re trying to recall one another’s smell, warmth and feeling of being together. Jimin is the first to step back; eyes full of endearment and wonder as he gazes up at Jeongguk.

Jeongguk grins, “What?”


Jeongguk’s eyes flick to Jimin’s lips and he silently leans down to kiss him. Feels like forever since we kissed. He slips his tongue inside Jimin’s mouth and moans lowly when Jimin reciprocates.

“Missed your kisses too.” Jimin whispers.

Jeongguk chuckles softly as he kisses Jimin one last time before stepping away. “So, what’s up?” his gaze flits across Jimin’s stunning appearance. “Headed out somewhere?”

Jimin shakes his head, “I was practicing.”

“Oh?” Jeongguk sips from his coffee. “What for?”

Jimin spreads his arms wide and does a little twirl for Jeongguk who appreciates the view by humming lowly.

“Guess.” Jimin singsongs.

Jeongguk pauses to think, fingers absentmindedly tapping at the marble countertop. “Another show?”

“Yep…a big one.”

Jeongguk downs the last of his coffee and discards the empty cup in one of the trash bins. He walks up to Jimin and takes his hands. “Nervous?” he questions lightly.

Jimin nods.

Jeongguk brings Jimin’s hands to his lips and kisses each of his knuckles. “I’d love to comfort you with words, but actions speak louder and I’m sure you’ve heard it all.” Jeongguk says softly.

Jimin melts at the sentiment and whispers a touched “thank you.”

“So, what can I do for you, baby?” Jeongguk stares back at Jimin wanting nothing more than to ease his anxiety.

“Can you judge my walk?”

“Sure. Not sure if I’m an expert in the field, but I can.”

Jimin laughs, “You don’t need to be an expert, I just need your opinion.”

“Just know I’m going to be biased.” Jeongguk replies as Jimin goes to flick on all the lights.

“Try not to be so biased.” Jimin says with a grin.

Jeongguk flashes a bright smile, “Whatever you say, your majesty.”

“Can you sit on the couch?”

“Yes, I can.”

Jeongguk does as he’s told making himself comfortable on the couch. There was a time when he came over and made love to Jimin on this very couch. Given its small size, they rolled onto the floor in a fit of giggles. Jeongguk smiles at the memory.

“Also, I’m going to walk with music playing, so can you be in charge of that?” Jimin asks.

Jeongguk nods. “Anything for you.”

“Thanks.” Jimin pauses his movements to look Jeongguk in the eye. “I mean it.”

Jeongguk grins warmly, the type of grin that shows in his eyes before reaching his lips. “I know.”

Jimin disappears down the hall to retrieve his phone from his room. On his way back, he shuffles through the suggested music selection for Saturday’s show.

“They’re going for something sensual, so Taehyung gave me a few suggestions.” Jimin explains.

Jeongguk listens intently.

“I want to walk to at least a couple of the songs to get a good feel.” Jimin adds.


“Here,” Jimin tosses Jeongguk his phone. “start with the first one on the list.”

Jeongguk’s eyes widen at the song selection. “Rude Boy?”

“Yeah, I told you they’re going for sensual.” Jimin replies with a haughty wink. “Don’t pop a boner in the middle of my rehearsal, okay?”

Jeongguk snorts, “I’ll try, baby, but I’m not making any promises.”

Jeongguk’s never seen Jimin in action in person. He’d watch Jimin walk down the runway from his TV or computer screen, but never face-to-face like this. He’s slightly terrified of what awaits him but interested to see the persona Jimin takes when he’s modelling.

“Just press play?” Jeongguk asks.

“Yeah, my phone’s bluetooth is connected to the stereo.”

Jeongguk nods, finger hovering over the play button. “Gotcha.”

Jimin threads his fingers through his hair, shakes his hands at his sides and rolls his neck. A bundle of nerves weigh heavily on his shoulders as he ponders if he’ll survive Saturday evening. You can do this. This Saturday could lead to a big step in his career, one that could launch him closer to his dream.

“Okay,” Jimin meets Jeongguk’s eyes. “ready.”

The second Jeongguk presses play, Jimin switches to the Jimin he’s accustomed to being on the runway. His usually warm brown eyes harden to a piercing stare and he tilts his chin up.

Jeongguk’s breath catches at the sight and he straightens up on the couch.

Jimin begins slowly feeling out the tempo of the song before stepping forward—one foot after the other—slow and poised. He’s like art in motion—mesmerizing.

Jeongguk’s throat suddenly goes dry and he’s hot all over—burning. This moment feels a lot like the moment when they first met. Jimin’s piercing eyes and Jeongguk’s racing heart.

When the song reaches the chorus, Jimin pauses in front of the couch to strike a pose. His arms hang almost lazily at his sides while his expression shifts to suit the vibe of the song—hooded, sultry—a lot like the way he looks after a round of intense sex.

Jeongguk swallows.

Jimin turns on his heel and walks back to his starting position. He signals for Jeongguk to cut the music. “That sucked didn’t it?” he asks suddenly.

“N-No, I thought it was amazing.” Jeongguk rushes to say.

Jimin sighs, “Love…I need you to be honest with me.”

“I am being honest.”

Jimin habitually flicks his hair out of his eyes and pins Jeongguk with a glare. “I’m a professional. I can take criticism.”


Jimin holds up a hand, “Be honest.”

Jeongguk’s brown eyes shine with nothing but admiration for Jimin and his ability to turn something as simple as walking into art. He wants to praise him; worship the very ground he walks on and tell him everything’ll be alright. But that’s not what Jimin needs right now.


Jimin nods, expression tight and anxious.

“Can you…try it again for me?” Jeongguk lightly requests.

“Sure.” Jimin begins to move to his starting position but Jeongguk stops him with a soft—


Jimin halts. “What?”

“Walk…can you walk like you would walk for me?”

Jimin blinks, “Huh?”

Jeongguk bites his bottom lip as he tries to articulate his thoughts. “Walk for me—not the cameras, fans, reporters or for the brand—just…” he gazes lovingly at Jimin. “…just for me.”

He wants me to walk for him? Jimin’s heart kicks up at the thought. He’s had Jeongguk’s eyes on him numerous times before—the night they met, when they first had sex, all the times they’ve kissed and the intimate conversations they have in the early morning. However, the thought of Jeongguk watching him walk sends a spike of arousal and nerves through Jimin’s body.

“Okay.” Jimin replies. “I’ll walk for you.”

Jeongguk’s expression lights up as he shifts excitedly on the couch. In his haste, Jimin’s phone nearly flies out of his hands.

“That excited?” Jimin questions with a laugh.

Jeongguk smiles sheepishly. “Maybe just a little.”

With an amused grin, Jimin signals for Jeongguk to start the song again.

I can do this. Jimin closes his eyes. Show him what he has. Show him who he gets to make love to.   

When the music starts again, Jimin opens his eyes and meets Jeongguk’s gaze dead on. He waits a moment before taking that first step, wanting the first verse to build the inevitable tension in the room. Jimin keeps his eyes on Jeongguk pulling him in and once he has him right where he wants him, Jimin steps forward.

Jeongguk’s dated and slept with numerous people. However, he’s only ever fallen for one person. Park Jimin.

Being in love with someone is far different from “hitting and quitting.” There’s commitment, respect, understanding and of course admiration. Admiration is exactly what Jeongguk feels right now (among the sexual urgency that’s suddenly blossoming in his chest). But because he loves Jimin, he’s once again rendered speechless as Jimin begins to walk for him.

No one else. Just him.

There’s sass, seduction and slight hesitation in Jimin’s steps which makes it hard to look away. The steps he takes towards the couch leave Jeongguk winded and craving for a taste of his lips, hips and the sweet spot on Jimin’s thighs.

Jeongguk bites his bottom lip as his gaze slowly drags down Jimin’s nearing figure. Fuck. He shifts on the couch again crossing and uncrossing his legs. Why are his legs such a turn on?

Jimin smirks upon noticing the intensity of Jeongguk’s gaze and his boyfriend’s growing problem. When he reaches the couch, Jimin spins on his heel and strikes a pose with his back to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk inhales sharply because—wow, Jimin’s ass is unholy in leather.

Jimin chuckles softly and glances over his shoulder to meet Jeongguk’s eyes. His eyes shine tauntingly as he purses his lips in just the slightest.

“Tease.” Jeongguk’s voice drops lowly into the room like ink spilling into clear water—dark, heavy and tainting everything it touches.

When the chorus to Rude Boy begins again, Jimin lip syncs to the verse: “Can you get it up? Come here, rude boy.”

Jeongguk’s jaw drops for two reasons:

  1. He is shamefully aroused and sporting a semi
  2. Jimin’s boyfriend is blessed to have him in his life.

What a lucky asshole, Jeongguk thinks as he watches Jimin walk back into the kitchen. It takes Jeongguk approximately five seconds to realize he is the lucky asshole.

When the song ends, Jimin’s shoulders immediately slump and he leans against the kitchen counter-top to compose himself. Walking may not seem like it takes a lot, but it’s mentally draining.

After a moment, he looks up to ask, “How was it this time?”

“Phenomenal.” Jeongguk replies sounding slightly winded.

Jimin beams, “Really!? I felt better about it.”

“You were amazing.” Jeongguk says while rising slowly from his place on the couch.

“Hopefully I can be more amazing on Saturday.” Jimin pushes his bangs out of his eyes and blinks confusedly upon realizing Jeongguk is walking towards him. “What?”


“There’s still a few more songs I need to practice.”

“I know,” Jeongguk stops in front of Jimin. “Just wanted to get a closer look at you.”

“Just a look?” Jimin questions.

Jeongguk silently grips Jimin’s hips and pulls him close so their bodies are flush. He stares down at Jimin with an unwavering gaze—eyes so dark Jimin swears he sees stars dancing in Jeongguk’s pupils.

“Did that…turn you on?” Jimin asks softly but the mischievous look in his eyes betray his innocent tone.

Jeongguk knows it’s a rhetorical question because he’s certain Jimin feels Jeongguk’s hard-on against his thigh. “You totally did that on purpose.” Jeongguk states.


Jeongguk’s lips quirk up into a smirk that’s borderline devilish.  

Jimin shudders because he knows that look. It’s the look Jeongguk gets just before completely ruining Jimin in bed. The look that makes him seem older, wilder yet in control. The look Jimin’s well acquainted with when Jeongguk’s edging him, fucking him and loving him.

“Really baby?” he asks leaning in close so their lips brush. “You seriously want to play innocent with me?”

Jimin grins as he slips a hand around Jeongguk’s waist to squeeze his ass. “Have you been doing squats lately?”

Jeongguk groans in frustration, “Don’t change the subject.”

“Your ass is thicker tha—”

Jeongguk shuts him up by sucking Jimin’s bottom lip into his mouth. The kiss tastes like aged wine, a glass that’s had after a period of not having it. When Jimin hums into the kiss, the sound sends vibrations down Jeongguk’s throat and his arousal presses against Jimin’s thigh.

Jeongguk responds by nipping at Jimin’s lip and the action shoots straight to Jimin’s groin.

Fearful of losing his balance, Jimin walks backwards until his back hits the edge of the marble counters.

Jeongguk places his hands on either side of Jimin caging him between his arms. He breaks the kiss to huff, “Déjà vu.”

Jimin grins, “Right.”

“Except now…” Jeongguk’s hands snake their way to the front of Jimin’s pants. “we don’t have to stop.”

Jimin is quick to place a hand to Jeongguk’s chest. “Actually…”

“What?” Jeongguk blinks confusedly at him.

“I’m wearing $10,000 worth of Saint Laurent.”

“So?” Jeongguk tugs impatiently at Jimin’s zipper.

“Soo, let me change. I can’t ruin them,” Jimin makes a move to push Jeongguk away but Jeongguk grips his hand.

Jimin scowls. “I’m serious, Gguk.”

“I know.” Jeongguk intertwines their fingers. “Let me undress you.”

“Jeongguk.” Jimin says sternly.

“I won’t crease them—I’ll take it slow.” Jeongguk slips his hand out of Jimin’s and reaches down again for Jimin’s zipper.

Jimin licks his lips with a sigh.

Sensing his hesitance, Jeongguk pecks him on the lips and says softly. “I promise.”

“Promise, promise?”

Jeongguk smiles, endeared by Jimin’s puppy-like expression. “Yes, baby, I wouldn’t disrespect you like that.” He replies while smoothly unzipping Jimin’s pants and cupping his erection.

Jimin’s breath hitches and with wide eyes he kicks Jeongguk in the shin. “Warn me. Jesus.”

“I’m going to jerk you off.” Jeongguk says flatly.

Jimin snorts, “Are you being smart with me Jeon Jeongguk?”

Jeongguk smirks mischievously, “Maybe.” He resists the urge to jerk Jimin off because he would love to see him write in pleasure and instead tugs his pants down his legs.

Jimin gracefully steps out of them and watches with loving eyes as Jeongguk bends down to scoop them up. True to his word, Jeongguk is careful to fold them and place them within a safe distance on the counters. While doing this, Jimin watches his every movement soaking in the subtle flex of Jeongguk’s muscles.

He bites his bottom lip as his gaze drags up and down Jeongguk’s built figure. Even though he’s dressed in a baggy black sweatshirt, the fabric somehow perfectly outlines the shape of his chest. The very chest Jimin likes to hold onto when he’s riding him.

When their gazes catch, Jimin doesn’t try to hide that he was looking. He smiles boldly and Jeongguk gives him that look again. Jimin knows he’s in for it. They haven’t had sex in weeks, Jeongguk’s hard as fuck because of Jimin’s show from earlier and the tension building between them is practically tangible.

Yet Jeongguk somehow manages to request in a gentle tone, “Raise your arms.”

Jimin does as he’s told raising his arms in the air and pinning Jeongguk with a simper.

The corner of Jeongguk’s lips twitch. “Jimin.” he says lightly.


Jeongguk grabs the hem of Jimin’s shirt. “Do you need to be somewhere tomorrow morning?” he begins to tug upwards.

“I’m free until noon.”

“Mmm.” Jeongguk replies trying his best to maintain his cool but he’s seething.

Jimin’s shirt pops free and Jeongguk folds it placing it atop the leather pants. When Jeongguk returns to his position in front of Jimin, he gazes steadily into his eyes.

“What?” Jimin shifts as the cold caresses his bare skin.

Jeongguk lifts a hand to brush Jimin’s hair out of his eyes. “Baby…” he says gently.

“Yes?” Jimin shivers not because of the cold but because of Jeongguk’s murky eyes.

“Is it…is it okay if I’m a little rough with you?” Jeongguk asks as his thumb glides down the side of Jimin’s face to his neck and then down to his chest. “Hmm?” he dazedly strokes Jimin’s right nipple while maintaining eye contact.

Jimin’s eyes roll back and he bites back a moan. “It’s o…kay.” And before he has a chance to collect himself, Jeongguk pinches his nipple and twists. Jimin groans lewdly. “F-fuck.”

Jeongguk continues twisting and toying with Jimin’s nipple while kissing at his neck. A kiss then a twist, a kiss then a twist until Jimin’s boxers drip with precome.

“You’re so wet.” Jeongguk whispers while his other hand slips down to cup Jimin’s bulge. “Why is that?”

Jimin struggles to respond.

“Hm?” Jeongguk kisses his words against Jimin’s collarbones. “Tell me.”

“B-because…” Jimin grips Jeongguk’s arms to steady himself. He pauses to catch his breath and tries to speak but all that comes out is a weak moan.

“Words.” Jeongguk murmurs. “Use them.”

Jimin is going to get him back for this. Going to make him pay for this humiliation in the best way possible.

“Because of you.” He somehow manages to respond.

Jeongguk smiles. “Exactly.”

“You’re such…an a-asshole.” Jimin’s voice cracks on the last word as Jeongguk begins to properly jerk him off. It’s so nice—Jeongguk’s slightly calloused hands caused from gripping a mic daily and jacking around with Yoongi’s guitar. His fingers wrap perfectly around Jimin’s cock as though they were created for that sole reason. It’s an idiotic thought but amuses Jimin to no end.

Jimin’s head dips backward and he digs his nails into Jeongguk’s arms. “F-faster.”

“Will you come if I go faster?” Jeongguk asks.

Jimin lifts his head to look him in the eyes. “N-no—well, yeah, probably—definitely.” He rambles.

Jeongguk chuckles. “Then I’ll go slow.” He whispers while melting his lips with Jimin’s.

Jimin mumbles something but his words taper off when Jeongguk strokes him in tempo to their kiss. When Jeongguk slips his tongue inside Jimin’s mouth, his grip around Jimin’s cock tightens.

“Mmfgh.” Jimin huffs, eyes squeezing shut as the pleasure overtakes him.

Jeongguk keeps his eyes open wanting to admire the look of bliss on Jimin’s face. He kisses his jaw, then his throat and down to lick his nipples.

Jimin shudders violently and his eyes snap open.

Jeongguk meets his gaze with a calm smile. “Close?”


“Didn’t take you long.” Jeongguk smartly replies.

Jimin glares, “Shut the fuck up, it’s your fault for knowing my body so well.”

“Is it now?” Jeongguk slides his hand down changing the pressure on Jimin’s cock with each stroke.

“You know my weak spots.” Jimin says as his hands drop down to glide beneath Jeongguk’s shirt. “How I like it after a long day.”

Jeongguk’s cock throbs behind his jeans. “Keep going.”

“I love it the most when you take me slow.”

Jeongguk continues jerking Jimin off, his heart racing a mile a minute as Jimin’s hands trace along his abs.

Jimin leans up to whisper. “You do me so well, love.”

Jeongguk’s eyebrows knit together and his body flushes from his ears to his toes. Jimin may have discovered early on in their relationship that Jeongguk has a thing for being complimented on his bedroom skills. He uses it to his advantage when Jeongguk believes he’s in control.

However, Jimin’s chance to say more is cut short when Jeongguk quickens his pace along his erection. Jimin squirms beneath his touch and digs his nails into Jeongguk’s chest as a fire burns low in his stomach. “Jeongguk…go slower—fuck.”


Jimin scowls, “I’m going to come.”

“Want you to.” Jeongguk says lowly. “Want you to tell me I did well.”

It doesn’t take long for Jimin to lose all sense of feeling in his body as his orgasm builds. He’s numb and exhausted from standing but so close to the edge.

“Your cheeks are so red.” Jeongguk says softly. “So gorgeous.”

Jimin wants to lie back against the marble countertop, but Jeongguk holds him around the waist with his free arm.

“I’ve got you.” He whispers while stroking Jimin one last time.

Jimin comes with a soft whimper against Jeongguk’s jaw. His body trembles from the release and he goes limp in Jeongguk’s arms.

They stand in the kitchen for a moment; Jimin gradually catches his breath and Jeongguk milks the last of Jimin’s orgasm by gently squeezing the base of his cock. Once Jimin’s regained his breath and can stand on his own, Jeongguk steps back to ask:

“You okay? Was that too much?”

Jimin shakes his head. “I’m okay.”

“You sure?” Jeongguk looks concernedly into his eyes.

Jimin laughs and leans up to reassure Jeongguk with a kiss. “I’m positive.”

Jeongguk makes a move to cup Jimin’s face but quickly remembers the come on his hand. He wipes it on his shirt and quickly tugs his shirt off tossing it on the counter beside Jimin’s clothes.

“These too.” Jimin points to Jeongguk’s jeans.

Jeongguk steps out of his jeans and tosses them with his sweatshirt.

Jimin’s eyes linger on Jeongguk’s boxers and he reaches out to cup Jeongguk’s erection.

Jeongguk hisses from the sensation and he grips Jimin’s hips to steady himself.

“You did so well taking care of me…now look at you.” Jimin says softly.

Jeongguk buries his nails in Jimin’s skin as he struggles to suppress the urge to spin Jimin around and fuck him. He’s dying on the inside as Jimin looks him up and down while caressing Jeongguk through his boxers. He wants to be in him—feel his tight heat—now.

Jimin slowly peels Jeongguk’s boxers down until his erection springs free.  

Jeongguk shudders, “Jimin…”


“Are you okay for another round?” Jeongguk looks up from the hood of his bangs, eyes dark as night.


Once he has the affirmation he needs, Jeongguk spins Jimin around and presses himself against him. His cock slides easily between Jimin’s thighs and Jeongguk’s already picturing how pretty Jimin will look with his ass out and chest pressed against the marble countertop.

Jeongguk presses his lips to the mid of Jimin’s back and kisses up to his shoulder blades. “Do you have lube?”

“Yeah,” Jimin mutters. “it’s in my room though.”

“Can you wait here for me?” Jeongguk asks.


Jeongguk takes his time pulling back, savoring how Jimin’s thick thighs feel around his cock. With a shaky breath, he separates his body from Jimin’s and dashes to Jimin’s room as fast as his hard-on will allow him.

When Jeongguk returns to the kitchen, he’s greeted by the beautiful view of Jimin leaning against the counter with his ass pushed out and his face pressed into the marble waiting expectantly. Jeongguk gasps at the sight and he quickly wraps a hand around his cock to stop himself from coming.

“Gguk?” Jimin calls.

“I’m here, baby.” Jeongguk rushes over and assures Jimin of his presence by pressing himself against Jimin. Jeongguk’s chest rests flush against his back and his cock aligns perfectly to Jimin’s ass. It’d be so easy to just slip inside.

“Lube? I haven’t prepped in forever.” Jimin says honestly.

“That’s okay,” Jeongguk pops the cap on the lid and pours a copious amount of lube in his hands. “I can prep you.” He places one hand to Jimin’s hip to keep him steady as another slowly opens him. “Spread your legs a bit.”

Jimin does so, cheeks reddening by the second as he feels Jeongguk’s eyes sear into his skin.

Jeongguk tests the waters by pushing a single finger into Jimin.

Jimin responds with a low moan.

“Tell me if it hurts.”

Jimin nods while biting his bottom lip.

Jeongguk gazes at his finger inside Jimin and his cock throbs. Patience. He reminds himself.

“T-three.” Jimin chokes out. “Add three.”

Jeongguk gulps because Jimin sounds so fucking hot right now. He looks even hotter with his red cheeks, swollen lips and damp hair. “Okay.” Jeongguk slides his finger out and pushes in two more.

Yes.” Jimin whines hands gripping the edge of the counter.

Jeongguk kisses a slew of praises into Jimin’s spine as he pushes his fingers in deeper. “So tight for me” and “missed being inside of you” and “you take it so well, Jimin.”

When Jeongguk’s fingers press against Jimin’s prostrate, Jimin’s head flies back and his lips part with a choked moan.


“Yes, yes—right there.”

Jeongguk repeats a similar motion but stops short of his prostate and laughs when Jimin complains.


“Fine, fine.” Jeongguk slides his fingers out and firmly holds Jimin’s hips. He pulls Jimin towards him until the head of his cock presses at Jimin’s hole.

Jimin holds his breath awaiting the pleasurable burn of Jeongguk pushing into him.

Jeongguk breaches Jimin’s walls with a forceful thrust.

Jimin’s torso slides along the counter from the push and he grunts. “Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk remains silent as he pulls back only to deliver another sharp thrust into Jimin. Jimin’s body rocks and his eyes roll back. Jeongguk’s fingers firmly grip Jimin’s hips holding him in place as he repeatedly slams into him.

Jimin’s certain there will be imprints of Jeongguk’s hands on him come tomorrow morning. The thought shoots straight to his cock and Jimin unconsciously clenches around Jeongguk.

Jeongguk’s hips stutter, “Sh-shit.” he groans as sweat begins to dot above his eyebrows. He kisses the side of Jimin’s neck before straightening up to properly rock into him. The sudden change in angle has Jimin feeling everything. Jeongguk’s cock sweetly stretches Jimin from the inside out.

“I’m so full.” Jimin blubbers honestly. “Fu…fuck.”

Jeongguk’s eyes widen and his heart soars. He says something about going for round three in the bedroom before slamming into Jimin again and again. It’s so hot inside of him and Jeongguk feels slightly delirious as Jimin tightens and loosens around him.

The lewd sound of skin slapping against skin echoes around the kitchen and Jeongguk’s breath hitches several times when Jimin calls his name in that lovely voice of his.

“Jeongguk, I’m so close. So close.” Jimin rambles. “Fucking missed the way you’d fill me up.”

Jeongguk swallows thickly as his orgasm rumbles to life in his abdomen. “Missed you too.” Unable to control himself, Jeongguk thrusts in deep striking Jimin’s prostate with a single blow.

Jimin whimpers his name and his legs nearly buckle but Jeongguk holds onto him.

“Tell me when.” Jeongguk says voice husky as his climax nears. His hips continue to roll forward and his eyes squeeze shut as the pleasure becomes overwhelming.

Jimin can barely speak now; his body in shambles as Jeongguk easily slips in and out of him. “N-now.” he huffs. “Now, Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk kisses between Jimin’s shoulder blades as he thrusts forward one last time coming deep inside of Jimin with a groan of his name.

Jimin shudders at the sensation of Jeongguk’s come sliding down his thighs and he comes next with a pleasured sigh. Jimin collapses onto the counter and Jeongguk falls on top of him, his cock gradually softening inside of Jimin.

Jimin’s eyebrows furrow, “Out, out.” he mutters.

“Okay…” Jeongguk pulls out with a hiss.

Jimin’s hole flutters at the loss of contact and Jeongguk’s release feels sticky on his ass and back. “Gross.”

Jeongguk laughs lightly, “Shall we wash up?” he suggests as he helps Jimin straighten up.

Jimin takes his hand and stumbles forward into Jeongguk’s chest. Jeongguk is quick to react by wrapping Jimin in his arms and holding him up.

“You okay, baby?”

Jimin looks up with a strained smile. “Just fine.”

“Ya sure?” Jeongguk tilts his head as he takes in Jimin’s completely debauched appearance. “Hold onto me.” Jeongguk directs as he wraps one arm around Jimin’s waist and pulls him close to his side.

They manage to make it to the bathroom and Jeongguk carefully helps sit Jimin on the toilet. “You look like you’re in pain…” he notices. “I’m so sorry. Was I too rough?”

Jimin shakes his head, “No, no, you did really well.”

Jeongguk smiles brightly.

“Maybe a little too well given the state of my ass.”

Jeongguk laughs as he goes to run the bathwater. “How about you stay put while I get the bath ready.”

Jimin flashes Jeongguk a grateful smile, “Sounds good to me.”

The next morning…

Sunshine kisses Jimin’s sleeping figure and Jeongguk gazes lovingly at him. He brushes Jimin’s silver hair out of his face and awakes Jimin with a kiss to his shoulder.

Jimin grumbles because he just wants to lie down.

“Morning.” Jeongguk says softly.

“Goo’orning.” Jimin slurs.

Jeongguk chuckles as he slips a hand beneath the blankets. “It’s time to get up, baby.” His hands slide up and down Jimin’s thighs.

“Don’t want to.”

“Taehyung is looking for you.”

“Fuck him.” Jimin groans but there’s no malice to his words.

Jeongguk laughs loudly as he casually wraps a hand around Jimin’s morning wood. “Come on.”

Jimin squirms. “Jeongguk.”

Jeongguk snuggles closer to him as he begins to slowly jerk Jimin off. “What’d you dream about to wake up like this, hm?.”

“Cutting off your dick.”

Jeongguk chuckles into the back of Jimin’s neck, “Ooh, kinky.”

Jimin goes silent and his toes curl as Jeongguk’s hand slides languidly up and down his cock. He’s extremely sensitive from last night and wants nothing more than to lay in bed all day with his boyfriend. Of course, he can’t do such since he must speak at Seoul University about men in the modelling industry.

Jeongguk has a similar mindset; he simply wants to ditch today’s interview and spend it in bed with Jimin. Maybe cook him a nice meal, watch him walk a few more times and hold him in his arms as Jeongguk cries over Endgame. The thought is nice but maybe another time.

“Baby…” Jeongguk calls tentatively.

Jimin’s eyes flutter as his release nears, “Mm.”

“You were amazing last night…not sure if I told you properly.”

Jimin turns his head to look Jeongguk in the eye and smiles fondly. “You did.”

Jeongguk takes in Jimin’s sleepy eyes, flushed cheeks and slightly chapped lips and it hits him again how lucky he is to have someone like Jimin in his life. Someone who is beautiful in every single way.

Someone who worries about others before himself.

Someone who goes to sleep to Disney movies and likes drinking wine in the morning.

Someone who’s bold and confident (intimidating even) but who shows nothing but kindness to others.

Jeongguk is lucky to have Jimin in his life.

“You know I…” Jeongguk begins to say and his heart is beating like crazy in this moment.

Jimin turns his entire body around so they lay chest to chest and looks to Jeongguk worriedly. “What is it?”

“I…” Jeongguk’s hold on Jimin’s cock loosens and he places his hand to Jimin’s hip instead. “I uhm.”

“You’re what? Late? Tired? Horny?” Jimin questions in quick succession. “If you’re horny then I can’t help with that right now, my ass is out of servi—”

“I love you, Jimin.”

Jimin stills.

“I love you.” Jeongguk repeats emphasizing his words with a small smile, one that’s a mix between fear and adoration because even if Jimin isn’t ready to say it back, Jeongguk is more than happy to have him by his side.

“You…” Jimin’s eyes flicker across Jeongguk’s face in search of doubt but when he sees nothing but endearment in Jeongguk’s eyes, he sputters, “You love me?”

A soft smile melts Jeongguk’s entire face as he gazes at Jimin. “Honestly…I think I loved you since the night we met.”


Jeongguk brushes a thumb across Jimin’s bottom lip. “It’s okay, I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything.”

“Pressured by what?”

“Saying it back. I mean that’s if you want to because you don’t…you don’t have too.”

Jimin’s bewildered eyes shift into a glare. “Of course, I’m going to say it back, idiot.” He punches Jeongguk in the chest. “I love you too.”

It’s easy to say, “I love you.” Jimin’s heard the phrase from fans, overprotective staff, from agencies and magazines to his exes that used such a meaningful phrase to guilt trip Jimin into staying. It never worked. Because of his previous relationships, Jimin shied away from saying those words back. It made him vulnerable.

But with Jeongguk, Jeongguk who is holding him with his heart on his sleeve, Jeongguk who wants nothing more than for Jimin to be happy. Jeongguk who has also made himself vulnerable.

Jimin trusts him—loves him.

“You serious?” Jeongguk chokes, eyes so wide and cute making him appear younger.

Jimin nods, “Yes.”

Jeongguk’s torn between crying and running around the room naked with joy. His heart is full of happiness and he feels unrealistically complete—whole. Unable to verbally express the amount of joy he’s feeling, he leans in close and kisses Jimin on the lips. He kisses him repeatedly until they’re both flushed.

“I love you so fucking much.” He blurts.

Jimin wraps his arms around Jeongguk and snuggles into his chest. “I love you too.”

“Wish we could stay in bed today…” Jeongguk murmurs.

“Taehyung would kill me.”

Jeongguk mindlessly runs his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “Hoseok would have my ass.”

They share a laugh before drifting into a comfortable silence. Birds chirp outside of Jimin’s bedroom window and the sun rises high into the sky, but neither of them move. Jimin dazedly traces his fingers along Jeongguk’s tattoo; up then down over the ink.

“Thank you for telling me.” Jimin says in a quiet voice.

Jeongguk rests a hand in Jimin’s hair.

“Thanks for…falling in love with me, Jeongguk.” Jimin leans back to look Jeongguk in the eyes. “I mean it.”

Jeongguk smiles, “Maybe…years from now when we’re both ready…you’ll walk for me down the aisle.” he says softly. “And I’ll walk for you too.”.

Jimin smiles as their lips touch. “We could walk arm in arm.”

“Yeah,” Jeongguk closes his eyes. “I’ll need a few lessons though.”

Jimin laughs, “Of course, my love…I’ll teach you everything I know.”