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“Long Ge! Long Ge! Long Ge!” Bai Yu skipped a step to stand beside Zhu Yilong while the man was intently reading his script. Eyes still fixed on the papers, Zhu Yilong hummed a vague reply.

“Long Ge, my birthday is coming! Are you gonna give me a present?” Bai Yu beamed at him, eyes crinkling merrily, cheeky smile of a toddler plastered on his face. 

“Present? Hmmm” Zhu Yilong mind wandered to the velvet box inside his drawer at home. He had spent hours staring at the glass display of the Chopard store last weekend before making his purchase.

But he pretended to ponder, “What kind of present do you want?” his eyes wide, trying to search for answers he knows he will get anyway.

Bai Yu grinned mischievously, “Dance for me!” Both of them were well aware that this was an extremely ridiculous request for a man as reserved as Zhu Yilong.

Zhu Yilong's eyes widened even more, “Dance?“ He blinked rapidly, trying to process the unusual request, at the same time trying to buffer out a reply, lest he upset his boyfriend.

“Yeah, dance for me!” Bai Yu chirped excitedly, legs bouncing in excitement making him look like a kid making his wishes before Santa. That hyperactive habit of his was always endearing to see, not that Zhu Yilong would admit it without making any cutting remarks on the side, then Bai Yu pouted- his luscious lips on display,“Long Ge, you never dance, I wanna see my Long Ge dance!” he declared resolutely.

“But Bai Yu..” Zhu Yilong sighed, his voice trailed away with the sudden drop in energy.

“A ha! I was just kidding! Aiya.. Long Ge I know you don’t like to dance, I won’t force you to do something you don’t like,” Bai Yu wound his arm around the older man like he had gotten used to doing.

Zhu Yilong smiled at him helplessly like he did when he gave in to the radiance that was Bai Yu. He continued reading his script even though now his mind was full of things that had nothing to do with the bunch of papers within his grasp. 



Zhu Yilong couldn’t recall the last time he had stepped foot into the nightclub with the recent wave of endorsements and shows occupying his time and attention. Even before, the bustling noisy atmosphere with way too many people, accompanied by loud music thumping beneath his feet like pseudo tremors of earthquake hadn’t been his favourite-- he definitely didn’t miss it. The unnecessarily packed dance floor had always overwhelmed his senses, making him jittery and then he had to spend the rest of the outing, hiding those jitters; he wondered why he braved the headaches back then.

Tonight, the filming crew had booked the entire place as a celebration party for the last day of their shooting. So at least, it was filled with mostly familiar faces, which surely calmed his nerves and helped him breathe easier.

He walked steadily with Bai Yu on his side, who was always dripping with energy. Even now he was waving to someone on the side, making small gestures.

Bai Yu leaned in and whispered conspirationally “This feels like friday night of university life and I’m taking my boyfriend out for some fun” He winked suggestively.

Zhu Yilong just shook his head at Bai Yu’s  vibrant imagination which only served to remind him that college had been too long ago for either of them, and yet Bai Yu didn't appear a day over twenty with his boundless energy and his baby face underneath all that facial hair.

“Zhu Laoshi! Bai Laoshi! Over here!” Li Yan, who played Da Qing in the series waved at them and soon the two men joined him. They spent the night chatting and cracking silly jokes. Bai Yu somehow managed to dig up a brand new meme of Zhu Yilong, and the crew laughed with him. 

Zhu Yilong only let out his exasperated sigh at Bai Yu’s constant stream of wit.

Their bickering was interrupted when they heard a mic being tapped and someone clearing their throat.

“Welcome everyone! First of all, I would like to congratulate you all for doing such a great job! We do have some, umm, technical limitation,“ the audience giggled, while Gao Yu Er or Zhu Hong, muttered CGI bastard. “But everyone was so committed at delivering their best, and our main leads-” the light shone down at them “Managed to deliver such an outstanding chemistry! At this rate, we may even win the best CP award! For a bromance show!” the audience cheered raucously and some even whistled at them.

“Anyway, tonight there’s something special! We have an opening performance. Please... Welcome them with a big round of applause.” she turned to the side and gestured towards them, “Fellow dancers, the floor is yours.”

The lights flashed on a single black leather sofa at the centre of the room and everyone turned their heads in anticipation. Bai Yu cheered loudly when suddenly he felt a tap on his knee. With eyes as large as saucers, he watched Zhu Yilong standing up and making his way to the stage and his brain short circuited, halting to a screech. He was still paralysed for the entire duration of it, when the cheers jolted his mind and he tried to grasp onto the almost impossible reality.


Zhu Yilong sat down in one smooth motion and leaned forward, looking down at his peers with a suave kind of confidence, arms clasped as he rested his elbows on his knees. He took a deep breath and dropped his head between his shoulders.

Bai Yu wanted to contemplate his previous life choices that had led up to this moment. His heart was going into a kind of overdrive.

The first note of the music awakened an entirely new entity within Zhu Yilong. He slowly lifted his head and wore that devilish smirk Bai Yu had only seen on Ye Zun, minus the unhinged eyes- oh his eyes, those large pools of black, were too enchanting right now, drawing him in effortlessly. He could feel his pants getting tighter in the stroke of that single movement.


In a cruel twist of fate, Bai Yu happened to be seated right across from where Zhu Yilong was performing. ‘When had he planned this in such detail?’ 

Bai Yu was reminded of vaguely of Zhao Yunlan saying something about coincidences and that brought a smile to his face, when he thought about it in this setting. Watching the man who played Shen Wei, he had to agree, somewhat.

“I can be tender, i can be rough~”

Bai Yu gasped inaudibly, his jaw dropped in disbelief. 

What kind of song is this? Is Long-ge serious?

A woman strode in, clad in high heels and tight red dress with a slit, revealing her legs. She elegantly swayed with the enticing music, smiling down at the crowd and earning loud cheers. Zhu Yilong’s eyes turned darker, as he grazed his own bottom lips with his thumb -  gaze trailing suggestively down the length of her body.

Her well-manicured hand slowly caressed his shoulder and he stood up as if he were drawn to the motion of her hand like a puppet following the puppeteer’s strings.

The beat of the song sped up and he grabbed the woman’s waist as she pushed his blazer down revealing well toned arms, disguised by a crisp white shirt. The sleeves were snug around his biceps, leaving almost no room left for imagination, about how toned they were.

"Baby, let me rock your body, ride your body

Kiss your favorite spot~"

Zhu Yilong pulled her dangerously close- dangerous enough to cause waves of turbulence to rise within Bai Yu’s heart and mind, not too close for a hug but close enough to look intimate. If this was any of Zhu Yilong’s work he would have happily watched it all, and even provided his own detailed analysis on the subject, but this-

This scene he was witnessing right now was making Bai Yu very confused; on a visceral level he could only feel waves of heat rising from within and he was unsure about whether the heat he’s feeling is from fire of jealousy or from arousal. It was too riveting for him to tear his eyes away from his lover-  who was currently rolling his hips in time with the sensual music.

“So we can make love~”

The woman tilted her head, baring her neck for him, and Zhu Yilong slowly brushed his nose along her neck to her earlobe, meanwhile his hand that was still holding her waist, trailed down to her exposed thigh. 

“Or we can just fuck~”

Zhu Yilong yanked her thighs and hitched her leg upward as she wound her leg around his, entwining them in an amorous tangle.

Bai Yu choked on air and fanned himself inconspicuously. Jesus fucking Christ.

Seriously, what kind of incubus had possessed his Long-ge? Last time he had checked, his Long-ge was still a sweet innocent soul, nothing like the alluring devil taunting him from the stage.

The woman then leaned back, body curving down as Zhu Yilong’s firm hand supported her waist. Her long, midnight black hair reached the floor and Zhu Yilong pulled, almost yanking her up towards him again, making the muscles on his arm prominent with the way they were snug underneath his sleeves - a casual display of strength. With that, Bai Yu was hit by a truckload of images that may or may not have kept him up at nights.

The lady brushed his lips and Zhu Yilong winked playfully. Bai Yu was fascinated watching the display of this particular set of expressions that he had never imagined, even in his wildest daydreams, on the sweet face of his Long Ge

She then moved away from him. 

Bai Yu was about to breathe a sigh of relief when he saw a guy approaching the dance area from the other side of the stage. He was shorter than Zhu Yilong- Bai Yu smiled unknowingly at their differences.He is much more slender, frail even, wearing what Bai Yu would describe as stripper’s outfit along with the black fur collar encircling his neck. The guy smiled coquettishly at Zhu Yilong and lightly stroked his chest. 

The guy proceeded to push Zhu Yilong slowly onto the sofa and shamelessly climbed on top of him. 

Bai Yu almost rose from his seat in protest. The urge to drag his boyfriend away from all these leering eyes was getting stronger like waves of tsunami and fueling the fire of his possessiveness. 

“You love it when I cover up your eyes for a minute

But only for a few nights..~”

The dancer placed his hand over Zhu Yilong’s eyes, limiting his field of vision and emphasising it by mouthing the lyrics. His body wasn't touching Zhu Yilong at all but his hand grazed Zhu Yilong's shirt and undid two of his shirt’s buttons.

“I love when you ask me

To tickle your back~”

Zhu Yilong raised his chin smugly and brushed his fingers along the guy’s spine. The dancer guy curved his body upward, mouth parted- imitating a moan.

Fist clenching his pants, Bai Yu was paralysed by a war between rationality and emotions to stay seated. Zhu Yilong wants to do this, he placated himself by thinking about the kind of thought and effort that went into this, and he could at least respect that. Supposedly this was meant for him; the thought of it now made him want to go back in time and smack himself for the foolhardy request he had made. 

"You love when I reach up underneath

And grab between your thighs like that~"

“No!” Bai Yu yelped, controlling his volume at the last second; his heart speeding up, adrenaline rushing in every portion of his body. The music was too loud for anyone else to hear him but  Zhu fucking Yilong locked his eyes with him and that bastard smirked. Oh how dare he .

The guy rose up and sat on the sofa armrest, tantalizing the audience with the sway of his flexible body. Bai Yu paid no heed to what the boy was doing, his sole and utmost attention was focused on the sultry man staring at him lasciviously from the stage and Bai Yu was hit with the realisation that those eyes were for him and him alone , because they had never once strayed from him during the performance unless he was occupied by those dancers that is.

Zhu Yilong spread his long legs, sprawling shamelessly from Bai Yu’s point of view. His eyes were half open and he looked so sexy, so so tempting and alluring that Bai Yu had to look away. He signaled the bartender for a shot. He wasn't drunk enough for this.

The woman returned and brushed his legs, pulling them further apart. She knelt and caressed his ankle all the way up to his thigh while the guy tilted Zhu Yilong chin towards him, seemingly pulling for a kiss.

Zhu Yilong was singing the lyrics to the song, while the woman’s hand slowly made their way up to his thigh.

The trio on the stage looked like a piece of art, all over each other and entwined in places Bai Yu rather not know.

She stopped before reaching too far and grabbed something from the side table, and Bai Yu didn’t notice what it was- because he was so absorbed by the seductive being in the middle of the trio, until it was hovered in front of Zhu Yilong’s lips.

A lollipop.

Zhu Yilong sucked on the lollipop as the girl moved closer to him. She pulled the sweet out and a trail of saliva obscenely stretched from the lollipop to his lips.

Bai Yu grabbed the jacket he had taken off earlier and discreetly placed it on his lap.

The woman then twirled the lollipop in air, Zhu Yilong's eyes followed the candy around while he licked his sweet irresistible lips. She set the lollipop in front of Zhu Yilong and he leaned in to swipe at the sweet, like a little kitten. The swirl of his wet tongue around the damned candy caused Bai Yu to stifle a groan.

The music ended, finally , and the whole place was shocked into silence, eerily quiet as if everyone was trying to process what had just occurred in the last few minutes. Within a second, the room burst into loud cheers and applause. 

Zhu Yilong snapped back to his old self and nodded shyly as he stood up. He ducked and scratched his head in embarrassment.

He made his way to Bai Yu, who was reclining on his seat, eyes closed. Zhu Yilong's brows furrowed when his eyes fell on Bai Yu's slumping form, he tapped Bai Yu’s shoulder, “Are you sleeping? ” his deep mellow voice contrasting with the loud music of the night club.

Baiyu helplessly chuckled. “No, I’m trying really hard not to come right now.” He opened his eyes and Zhu Yilong almost gasped from how dark they had become. Bai Yu took a deep breath and grabbed hold of his arm, began pulling him away. The club returned to the noisy and bustling environment aided by the booming music. Bai Yu thanked heavens that no one stood up to stop them or else he was going to fight someone for real.



Bai Yu gripped the steering wheel hard as he let out a heavy sigh, eyes squeezed shut in concentration. Zhu Yilong started to feel self conscious and he refused to look at Bai Yu, pursing his lips in self consternation. He rubbed his own arms awkwardly, as he always does when he has no idea what to say, waiting for Bai Yu to speak. 

“What was that?!” Bai Yu was still looking at the road ahead; seemingly blank. Like his soul no more inhabited his body.

“You said you wanna see me dance” Zhu Yilong replied softly, voice barely audible as he peered at Bai Yu “So... did you like it?”

“Did I like it?" Bai Yu snickered as he threw his head back against the headrest. "Are you kidding me?” Bai Yu laughed in utter disbelief, “That was...that was the hottest shit I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life!” Bai Yu turned to him with an ear splitting grin on his face.

“You’re exaggerating-” Zhu Yilong laughed, the sound flowing in like honey in Bai Yu's ears, Zhu Yilong reached out and planted a firm but chaste kiss against his lips.

Chaste was, however, not something Bai Yu had in mind. Before he could blink, Bai Yu swiftly locked the door and scrambled onto him.

“Bai Yu? What-” Zhu Yilong was startled by their current position. 

“Shhhh don’t talk”  Bai Yu had to lean in and kiss that pretty mouth or else he felt like he would explode then and there. He had to hold himself back for far too long in the club. 

Bai Yu swirled Zhu Yilong's lips with his tongue, before biting his boyfriend's bottom lip a little harder than he should.

“Do you know how hard it was for me to watch you dance like that?” Bai Yu said in between kisses- voice breathy with desire. He ground his hips downward, emphasizing his point further and Zhu Yilong felt a heat surge up his body at the feel of his lover’s arousal against him.

Bai Yu decided to stop talking, because really, why waste time on pointless things when he had Zhu Yilong under him like that. Bai Yu ground his hip down again and felt proud at the moan he elicited from his beautiful, beautiful man. 

Zhu Yilong noticed how impatient Bai Yu was as he was carelessly humping against Zhu Yilong, with no rhythm or intentions to draw it, in order to tease him like he usually took pleasure in. Bai Yu kept kissing him, intensity building up with every second he spent thoroughly tasting his lover's cavern. Zhu Yilong was helpless as he could do nothing but return his kisses, tilting his head in tandem with their urgent movements. 

Their sense of urgency overrode their sense of place and time with how Zhu Yilong almost hit his head on the headrest of his seat several times. But Bai Yu always noticed the smallest of things. That is how their chemistry worked, like a dance of intellect. Even on set, they challenged each other by throwing hints here and there to see if the other would respond while they were filming Guardian. An exhibit of their mutual understanding and trust.

A familiarity established almost instantly, explosive chemistry like a collision of two stars. 

Soon Bai Yu’s hand was cradling his head and pulling him impossibly closer at the same time.

Before he could fathom what was happening- all this intense kissing leaving him dazed, Bai Yu shuddered and went pliant in his arms.

“Bai Yu did you-” Zhu Yilong peered down at his snuggling lover, his long fingers gently stroking Bai Yu's back.

Bai Yu laughed, his body spineless and breathing still irregular. “I haven’t come in my pants ever since high school”. He raised his head and fondly rearranged Zhu Yilong's bangs, “The things you do to me, my love.” He had that sweet lovestruck gaze plastered all over his face, his voice so incredibly tender and warm it tugged at Zhu Yilong's heartstrings pleasantly.

Zhu Yilong smiled affectionately while landing a peck on his cheeks, some of that stubble grazing his lips, causing a pleasant sensation to run through his body. Bai Yu sighed in disapproval and kissed his lips instead. 

His hands caressed Zhu Yilong’s chest, appreciating how firm and strong it felt under his skin and they shifted down further until they reached Zhu Yilong’s belt buckle, undoing it at a mockingly slow pace. 

“Bai Yu!" He tried to reprimand but in reality he himself was affected by the preceding events and therefore his shaky voice had an opposite effect instead.

It was all too late when his pants were pulled off along his underwear, sliding down his pale legs. He felt himself went horizontal as the seat was lowered.

Bai Yu was quick to unbutton his shirt too and push it to the side so that he had an uninterrupted access to Zhu Yilong’s lovely flushed skin.

“Bai Yu, we’re in public!” Zhu Yilong panicked and simultaneously tried to push Bai Yu away.

“Well maybe you should think of the consequences before seducing me like that?" Bai Yu's eyes went darker.  "Don’t worry there’s no one here” he reassured Zhu Yilong as he circled his fingers around Zhu Yilong’s cock, thumbing at the slit wet with precome.

Zhu Yilong heaved as he threw his head back at the touch. The sensation was still exquisitely invigorating no matter how many times they have done this.

Bai Yu kissed him again and it was the time for their lips to dance. With his other hand, he took out the travel lube he kept in his car. Bai Yu had to break their kiss and almost regretted doing so when he heard Zhu Yilong whimpered at the loss. It was low and guttural. 

Not wanting to waste time, he ripped the packet off with his teeth, pouring the lube on his fingers. He pushed Zhu Yilong’s legs apart under him and brushed at his hole, coaxing him. 

Zhu Yilong’s grip on Bai Yu's shirt trembled as he wrapped his arm around his neck and pulled him down to slam their lips together. Bai Yu was slowly hardening again, not being able to hold himself.

Bai Yu stroked his length at the same time he stretched him open, making use of the pleasure as a distraction. He made sure it’s enough to make him feel good, but not fast enough to let him spill before they even started, his momentary withdrawal leaving him high and dry, his pulse roaring in his ears.

Zhu Yilong fisted Bai Yu's hair when he felt an uncomfortable sensation and Bai Yu buried his face in Zhu Yilong’s neck, kissing his nape- breathing in his sweet cinnamon and peach scent, Zhu Yilong’s cologne admixed in it which hit his senses like an addictive drug.

“My Long Ge, you’re so wonderful" Bai Yu muttered, momentarily taking a break from ravishing his lover.

Bai Yu grasped both of Zhu Yilong’s inner thighs, gripping them hard which was probably meant to be a warning. With one swift movement, he thrusted in. Bai Yu internally wondered if he would get to see the marks his fingers would leave on the pale skin or would his Long-ge curl up in shyness like he usually did.

Zhu Yilong wailed in pleasure as his hands scrambled restlessly at Bai Yu’s back, unable to decide where to hold him, having lost his mind and Bai Yu once again found himself closing their distance. It was too overwhelming- the feeling of Zhu Yilong's breath on his face as he pulled back from their kiss, catching his breath. 

“Ah Bai Yu”, Zhu Yilong moaned his breath coming out in stuttered gasps. He gazed at Bai Yu from under his eyelashes, voice broken, "Slow….” a thrust in the right spot and his mind blacked out “..-down”.

Somehow Bai Yu drove in faster, sounds of skin slapping echoed in the otherwise quiet car. Zhu Yilong arched his back as he was pounded mercilessly on the car seat and he could do nothing but to take it in. 

“Xiao...Bai Ah” the position was uncomfortable and the space was too small, but it felt so good. Zhu Yilong’s body was being pushed backwards and higher as Bai Yu’s thrusts lost their unrelenting rhythm, his left palm pressing against the window pane- trying to anchor himself in to reality. 

"Bai Yu I can't" He gasped out breathlessly, and Baiyu drank in the appearance laid out before him- and his pace slowed down considerably.

His lover’s flushed face, saliva dripping down his chin and his beautiful eyes glassy from tears. 

"Yes you can baby, hold on for me." Bai Yu squeezed Zhu Yilong's cock at the base, preventing him from coming. His thrusts were long and drawn out, but they were still deep enough for Zhu Yilong to feel like he was losing his mind. 

"Bai Yu..Xiao Bai no-" Zhu Yilong was close to sobbing, it was such a punishment for him to be on the verge of climax but was unable to do so.

"This is how I felt when you went up on stage and danced like that, you know I loved every moment of watching you,” Bai Yu enunciated it by biting his earlobe and Zhu Yilong twisted and squirmed underneath him. “Did you imagine me on your lap while dancing with that boy?" 

Bai Yu brushed his nipple with the back of his hand and leaned in to lick at the bud, oh how he loved the feeling of Zhu Yilong’s nipple hardening under his tongue. He grazed his teeth at them and Zhu Yilong's moan went a pitch higher breaking off in the end. 

The sensation of Bai Yu’s clothes rubbing against his naked skin was sending repeated jolts that melted his brain.

"Ahhh no.. Bai Yu please." Zhu Yilong’s whole body was trembling with need. The flush on his face extending down his chest painted such an erotic picture for Bai Yu. He brushed his lips on Zhu Yilong’s lips, and Zhu Yilong seemed to have completely surrendered to the onslaught of all the sensations that he could barely kiss back. 

"What is it Long-ge? What do you want?" Bai Yu pulled away suddenly and Zhu Yilong blindly moved forward to catch his lips, whining at the loss.

"I want you." Zhu Yilong uttered under his breath, his gaze hazy and unfocused. 

"You want what?" Baiyu nuzzled his cheeks, raining them with gentle kisses.

Zhu Yilong squeezed his legs inwards, pulling Baiyu's hip impossible closer. "Come in me” He paused as he tried to grind down on Bai Yu’s length in him, “Xiao Bai, come on I’ve given you a great show haven’t I?" Bai Yu was impressed and taken aback by his sudden moment of clarity.

Any restraint or teasing Bai Yu had in mind were burned to ashes. He cradled Zhu Yilong's face against his, as he frantically thrusted in deep. The exquisite sounds Zhu Yilong was making in his throat egged him to move harder, faster. 

Bai Yu felt the tension in Zhu Yilong's body building up, as his legs shook, paws scratching at Bai Yu's shoulder blade. He knew exactly what Zhu Yilong would look like when he reached his limit. He would let a voiceless moan, eyelids fluttered close and clenched tighter until he felt his pleasure string snapped- spilling on his stomach. Gorgeous.  

The feeling of Zhu Yilong’s body twitching against his body from the climax wrecked up little tremors in Bai Yu as well. Bai Yu came a few thrusts after while muttering words of praise of how good Zhu Yilong is for him. 

They didn't move for awhile, both trying to calm their irregular breathing and racing heartbeat from all the adrenaline. Bai Yu lifted his head and gazed at Zhu Yilong’s eyes, both breaking into a soft giggle afterwards. Returning to his seat, Bai Yu handed Zhu Yilong wet wipes to rub down the mess on their skin.

“So now you return to your seat.” Zhu Yilong mumbled, pouting to himself and Bai Yu smiled at him fondly, feeling affection welling up at the adorable sight before him.

"Let's go back home and.." Bai Yu put the seatbelt on for both of them "and?" Zhu YiLong asked looking at Bai Yu with his pretty eyes widened innocently.

"And continue, what else?" Bai Yu grinned at him. 

They chuckled. It seems like he really liked his gift huh, Zhu Yilong thought to himself bashfully.