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September sun

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It’d started snowing sometime around noon, and Ace immediately felt some sort of peace while the thick snowfall put up a barrier between their little home and the world outside it. He’d had hot chocolate cooking on the stove within two minutes of noticing some of it was actually sticking this time. 

Ace spared a moment to lean out the doorway and check if Deuce was still on the sofa, still relaxed and reading one of his books. The sight of him made Ace smile; his hair pulled up and tied back into a barely respectable manbun, arm lifted above his head in a way that suggested he’d been going for comfort and somehow forgot to move again. His (actually Ace’s) sweater was riding up a little, revealing a part of his stomach just above the waistband of his (also actually Ace’s) sweats.

He looked like home, Ace couldn’t help but think.

With a warmth in his chest, Ace turned back to the kitchen, just in time too, if the bubbling in the chocolate was any indication. 

“Is that chocolate?” Deuce called from the living room. 

Ace could tell he was distracted still, could almost see him on the couch, eyes never leaving the book, but his sweet tooth was too prominent to ignore.

“Nope,” Ace replied with a grin, all the while pouring chocolate into the matching mugs Thatch got them for Christmas. 

“Would you consider making some?” Deuce asked, still sounding distracted and Ace knew Deuce probably wasn’t aware of the conversation anyway. He always got really into reading, but ended up feeling bad for not paying attention to Ace, usually leading into conversations he never remembered.

“I’m considering filling the bathtub with chocolate and bathing in it with some marshmallows,” Ace said in reply, still grinning.

“Thanks, hon,” Deuce called and Ace nearly lost it there, but still threw in some marshmallows and returned to the living room.

Deuce didn’t look away from the book while Ace set the mugs down on the coffee table, barely reacted when Ace climbed on the sofa and wedged himself between Deuce and the backrest. He just lifted the book, making space for Ace without even thinking about it. 

Ace settled in, sliding one arm under Deuce and wrapping the other around his thigh. He lowered his head until he could press his lips against the exposed skin of Deuce’s stomach, finally drawing his attention.

“Hi,” Deuce said, eyes glinting with mirth over the edge of his book.

“Hey,” Ace said, pressing his lips a bit to the left, nudging the sweater away with his nose. 

“What’s up?” Deuce asked, but the smile was unmistakable, as warm as the feeling in Ace’s chest.

“It’s snowing,” Ace said before pressing his lips against soft skin again. “Made hot chocolate.”

Deuce  hummed above him, that hum that meant he wasn’t focusing on his book anymore, and that just wouldn’t do; he barely had time to read lately. 

Ace pressed another kiss just above his navel, nuzzling into the warmth of his skin immediately after.

“Read your book out loud?” he asked, looking up through his lashes and seeing Deuce was sold on the idea as soon as Ace said it. 

He pressed another kiss, this time under Deuce’s navel and smiled at the twitch of muscle under his lips. 

Deuce’s voice filled the space around them, reading out a murder mystery Ace definitely wouldn’t have picked up himself, but he didn’t mind on a day like this. Leaning a bit to the side, he let his lips trail along the waistband of Deuce’s (his) sweats, nuzzling into his hip.

Finally, he relaxed into the sofa cushions, his lips pressed firmly against warm skin.