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A Game between You and I

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"I'm bored, Charlie~" Legs crossed with a TV remote on hand, Angel Dust decides today is a slow day for the Hotel. Nothing's happening in here and he's itching to do something. Charlie says today is a Sunday (Human time) so everyone deserves to have a break. That sweet kid, too dumb to realize the activities of hers is his break from all the stress induced orders from his superiors and his damn manager.  It's not like he hates his job, but it's work. Had he never met Charlie, every day of the week is a working day. The best days would be him sneaking out to meet up with Cherri or fucking some guys to get extra cash or drugs. The typical stuff.


"You're cheating." Husk growled at the smiling radio host. Niffty is pouting, placing down her cards as the two males argue on the winnings.

"I believe this would be beginner's luck, my friend." Alastor's smile stretched even wider as the feline's wings raised slightly. Husk may not know it, but his tail is slapping back and forth between the chair's legs.

"Beginner's luck my ass!" Husk pointed at the redhead's hands while Angel's too distracted with the vibrant feathery tail. "This is poker! Everyone knows poker, you lil' piece of shit!"


"What do you want to do?" Charlie hummed, having Vaggie's head on her lap, and sat on one of the couches.

"I dunno. Something." Angel switched the channel before looking at the hotel owner. The blonde's eyes are closed, content on combing her lover's hair. Too wholesome.

"Something that requires minimum work." Angel kinda sore from the last scenes for some dumb movie yesterday. What's worse is that Valentino almost caught him from getting out of his room. Thank god there are newbies coming over or he'd miss the buffet prepared by Niffty. He could try joining the trio playing poker but he didn't bring any cash and Charlie ain't gonna loan without Vaggie's permission.

"What do you have on you right now?" Charlie wondered, combing the strands of Vaggie's hair. The albino's probably off to lala land. He did see her stay up all night reading about homosexuality and Christianity.

"Hmm..." Angel placed the remote down and stood up to release his arms. Searching through his clothes as well, the spider demon answers. "A pack of condoms, lube, blue raspberry bubblegum, and a gun with five bullets."


"That's it! I know what game we'll play." Charlie chirped, smiling as if she already won.

"Great." Angel turned off the TV and looked back at his stuff, thinking what exactly Charlie wants to play with his stuff. He picks the pack of condoms, hoping no one saw the fluffy handcuffs that accidentally fell off his pocket. He immediately snatched it and stuffed it down his pocket, hoping she didn't notice either.

"Ready?" Charlie didn't notice, too busy scratching Vaggie's scalp.

"Yep." Angel walked towards the couch where Charlie and Vaggie sat. "Here."


"Hm?" Charlie blinked when she received the condoms, looking back at Angel with those innocent eyes. "Oh Angel."

"I meant the gun, silly~" Charlie smiles as Angel double back to see whether she is joking. Charlie's free hand are outstretched, a smile of confidence and amusement. "A gun with five bullets is the perfect game for Russian roulette, don't you agree?"

"You sure?" Angel held his gun, a revolver he picked up somewhere in the studio, close to his chest. He looked into her eyes, not seeing a single ounce of humor or insanity. 'This is Charlie and her weird fascination to human games, ain't it?'

"It's a game... Isn't it?" Charlie tilts her head with those puppy eyes.


"But it's a..." Angel looks back at Vaggie who continues to snooze on the woman's lap. Fuck. He usually gets a kick on explaining human stuff to Charlie, but this is not a very good human game. "The game will hurt us. Ya know, with the five bullets in six chambers? It's a game of chance."

"Are the bullets divine?" Charlie inquired and Angel looks back at his gun. No. No it isn't but getting hit by this bad boy is gonna hurt like falling down hell. Charlie ended, slowly moving Vaggie off her lap. "Then it's fine if we play the game! The one who loses gain pain while the winner receives none."

"Yeah hehe.. Fuck." Angel never played Russian roulette before so he's all up for it. What pulls him back from playing the game is because he's playing it with cinnamon roll Charlotte Magne. She's like the most angelic (and naggy) demon he's met. "Just you and me huh?"


"Looks that way." Charlie hummed, grabbing the offered gun. She stood up, walking towards the other room. She looks behind her shoulder, offering a wide smile. "Come on!"

"Hold your tits. I just got here." Angel gave a tiny smile of his own, looking back at the sleeping albino before following the eager demon.



"So.." Charlie stopped as they entered the other room adjoining the lobby, the same room that Niffty recently cleaned from radioactive substances. At least someone would come in if one of them gets shot. Charlie waved the gun like a toy.

"Point the barrel on your head, pull the trigger and hope you don't get the bullet." Angel watched Charlie place the barrel on her temple.

"Woah. Hold on a minute." Angel immediately walked towards the blonde and snatched it, taking all but one bullet out. "Let's start with one bullet k? Ten rounds."


"What if none of us lose?" Charlie furrowed her eyebrows. Angel gave a shaky laugh, preferring he lose first than Charlie. He's gotten shot plenty of times, experienced things that could have killed a normal person. No one dies here... Except if you get eaten or other exceptions.

"We play another game." Angel smiles back, offering back the revolver. He hopes Charlie doesn't shoot herself. He can't imagine the girl shooting herself. Charlie ain't the type to do that. She's too... innocent. It leaves a sour taste in his mouth and the fact Vaggie will kill him if she wakes out.

"Sounds awesome. You and I. Game of Chance. Let's begin~" Charlie rotates the cylinder, seeing it clockwise, and raised it to her temple. She closed one eye, finger on the trigger.




"Your turn~" Charlie offered the gun and Angel took it. Charlie watched Angel ready the gun like a pro, cocking the gun and pulling the trigger. "How about we add one more bullet?"




"Let's take it easy, babe. We don't want to dirty this place or Niff would have our heads." Angel gives it back to Charlie, making the tiny demon's obsession to cleanliness a joke. He wonders how long will it take for Vaggie to wake up or anyone to tell them off. Isn't anyone curious of their absence? Anyone? "You held a gun before?"




"Dad taught me." Charlie gives the gun, fond of her dad yet the same devil who threatened anyone who dares help her. "He taught me everything I need to know about it before he forbade me to ever using it. That's why I have my trident as a primary weapon."

"That sucks." Angel grimaced. Had Charlie ended on the gun ban, Lucifer would sound like a pretty decent dad. Listening to the whole phrase left a sour taste on his mouth. A trident isn't an effective weapon. In fact, Charlie's trident with the apple looks more like a joke than anything.




"I don't think so." Charlie caught the gun Angel tossed at her, standing several feet away from him in case things get bloody. "My family is known for either a crimson apple or a snake. I like apples more than snakes, but I've never heard of an apple gun before."




"Tell you what... After I shoot myself, I'll add a bullet." Angel decided. Since they're nearing the end of the game, might as well make things interesting.

"Ok." Charlie agreed, eager to raise the stakes. Angel got the gun.




"I'm putting the bullet." Angel slipped a bullet inside the chamber, offering the gun back to Charlie.

"Ready." Charlie without hesitation, placed it on her head. With that smile, Charlie closed her eyes and she looked so content.

"H-hey!" Angel felt something coil in him. He actually took a step forward and raised his hand.




"What are you two doing there?!" Alastor called out from the lobby and both demons stopped moving.

"Nothing bad~!" Charlie yelled back and opted to close the door, not noticing the inner turmoil from the spider.


"I think the coast is clear..." She looks back at Angel, offering the gun to him. "How about adding one bullet every turn? That way, one of us has a higher chance of losing!"

"Fine but we shoot our hand instead." Angel can't believe himself saying this. He ain't a pussy and he already knows no one can die from this game (ordinary bullets whatnot) so why the fuck did he lower the risk of the game? Inserting another bullet, he pointed it at the back of his hand. 'What am I worrying about, anyways? I should be worrying about myself!'




'Charlie's a lucky girl. She'll make it through...' Angel loaded another bullet. There are now four bullets here. After this, he'll load the gun and he has around 83% or something chance of having his hand blown to smithereens. At least Charlie only has... Less than 80% chance of getting hurt! However, a part of him says Charlie will do whatever it takes to win. Whatever winning means.

"♪~" Charlie hums, staring at her hand as she pressed the gun on the palm of her hand. No hesitation.




"This is gonna suck." Angel groaned, but he saw this coming. When it comes to RPG survival games among him, Charlie and Vaggie, Charlie manages to drag their corpses to the finish line or end the game at least. Other than that, Charlie sucks. That's why Vaggie always elects Charlie to be the banker in their game of Monopoly.

"Maybe you'll get lucky?" Charlie tells with that meager hope of hers, slightly fidgeting.

"I'm always lucky." Loading his gun, Angel wondered what would happen if he did lose. Would Val notice if one of his hands have a bandage? Would he get punished or get a treat? He knows Charlie will patch him up, but the rest? Eh. Maybe shout at him for causing a mess?

'That's just like Vaggie.' Angel let a huff of air, deciding to point it at his head instead. If he got shot on the head, Val can still use his body for who-knows-what. No loss. He closed his eyes. Something tells him this is it. 'I could use a break.'




Ouch. He lost. Knew it. Why isn't he blacking out? No stumble even-? He opened his eyes when he couldn't drop the gun, staring at Charlie inches away from him.

"T-that isn't your hand, silly~" Charlie spoke, but Angel's eyes trailed towards her shaking left arm. Charlie somehow got the bullet? Blood slowly trailed down from the same arm too, getting absorbed by the black cuff.


"..." Everything was a blur. He doesn't get it. Angel immediately looked back at Charlie, speaking as if he's the one who got hurt. Charlie knows no one can die from this game so...? She lowered the gun, grabbing Angel's other hand and slowly removing her hand from the barrel.

"This is." Both of Charlie's hands are shaking. Blood is dripping on the floor. Angel stared at the cheerful blonde, not sure what to feel. Angry because she interfered? Relief he didn't get fucked by a gun? HA! Worried since the bullet is embedded on Charlie's hand? He ain't sure. Charlie pressed the gun on his hand. "Now let's do this again."

"Three." Charlie really likes following the rules huh. "Two."

"One." Tranquil and ignorant of the noise outside, Charlie and Angel stared at the spider's hand.

Angel pulled the trigger.




"See? We both... Technically won!" Charlie looked up at him with inappropriate joy. "That's why you should follow the rules of the game, especially your own."

'What the fuck is wrong with you?' That's when Angel finally got the balls to act, especially when he heard the voice of a certain angry lady.

"?!" Charlie's eyes widen when Angel used the same hand holding the gun to grab her left hand, yelping when she got tugged forward. "Angel?"

"Play cool." Kicking a rug to cover the blood (Niffty can clean that later), Angel should've known better than to let Charlie play with him. At least he ain't lying when someone asks if he played Russian Roulette. Charlie would get along with Molly pretty well. 'Now time to patch 'er up.'



"Fuck me." Angel commented, barely making out of the lobby when they get spotted by a certain Vaggie. He recalled seeing a medkit in the kitchen so if he brings Charlie there. Charlie can patch her wounds with healing gel and no one would know better.

"Uh oh." Charlie softly voiced out, left hand gripped tightly by Angel who hid the hand behind his back.


"What was that sound back there?" Vaggie's ribbon turned into horns, her gaze narrowing and the area around them slowly darkened.


"Morning, babe." Angel tried to act cool, hiding Charlie's hand and the bloody gun. The smell of Charlie's blood is pretty weird. Charlie said it has something to do with her mom's side or maybe dad since Angel blood has a nice aroma to it. 'Fuck. I'm slowly thinking like Al. Avert! Avert! This woman is ready to go batshit crazy! Come on, Ange. Think!'

"We popped a condom balloon!" Charlie stole the first thing in his mind, waving her right hand from behind as if that would give additional reassurance. "It went bang! And now we have to carry the corpse to the kitchen! You can't stop us Vaggie! WE HAVE TO SAVE OUR PRECONCEIVED CHILD!"

"Life or death." Angel emphasized, realizing how terrible the excuse sounded from Charlie's lips. 'Great. Now everyone's staring at them. It ain't that weird right?'


"What?" Vaggie took a step back, returning back to normal and staring at the two.

"I know!" Angel knows excuse is terrible, but he has to play along. Angel and Charlie are both walking closer to the kitchen, facing the suspicious group to hide the bloody hand and gun. Angel let off a flying kiss before Charlie hauls him with her adrenaline speed. "BRB. Love you guys~!"




"Lock it!" Charlie urged, running towards the kitchen cabinet as Angel pressed his body against the door. It'll take Vaggie several seconds to figure out the BS. Since she doesn't trust those three, Vaggie would also pretend nothing's wrong. 'Additional seconds for us.'

"Got it, sugar?" Angel joked, finally smelling the scent in a closed space. A sweet scent. He removed himself from the door, already placing all the locks on place to search for that spray. He recalled Niffty keeping something like that in the cabinet.

"Wait." Charlie mumbled as she plucked a bullet with her teeth, grabbing a cotton bud with a forcep. "Almost there."

"Nice." Angel found the spray on the upper cabinet. Niffty. How the hell did she reach this? He sprayed it around with his extra pair of arms while he washed his bloody gun and hand in the sink.


*Knock! knock! knock!


"Don't come in!" Charlie spat the bullet into the sink, standing precariously on a chair as she cleaned and pressed the soaked cotton on her hand. Charlie removed it, muttering under her breath. "I have a scar?"

"I'm more surprised it got stuck in your hand." Angel removed a bullet from his gun and stared at it carefully. Uh-oh. He forgot he got the gun from his colleague. An experimental thing. Angel darted his eyes, grabbing a pair of gloves with one hand and tossing it towards Charlie. "Wear this. We'll figure it out later."

"Ok." Charlie got slapped with the pair of gloves, causing Angel to laugh. Charlie jumped down from the chair, dropping the forceps on the table to wear the gloves.


"At least grab me the chilled beer in the fridge!" Husk called out.


"We're trying to save a life-Oh! It's Husk." Angel perked at the male's voice, looking at Charlie. "Can we let him in, pwetty pwease?"

"I guess. Condom?" Charlie raised her gloved hand towards Angel.

"Thanks, Char." Angel tossed a pack of his condoms and called out. "You can fuck the door, Husky!"


"What? No!" But Husk did break the locks pretty quickly. Who knew his claws can slip through and destroy the metal? Husk squinted at them. It must be a sight to behold with a face as funny as that.

"Heya, hunk. How's the game?" Angel leaned his arm on the table. In his peripheral sight, he can see Charlie repair the condom she broke recently. With the forceps on the table and Charlie wearing them gloves, one might really think they're playing surgery.

"Fine." Husk walked towards the fridge, stealing a glance and raising an eyebrow. "A gun?"


"Uhh.." Angel looked at the gun in his hand and kept it in his pocket. "Roleplay. Wanna join~?"

"No thanks." Husk walked out, carrying a pack of drinks.

"Your loss!" Angel called out, secretly glad he didn't accept. Watching the feline move away, he looks back at Charlie who's returned to staring down at her hand. "Okay?"


"It's numb." Charlie commented, moving her fingers. A cackle of flames at the tip of her fingertips before Charlie giggled. "Tingly."

"My bad." Angel looked away, pushing the sense of guilt down. This isn't the first time they got in trouble. Why should this be any different? Charlie knew the consequences so he isn't the bad guy here. 'Then why do I feel terrible?'

"No biggie!" Charlie looked up at Angel, eyes sparkling with renewed interest. "What game shall we play this time?"


"..." Angel kept his arms. He'll stay low on the dangerous games with Charlie for now. Research it thoroughly before agreeing. Angel cracked a grin. "Forget about it. Let's go play with Fat Nuggets."

"Okay!" Charlie beamed and Angel walked ahead, having an innocent princess right behind him. Back in the lobby, Angel would have kissed Husk for actually saving their asses (The bartender asked Vaggie to substitute him as he take a break.) but decided not to. Alastor has a great sense of smell and if the guy fought Lucifer as the rumors say then Al would know the scent on him.

"How's the baby?" Niffty looked up from her cards with that tiny smile of hers.

"Aborted." Angel waved his hand casually, watching Charlie walk up the stairs. "We'll be in my room. Fat Nuggets is best baby."


"Good luck Vaggie!" Charlie called out, climbing up the stairs. She then removed her gloves, staring at her star-shaped scar. "..."


[W̶̨͓͇̦̋i̴̧̧̗̻̳͈̊͂̄͋̽ļ̶̹̏̾l̷͙͕̱͛̅̚ ̴̧̲̥̯̬̼̎͑͋H̴̱̦̽͝ͅů̶̢̙̘͙̫̪͋͛͆͊̎̒ͅm̵̫̼͎̫̫̟̋͐̋͂̊ḁ̷͕͕͇͖̂n̵̢̥̘͗̿͊͑͌̆̃i̷͍̞̖̟̥̬͒ͅt̷̟̤̗͇̚͜y̴̛͇̚ ̵̨͙̏̒͋ṛ̵͚̣̱̘͎̓ī̷͎̗̱̗̪͉v̷̥̹̭͍̹̙̊a̵̳͐l̵̢̨̗̭͒ ̷͍͉͎̘̆́̽͊̚ͅẗ̶̨̪̩͇̦̗́̅̿͒̐̃̈h̴̪̞̝̪̝̼͉͂͌͆̾̽͆͝ĕ̸̡͊͊̄́͋̒ ̸͓̬̈̏̚g̸̪̿́ỏ̸̮͈̠̅͒̚͝d̴͇̝͔͙̱͇͈͒̃̎̄s̷̛͉͕̟̯̤̋̅͑?̸̛̱̳͍̯͙̖̬̑̒̄͂]