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8.17 am

Yeonjun's waiting again and he hates it. He hates uni and he hates public transportation.

"college years are the best ones" "savour them!" "only good things can happen to you now" "you can skip classes" "it starts later than high school so you can sleep more"

Pure bullshit

Fucking liars. He wants to die.

He's tired and he wants to go home.

He hates that he lives far from uni and has to take the bus to arrive. It means that, even though classes start at 9 am, he always wakes up incredibly early.

And it was not like the bus was ever on time.

So now he's stuck, shivering in the cold waiting for a bus that, in theory, had to arrive 4 minutes ago. He sighs and takes his phone out of his pocket. Yeonjun's not annoyed by being late, which he won't, because his bus always arrives at the final destination way before classes start. He's annoyed that it's cold and he's alone and the streets are empty and it's still dark and his bed is always so warm and cozy and he stayed up late the night before. So he scrolls through social media, reads his friends' posts and checks his unread chats to make time. And maybe it's because it's winter and Christmas is around the corner, but he can't help but smile and feel grateful for the friends he had. He smiles as he reads their messages, Beomgyu and Hueningkai always get to brighten up his day no matter what.


As he plugs in his headphones, the long awaited bus arrives. He whispers an almost inaudible 'thank god' as he takes it and sits at the end of the bus. The only perk about all of this is that the one he took everyday was mostly empty. Except for a few elders and.

And well. Him.

There's always this tall guy who's always on the same bus as him. Not that he's complaining but it's strange, Yeonjun thinks. Not many people knew about this bus line.

It's also strange, because he hasn't seen him before. He's sure he hasn't seen the guy on September or October. He's sure, because he would have known.

It's not like he looks at him.

Not at all.

He's just curious because he must go to the same university yet he hasn't seen him around his faculty.

Yes, that was it.



Going back to Yeonjun, he is not an early owl. He's always grumpy and you can't talk to him until it's nearly 10 am. Not because he's rude, he always says, he's just too tired to think and even more to articulate words. If he could, he would go around with a poster saying 'sorry I can't talk. i'm not mute, im just too tired to start a conversation'. But that'd be weird.

That's why he feels uncomfortable being in the same bus as tallguy. Because he somehow wants to approach him. He wants to talk to him.

Well, maybe not talk talk.


Maybe it's because he can see him from his seat -which by the way was always the same one- and he could see his side profile. It was common for him to watch the other draw in his little notebook. Yeonjun liked watching him focused on the paper, because tallguy had a habit of sticking out his tongue and pressing his lips, making a dimple appear slightly on his cheek. He didn't know anyone with dimples and Yeonjun wonders how it would look when he smiles.


But yeah, he doesn't look at him. Absolutely.


And that doesn't explain why he wants to talk but not talk to the guy. Yeonjun knows that.

He sighs at his owns thoughts. He was just a broke college student who liked perking at good looking people. And that is not a big deal.


He's lying. Maybe it is.

It is because sometimes tallguy stares back. And Yeonjun's too embarrassed he has to pretend he's looking out the window instead. Which always looks overly overacted. Obviously.


So Yeonjun curses on uni. And public transportation.
And himself for gay panicking whenever tallguy looks at him.

He's too drowned in his thoughts that he doesn't realize the bus had already arrived. He quickly collects his bag and steps out.

Fuck. Tallguy was gone.

Every day Yeonjun tries to guess which was his faculty but always missed the chance. He's not in his class. He looks like he's on some artistic shit, right? Wait. What if he's not and he's on something science related? Maybe drawing is just a hobby? No, that couldn't be. He would know because Yeonjun is studying medicine. No. Fuck. What if he's not on the same year? Could that be possible? But he's so tall. Shit that doesn't matter. He's so stupid. Maybe tallguy is actually younger?

Nope. It's way too early for these kind of thoughts. He'll just try to be more watchful tomorrow.

It couldn't be that hard.