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The Nanny fall in love

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Zhang Yuan was new at this town and this new university where ha had to take some class of Design for his future project. 
The class of Design was also for architecture students where the teacher was someone renowned because of his work overseas, he was named Jing Ran. 

When he first meets him, he thought he was incredible and very handsome, but he was so strict in his method of grading and for talk with the student. 
Every time he was near to Zhang Yuan he totally corrects him and also told him he was slow in his work and it's kinda pissed off Zhang Yuan. 
It's only his first year and he never had this class… 

Then one day Zhang Yuan meet one little girl who is maybe 8 years who was outside the campus. 
He becomes worried about this little girl and asks her "Hello where are your parents?" and the little girl just takes the hand of Zhang Yuan and she makes him walk toward some class and see it's was the office of Jing Ran. 

He was thinking you kidding me. 

"Daddy…" tell the little girl 

"I'm so sorry, Xiao Li my darling, daddy is busy and have to work I can't be with you." 

Zhan Yuan gives a look at Jing Ran where he looked at him very upset, he was thinking even with his little girl he is like this. He wanted to help her. 

"I will bring you to home and maybe I will prepare you some food that I like to do" say Zhang Yuan

Jing Ran only raise one eye but say nothing and Li help him to go their home

She is just so chatty with Zhang Yuan and he will do something to make her happy because he believes it's happened a lot this situation
She was very happy. 
Then also he helped to for her homework and also for bedtime. 

He thought he could leave but where to go, he had no place for him. 
He doesn't have one room. 
So he kinda falls asleep on the couch and he hoped that the professor will not push him outside. 

When Jing Ran arrive he saw that Zhang Yuan was sleeping on the couch and he had food for him eat. 
The food was so great it's been a while since he didn't eat a good meal. 

He tries to wake up slowly Zhang Yuan and tell him "Thanks for having occupied my little girl" 

Zhang Yuan wakes up only a little and said "Little Child should not be alone, she needs company" 

"I want you to be her nanny, you can do it. I will pay you really good if you can occupy my little girl when I'm busy" 

Zhang Yuan wanted to say no because he didn't like the attitude of Jing Ran but Li was just so happy, and she was so joyful and also the good money could help him to have a room. 

"Okay I accept" 

"Wonderful, by the way, you are one good cook" 


He was ready to leave to go somewhere but Jing Ran tells him "It's late you should sleep here, you were sleeping you could continue"

"Thank you," said Zhang Yuan he didn't want to say more but he was kinda happy. 

This is how Zhang Yuan become the nanny of the little Xiao Li. 

During some days it's was like this where he sleeps on the couch because it's was too late. 

But this time he was so tired because of the fact that he had too much homework, he had to help Li. 
That he just wanted to sleep in one bed so he sleeps in the first room he saw with one bed free. 
And it's was the bed of Jing Ran. 
Jing Ran arrives some hours later and he had food ready for him. That was so good. 
He didn't saw Zhang Yuan so he assumed he had finally gone to his home or he had one meeting with someone.
He doesn't want to deal with all of this because he was so tired that he falls asleep in his own bed. 

Both of them had one wonderful night even if they didn't know that they have slept together in the same bed. 

The next morning when they wake up Zhang Yuan scream in horror

"Huh… What are you doing here?" 

"It's my bed I should say it to you. What the fuck are you doing here" 

"I was so tired between the homework you give and I have helped Xiao Li and the bed seemed to nice" 

"You could have left in our home?" 

Then Zhang Yuan change his face and he was really sad and finally admit "I don't have one room or one house, I had one issue with my family so I'm here in this new town without anything" 

Zhang Yuan didn't want to tell that he didn't have one home because his family has thrown him because he has come out to them. 
It's was difficult, he knew it's would have maybe happened and that why he has moved into this town. 
And he didn't want to be judged by Jing Ran because of that. 
But he was so sad and he had his teary eyes

"I can maybe help you to found one arrangement for you?" said Jing Ran 

Then he began to think that having Zhang Yuan at his house could be a good idea as a nanny for occupy Xiao Li when he is stuck at work day and night. 
And Xiao Li really like Zhang Yuan

Zhang Yuan knew he can't resist to Xiao Li. 

Finally, Jing Ran proposes "You can live with us and be the nanny of my little girl and be here for her all the time if I'm not here. And I know you have to take care of her while I was not present" he can't resist to the face of Zhang Yuan like this who almost in verge of crying. 

This is how Zhang Yuan began to be the nanny of Xiao Li and living with them. 
Where he found that Jing Ran is not so bad and he can be nice. 

Sometimes Jing Ran look at him and think "He is a cute boy" 

And he can't resist at all of his food

"Can I have one lunch box because the food is good" praise Jing Ran while Xiao Li and Zhang Yuan was preparing some crepes. 

What Zhang Yuan doesn't remember or try to forget is that Jing Ran have helped him before when Zhang Yuan was in high school. 
Jing Ran was near the high school and he kinda helped one boy who was Zhang Yuan who was getting bullied and harassed because he was gay. 
It's not him to fight but he wanted to protect and help him.
So he has protected Zhang Yuan until they leave. 
When it's was finished Jing Ran take Zhang Yuan with him and tried to heal the blood. 

"I know you feel sad and you think it's not fair what happens to you. But please don't give up your dreams, continue to fight for them, everything will be alright soon" and he has comforted like this Zhang Yuan who was crying so bad and Jing Ran just hugged him and rubbed his back.

Jing Ran remembered of all of this because Zhang Yuan has remember of himself when he was younger because he was bisexual and some knew he liked boys so he had the same problem at high school. Where he has fight to not give up his dreams. 

With the arrival of Zhang Yuan at the house of Jing Ran he found that he can make at home earlier so he can watch his wonderful girl with Zhang Yuan.
Where they are laughing and help him for the homework

"Xiao Li, look i will show you" 

"You are so cool, brother Zhang Yuan" 

And Jing Ran begun to smile, he smile too when he watch them cooking. 

Jing Ran give lots of money to Zhang Yuan so he could buy all the groceries. 
Sometimes Zhang Yuan keep the money that is too much for saving a little for other order. 

When he was about to open the door, Jing Ran open the door and what it's make is that they are both falling into the ground and have one accidental kiss. 

Zhang Yuan was so red and say "I'm sorry" and he tries to get up very fast and help Jing Ran and try to find one excuse "I'm going to cook" 

Zhang Yuan didn't regret it and kinda save this memory because he liked the kiss. 

Jing Ran was looking at him with a smile and was thinking "He is a good kisser and he has good lips" 

 One night he wasn't been able to arrive for the hour of sleeping of Xiao Li and thought that she will be sleeping alone but when he opens the door to kiss the forehead of Xiao Li. 
He found that Zhang Yuan was sleeping with her after he have reading one book to her. 
One book he didn't know and when he saw that it's was a new one. 

He thinks "He is so good for us" and closes the door of the room and he just smiling while eating his dinner that left Zhang Yuan. 

Slowly Zhang Yuan begun to have some feelings about Jing Ran when he watches him more open, less cold. 
He is falling in love very hard of him. 

He was surprised when Jing Ran asks him "I have to go to Italy for one project and I would like you to come with me (of course I will pay for everything) so you can keep company to the little girl and she wouldn't be alone. Will you come with us?" and also in fact he would also miss him a lot

Zhang Yuan didn't expect this and shouted a" YES" and he was in the arms of Jing Ran he was almost startle him. 

Then he kinda blushes after this, and Jing Ran ruffles his hair and thinks that he is so cute. 

"It's good to see you like this and you are kinda cute" say Jing Ran slowly

After this Zhang Yuan is totally blushing and red. 

"I don't have a passport," said Zhang Yuan slowly and little sad 

Jing Ran pet his hair and tell him "Don't worry I will do the necessary, everything is gonna be okay" 

"Thank you so much" 

He can't believe he will be In Italy in one of the most romantic place with the man he loves

When they are in Italy he is a little sad that Jing Ran had too much obligation because of his project so it's generally just Xiao Li and himself and since they didn't know the city it's was complicated. 

But Jing Ran have told them "When I will finish all of this we gonna have some days off all 3 together" 

Xiao Li ask "Even Brother Zhang Yuan?" 

"Yes of course" and Xiao Li hugs his dad. 

Jing Ran is one guide for the history monument during their trip, where they kinda enjoy all of this and also food. 
They visit Florence, Venice, and Rome, they take pictures together. 
Xiao Li had one plan that her daddy and Brother Zhang Yuan hold their hand because she thinks they can be together, she likes to see her daddy happy. 
So at one moment during the ballad, she let her hand of them and they just holding their hand. 
When it happens Zhang Yuan is blushing and he wanted to let go but he remind we are in Europe I can do this. 
He can't stop smiling and then Jing Ran says "I like when you smile" 

And Zhang Yuan is blushing and Xiao Li add a little tease "Maybe Brother Zhang Yuan should be mama or dad like daddy" 

The face of Zhang Yuan was so red he was blushing so hard when Jing Ran saw this he was laughing and smiling. 
He continues to hold his hand. 

 Zhang Yuan is totally doomed he is falling so hard for him

Unfortunately, Zhang Yuan had a little heartbreak because he saw Jing Ran kissing someone. 

What he didn't see is that Jing Ran has pushed the other. 

"I'm so stupid why I have watched by the windows," thought Zhang Yuan

Then Jing Ran arrive in the hotel room and saw that the atmosphere was weird, Zhang Yuan totally ignored him. 

Then when Xiao Li was asleep, Zhang Yuan says "Maybe when we will return in China, I will move out from your house, I have maybe found something and I will not bother you anymore" 

Jing Ran is just shocked because he doesn't want that Zhang Yuan walk off. 

"But you don't bother me at all, I really appreciate the company and Xiao Li love you. And I really like your help" 

'I don't think it's good for me to spend so much time with you' says Zhang Yuan with tears 

Jing Ran ask  'Why? Did I do something wrong?' 

 Zhang Yuan is very insecure about all of this, he has a lot of feeling for Jing Ran, he thinks he will not be interested in him. He doesn't want to tell him that he is gay because he will reject him. And it's hurt too much. 
But he finally has enough of all of this and shouts "I'm in love with you that why!" and he ran off the hotel room. 

Jing Ran run after him because Zhang Yuan had told him that he loved him, he was happy because he really liked him. 
He grabbed him and he kissed him while he was in his arms and say "Don't you dare to leave us, Don't you dare of leaving me." 

Zhang Yuan is just so surprised at the kiss, he wanted to fight back but he can't because he dreamed of this kiss. 
It's will calm him a little and Jing Ran continues to kiss him a little then he takes his hand and they sit near the Trevi Fountain. 

" So what means the kiss I have seen earlier between you and the other person if you want me why have you kissed someone else" ASK Zhang Yuan while he was crying

"Is that why you were so mad at me when I arrived? You are really cute when you are jealous" tell Jing Ran and kiss him then he tells Zhang Yuan "It's wasn't one kiss I wanted and you didn't see I have pushed this person because I didn't want. All my thought were for you" 

Then Jing Ran take the hand of Zhang Yuan "Maybe you don't remember me about some years ago?" 

"What do you mean?" said Zhang Yuan

Jing Ran hugs Zhang Yuan and tell him "Some Years ago when you were in high school I was the one who has protected you and has healed your lip who was full of blood…" 

Zhang Yuan wouldn't believe it "I can't believe it's was you all this time…" and he was crying

Jing Ran rubbed his back and kissed his forehead "Yes it's was me."

They rest like this for a while then he gives one coin to Zhang Yuan and say "And if we were making one wish at the fountain?" 

They goes to the fountain where they do one with both of them who was "to be forever together" 

Then they were holding hands when they decide to be back at their hotel room. 
They didn't want to end the night so they just watched one movie and eating some room service while cuddling. 

Now that he knew the feeling of Jing Ran, Zhang Yuan doesn't want to sleep alone so he was telling "I'm not ready to sleep"  even if he was asleep on the couch. 

And Jing Ran kisses his forehead and tells him "You can be ready to sleep with me in our bed, it's will be our bed. And when we return to China you will sleep in my bed that will become our bed"  then he carries him in their bed. 

He has carried him like a bride style. When they are in bed Jing Ran says to Zhang Yuan "I will not let you down, you will be happy now and I will make sure of this. And I will continue to protect you. You become our family" and he kisses him. 

And they sleep totally cuddling. 

The next day Zhang Yuan was so surprised when he wakes up that he saw Jing Ran cooking 

So he decides to pinch himself "I am dreaming did something happen?" 

"What it is" says Jing Ran with in his hand a spoon of food that he gives to Zhang Yuan and kisses him. 

Before leaving Italy they had one night where Jing Ran had left Xiao Li at one of his friends so he and Zhang Yuan could have a little date where it's was very romantic. 
They spend most of their night holding hands and do little kiss. 
Then when they arrive in the hotel room, they kissed passionately. 
And Zhang Yuan knew Jing Ran was "Mister Right" 

"Jing Ran, I would like…" 

"What it is darling?" he continues to kiss him 

"I want that you made love to me" he said while blushing. 

"It's would be my pleasure my love" 

Zhang Yuan had his first time this time there. 

When they are returning in China, Zhang Yuan was like in a little cloud of happiness where he was like a dad for Xiao Li and answered questions of professor. 

Unfortunately, Zhang Yuan has appendicitis while he was with Xiao Li and she got really scared and she has run to see her dad. 

"Daddy! Daddy !" 

"What is it, my wonderful girl? Where is Zhang Yuan?" 

"Please come with me, he is sick he has something" 

So they have run to their room where they have driven him to the hospital to tell that he had to be operated. 

Jing Ran took the hand of Xiao Li "Don't worry, he will be fine" 

"I hope I was scared daddy" 

"I know" 

And sometimes bad things to happen not alone the ex of Jing Ran was waiting for him in front of the door when they were returning from Hospital. 
Jing Ran was holding the hand of Zhang Yuan and he kissed him in front of her. 

The night was really awkward and Jing Ran does everything to throw her away. 

"What are you doing here? When do you leave? I thought you didn't want to see me, and that Xiao Li would be forever in my care. It's was what you said when we had the divorce" 

"I have changed my mind" 

"It's too late," said Jing Ran angrily. 

Then after the dinner, he was helping Zhang Yuan and kissed him a lot and tell him in his ear "Don't worry she will leave soon I will make sure of this" 

He goes to the door after the last kiss passionately and say "The door is here, you can go by there. And I want to never see you again and if you want something you just to have to see my lawyer."

Then when she leaves kinda upset that her goal didn't work. 

Jing Ran returns in the couch where was Zhang Yuan and Zhang Yuan say "I don't deserve all of this" 

Jing Ran answer him "I don't want to lose you, you are the one who has my heart and I will never let you go" 

One day, while they were at Uni Jing Ran, he was walking when he heard someone giving one love confession to Zhang Yuan. 
He began to feel jealous because Zhang Yuan was at him. 
He was also a little insecure because he was worried one day it's would happen because maybe Zhang Yuan would prefer someone from his age.
It's true that Zhang Yuan doesn't leave a lot the house or ask the day off for going out with friends. 
But he can't stop thinking that maybe he will leave him..
And it's was not the first time that Zhang Yuan had love confession like this.
The first time he was more sad and angry that when they arrive at the home. 

Jing Ran says to Zhang Yuan "Are you happy? Do I make you happy?"

" Why are you asking me that? "

" Because I have heard the love confession you had today and I was wondering if you were happy with me"

Then Jing Ran finally cry and say "Please don't leave me, don't leave us… I don't want to be alone again.." 

Zhang Yuan kiss him and hug him and tell him "I'm happy with you, I don't regret anything and I'm only yours"

During that night Zhang Yuan has shown him how much he loves him, how much he cares about him. And that Jing Ran is the only one that he has feelings for. 

So Jing Ran had the idea for the next love confession like the one of today it's was to comes in the middle and say "Hello student, I want to talk to you about your last paper and grade" and drag Zhang Yuan in his office. 

Then put him against the wall and say "Who do you think you are to be so cute with everyone? Do I have to remind you that you are only mine?" and he kisses him. 

" If I propose you to have dinner with me tonight only the two of us, would you be okay and I leave Xiao Li at one of her friends, she asks me that she sleep with one of her friend"

"Yeah, why not why I wouldn't like that?" 

"Because maybe you would want to have a day without me? To be with people of your age, go to parties or anything" 

Zhang Yuan kiss him and say "I don't want all of this, I just want to be with you. And I can have all of this with you" 

Jing Ran can't believe how lucky he is to be With Zhang Yuan that he was very possessive. 
And seeing Zhang Yuan melt was just everything. 

"By the way why did you fail your last test," asks Jing Ran seriously 

"I was kinda distracted the last time because I was thinking of you" 

This night there Jing Ran has kinda punished him because it's was bad to have fail test. 
So they have tried new fun for the bed who was a little dom/sub and he loves to make scream Zhang Yuan. 
What Jing Ran didn't know is that Zhang Yuan have a little case under the bed with some accessory that he began to buy after they got together and he can't wait to use it for tease Jing Ran and try new things to bed. 
Multiple times Jing Ran try to hold back because he gets red and flustered when he receives some pics of Zhang Yuan telling "I miss you I can't wait to see you at home". 

Also, Zhang Yuan liked to use his puppy eyes to tell Jing Ran "I want you tonight please, I promise I will be calm" 

He can't resist him, he have tried but it's don't work. He feel like he have to corrupt him but Zhang Yuan is just so perfect. They even tried one ban sex before some big exam at university. 

But all resulted was lots of frustration and lots of dirty talks and also lots of costumes from Zhang Yuan like the cat ears and even the university clothes.  He even send pictures with text You sure you don't want to kiss everywhere, you sure you don't want to take care of this body" and "I have been bad Professor" that Jing Ran was blushing so much at the sight, trying to cover his eyes and saying "Ni zou kai!" when he arrived at home. 

And Jing Ran was all the time saying "No" but it's was complicated to say no and he ask "How you get all this stuff?" 

"Just from saving money from everything you gave me,"  Zhang Yuan say with one big smile

Then at the end, Jing Ran say "When we will be only the two of us I'm gonna make you scream" Zhang Yuan was just so smiling so wide. 

And also Jing Ran say a more serious "If you don't behave, you won't get any until you turn 21." and Zhang Yuan is laughing

"It's will never work because I know how much you want me and how much I want you" 

All the frustration was too much that Jing Ran told him "Tonight only the two of us, I'm gonna wreck you and gonna make you scream that tomorrow you will not be able to go to class" 

Zhang Yuan was so impatient and they have to do multiples rounds. 
That the next day Zhang Yuan couldn't move from the bed. 

"You have killed me I will not go to class," say Zhang Yuan

"you asked for it, you have teased me now deal with it." He said laughing and kissing his forehead before leaving for university. 

During his class, Jing Ran received some text where he couldn't stop smiling "I hope you will be home soon, my wonderful/beast lover" When you will be home for taking care of your lonely boyfriend because he misses you so much"

 "Are you not coming home yet to take care of your boyfriend? I'm so lonely." 

It's have made his day he didn't stop smiling that the other student were surprised to see him like this. 
He loved so much this side of Zhang Yuan they were not so vanilla. 
He just wanted to keep him forever. 

Even when Jing Ran invites Zhang Yuan to come with him at some event he was possessive where he had his arm around his waist. When it's was private, not related to the university.
But when it's was related to university he just can't stop looking at him. 

Jing Ran propose to Zhang Yuan the day he graduates with one date and one romantic night

"Will you marry me? I want to share my life forever. You have take my heart and I don't want anyone else. You are our family" 

"Yes" say Zhang Yuan and he cries a little. 

Xiao Li is so happy for her dad and Zhang Yuan that she said "I want to be the flower girl" 

They hug her and say "Yes." 

They are married in Europe while they have one honeymoon around Europe.