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Foster Family

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2241 - The Earth - Mystic, Connecticut



Exhausted, Philippa Georgiou put the used dishes in the replicator and took a quick look at the large kitchen clock.

It would take some time to clean the other rooms of the small house from the children's toys .

The 39-year-old woman considers briefly , whether they should simply skip this task until tomorrow, then the children could do it themselves and would be busy at the same time.

Removing it now would cause a mess again within a few hours and in the past few years, wich Philippa has worked as a foster mother, she has learned to live with the chaos that children bring into a family.

Of course, she had to put her career a little bit back, especially to be there for the newcomers in the early days.


In the meantime, thanks to flexible working hours, she was able to go to work at least in the morning and even if she is no longer able to work on a ship and explore the space, Philippa teaches at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco and this change is what she needed so badly.

At some point, when she was given the opportunity to work fully again on a spaceship, she had been assured - but at the moment Philippa wasn't thinking about it. There was too much that was taking her attention right now.



"Mum? I forgot something very important ... well not so important that lifes depends on it but ..."

The voice of Nathan, a boy who came to her at the age of 4 and came from very bad family , was - not such an young boy anymore - but he likes to skip important matters until later - until it is too late mostly.


Philippa had often tried to teach him how much better it can be, if he starts the work at the right time, but she had less success in recent years. Nevertheless, the woman could imagine how it could be, when the elementary school student came down to the kitchen at such late hour.



"Let me guess Nate - you remembered that you still have an important project to finish?", said Philippa before turning to the boy , who was standing in front of her with a small PADD in his hands and an innocent grin on his face.


"Um ... not really Mum.  I wanted to ask if,  you could look over my essay. It's not that long either - please Mum?", Nathan replied and hold the PADD out to Philippa.


At least this time it wasn't a project that had to be finished urgently.

She did not like to remember the time,  when he had come to her and had had to make newspaper spaceships for the next day. In the end, Georgiou had sat in the living room with the child until 12 p.m. and helped him to complete the project.


After this action she had found the right words that he shouldn't come to her with such an situation again . It was nice to see that the boy had at least taken this advice honest.

"Actually, I wanted to go straight to my bedroom - but I'll take a quick look over your essay. What was the subject?"


With the PADD in her hands, she sat down at the kitchen table and started reading through the first page , while the elementary school student explained to her that it was an essay about the best holiday experience, what happened to the kids and she read that the boy was loved to remember one of the holidays with Philippa and the other foster kids.


That let Philippa forget the late time. At least for the moment.






After she finished reading the essay, she handed the PADD back to the child and was rewarded with a thankful hug from Nate, before the boy went back into his room to get the necessary sleep before school would start again tomorrow.


Maybe she should take her own advice to heart and sleep a little bit too.


So the foster mother switched out the lights in the kitchen and was about to go up the stairs,  when she heard the phone ring.


Of course Philippa could not ignore this, because it could always be an emergency call. So she went back, picked up the phone, and listened carefully to the information she was now receiving.


"I understand - of course, after a foster child was allowed to go back to his parents recently, I have a room available. Will you bring the girl over here tomorrow? All right, I'll prepare everything - thank you"

She hung up the phone and according to the descriptions she had received, the girl was in a very unfortunate situation.


She had lost her parents on a research station a few years ago, then was taken in by Ambassador Sarek and his wife Amanda on Vulcan - but now she was more and more controlled by her fears and nightmares that both had decided to do the right thing for the girl.


Sarek, insisted on Philippa for the forster family for the young girl, she was a little surprised - the two had met several times for diplomatic reasons, but Philippa would not have expected something like that.


She would prepare the room for the arrival of the girl tomorrow - then she would also find out the name of the child and hopefully Philippa would be able to give her the safety she needs.