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The lights. Pulsing, flashing lights, moving around the club, painting everything in red, then blue, then purple. The bass, the sounds, the music, low and sensual, yet so loud and powerful, hitting to the very core with every beat.

The walls, painted a luscious red, skin painted into each and every crevice and crack. The floors, a deep maroon carpet, the chairs, tables, couches and sofas all a midnight black, enveloping the body, shrouding it in darkness, taking the mind to the deepest, darkest desires.


The club where you can be anybody, anything. Where your deepest desires come true with the flick of a wrist, the twist of a body, and sway of a hip. Every move calculated and precise, every beat slow and measured, every gaze sultry and salacious.

The room filled with the smell of sex, desire, want, need.

And the night…

Was just beginning.


He closed his eyes and inhaled the air. The dirty, muddled air, filled with the lust and want of every gaze on him.

The attention, the attention and the want. The knowledge that they wanted him, they needed him was everything he fed off of. How their eyes followed every single move, no matter how small. Holding their breaths at the smallest flick of the hand, and shortest step towards the center of the stage.

He soaked in it, soaked in the desirous gazes of it all.

Tonight he was clad all in black, his pants, his shirt, even his hair, dyed a teasing, mysterious black, hiding his eyes from the audience.

A beat. A single beat filled the air. A sultry smirk graced his lips, stealing the attention from every unknowing prey in the room. A slow hand, creeping up to the hem of his shirt, lifting it slightly, a glimpse.

A taste.

It was not enough to satisfy their bottomless thirst for him. For his gaze, his movements, his body.

A gentle sway of the hips…

A turn of the body.

The head.

That smirk, one last time.

And then the beat, filling the mind, the body, the soul. The look, the movement, the bass. All falling it’s one fatal swoop, stealing their breath, their souls.


Only him.

They wanted him.

A satisfied smirk rested upon his darkly mysterious features, his eyes flitting around. Who would he prey on tonight?