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Daybreak: Twilight with a Twist

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It took longer than he had planned to get home to his father but Lucas stopped in all the states and towns to look around and buy some souvenirs and take some pictures. Photography was one of his many hobbies. Lucas loved life and was going to enjoy it until he couldn't anymore. Now that his mother and Phil were gone, it just made him appreciate what life had to offer. He was going to live life for his mother and Phil since they couldn't be here with him. He was going to make them proud.

But the thing about the pictures he takes is he develops his own pictures. He loved the whole process of it. It always relaxes him.

Lucas's hobbies were sports, games, music, playing his guitar, piano, and drums, reading, and competing in all fighting tournaments. He loved countless other things but if he listed them all then he'd be busy for a week. When he finally entered Seattle, Washington he couldn't help but smile as he looked around the dreary city. While he liked hot and humid weather, he loved the cold and rainy weather more so. It just reminded him of being home with his father. Lucas had a great deal of love and respect for his father. That man was his hero.

Guitar Piano Drums

As he thought about his father, Lucas couldn't help but think back towards his mother. His father may have been his hero but his mother had been also. Charlie had taught him how to channel what he was feeling into sports and fighting, but Renee taught Lucas to respect women and treat them right. The number one thing that his mother drummed into his head that if he were ever angry enough to strike someone, be them, man or woman, he was to walk away and come back when he was calmer. Lucas's love and respect for women definitely came from his wonderful hair-brained mother.

Lucas had only had one girlfriend in his teenage years and she had been his best friend. They even lost their virginities to each other when they were sixteen. They weren't together that long because they didn't work as a couple but they were still great friends. They even talked twice a week and had hung out three times a week before Lucas was due to move in with his father. Her name is Amanda and she's an amazing friend to Lucas. They had grown up together. There wasn't one thing that they didn't know about each other.

Anyway, it took a few hours but he finally made it home to Forks, Washington from Seattle. As he pulled into the driveway, he noticed all his friends from Forks and La Push were waiting with their parents along with his father to welcome him home. He couldn't help but smile as he thought about all the crazy things they had done and gotten into trouble together. They gave their parents grey hair whenever they got together. It worried them when their kids were up to no good. Like for instance, when they had first learned to drive, they took Charlie's cruiser for a joyride around town. They got left in a cell overnight as punishment.

After the joyride, his parents and Phil wouldn't allow him to drive for two months. And he wasn't allowed to hang out with any of his friends for three weeks. Lucas hadn't been allowed to do anything that he enjoyed and he had to volunteer at police stations and hospitals so he'd learn what could happen if he hadn't been careful and gotten hurt or hurt someone else. It was a lesson he took to heart and he never did anything like that again. Lucas never wanted to hurt someone or worse, cause their deaths. That's when he started really growing up. He now took driving and anything else he did seriously.

As he got out of his car, Lucas was surrounded by everyone getting hugs, kisses, and handshakes before he got to his father. But before they all went inside, he took everything from his car before parking it in the garage. He didn't want anything happening to it. He loved his car but it meant more to him then it did when he was sixteen now that Phil and his mother were gone.

"What took you so long to get here, kid?" his father asked.

"Every time I went through a new town or state, I stopped and bought some souvenirs and took pictures," he said smiling as everyone just shook their heads. They knew how Lucas was about taking pictures.

"Are you coming down to the res this weekend?" Paul asked smirking as their parents faces turned chalk-white in panic. It was never good when their boys got together.

"Don't I always?" Lucas asked laughing as his father went paler than he thought possible.

"Hell yeah!" Jared exclaimed. They usually got drunk and high together and the next morning would call everyone's parents to cover their asses. They had built a cabin that their parents didn't even know about just for that reason. It sat right behind the cliffs where they went cliff diving every year. They threw the best parties that had drinking, drugs, food, girls, and music. But what their parents didn't know wouldn't kill them.


Plus, it's not like the res boys could get drunk or high due to them being wolves and having a high metabolism. It just made them feel normal again. It reminded them what it had been like before the Cullen Clan moved into town. They wanted to tell Lucas about it but the Elders had forbidden it but that didn't mean they couldn't give him hints to help him figure it out. They knew he was smart considering he takes AP classes and college classes online, so it shouldn't take long for him to figure it out. He did grow up with the stories like they had.

As the week went on, Lucas couldn't believe it. He actually wanted to go to school. Hell must have finally frozen over.

The day school started, Lucas got up really early to do his five-mile run on the treadmill before taking a shower and getting dressed. He didn't know why but he wanted to make a great first impression. He didn't know it yet but he was about to meet the girl of his dreams.

Lucas's Outfit

Lucas's Outfit

When he got to Forks High, everyone stopped and stared at his car but he was used to it. He knew most people would kill to have his car but they could keep dreaming. He remembered about a year ago when someone keyed his car, Lucas beat the hell out of him. He didn't even get in trouble because the guy who keyed his car was wanted in three states for grand theft auto.

When he entered the front office, he asked for his schedule before leaving. He didn't want to be around an older woman who kept making eyes at him. It was sick.

It seemed like it took forever until the lunch bell rang and he decided to sit with Mike Newton. He seemed like a cool enough guy even if he made degrading comments about the girls in the school. Lucas was trying not to lose his temper because some of his comments were downright nasty and hateful. About ten minutes after he sat down, the girl of his dreams walks into the room with her family.

She had long dark hair and brown eyes that he could get lost in for days. She was five-foot-four inches. She was perfect. She was the most breathtaking girl he has ever seen. She was simply stunning.

"Who is she?" Lucas asked not taking his eyes off of her.

"That's Alice Cullen. She doesn't date," Tyler said.

"That's too bad. She's an angel," he said still not taking his eyes away from her.

"I bet you twenty dollars that you can't get her to go out with you," Mike said as he placed a twenty on the table and for the first time in ten minutes, Lucas tore his gaze away from Alice and glared at Mike watching as he flinched away from him.

"I don't need a bet. I have more respect for woman than that. Does your mother know how you treat women? If I ever hear you talk about Alice or any girl like that again, you have a date with fists. I'll beat the hell out of you," Lucas promised before storming outside not knowing that he just yelled everything for everyone to hear. He didn't notice Alice's eyes on him smiling at his quick defense of her. She knew he'd make a wonderful mate for her but she had already known that he was her mate from the countless visions she's had of them together.

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