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are you watching, lan wangji?

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If Wei Wuxian had to choose between leaving his just finished architectural plan on the floor versus missing the opportunity of riding the elevator with Lan Wangji, he would without a doubt choose the former.

And that’s exactly what he did.

Wei Wuxian slipped his body between the closing elevator doors, a sense of achievement rushing through his veins as Lan Wangji stared at him in disbelief.

“Hi, Lan Zhan!” He chirped, a wide-toothed grin stretching his mouth. 

Lan Wangji kept his gaze straight ahead. “Will you not need that for work?”

“I can just pick it up from the front desk later,” he shrugged. He leaned forward, eyes twinkling as he looked up at Lan Wangji. “How was your day, Lan Zhan? Did you miss me?”

Lan Wangji let out a breath, his face as impassive as ever. “It was peaceful.” He then shot an askance look towards Wei Wuxian’s direction as if silently telling him that it was indeed peaceful until he arrived.

Wei Wuxian shrank back to his spot, a pout in place. “Lan Zhan, you don’t actually hate me, don’t you? You must be waiting for me to arrive every day.” He made a move to lean against Lan Wangji’s shoulder but only stumbled when Lan Wangji stepped aside to maintain their distance.

Wei Wuxian made a face to express his exasperation. Lan Wangji, one of his apartment building’s security guards, has always been treating him like this- continuously escaping from his grasp as Wei Wuxian desperately tried to flirt his way into Lan Wangji’s heart. And he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon.

“Ah, Lan Zhan, do you remember when my firm had a Halloween party?” Wei Wuxian asked, rummaging through his bag for his phone.

“I remember you telling me.”

He swiped through his gallery, searching for a certain set of pictures. Once it filled his screen, he felt a rush of excitement as he lifted his phone for Lan Wangji to see. “Lan Zhan, look! Don’t I look cute?”

Lan Wangji eyed the bright screen, his expression unchanging. “Why would you dress up as a rabbit?”

Wei Wuxian put on a proud smile. “Why shouldn’t I? And besides, don’t you like rabbits?” 

The elevator pinged, indicating that they had already reached a floor.

“I like them to an extent.” Lan Wangji said as he began to walk out of the elevator. 

Wei Wuxian hurriedly pressed a button to keep the elevator doors from closing. “Lan Zhan!” He called.

Lan Wangji glanced back, a slight furrow between his brows. “What?”

A slow smirk tugged on Wei Wuxian’s lips, turning his phone so that the screen faced Lan Wangji, showing him the picture once more. “How do you think I kept that rabbit tail in place behind me all night?”

Lan Wangi’s lips pulled tautly, his icy glare screaming for Wei Wuxian to get lost. “I do not need to know that,” he gritted.

Wei Wuxian was in peals of laughter. “Hahahaha! You really are the best, Lan Zhan.” He glanced at the number that glowed on the LED screen at the side of the elevator. “Wait this isn’t even your floor yet! Lan Zhan!” The doors completely closed, depriving him of the sight of Lan Wangji’s blushing ears.’s a success? He wasn’t planning on making Lan Wangji get out of the elevator due to his shamelessness- he only wanted to see that adorable blush kissing the tips of Lan Wangji’s ears. But then again, when didn’t he make Lan Wangji walk out of the elevator because of his teasing?

Wei Wuxian leaned his back against the cold wall of the elevator and began swiping through his gallery again. He stopped on a particular picture, sighing as he gazed upon the smooth slope of Lan Wangji’s nose, his thick lashes, the warm glow cast down on him like a curtain of gold as he was waiting for his cup to be filled by the coffee machine on an early Monday.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian zoomed in on Lan Wangji’s ethereal face. “I will make you fall for me too, just you wait.”



The sight before him makes him want to just forget everything and jump on his bed. There were small hills of crumpled paper filled with sketches scattered all over his floor. His sink was brimming with unwashed coffee-stained mugs, and a pile of his laundry was left abandoned on one corner.

Wei Wuxian grumbled, sinking onto the couch and draping an arm over his sleep-deprived eyes. It was times like this when he thought of just quitting his job in their architectural firm, fly to a random place and stay there until he has to come back to earn some money to disappear again. He opened his phone to check the time. Wei Wuxian rolled out of the couch when he saw that it was two minutes before 1:23 AM and scrambled for the Thermos that sat on the kitchen counter.

He ran for his door and took a peek outside through his peephole, waiting for a certain someone to pass by. His eyes were almost glued to the hole, counting down the minutes under his breath. When his ears pick up the sound of footsteps getting near, Wei Wuxian quickly patted down his hair, took a deep breath, wrapped his fingers around the cold knob and swung the door open at the exact moment that Lan Wangji stood opposite him.

“Well, hello there, Lan Zhan.” He greeted casually as though he hadn’t been waiting for him to arrive behind his door.

Wei Wuxian took a step forward to lean his shoulder against the door frame, crossing his arms. “What a coincidence. I was just on my way out.”

Lan Wangji stared at him. “It is one in the morning.” 


Lan Wangji’s eyes trailed from Wei Wuxian’s face and down to where the hem of his oversized shirt touched the tops of his thighs. Lan Wangji’s gaze sent jolts of electricity down Wei Wuxian’s spine, his knees nearly giving out. 

“You are going out wearing that?”

Wei Wuxian bit his lower lip, releasing it ever so slowly as Lan Wangji watched him. “Why don’t you just come with me if you don’t want me walking around outside wearing this?” 

There was something about the way that Lan Wangji looked at him that made him want to sink on his knees and take Lan Wangji right then and there.

And what Wei Wuxian wouldn’t give for Lan Wangji to fuck him against his door, turning him into a mewling and drooling mess. 

Lan Wangji scowled and started to leave. “Do as you please.” 

“Ah wait, wait! Lan Zhan, I was kidding!” Wei Wuxian scrambled for Lan Wangji’s hand, giving up on his ruse. “I’m not going anywhere in this. It’s fucking cold outside my ass would freeze.”

Lan Wangji sighed, stopping to face Wei Wuxian once more. 

“Here,” Wei Wuxian handed him a warm Thermos of coffee. “I made you this.” 

Lan Wangji took the Thermos, his eyes softening at the corners as he looked at Wei Wuxian. “You do not have to do this every day. You should sleep early.” 

“But I want to.” Wei Wuxian told him. He had planned on cooking something for Lan Wangji at first but then when he nearly set off the fire alarm over some scrambled eggs, he gave up and resorted to making coffee instead. In times when he’d decide to order a take out, he makes sure to order something for Lan Wangji and give it to him when his beloved security guard passed by his door. He knew that Lan Wangji doesn’t eat while on patrol and so Wei Wuxian thought that he’d just give him a reason to eat something, or force him rather. 

“And besides, sleep is a luxury for me nowadays.” He pushed the door open with his foot, showing Lan Wangji the chaos that was his apartment.

Lan Wangji frowned at the sight. “I can ask the clean-up service to go to your place tomorrow.”

“There’s no need for that.” Wei Wuxian waved. “I’ll do something about it when I’m not doing anything else.” He smiled sheepishly. “I’ve kept you too long already. You should resume your patrol.”

“Mn.” Lan Wangji nodded. “You should go to sleep.”

Wei Wuxian laughed once, slumber calling him to his bed. “All right. Because you said so.” He walked behind his door, head peeking at the small gap. “Goodnight, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji’s eyes were gentle- gentle enough to lull him to sleep. “Sleep well, Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian closed the door before he let his feelings overcome him and press a kiss against Lan Wangji’s soft pink lips.

He leaned his back against the door, sliding down to the floor as Lan Wangji’s voice continued to echo in his mind- filling his thoughts with him and only him. 

Wei Wuxian groaned in defeat, burying his face in his hands. “I’m so fucking in love with you, Lan Wangji. Can’t you see?” 



Wei Wuxian thanked the two ladies as he rushed inside the elevator, his arms filled with blueprints of floor plans. He used his elbow to press his floor, struggling to slip the sling of his satchel back on his shoulder when it slipped down his arm. 

He was running through the list of things he should do by the time he gets back to his apartment when the hushed voices behind him began to fill his ears.

“I feel like one of our maids took something from our room. My, the drawers were open when I got home!” One of the women said, her voice barely a whisper.

“Does your apartment have CCTV cameras installed? If there are, why don’t you ask that security guard to view the footage?” The other woman suggested. “What’s his name again?...ah, Lan Wangji. The handsome one. He’s in charge of the CCTV cameras on the last five floors.”

Wei Wuxian couldn’t stop the smile that tugged on his mouth. Lan Wangji was indeed a handsome fellow. If he wasn’t such a snob he would definitely have a throng of men and women stalking behind him- Wei Wuxian being one of them. But there was something that piqued his attention. 

“There is.” The woman replied. “The landlord told me about the CCTV camera installed in the living room before I moved in.”

The women continued talking as they went out of the elevator and stepped into their respective floor.

Wei Wuxian remembered being told about a CCTV camera installed in his apartment too. The landlord said that it was for security purposes and that it was up to Wei Wuxian if he wanted to get rid of it or not. Wei Wuxian chose to let it stay there thinking that it might come handy one day.

And this day just might be it.

He finished revising the floor plans and was now in the middle of waiting for Lan Wangji. Wei Wuxian still had three hours to lounge about before his beloved security guard’s scheduled visit- or he’d like to think of it that way. 

He was staring up the ceiling of his living room when something popped in his mind. Wei Wuxian pushed himself up on his elbows, eyes narrowing as he scanned the walls before him for the CCTV camera. His eyes caught the small black camera mounted on the wall opposite him, giving it a perfect view of the couch.

Wei Wuxian tilted his head, wondering if anyone was really watching behind the lens. One of the women earlier mentioned that Lan Wangji was in charge of the CCTV cameras on his floor too.

If Lan Wangji was in charge then that could only mean…

A brilliant and risky idea filled his mind.

It was beyond stupid, to be honest, but there was something inside Wei Wuxian that urged him to do it. It was late in the night and he had nothing else to do besides to wait for Lan Wangji. And so if Lan Wangji was really the one in charge of the CCTVs on this wouldn’t hurt to put on a show for him, would it?

Wei Wuxian pushed all the warning signs at the very back of his head and trailed his hand down past his stomach, beginning to palm his crotch. The thought of Lan Wangji watching him at that very moment was more than enough to elicit a response from his member. Wei Wuxian rolled his hips, grinding his erection into his palm. He imagined Lan Wangji’s tantalizing gaze running through every curve of his body, drinking and pulling him in. He pulled his boxers down, his throbbing cock springing free. Wei Wuxian licked a stripe on his palm, eyes never leaving the CCTV camera. He let out a soft moan as he slipped a finger inside his mouth, sucking at the slim digit and releasing it with a loud pop. Wei Wuxian wondered how delicious Lan Wangji’s fingers would taste like- and how even more delicious it would be to have those fingers inside of him, stretching him open until he couldn’t take it anymore.

He wrapped his fingers around his erection, pumping slowly at first. His heels dug into the soft mattress of the couch as he began to thrust his hips upward, his mind filled with the image of Lan Wangji looming over him, biting and sucking at all the right places- places that he didn’t even know would drive him crazy.

Ah ,” Wei Wuxian’s mouth hung open, staggered breaths bouncing off the walls of his apartment. He circled the pad of his thumb on his shaft, spreading the beads of pre-come that leaked from the slit. “ Ah! ” His hips involuntarily snapped up as an image of Lan Wangji’s tongue lapping at the thick liquid that trailed down his cock presented itself before his eyes. Wei Wuxian slipped his free hand under this shirt, fingers pinching and pulling at his pink buds.

He imagined how it would feel like if it were Lan Wangji’s teeth closing in on his peaks instead.

Fuck! ” Wei Wuxian turned his head to the side, saliva nearly dribbling down his chin. His pumps quickened, his fingers rolling his nipple in between the soft pads. Wei Wuxian gazed at the lens of the camera, eyes hooded and somewhat desperate.

“Lan Zhan,” he whimpered.

He bit his lip as he felt the knot of pleasure down his stomach. “Lan Zhan,” he moaned, wondering if Lan Wangji could read his lips.

Wei Wuxian writhed on the couch, scalp tingling at the impending orgasm. His ass lifted from the warm mattress as he pounded into his hand, desperate for release. “Lan Zhan,” he whined, his voice growing in pitch. “Don’t stop.” He begged into the camera, his mind slowly being stripped of its consciousness.

He loudly moaned Lan Wangji’s name as thick liquid spurted onto his stomach, body shuddering at his orgasm. Wei Wuxian draped an arm on his eyes, his hroat slightly parched from all his shrill whimpers.

That felt fucking good.

This wasn’t the first time he masturbated to the thought of Lan Wangji fucking him but this just felt too good. It could be because of the thrill that ran through his veins due to the possibility that someone was watching him through the CCTV camera- and how splendid it would be if that someone was Lan Wangji. 

Wei Wuxian pushed himself up on his elbows, head tilting slightly as he shot a sensual gaze and a slow smirk at the camera. “Were you watching?”

The time was currently 1:23 AM. Lan Wangji stood at the front of Wei Wuxian’s door, a Thermos of coffee in his hand. Wei Wuxian tried not to make it obvious that he had been having a great time pleasuring himself with the CCTV camera that had a perfect view of his trembling body, but he couldn’t help but look for signs if Lan Wangji had seen his shenanigans earlier.

“Lan Zhan.” Wei Wuxian began, keeping his eyes fixated on Lan Wangji’s face in the hopes of catching even the tiniest bit of inclination that he had indeed watched. “What are you doing when you’re not on patrol?”

Lan Wangji stared at him, not a hint of a splash of red coloring his face. “I thought you knew my schedule by the back of your hand.”

He was not going to get anything from this man.

But Wei Wuxian wasn’t going to give up just yet.


He spread his legs the moment he finished with his revisions and was ready to play with the CCTV camera yet again; heck, he would be lying if he’d say that he hasn’t been looking forward to it the whole day. 

Wei Wuxian slowly sank himself onto the dildo on his table, eyes screwing shut as the thick length pushed in, pulling his rim taut. He bounced up and down, throwing his shirt to the side, fingers busying themselves with his nipples. Lan Wangji’s name continuously rolled off his tongue as if it were the only thing he knew what to say. The table began to creak beneath him as he slammed his bottom down the cold mahogany wood, taking the entirety of the dildo deep inside him. Wei Wuxian planted his hands in front of him, grasping the edge of the table as he rocked harder, picturing Lan Wangji ramming into him from behind.

“Lan Zhan,” he whimpered, staring straight into the camera. “Are you watching, Lan Zhan?”

Wei Wuxian spent half an hour getting off the idea of Lan Wangji fucking him senseless. 

It was 1:23 AM and just like the day before, Lan Wangji’s face remained unperturbed.

But there was something that told Wei Wuxian his tactics might be working;

Lan Wangji never looked him in the eye.

Today was the fifth day after Wei Wuxian found out that Lan Wangji was in charge of the CCTV cameras on his floor- and today was also the fifth day of him trying to make Lan Wangji admit that he had been watching Wei Wuxian fuck himself every night. He was on the brink of just asking Lan Wangji straight off the bat but that wouldn’t be much fun now, would it? But Wei Wuxian felt that he was so close to finding it close.

Just as he was about to close the door, Wei Wuxian asked as innocently as he could- deliberately letting the sleeve of his silk red robe slip from his shoulder. “Ah, by the way, Lan Zhan. Are you the one in charge of the CCTV cameras on this floor?”

It took a while for Lan Wangji to reply. “I am.”

“Hmm. I see.” Wei Wuxian nodded. He had to stop the grin tugging on his mouth or else his ruse would be ruined. Now that he knew that Lan Wangji was the one in charge, he just has to know if he ever watched them.

“Why do you ask?”

Wei Wuxian pulled the door open ever so slightly, a small frown painted on his lips. “I was just worried that someone else might be watching.”

There was a minuscule twitch on Lan Wangji’s brow. “Watching?”

“Mm,” Wei Wuxian hummed. “You know, watching me,” he trailed his gaze down Lan Wangji’s crotch. Wei Wuxian licked his lips and lifted his eyes back to Lan Wangji’s face. “Doing me.”

Lan Wangji’s lips part, his eyes faintly widening. There was a slight panic washing over the gold orbs.

Wei Wuxian was quick to hide his triumph. He put his hand on the knob and began to close the door.  “Anyways, I hope you like the coffee! Bye, Lan Zhan!”

“Wei Yi-”

He closed the door on Lan Wangji’s face, his own heart nearly beating out of his chest.


When Wei Wuxian arrived at the apartment building earlier, he made sure to goad Lan Wangji into admitting himself in different ways. When he- deliberately -dropped his blueprints in front of Lan Wangji, he made sure that his favorite security guard had a perfect view of his ass when he dipped his upper body to pick it up. When they rode the elevator together, he pulled out a lollipop he had gotten from someone’s desk earlier and began sucking on it- quietly moaning every now and then. When he got off the elevator, he glanced back at Lan Wangji, slowly pulling the lollipop out of his mouth with a wet pop. 

The face that Lan Wangji made before the doors closed was worth everything.

Wei Wuxian waited for his routinely nightly pleasures, his cock already erect without the need of him touching it. He positioned himself on his floor on all fours, his behind facing the CCTV camera this time around. Wei Wuxian craned his head to look at the camera, pushing two fingers inside his mouth. “ Mm, ” Wei Wuxian closed his eyes, coating his fingers with saliva. He opened his mouth and slipped it out only to drag his tongue up the length of his fingers before thrusting it back again. He sucked on his digits as if it were Lan Wangji’s cock- although he knew that Lan Wangji would be without a doubt bigger than this.

Wei Wuxian wiggled his bottom, spreading his legs farther apart. He pressed the tips of his fingers on his rim, one finger slipping inside his heated walls at a time. He stretched himself open, prepping himself for the dildo he was about to devour. Now, he wasn’t sure if Lan Wangji had watched all of his masturbating sessions but in the event that he did, Wei Wuxian wanted to give him a show that would make him lose his fucking mind. The moment that he first saw Lan Wangji when he appeared on his door to give him the spare apartment keys, Wei Wuxian knew that he was a goner. 

And he didn’t mind if Lan Wangji would never feel the same way. A little self-indulgent scheme shouldn’t hurt that much, right?

He grabbed his lubed up dildo and lapped at the shaft before pushing it inside. His position was quite uncomfortable with only one hand supporting him while the other eased the dildo in and out of his body, all while gazing straight at the camera. Wei Wuxian wondered if he looked enough, he may just see Lan Wangji’s eyes reflect on the lens.

He settled for a steady pace, slick sounds rippling around the room. Wei Wuxian rocked himself on his knees, meeting the thrusts behind him. Once, he thought about purposely timing his pleasure activities at the exact time Lan Wangji passed by his apartment. But he didn’t want to risk receiving a barrage of complaints from his neighbors about his loud whimpers at one in the morning.

Wei Wuxian was in the middle moaning Lan Wangji’s name when he heard something click somewhere around the room. He didn’t pay too much attention and just continued shoving the dildo inside his ass. His mind drowned out the sounds of footsteps coming closer to where he was and didn’t let his mind process that there was already someone else inside the room.

He let out a cry when he felt the dildo abruptly ripped out of his ass. His vision blurred and the next moment, he found himself pinned to the floor, looking up at a pair of bloodshot eyes.

“What are you doing?” Lan Wangji gritted, veins nearly popping on his temples.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Wei Wuxian panted, his hole clenching at the sudden emptiness. 

Lan Wangji tightened his grip on Wei Wuxian’s wrists. “You know that I can see you.”

A slow smirk tugged on Wei Wuxian’s lips. He wrapped his legs around Lan Wangji’s waist, pushing him down until he felt the unmissable bulge press against his exposed cock. He lifted his head to whisper at Lan Wangji’s ear. “That’s exactly why I’m doing this every night, Er-gege.” Wei Wuxian let his lips brush the shell of Lan Wangji’s flushed ears. “I know how boring it must be for you to be holed up inside that stuffy control room.”

He heard Lan Wangji’s sharp intake of breath. “What if someone else saw you?”

Wei Wuxian giggled once, nuzzling the tip of his nose against Lan Wangji’s chin. “Would you let anyone else see me masturbating to the thought of this,” he pushed up his hips to grind his erection against Lan Wangji’s, “inside of me?”

Lan Wangji hissed, a deep furrow between his brows. “Quiet.”

“See? I knew you-”

His mouth was instantly silenced by another, tongue slipping past the seam of his lips. Lan Wangji humped his arousal, the rather large bulge driving Wei Wuxian insane from the friction alone. Wet open mouth kisses trailed its way down his neck, leaving gentle bites and soft sucks in its wake. Wei Wuxian slipped his hands away from Lan Wangji grip, cupped Lan Wangji’s face and guided the pair of soft pink lips back to his mouth.

“Bed,” he said into the kiss. “Let’s get to bed, Lan Zhan.”

Lan Wangji gathered him in his arms, their lips never parting even for a short breath. He placed a hand behind Wei Wuxian’s head as he carefully laid him down the soft mattress. Wei Wuxian struggled to unbutton Lan Wangji’s uniform, his fingers trembling from nerves and excitement. He had no idea if he had truly lost his mind from all the self-pleasure he had been doing for the past days or if Lan Wangji was really on top of him right at this very moment, tongue twirling around his pink buds.  

Lan Wangji finally removed all of his clothing, the buckle of his belt creating a loud thump as it was tossed to the floor. Wei Wuxian traced the firm lines of Lan Wangji’s chest and down to his stomach, stopping to wrap his fingers around the pulsating length. Lan Wangji broke their kiss, hand coming down to remove the hand on his cock. 

“Do not touch.” He said in a low growl.

Wei Wuxian huffed in amusement and disbelief. “Do not touch? You can touch me all you want but I can’t touch you? Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen, Lan Zhan?”

Lan Wangji frowned at him. He leaned down to press a long kiss on Wei Wuxian’s mouth. 

“If you touch me now I will not be able to last.”


Wei Wuxian swallowed, waves of heat rippling through his body. “What do I do with my hands, then?” he asked with a pout.

Lan Wangji’s jaw clenched, an idea seeming to have already presented itself in his mind. 

“Lan Zhan?” Wei Wuxian chased after Lan Wangji’s body with his hands as the weight above him shifted off the bed. Lan Wangji picked something up from the floor, his muscular back and toned bottom facing Wei Wuxian. 

Wei Wuxian had to resist the urge to stroke himself.

When Lan Wangji knelt before him, he felt some sort of cold metal circle his wrist. Lan Wangji lifted Wei Wuxian’s arm up to the headboard, the cold metal piercing his skin as his hand dangled from it. Continuous clicks traveled to his ears when his other wrist was circled by the same material.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian gulped. “Are you...cuffing me?”

Lan Wangji sank back down, his lips trailing kisses on Wei Wuxian’s neck. “Mn.”

Wei Wuxian craned his head and just as he had thought, both of his wrists were cuffed to his headboard. Wei Wuxian wriggled his hands, testing if he would be able to slip it through the hole.

“Why in the world do you have th- Ahn ,” he felt a pair of lips at the base of his arousal, gently sucking at the skin. Lan Wangji nipped his way to the inside of Wei Wuxian’s thighs, leaving fresh marks of love bites and teeth imprints while his hand kneaded the other. Lan Wangji moved in between the creamy thighs, his breath tickling Wei Wuxian’s entrance. His tongue began to prod the still red rim, the heat of his tongue coating Wei Wuixan hole with warmth.

Wei Wuxian struggled against the cuffs binding his wrists. “Lan Zhan,” he breathed. “Put-Put it in. I want it inside, please.”

He shuddered as he felt a slim finger press against his walls. Wei Wuxian began to rock himself, desperate for the blinding pleasure to rip his body apart. Lan Wangji grasped his hip, halting his movements. Wei Wuxian whined in protest.

“Lan Zhan, let me do something for you too.”

Lan Wangji looked up from between his thighs, eyes of molten gold boring into Wei Wuxian’s.

“Come here,” Wei Wuxian cooed. “I want to taste you.”

Lan Wangji crawled up his body, his fingers dancing across Wei Wuxian’s skin. Lan Wangji stopped to peck Wei Wuxian’s lips, his mouth caressing and tender. 

Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but giggle. “Thank you but I wasn’t talking about your lips.”

Lan Wangji’s lips parted, a quiet gasp traveling to Wei Wuxian’s ears as the realization hit him. 

Wei Wuxian smiled at him fondly. “Up, Lan Zhan. Let me taste you.”

Wei Wuxian pulled himself up, masking his slight wince when he felt the metal pierce his skin. Lan Wangi leveled his arousal with Wei Wuxian’s mouth, eyes still cast down on the man below him. Wei Wuxian licked his lips, his toes curling at the sight of Lan Wangji’s impressive girth. Wei Wuxian pressed his lips on the tip, winking at Lan Wangji before peppering the length with gentle kisses. He stuck out his tongue, licking a stripe from the base and up to the shaft. Wei Wuxian took the length in his mouth, his teeth lightly grazing the skin as his head bobbed up and down at a slow pace. He pulled himself further up, fingers grasping at a vine from the headboard to anchor himself. Lan Wangji reached a hand down, the pad of his thumb stroking the hollow of Wei Wuxian’s cheek as he sucked at the arousal in his mouth. 

Lan Wangji’s breath shuddered, his hips involuntarily bucking, sending his cock in the deep crevices of Wei Wuxian’s throat. It was times like these when Wei Wuxian was eternally grateful for his lack of gag reflex. Lan Wangji threaded his fingers through Wei Wuxian’s hair, his hips slowly matching the movement of Wei Wuxian’s head. Wei Wuxian hummed into the arousal, tongue swiping and twirling around Lan Wangji. 

He couldn’t help but think of how just a couple of nights ago, he was fucking his mouth with his fingers and now here he was with the real deal. Wei Wuxian mentally gave himself a pat on the back for all that he went through just to get himself to lay underneath Lan Wangji.

Wei Wuxian whined as the thick member was pulled out of his mouth. He was about to moan about not having tasted Lan Wangji enough when he felt the same thick erection fucking his mouth just a few seconds ago, dive itself into him.

His back arched into the air, heels digging at the mattress.

If heaven truly was a place on Earth, this was it.

Wei Wuxian watched with tears streaming down his cheeks as Lan Wangji relentlessly pounded into him, his hips most likely bruised with an imprint of Lan Wangji’s hands. Wei Wuxian’s mouth hung open, sounds he didn’t even know he could make was being ripped from his throat with every plunge of Lan Wangi’s pulsating cock. He didn’t know if his screams and mewls were loud enough for his neighbors to hear and think that he was in the middle of being murdered- he couldn’t care less honestly. If anything was dying tonight that would probably be his ass- not that he cared too.

He bit on the pillowcase, his wrists straining against the handcuffs. His arms were starting to hurt and so were his wrists. 

Lan Wangji lifted Wei Wuxian’s leg to his shoulder, angling himself to hit a certain spot. Wei Wuxian’s body turned sideways, a slight ache on his torso as Lan Wangji switched him to a new position. “ AH! ” Wei Wuxian grasped at a vine on the panel, his head almost hitting the headboard when Lan Wangji abruptly snapped his hips toward Wei Wuxian’s entrance, driving his throbbing cock deep within heated walls of flesh. 

“L-Lan Zhan, be gentle,” Wei Wuxian panted. “Be gentle, Er-gege.”

A growl vibrated from Lan Wangji’s chest as he plunged deeper, eliciting a cry from Wei Wuxian’s mouth. “You-” a sharp thrust, “were not being gentle while you were pleasuring yourself.” Lan Wangji leaned down biting at his neck, “So why,” a slow, slow circle of his hips, “would I,” a hand wrapped around Wei Wuxian weeping length, “be gentle?” 

Fuck! ” Wei Wuxian burrowed his head on the pillow beneath him, a patch on the pillowcase already drenched from his tears and drool. “Lan Zhan, my hands. My hands, please. I want to touch you. Please, please .” 

Lan Wangji took his mouth, their kiss wild and filled with nothing but fervor. Wei Wuxian always liked the idea of being restrained by Lan Wangji but now he felt like he was truly going to lose what was left of his sanity if he wasn’t going to at least be allowed to hold Lan Wangji’s face. His ass was being fucked raw and his tongue sucked dry. It also didn’t help how he knew that his body was brimming with teeth marks, violet-hued spots, and bruises from where Lan Wangji had gripped him. Trying to hide all of those before he goes to work would be a pain but Wei Wuxian knew that he would most likely have Lan Wangji leave marks all over him at any time of the day.

After a whole lot more of begging, Lan Wangji finally released his hands from the cuffs. Wei Wuxian scrambled for Lan Wangji’s back, his nails digging at the flesh as he wallowed in the overwhelming thickness easing in and out of his hole.

“Lan Zhan,” he whimpered. “How did you survive watching me get off of you? Did you- ah -did you touch yourself?”

Lan Wangji kept his mouth shut, letting his hips do all the talking. Wei Wuxian let his leg fall from Lan Wangji’s shoulder and wrapped them around Lan Wangji’s waist instead, taking him deeper.

“Lan Zhan, answer me.”

With an agonizing circle of his hips, Lan Wangji groaned, “I did.”

Wei Wuxian cupped his cheeks, tucking a strand of damp hair behind his ear. “Who did you think of?”

Lan Wangji scowled at him, clasped his hands at the curve of Wei Wuxian’s waist and tugged his body down to meet a powerful thrust. Wei Wuxian’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, his jaw slack.

“Who else?” Lan Wangji grunted.

Intense rapture swept at their bodies making them shudder and lose grip of reality for the briefest of moments. Warm, thick liquid spread inside Wei Wuxian’s walls, his own release splattering down his body. Lan Wangji lay atop of him, his breathing ragged and skin flushed. Their ears filled with tunes of rhapsodies as they slowly came down from the high of being drunk on each other. 

They stayed like that for a couple of minutes, trying to catch and even their breaths. Wei Wuxian quivered as Lan Wangji eased himself out, his come spilling out of Wei Wuxian.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian moaned as he reached for Lan Wangji’s waist when the latter was about to leave the bed to fetch some cloth. “Later. Stay here.”

Lan Wangji sighed, filling up the space beside Wei Wuxian once more. He pulled him in his arms regardless of how sticky and sweaty their skins were. Lan Wangji pressed a soft kiss against Wei Wuxian’s forehead, his hand brushing through the damp hair.

“Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian burrowed his head into the warmth of Lan Wangji’s chest. “Took you long enough to finally notice me,” he chuckled tiredly. “I have to thank my landlord for installing that CCTV camera.” Wei Wuxian yawned, sleep creeping through his eyes. “What a blessing in disguise.”

Lan Wangji’s hand stilled behind his head. “I will request for it to be removed.”

Wei Wuxian opened his mouth to express his disagreement but his body had been worked up so much that he could barely move a limb. “When I wake up, I should see you beside me, okay?” He pecked Lan Wangji’s collarbone. “After your patrol come back here and sleep with me. I’ll make you coffee in the morning before I go to work. Are you still awake, Lan Zhan? Are you listening to me?”

He felt the arms around him embrace him tighter. “I am listening.”

“Good.” Wei Wuxian yawned. “I got you now. I’m not letting you go ever.”

Lan Wangji listened to Wei Wuxian struggle to wish him a good night’s sleep. Wei Wuxian’s soft even breaths were enough to lull him to his own slumber. Lan Wangji smiled to himself as he was reminded of the number of times he had nearly lost his control as Wei Wuxian mouthed his name into the CCTV camera.

It was quite a blessing in disguise indeed.