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"I've never been to" Daisy Johnson pores over the round trip fares the vacation paradise, wondering if she can
convince her 'Uncle' Mack MacKenzie to to drop she and Robbie there, nullifying the Holiday Travel crush, and save the airfare.

"I have not", responds Robbie Reyes.

"I wanna go-YOU SAID, and I quote: 'Anything you want babe, te doy EL MUNDO, si quieres', endquote."

"In the course of normal conversation, or while we were FUCKING?"

Frustrated, Daisy says, LOUDLY: "DON'T MATTER-BELIZE!...just know-POSSIBLE PUSSY EMBARGO, unless I don't go to

"What days were those, now?"

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Busily chopping vegetables for their dinner, Elena Rodriguez (YoYo) puts down her knife suddenly and laughs aloud. Mack,
MacKenzie, fiddling with an smartphone that Piper has requested that he unlock, looks up, one eyebrow raised questioningly.

"Something that Daisy told me, at lunch-PUSSY EMBARGO ....that means what I think that it does? En español significa

amenazadar or bloqeuar."


"En ORDEREN: QUE CHINGAOS!?, y en este caso, es un bloqueo?"

"It's FUNNY, No?" Her smile is infectious.

"It actually is."


"Come with me to Bogota....I want you to meet the rest of my family."

"Of course. Shop for Christmas before we go?"

Her smile out-shines the rooms artificial lighting. "I have everything I want. TU...aqui conmigo." She advances on him, the evening meal forgotten:
no Pussy Embargo up in HERE...