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i want you on your knees

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taehyung curls up in himself in the back of sir’s car, almost fully hiding under the fluffy blanket that his sir has given him before leaving the house. he doesn’t really like cars, they make his head spin and his stomach clench unpleasurably. besides, he isn’t allowed to sit in the co-pilot seat, so he has to endure that nasty feeling in the back, whimpering loudly to be heard above the music that sir always plays. 


he would love to be in his sir’s lap, receiving pettings and kisses, but that only happens when someone else is driving. sir hates having to drive, so he always huffs in annoyance when taehyung whimpers and refuses to get in the back of the car. sir has to buckle him properly and shush him a bunch of times so he won’t interrupt the driving or try to escape. 

that’s why taehyung tears up and whines, exasperating sir and making him turn on the music so he can concentrate on the road. 

“we’re here, pup. come out” sir orders, grabbing taehyung’s leash from the bag he has packed before leaving and then opening the back door. taehyung recoils, because going outside is the last thing he wants right now. he has the suspicion that sir has brought him to the hospital once again. he hates shots fervently, so he won’t risk it and find himself strapped in the doctor’s hospital bed as they poke him. sir repeats “c’mon out, puppy”


taehyung whimpers, pulling from the blanket and shaking his head weakly. sir sighs, opening the door wider to be able to slip inside. he sits, legs separated and lap inviting, and beckons taehyung over. 

“are you scared, lovely?” he asks, his voice much softer, and taehyung succumbs almost immediately, climbing in his lap and burying his head in his neck. he inhales sir’s scent, focusing on the perfume and the natural masculine smell that his skin emits. “sir’s here with you, pup. we’re just going to visit some of my friends and i want them to meet you. can you do that?” 


taehyung finds himself shaking his head, his arms curling around sir’s torso as sir tries to pry him off. he doesn’t want to leave the car, he just wants to sit here and have his belly rubbed and his hair petted. 


but of course, sir isn’t having that. he is quick to peel the puppy’s body from his, clipping the leash on taehyung’s collar and pulling him out of the car. 


once outside, sir lets the taller pup glue himself to him and shushes him, his hand reaching to softly pat the poor boy’s head a few times. taehyung shuts his eyes firmly at the tender contact and deems it better to obey sir’s orders, so he walks next to sir as they cross the colorful garden that leads to a huge house, where sir’s friends must live. 


“be a good puppy, tae.” sir tells him before he presses on the doorbell, startling taehyung with the high-pitched, long ring that it produces. 




before taehyung can process what is happening, he is being led inside the warm house, where sir undoes the leash and orders him to kneel. he immediately drops to the floor, his blanket falling from his shoulders at the sudden move, pooling on taehyung’s side. he hears someone approaching and he has the urge to get back to his feet and grip sir’s arm, but he maintains his position, head tilted downward and eyes trained on the floor. 


when an unknown hand is placed on his hair, he has to fight the impulse to shake it off, gnawing on his lip as his sir and the foreign voice speak. he scratches his thighs in nervousness, waiting for sir to tell him he is allowed to move, but no words are directed to him during the conversation. 


“he’s a really pretty pup, jimin. you definitely got yourself a little beauty” the man says. in other circumstances, taehyung would be basking in the praise. but he is in an unknown house and he just got off a long car ride, so the only thing he wants right now is to lay in sir’s lap and get a few bites of a sweet snack. 


“he’s a sweetheart” sir agrees and taehyung’s heart skips a bit. he hopes sir will call him to his side, but he is determined to wait in his knees until that moment arrives. he can’t help but squirm a bit, though, exhaling shakily as he wishes his heart would calm down a bit. considering his behavior, sir apologizes “he’s a bit skittish so i’m not sure how things will go at first” 


“oh, i’m sure he’ll warm to us soon. puppy, eyes up” the foreign voice gives the order and taehyung whines low, almost to himself. he can’t see sir and is starting to panic at the sudden command, so he decides to ignore his surroundings and keep his position, even when the hand on his head tightens, pulling on his strands enough to make him yelp. 


“tae, look up” taehyung’s brain immediately reacts to sir’s command and he raises his head to see a slim man, slightly taller than sir. his hair is parted open to reveal his forehead and his gaze is piercing, all his factions sharp and intimidating. taehyung can’t repress the shiver that runs down his spine, eliciting a chuckle from the man at his obvious panic. sir praises his effort immediately “good boy”


“i wouldn’t say exactly good, jiminie. i think you’re spoiling him a bit too much” the other comments, his gaze going down from taehyung’s face to his knees, as if he’s meticulously scrutinizing every inch of the puppy. “let’s see. present, pet”


taehyung’s mouth gapes open at the direct order. his head turns to observe sir’s reaction, but his beloved owner just gives a brief nod, giving him permission to execute the command. taehyung’s well-trained manners glitch and he stutters for a second, not understanding what’s expected of him. he’s still dressed and they’re standing- well, sir and the other man are- in the hall of this unknown house. 


when it’s evident that taehyung is not processing the order, the newly met man steps forward and places a hand on the puppy’s shoulder. taehyung just whimpers, his head dropping low by instinct and eyes shutting with force. he realizes he is scared, his bladder suddenly feeling uncomfortably full and his mouth drying. 


and then, he’s being roughly pushed down with no forewarning. the man stops the pressure just in time to avoid the puppy’s cheek for crashing against the hardwood floor. “i believe i said present, puppy”


taehyung doesn’t dare to raise his gaze when the firm grip on his shoulder is released and manages to get his hips up enough for the man to hum in approval, his back arched to leave his ass lewdly exposed. he endures the sharp smack that’s placed in the middle of his asscheeks without daring to make a sound, the sting slightly cushioned by the cotton shorts he’s wearing. 


“we’ll have to work on that, love” the man tells taehyung, and the puppy doesn’t waste a moment to nod his head in agreement out of panic, dragging his cheek across the floor in his rushed movement. the man laughs and sir seems to also find the poor pup’s agitation amusing. “let’s go to the living room, jiminie. fancy a coffee?”


the two men walk away before taehyung actually understands that he’s been left. he barks pitifully once, trying to alert sir of his situation, but sir doesn’t even bat an eye, following the other man to the sofa and continuing the conversation for a few seconds more until the taller leaves the room. 


instead of turning to his puppy, sir whips his phone out of his pocket and starts absentmindedly scrolling through some unimportant emails as he waits for the beverage he’s been promised. the smell of coffee fills the house and taehyung can’t help but lift his head- just a teensy bit, not being deliberately disobedient- to see if sir's friend has returned yet. 


the man appears in the door frame a moment later, holding two cups and a bowl of fruit. he directs his gaze to taehyung and keeps it in the puppy's bent body, as if he was evaluating the boy's effort. taehyung holds his breath until his lungs ache and his muscles become taut. only when the man returns to the sofa and taehyung hears him speaking to sir, the puppy allows himself to relax, lowering down the angle of his raised hips to alleviate the pain of his arched back.


“you can come now, pup. you did good” the man finally calls the puppy, after what seems an eternity in taehyung's anxious mind. and he's also praising taehyung for the first time since he’s arrived. the puppy is so used to receiving compliments constantly, that the absence of them has made his stomach churn, doubting every move he made without the reassurance. but now, the simple praise feels delicious in his ears, sparkling pleasant shivers down his spine that make him wriggle as he crawls to the adjacent room, immediately finding his place in between sir’s legs. he rests his head on his owner’s knee and finally exhales a relieved breath.


“it’s not as bad as i expected, but there are some things that we definitely need to tweak” the man explains, taking a long sip from his coffee, even if taehyung can see steam coming out of the mug. the puppy doesn’t really catch what they are talking about, but it’s not important. he’s just a dumb pet for his sir and that’s enough "i think it's mostly your fault, jiminie. you have spoilt him way too much"


the man reaches towards the bowl filled with bite-sized pieces of fruit and fishes a slice of apple. then, he draws taehyung's attention to the reward with a small hand movement, making the puppy look up at him from his place between his sir's thighs. with a pleased smile, he feeds the treat to the boy and then wipes his fingers on taehyung's cheek, who doesn't complain as the juice of the apple and his own drool are smeared on his face. 


"good pup. was i a bit mean before?" he teases, a chuckle exiting his mouth when taehyung shakes his head without any hesitation, frightened to discover what is in store for him if he pisses the man off again. 'that's good to know"




another man appears a while later, once taehyung's been fed almost the whole bowl of fruit and has gotten used to his sir's friend's presence. he has been curled up in the same place for the entire time, protected by his sir's body and accepting the food that the other man offers him every now and then. 


so when the newcomer enters the living room, a broad man with soft factions and plump lips, taehyung's so deep in his headspace that he doesn't really react, all the stress he has felt less than an hour before vanished. he directs his gaze to sir, but his owner keeps petting him, smoothing down his hair so tenderly that it keeps taehyung soothed. 

his sir is so strict with him most of the time, not allowing any misbehavior or greediness from his boy. but since they have arrived at this house, sir has been overshadowed by the persona of his intimidating friend, so he has been a tad more patient with the puppy than usual. 


"sorry for being late" the man apologizes, approaching the sofa to shake sir's hand, then gazing down at taehyung and bopping the boy's nose after giving him a delighted smile. "what a precious puppy we have here. it's so nice to meet you"


taehyung gives the newcomer a grin, his mind too hazy from the previous incident with the other man and his sir's caresses to actually comprehend the situation. he simply sits there and waits for orders, that will possibly come with delicious praises that make sparkles fly up his spine just at the thought of them. 


he doesn't really pay attention to the conversation that follows, concentrating in the hands on his hair and the fullness of his belly after the treats he has been allowed, until sir moves, gently pushing the puppy's head up before standing from the sofa. 


sir's friends are staring at them, the conversation finished, as sir kneels down next to taehyung. the pup hears one of them- probably the mean-looking one- clicking his tongue at his owner's gesture. sir places a soft kiss over taehyung's lips and then runs his thumbs across taehyung's cheekbones, ever so gentle. 


“puppy, you’ll be staying here with hoseok and seokjin for a while." sir starts, smiling tenderly when taehyung makes a confused noise at the words, as if he hadn't understood them well "sir can’t train you as well as he would like, love, so hoseok has offered to help. they’ll take good care of you and they’ll train you to be the best puppy for sir. i want you to stay with them and learn good manners for me. do you understand?"


taehyung’s brows furrow and he stares at sir for a few seconds, trying to find out if he is making a big joke. he then turns his head to the other two men, comfortably seated on the sofa, expecting the laughs that will come after his sir’s words. but almost a minute passes and nobody is laughing. 

sir’s hand cards up his hair and he brushes it backward gently, trying to redirect taehyung’s attention to the question. and the puppy feels his eyes well up with tears. 


sir doesn't push him more- something that he normally would do, despising when taehyung takes an unnecessary amount of time to answer a question. taehyung just stares at his sir's eyes, his heart clenching painfully at the thought of his owner leaving. he can't stay away from his sir, not in this foreign house with that scary man. 


but despite the devastation that has settled in his chest, he nods. he really wants to be the best puppy he can for sir, it's a deep-rooted need in his headspace that must be fulfilled. and if that entails having to endure training and staying away from his owner for a short while, he is willing to try it. 


sir rewards him with a sweet kiss and requests him to behave when he's not there. someone calls him, but taehyung doesn’t pay attention to the insistent voice until he has had another kiss to appease his miserable heart. then, he obeys the command from the broad man and scoots closer to him, not exactly between the foreigner's legs but in front of them, as the puppy is still too timid for that type of comfort. 


as non-verbal praise, a hand comes to pat his head a bit too rough, the teasing intentions behind the ministrations clear. it causes taehyung to shy away from the touch, eliciting a small chuckle from the person behind him. 

“oh, we’re going to have so much fun, puppy”