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Eijirou really wished that he could scold Katsuki, he really do. He understood completely how Katsuki is feeling. It have only been three meetings and Eijirou think that he’s probably in love with their new Math teacher, mostly because of how nice he was and how he make everything seemed and feel easy, partly because he’s both cute and hot at the same time. He always think that it’s unfair that some people get to be both cute and hot at the same time. Just choose one goddammit! But at least he’s quiet and discreet in his admiration, not because he already have a girlfriend (In Mina’s own words, “Ei, I would be more weirded out if you do not think that Midoriya-sensei is hot!”) but because he does respect the older man and doesn’t want to cause trouble.

But Katsuki? He didn’t even try to hide the fact that he’s ogling Midoriya-sensei’s ass everytime he turns around to write something on the whiteboard. In fact, just last night, the blond teen declared proudly that he’s going to make Midoriya-sensei his before the end of the year and for everyone else to back off in their squad’s group chat.

How did it came to that, you might ask? It started with Mina commenting that the new teacher was really cute and hot at the same time and somehow ended with Katsuki’s proud declaration. Kirishima decided that at the very least, Katsuki have enough common sense to not accidentally make such type of declaration in the class’ group chat like Denki accidentally did during their first year. Now they’re third years and they still never really live it down and poor Hitoshi got dragged into the whole thing (Miraculously, things went well for Denki and Hitoshi. Whether it’s thanks to or despite that incident, Eijirou had no damn idea).

Eijirou’s train of thought probably would have continued at full speed and derailed somewhere if it wasn't for a loud knock from Midoriya-sensei’s marker snapping him out of it.

“So that’s for today!” Midoriya-sensei exclaimed cheerfully. “Before we finish the class, is there any question?”

Eijirou could feel the dread welling up when Katsuki raised his hand, a shit-eating grin on his face. That was never a good sign.

“Bakugou?” Midoriya-sensei signalled for Katsuki to make his question.

Standing up, without an ounce of hesitation and shame, Katsuki loudly asked, “Are you free this Saturday?”

Amazingly, Midoriya-sensei’s smile didn’t drop even a milimeter. “No. Any other question? About the lecture this time, please.”

Katsuki sat down, a scowl in his face.

“Che, I’ll get you soon, you sexy bastard.” He muttered.

Eijirou wished he didn’t hear that.



“Dude, that was not cool!” Eijirou told him once the class end and Midoriya-sensei had left.

Katsuki simply rolled his eyes. “Oh shut up, Shitty Hair. As if you didn’t want to drag him to your bed and fuck him senseless as well.”

“First of all!” Eijirou exclaimed, his face as red as the colour of the dye that coloured his hair. “I would need Mina’s permission first. Second of all, I wasn’t the one hitting on him in front of the entire class!”

“Okay but that’s lowkey very big dick energy of you, my dude.” Denki chimed in, looking more entertained than disturbed by the whole ordeal. He then paused for a moment. “Who am I kidding, there was nothing lowkey about you, but my point stands.”

“See? Even Brain Dead Pikachu over there gets it.” Katsuki said with yet another grin. “That doesn’t mean that you’re any less of a dumbass for what you did a few months back.”

Denki pouted at that while Hanta couldn’t but snicker at the reminder of the “incident” where not only Denki came out to entire class but also professed his desire for class 1-B’s Hitoshi Shinsou at the same time.

Eijirou sighed in defeat. “Well, couldn’t say I didn’t try to warn you bro.”

“As if I need one.” Katsuki tched. He’s not a reckless idiot, after all, no matter what all the extras liked to think. He’s just someone who knew what he want and have no desire to hide that want and have the drive to take what he want for himself. And he’ll be damned if he didn’t want Izuku Midoriya.

From the moment that the green haired Math teacher came into the class, Katsuki knew that he wants him. For one, the bastard was built. If he said that he wasn’t trying to seduce anyone, Katsuki would call bullshit because otherwise he wouldn’t be wearing a tight ass shirt that perfectly shows off his broad shoulder and chest, highlight his toned abs and biceps, and tight ass black pants that shows off his thick, well, ass. The best part wasn’t all that though. The best part was that he’s also fucking cute. The slightly jittery introduction? The way he goes off on weird tangents in the middle of the class while somehow still staying on topic? Katsuki felt like he could finally understand what his mother saw in his father’s herbivorous ass.

He could practically see his sensei panting under him while he fucked him senseless. Luckily for him, by the time his daydreaming gave him a boner, he’s already close to his house where he could immediately took care of it.



Izuku liked to think that he did a great job keeping his composure in the face of one his student hitting blatantly hitting on him in front of the whole damn class. He just really wish that his friends were a little more sympathetic for him.

“Ochako~, this isn’t funny!” Izuku whined to his best friend. “He was hitting on me in front of the whole class!”

“I like that your biggest problem was how he’s doing it and not that he’s doing it at all.” Ochako commented mirthfully once she calmed down enough to stop laughing. “Did you like him, after all?”

Izuku blushed furiously at the insinuation. “He’s my student!”

“…you’re not denying it.” Shouto chimed in, causing Ochako to fall into another fit of laughter, and Izuku glared at his other best friend with a betrayed look.

“All jokes aside, it is indeed a worrying behaviour.” Tenya commented.

“Yes, thank you!” Izuku exclaimed, beckoning toward Tenya dramatically.

Then Tenya smirked. “From you, that is.”

And Izuku banged his head into the table before ordering another bottle of vodka. “God, I’m not nearly drunk enough to be having this kind of situation.”

“Okay, but in all seriousness though, what are you planning to do with him?” Ochako asked seriously. “From what you tell me he sounds like to be the type to not give a shit about anything and I doubt simple rejection will convince him.”

Izuku sighed. “I wouldn’t be having this problem if I knew what to do.”

“I know we’re talking seriously now, but I think the whole problem could have been avoided if you had actually bothered to buy new clothes instead of wearing your year old ones. I’ve seen you in those and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think impure thoughts when I did.” Shouto interjected, causing Izuku to go completely red from embarassment again. “Because seriously, your growth spurt is scary. How the hell are you still getting bigger at 25?”

“You do realize that we could just tell Inasa about what you just said right?” Ochako teased.

Shouto shrugged. “He would understand when he saw it.”

“What do you think, Tenya?” Ochako then turn to the bespectacled man. “I’m sure that you have your share of admirer, especially once you put on your police uniforms.”

“Personally? I took my brother’s advice and acts like I have no idea what they’re talking about.” Tenya stated flatly. “It worked every time.”

“You have the face to pull it off!” Izuku whined. “I do not.”

“Well, then I have nothing.” Tenya shrugged.

Izuku pouted and took another shot.

The next morning, Izuku woke up with a terrible hangover, already regretting his decision to get drunk off his ass the night before he have a class to teach. If Hitoshi Shinsou from Class 3-B noticed, at least he’s nice enough to point it out outside of the class instead of during class.