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My Magical New Life

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Yuki's P.O.V

The night is beautiful as we step outside it's cold but not so cold that we are freezing, although that doesn't stop Hikari from complaining and snuggling up to me for warmth. If it were anyone else, I would have thought they were in love with me, but this is just Hikari being Hikari. She has always been like this though, Hikari has always struggled with the cold and hugged me for warmth since we were five, so there's no way that she's in love with me. I have just been reading too many manga's, but Hikari could fit right into those stories. Hikari is cheerful, energetic and forgetful. I can't even begin to tell you the number of times she forgot her umbrella or textbooks and had to borrow mine. I had hoped she would get better as she got older, but Hikari remained the same. Hikari is Hikari after all.

Turnin to Hikari I see her smiling despite the fight she was just in. It always amazes me how she can be angry one minute then happy the next, I'm sure some people would find it scary, but that's just how Hikari is. Maybe that's why Hikari was suddenly ready to fight Akuro just now. Perhaps it was only another one of her mood swings. I hope so because if it wasn't, then I don't know why Hikari would just attack someone she never met before.

"Feeling better now?" I ask after a few minutes of walking.

Hikari looks up at me, smiling and with no sense of rage or anger in her eyes. It's like the Hikari who was fighting, and the Hikari standing by my side are entirely different people. It's not the first time I've seen this. One time when I visited Hikari's home, I saw her without her energetic personality, but that changed the moment we went outside. At first, I put it down to just the fact that Hikari could have that energy all the time, but as I got older and started to notice the looks Hikari's mother was giving her, I began to wonder if she had anything to do with it. But Hikari dodged the questions or refused to answer them when I asked. She does that, Hikari has a habit of bottling things up and not sharing, and I hope she won't do that tonight. I want her to open up so I can help her, I want Hikari to tell me why so I can assure her and calm her down so we can rejoin the party. I don't care that much for parties, but Hikari seemed to be having fun, and even Yui looked like she was enjoying the night so it would be a shame to end the party with a fight.

Hikari doesn't answer. As I feared she is keeping everything to herself despite looking like she might open up to me. Hikari lowers her head, and we continue walking, giving me the response I didn't want but one I suspected she would give. Hikari is Hikari after all, and as much as I like her, she can be really frustrating at times. But I wouldn't change her for anything.

"If somethings bothering you then you can always talk to me about it," I tell her getting her to look up again. "We are friends, right? You can tell me anything."

I don't know why, but Hikari's face shows a hurt expression for a split second before she wipes it from her face and looks back down. Was it something I said? I don't know, I'm not the best with people so it could have been, but then I don't think anything I said could have hurt her. Just what could I have done to put such an expression on her face?

Hikari Satou P.O.V

"Baka!" My mind screams and I feel like punching something. "Baka! Baka! Baka!"

"We are friends, right?" Those words are like daggers to my heart, despite the truth they hold. Yuki and I are just friends, despite all my efforts to get her to see me as more. "You can tell me anything." No, I can't tell Yuki everything, baka. I can't tell Yuki how I feel about her, I can't tell Yuki some of the things I have done for her, and I can't tell Yuki about my mother. There is so much I can't tell you despite wanting to. But I don't want you to hate me when you discover the truth about me. "I would rather live this lie and stay by your side then tell you the truth." Hugging Yuki tighter I just remain quiet. The less she knows, the better. The less she knows, the less she will hate me.

"I love you, baka," I wish I could really say those words to her.

Akuro Nagata P.O.V

There she is. Huddled up to Yuki as if she owns her as they walk together. It's not fair that she gets to walk with Yuki like this. I should be with. I was the victim back there. Why does Hikari get so much attention from her?

"Let's just go home, Akuro," I jump when my friend speaks up.

"Not yet," I tell her. "Not until I get even with that little brat."

"You shouldn't do anything," She replies, shaking her head. "She's friends with Yuki so hurting her will make Yuki hate you." She has a point. I sigh hating it when she's right. "Let's just go home. I'm sure we can find a way to get back at her without having Yuki hate you."

"Fine," I grumble. I hate losing. "But we are brainstorming ideas when we get back."

Satomi Otsuka's P.O.V

"We are no longer friends," I moan as I help Aya back to her apartment.

Not only is Aya drunk and needs my help to walk but she's also the guy she set me up with was a complete weirdo. Why do I have the worst luck with guys? The last one was a nice looking man called Anzai, but he brought his pet snake to our date and wouldn't stop talking about the creature. To be fair, it wasn't my worst date, and I am ashamed to say it was one of my best, but for once I would like to meet a nice regular guy.

This time my date was in love with Aya's and made it really awkward during the meal and I kind of wanted to run away but could find an excuse to leave. It doesn't surprise me that Aya drank so much tonight, I don't blame her and would have dunk too if I wasn't driving. She was so lucky to have alcohol to numb the night while I had to endure it sober. At least I have the satisfaction of annoying her tomorrow when she's hungover as punishment for setting up such a horrible date.

Reaching Aya's apartment, I fumble with her keys until I find the right one to open the door. I can never get used to the creepy old guy who stares at me from the painting Aya has hung in the entranceway. I don't know how she can stand it. The man's beady eyes always give me the creeps, and it makes me want to leave. I keep on telling Aya she should throw out the painting, but every time she tells me that she can't because it is a family heirloom. I really wish she would give in and burn that stupid thing already!

Stepping into Aya's home, I don't even bother removing either of our shoes. Aya is too drunk to do that safely, and I'm too tired to be bothered to remove my own shoes. It really has been a long terrible night that I wished would just end already! Anyway I move through my friend's apartment and dump her on the edge of the bed where I can finally remove Aya's shoes before tucking her into bed. I can't help but smile when I see her roll over and hug a giant stuffed bear she won at a festival we went to together. Aya looks so cute asleep like that, but that doesn't mean I have forgiven her. After a night like tonight, I definitely need to punish her.

Yuki's P.O.V

I hope my clothes fit her. I worry as I watch some random show on the T.V. while waiting for Hikari to finish taking her bath. It wasn't planned that Hikari would spend the night at my place but when we walked by her house and saw her mothers new boyfriends motorbike parked outside we both knew Hikari couldn't stay there. Hikari never told me what happened between her and her mother's boyfriend, but it is clear as day that she is terrified of him so I couldn't let her go home. The smile that appeared on Hikari's lips when I offered to let her stay at my place was so big that it made me feel proud and like a great friend seeing how happy I made her.

I don't really pay attention to what's going on the T.V., but the bits that manage to sink in are about a recent murder of a magical girl not too far away from here. I don't really pay much attention to the details, but apparently, the girl who was killed was an upcoming idol and had her magic drained. I didn't think much of it seeing the story as the media over exaggerating the crime to get higher ratings. I never heard of magic draining before so it can't be true.

What is taking Hikari so long? It is wrong of me to want her to hurry up, but I wish she would. If I were by myself, I would be reading manga or playing a video game right now, but since I have a guest, it would be rude of me to start anything without. It selfish of me to be thinking of making my friend rush. Hikari is a guest, so I should let her take her time and relax.

Hikari Satou P.O.V

I bite my lip, hoping the sound of the shower running would drown out my voice while my fingers continue to move between my legs. It's Yuki… it's all her fault for being so cute and leaving her panties on the bathroom floor. She knew I was going to take a bath, yet she left them there in the middle of the floor. She was probably just forgetful, but still, it was such a naughty thing to do that I should punish her by taking these panties with me when I leave. I let out a little moan as I bring the panties to my nose. Thet have her scent! Speeding up the two fingers inside my I struggle not to be too loud. It's Yuki's fault! She so cute and friendly, how can anyone not like her!