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A Linguist's Guide to New Earth

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In order of appearance:

1. Huy-Braesealis, astria sto pro oculo prostasía. Quinque pénte puncta energopoiísete: (Ancient/Alteran) Huy-Braesealis, Star in the Eye for protection. Five points to activate.

2. Wenn der Berg nicht zu Mohammed kommt, wird Mohammed zum Berg gehen: (German) If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohammed will go to the mountain.

3. NEDF: The New Earth Defense Force, established by General-Governor George Hammond in Year 0 of Settlement. Comprised of surviving members of the former branches of the United States military, namely Air Force and Marines. Stargate Command (SGC) is part of the NEDF.

4. Guanxi: A Chinese concept of social credit through building goodwill, as defined by anthropologist Dr. Wang Xiaoli. On New Earth this is accomplished through providing intangibles such as information and how-tos for developing civilizations who wish to achieve independence and self-sufficiency apart from Goa'uld influence. Also includes basic health care and hygene lessons as needed, provided by Dr. Janet Fraiser and her medical staff.

5. mr i Tn: (Ancient Egyptian) I love you.

6. Philo se: (Ancient Greek) I love you.

7. Klah: A caffeinated liquid derived from the bark of a large broadleaf plant native to New Earth, similar in appearance to the Pacific ninebark (Physocarpus capitatus) of Western North America on Old Earth. When brewed properly it tastes and smells like a blend of coffee and chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon. Can be diluted with lactose secretion from native bovines or enhanced with crystallized tuber sweetener if desired. The berries of the same plant are dried, ground and used as a spice in many dishes. Named after a beverage mentioned in one of Dr. Rebecca Grahme's favorite literary sci-fi series.

8. Ti amo, colibrì: (Italian) I love you, hummingbird.

9. Ti amo anch'io, corvo: (Italian) I love you too, raven.

10. Už dost!: (Czech) Enough!

11. Odpadky střeva: (Czech) Garbage gut. One who is always hungry, such as Dr. Rodney McKay.

12. Puddlejumpers (or Jumpers): Shuttlecraft designed for traveling through a Stargate or on missions when it's too far or awkward to take one of the All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATVs). Formally designated as Gateships by Dr. McKay, but the nickname given by Major John Sheppard has stuck instead, to Dr. McKay's chagrin.

13. Direwolf: Similar in appearance to an extinct species of the genus Canis of Old Earth, a prehistoric carnivore in the Americas during the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene epochs. The New Earth version is very much alive, intelligent and deadly predators with alphas and observable pack structure. Known to toy with their prey and deal harshly with intruders to their territories.

14. Úžasný: (Czech) Amazing.

15. Receperint de póli in terra. Dicere, amici, et eiságete: (Ancient/Alteran) Welcome to the City of Earth. Speak, friends, and enter.

16. Imperium locus: Control room, particularly one that houses a neural interface chair.

17. Confirmatus sanguine Alteranus. Imperium sella energopoiiméni: (Ancient/Alteran) Alteran bloodline confirmed. Control chair activated.

18. Nevrikí diepafí dimicent: (Ancient/Alteran) Engaging neural interface.

19. Kel'no'reem: (Jaffa) Before the development of tretonin and the founding of the Free Jaffa Nation, the race was used as incubators of larva Goa'uld, as well as warriors for their adult masters. The practice of kel'no'reem is a form of meditation to both allow the symbiote to heal the body in a state akin to sleep and optionally conduct an interior dialogue with each other. Before becoming Prime Minister of the Free Jaffa Nation Teal'c taught a modified form suitable for interested Tau'ri on New Earth, similar to Old Earth Buddhist meditation rituals.

20. Ave, Domina. Huy-Brasealis est. Gratam te póli sas: (Ancient/Alteran) Hail, Lady. I am Huy-Braesealis. Welcome to your city.

21. Huy-Braesealis: 1) The abandoned city located in the eastern Parenthesis Range enclosing Settlement Valley. The City of Earth, one of four major settlements built by the Ancients/Anquietas/Alterans. 2) The name of the Artificial Intelligence system controlling the city. 3) Known to Old Earth mythology as Hy-Brasil, a mysterious disappearing island off the coast of Ireland.

22. Che'sula: (Jaffa) Daughter of one's sister, or niece.

23. Apage!: (Latin, also Ancient/Alteran) Be gone!

24. Bohudíky: (Czech) Thank goodness.

25. Infrasonic barrier: The Infrasound Defense System (IDS), developed by then-Major Samantha Carter in Year 2 of Settlement, with assistance from Angus MacGyver and Drs. Zelenka, McKay and Grahme. Consisting of a continuous series of transmitters individually powered by photovoltaic cells set every few meters apart, creating a flexible barrier adaptable to any terrain. When predators approach, detectors keyed to heat signatures or pheromones trigger the transmitters to emit pulses of infrasound at a frequency too low for humans to hear but just irritating enough for the predators. Originally devised as a nonlethal deterrent against direwolf packs threatening the settlement, now useful against any unwanted intruders when combined with Ancient personal shields as discovered in Atlantis and improved by Dr. McKay.

26. Hubibi: (Arabic) Darling.

27. 'Ahbak ya tayir altanani. Taeal 'iilaa alsarir: (Arabic) I love you, hummingbird. Come to bed.

28. Ya gharab: (Arabic) Oh, raven.

29. Astria sto pro Oculo: (Ancient/Alteran) Star in the Eye, the Ancient-designed combination defensive (aspida or shield) and offensive (aktina or ray) system in use since Year 2 of Settlement to protect Gateway and Settlement Valley. Initialized by a team consisting of SG-1 and personnel from Alpha Base, also including Dr Rebecca Grahme, Dr. Janet Fraiser and civilian consultant Angus MacGyver. Control and maintenance of the system falls under the purview of Dr. Grahme- designated the first Lady of the Tower by the AI of Huy-Braesealis- and her heirs.

30. Proboha: (Czech) Good heavens.

31. Potentia: (Ancient/Alteran) A Zero Point Module, or ZPM. By delving into the quantum level of the universe, the Ancients learned how to harness zero point (or vacuum) energy existing in the void between stars, containing it within a specialized crystal matrix for use as a portable energy source.

32. Radio Gateway: Ever since Year 0 music has been an integral part of settlement life. Radio Gateway aired an extensive collection of records and compact discs (ancient recording media) by Master Sergeant Walter Harriman and others. Live music was also common all around the settlement, people getting together and playing for fun in a wide variety of genres, thanks largely to the discovery of instruments and sheet music by salvage teams on Old Earth pre-Zero Hour. The Memory Preservation Project of the first century used music as a way to save stories about the history and cultures of Old Earth for posterity.

33. Favs: Favor points. Once previous forms of currency became obsolete with the demise of Old Earth a cooperative barter system quickly took root in the settlement during the first century, based on future favors (or favs) traded between individuals. Eventually it became a means of exchange, in the form of trading goods or services save for those reserved exclusively for use by the SGC (for example, help with a task in trade for a desirable clothing item such as knitted socks). The currency of our modern Commonwealth is also called the fav, though backed by neutrinos gathered by the Stargates instead of precious metals like naquadah or more intangible credits.

34. Kun shjaeana ya hubibi: (Arabic) Be brave, my love.

35. Fiat astria: (Ancient/Alteran) Let there be (a) star.

36. Neuvěřitelný: (Czech) Incredible.

37. Domina Turris: (Ancient/Alteran) Lady of the Tower.

38. Kidemóna Nova Terranus: (Ancient/Alteran) Guardian of New Earth.

39. Je t'aime, mon corbeau: (French) I love you, raven.

40. Je t'aime aussi, ma colibri: (French) I love you too, hummingbird.

41. Ruling council: As defined by the constitution originally drawn up by Dr. Elizabeth Weir and her Steering Committee in Year 1 of Settlement, members of the ruling council represent certain areas of expertise deemed necessary for survival- such as both physical and social sciences, defense, medicine, food production and environmental concerns- as well as a voice for the general population, thus ensuring a truly informed electorate at all times. Only three positions on the Council are permanent appointees (the Commander of the NEDF, the Lady of the Tower and the Pegasus Ambassador), while the remaining Councilors face elections every four years. Later called the Council of Worlds with the formal establishment of the Stargate Commonwealth and Gateway as its capitol in 200 Y.S.

42. Arma pabula fucus: (Ancient/Alteran) Of all the arsenal left to us by the Ancients drone weapons are among the most powerful, comparable to a highly sophisticated missile. Using an internal sensor for guidance a drone can penetrate or even bypass all but the most powerful shields and burrow through thick armor with ease, while avoiding attempts to shoot them down and even discriminating between allied and enemy targets. Requires an operator with the ATA gene. In Huy-Braesealis a secondary control chair exists for this purpose in an underground chamber. Used to great success by then-Colonel Jack O'Neill in conjunction with Dr. Grahme's command of the Astria sto pro Oculo during the Battle of Gateway in Year 3 of Settlement.

43. Witness Society: From the earliest days of the settlement the Witness Society paved the way for our modern veneration of the Sacred Seven (see below), from the scholar-priests of the Seekers of Truth to the tinkerers and inventors of the Order of Engineers, the Fellowship of Healers, the Protector's Guild within the NEDF, the Sisterhood of Scientists (now admitting male members) and even the fighting monks emulating the Stalwart Warrior.

44. Sacred Seven: The Witness and the Seeker of Truth, the Protector and the Scientist, the Engineer and the Healer, and the lone Stalwart Warrior. Venerated in our current era as the Heroes of Old Earth and Founders of the New (and based on real historical individuals, not mere archetypes as some scholars theorize). In the Pegasus Galaxy the number has been expanded to include the Defender of Atlantis, the Genius, the Peacemaker, the Gentle Physician, the Warrior Queen and the Runner Poet. The Sacred Seven when combined with the Pegasus Six are colloquially known as the Lucky Thirteen.

45. Restday: A designated day of rest and relaxation. The New Earth year consists of 366 days, with 28 hours per day, eight days per week (seven plus restday), 30 days per month and 12 months per year, with the year turning over at Awakening. Gateway Settlement used the conventional day and month names of the Old Earth Gregorian calendar well into the second century, although upon the establishment of the Stargate Commonwealth it changed into the now-familiar quarter system (three months per quarter) bracketed by the four major holidays established since the first century (see below). Dates in this calendar system are given as the ## day of the ## quarter in ## Y.S.

46. Awakening: One of the four major holidays bracketing the quartered New Earth year and the Gateway social calendar, starting with Awakening (Spring Equinox), then Arrival Day (Summer Solstice), Memorial Day (Autumn Equinox), and Longest Night (Winter Solstice). As with the Lunar New Year of various Asian cultures of Old Earth, Awakening celebrations include lanterns, street dances, neighborhood parades, and special treats. On New Earth especially festivities begin a week earlier to commemorate the Battle of Gateway with fireworks and the most impressive display in the entire Commonwealth. Awakening is also traditionally a time for the clearing of old debts and reconciliation of disputes, especially among devotees of the Sacred Seven.

47. Death gliders, Al'kesh, Ha'tak: Ships in the Goa'uld armada. Death gliders are individual fighter ships, Al'kesh are designed for medium-range bombing of ground targets from air or space and also for cargo and troop transport, and Ha'taks are large, pyramidal motherships belonging to the System Lords. Examples of all three can be found in the Commonwealth Fleet Museum orbiting Alpha Base.

48. Mere bahaadur pyaare: (Hindi) My brave beloved.

49. Gate address: Seven symbols fixed by chevrons are customarily used for travel through the Stargate network. However, travel between galaxies (Milky Way and Pegasus, for example) requires eight chevrons, with a necessary corresponding increase in power to establish and stabilize a wormhole connection. It is unknown as of yet what might transpire with a nine-chevron address, though it is theorized both the distance and energy requirements are exponentially that much greater. Comparable in a way to the telephone communication system of Old Earth, with local, long-distance and international calls. The joint masterwork (current edition) by Drs. M. Rodney McKay and General-Governor Samantha Carter, On Einstein-Rosen Bridges and Gate Travel, is recommended for a more detailed explanation on the topic.

50. Powwow: A North American Indian ceremony on Old Earth involving feasting, singing and dancing. Informally, a conference or meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues.

51. Atlantis: 1) The City of Water, located in the Pegasus Galaxy. The second of four major cities built by the Ancients/Anquietas/Alterans and destination of the NEDF's scientific expedition and colony near the end of 3 Y.S. 2) The name of the Artificial Intelligence system controlling the city. 3) Known in Old Earth mythology as a paradiscal and highly-advanced continent or island nation, which sank into the ocean.

52. Lavondis: 1) The City of Air, presumably a floating city in the atmosphere of a planet, moon or gas giant. 2) Known in Old Earth mythology as variously Avon, Lyonesse, Avalon or Dis.

53. Caeris: 1) The City of Fire, thought to be located near a volcano or in orbit around a sun. 2) Known in Old Earth mythology as Caer Ys, a mythical city built on the coast of Brittany in the European country of France and later swallowed by the ocean.

54. Ich kann nicht mehr ohne dich leben, geliebter Rabe: (German) I can't live without you anymore, beloved raven.

55. Stiller, süßer Kolibri: (German) Hush, sweet hummingbird.

56. Wǒ de mā ya!: (Chinese, traditional) Good heavens!

57. Abschied und viel Glück:(German) Farewell and good luck.

58. Bis wir uns wieder treffen: (German) Until we meet again.

59. Wèile hǎo péngyǒu hé měihǎo de lǚchéng. Gānbēi: (Chinese, traditional) To good friends and a good journey. Cheers.

60. Dobrá cesta: (Czech) Good journey.

61. Beannachd leat: (Scots Gaelic) Good luck.

62. Drahé srdce: (Czech) Dear heart.

63. Geyn besholem, aun kumen besholem. Zay gezunt: (Yiddish) Go safely, and come safely. Be well.