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dont read this

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what is this

how is this

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chapter 2 what a conundrum

truly a time to be alive

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i think i get it now

hopefully an actual story will replace this, and you'll have not wasted yr time.

sorry bout that.

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This chapter has been abridged in lieu of the relevant context for the information contained within this chapter being altered, destroyed or otherwise tampered with. Please understand that our staff are working very hard to deliver accurate and up-to-date information regarding our published works.

Thank you for your understanding,



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Test document

This test document has been created for the purpose of understanding how texts are transferred into the Archive of Our Own ‘rich text’ interface.

The following is a demonstration of the various formats text may be implemented within future works:

  1. boldened


  1. italicised


  1. underlined


  1. strikethrough


  1. subscript


  1. superscript


  1. all the symbols on my keyboard


  1. alphabet


  1. numbers


  1. spaced words

 A a a a a a A AAA A    A  a  A A A a a  A  a A a A A   a a a   A A  a a  a A  a a  A  a  aa a a a  A A a A A   a  A a a a A A

This concludes the test document, thank you for complying with the test document organisers.

According to Microsoft WordTM the total number of words in this document is:

157 words.