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Hunger Makes a Human

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Omegas are not allowed to join the force.

It seemed tactless to prohibit a gender from a career of helping others. If anyone wanted to help old ladies cross the street or chase down a purse snatching fiend, they would do as they damn well pleased. But in the grand scheme of things, the reasons weren't entirely unjustified.

Omegas were argued to be distracting but no less capable than their counterparts. The decision to ban omegas from the police force was a lazy attempt to limit omegan violence. Which worked just as well as placing a band-aid on a ruptured artery. The laws and regulations pleased the general public and thus doomed all wannabe omegan cops.

All except for one Leon Kennedy.

Turns out sneaking your mother's prescribed suppressants twice a day made you as scentless as a fawn.

By working harder than others and striving to succeed, Leon was omitted into and graduated through the police academy (him being the first of his family to study past a high school diploma). The young blonde exceeded all expectations his parents had for him. His soft omega mom would shake her head as his father scolded him, saying that even a cross-eyed beta could see he's an omega playing pretend. And so on his last day at home he was pleasantly surprised when his father gave him a sturdy hug and his mom handed him an unlabeled bottle of very familiar blue pills.

He was not an omega. Leon Kennedy was a police officer.


Late into the night, barely before Leon was to start his life in Raccoon City, he received a phone call while preparing for bed. He lowered his freshly coated toothbrush back onto the motel’s porcelain sink. Before he could utter a word, a solemn voice quaked on the other line, shaking almost comically.

“H-hello!?” Leon winced at the grown man’s voice cracking.

“You’re working at the Police Station soon? I-I work there. I was told to call you and tell you- OH GOD- ”

Noise and clutter filled the speaker- loud enough for Leon to utter ‘Jesus Christ’ and hold the phone an arm-length away. He only put the phone back to his ear as the commotion died down.

The voice panted quietly.

“Stay away from Raccoon City.” Click.

Leon stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, his worries reflecting back at him. Stay away? But he was hired there to help, to become a member of what he considered to be a righteous community of like-minded individuals. If there was a problem who better to solve it than the actual police? The blonde called the number back, hearing it ring almost infinitely before a robotic voice apologized for their full voicemail. The situation was surreal, too surreal. Maybe it was a dream? A side-effect of taking way too many scent-blockers?

All Leon knew; he wouldn’t have enough toothpaste to wash away the bitter taste of dread that rested heavy in the back of his throat.

There’s no way the enigmatic phone call was gonna succeed in its endeavor to scare Leon. No sir.

Leon was going to Raccoon City, police gig or not. He got this far and he was not turning back, regardless of the potential dangers that lay ahead. Popping the small bitter pill between his lips, the rookie went to bed with motivation to fight yet another obstacle keeping him from his dreams.


The rain crackled violently against the glass of Leon’s jeep. The steady pace of the windshield wipers soothed him into a trance as he sped past the bright green welcome sign that pointed into the forbearing city. With little to go on and a tank full of gas, Leon made the lengthy trip to south-state Wyoming.

Occasionally the blonde would clamp his clammy palms onto his jeans, the nervous sweat building as he contemplated the potential problems that an entire city was failing to cope with. His first immediate irrational thought; they found out. I’m an omega and i’m going to be fired and thrown in jail. And somehow, the universe magically created a scenario that Leon deemed just as nerve wracking, if not more. The drive itself was irking him, eating him alive.

The low-light of a gas station came into view. The per gallon rates increased dramatically as he crossed into the small, western county but he had little choice in the matter. Sliding his jeep into the outer edge of the pump, he glanced around as the machine took and read his card information.

Stillness enveloped the air eerily. A lone cop car sat at the front of the gas station windows, the inner lights hazily gleaming. Not the most unusual thing. Only a dumbass would steal a cop car and every officer knew it, leaving the consequences open for the taking. He stepped to the glass doors of the building.

One main side-effect of the suppressants was the newfound inability to scent other’s pheromones. If he had sensed the pain and fear that was resonating from the two Alpha officers, Leon would have been better prepared for what he was about to see.

Blood and guts and a panicked officer in the back.

Creeping past the wounded officer who held his neck, Leon got a front row seat to full on human cannibalism. The rotted body dove his teeth into the officer savagely, mocking an Alpha’s bite to the sensitive and private glands on the neck. Leon could only gape at the gruesome scene, the Alpha officer howling bitterly as his cries turned to wet garbled nonsense.

The blonde cried out. “What the fuck!?”

Leon couldn’t feel his hands as his gun went off. Disgusting, wet howls from the pre-deceased squelching into low growls as the rookie’s offending bullets reorganized its anatomy. Just as the bile built at the bottom of his throat; the vile body finally hit the ground, seemingly dead. A terrifying blessing. He hastily scrambled with the doors of the back room and fled to the storefront, nearly tripping over his own feet as horrible monsters from his nightmares lurked in every dark corner. Thankfully another living human, a young girl, resided in the parking lot with the rest of the creatures, helping Leon find the inner will to save her life and overcome the situation.

“Over here! Get into the cruiser!”

Roped up into the abandoned police vehicle, the two lone survivors speed off towards Raccoon city. Neither suffered any wounds, thankfully, as they acquainted each other rather awkwardly after such an intense experience. The girl, whose name was Claire, thanked him earnestly and the blonde decided they would get through this together. They traveled further and further away from the gas station, leaving Leon’s jeep and his suppressants behind.