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glad you came

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The first time isn't too bad. Neither is the second. It's only ever really by the third time he comes that Jimin starts to feel wrecked.

They've done this before, mostly on Jimin's request. On nights when their next morning is free, when Jimin feels loose limbed and Yoongi feels in control, when there's time and space and when things align just right, Yoongi will give him this.

His first orgasm is almost always by Yoongi's hand. Jimin never lasts that long but neither of them mind when they know what will follow. Tonight Yoongi had jerked him off in the shower, clean and simple, hand wrapped around Jimin's length and eyes watching, making sure that Jimin kept his hips in sync, pulling the orgasm out of him. The pressure of the water felt like heaven on Jimin's skin, the only thing hotter being where Yoongi was pressed up against him. After the last streaks of come had washed away, after soap suds had been rinsed off too, Yoongi had turned to Jimin and asked, not a question at all, "Ready?"

These nights are easier when they're both naked; the second time Jimin comes is across his own abs, lying flat on Yoongi's bed. Yoongi sucks dick too often for someone who makes a living off their voice but Jimin will never complain when it's his cock in Yoongi's mouth. He'll complain about the teasing, about the bruises Yoongi will leave on his thighs, his hips. Jimin will complain about how wet Yoongi makes it, about the scrape of teeth when he accidentally bucks his hips. He'll complain about those things but not really mean them, not caring so much when it's Yoongi's fingers wrapped around the base of his dick, Yoongi's lips so soft and wet on the head. There's not much complaining to do when it inevitably results in Jimin coming, less quickly but still just as messy, fingers twisted up in Yoongi's bedsheets.

"Hey," Jimin calls out, once he's caught his breath. "Yoongi hyung?"

The room feels a little too warm but it's possibly the pink that's splashed across his chest, over his cheeks, matching the soft colour of his lips. He can hear Yoongi, knows he's just getting the lube, the condoms, but Jimin likes to check. "Hyung?" he whines again, managing to lift his head from the pillow, propping himself up on his elbows to scan the room.

"Be patient," reprimands Yoongi, walking over with the supplies, cock hard and bobbing with each step. It'd be a bit funny if it wasn't so hot. "You just came, there's no way you're ready to go again."

"Wanna bet?" Jimin says, cheekily. Yoongi rolls his eyes, climbing up onto the bed and kissing him instead of replying.

Jimin loves to kiss Yoongi because he can. The best part is knowing that this is okay, his tongue in Yoongi's mouth, the feel of heat and wet and skin and yes and more. The way that Yoongi will let him lead, at times, the way they break apart and surge together again, the way Yoongi pushes forward until Jimin is flat on the bed, straddled. Jimin loves this, being wanted and showing Yoongi how bad he wants him in return.

He loves it so much, he barely notices Yoongi's hand leaving his hip, doesn't quite register what Yoongi's doing until slick fingers are brushing against his ass, testing, teasing but not pushing in yet. Jimin shivers, because the touch is cold but also because the touch is there, Yoongi stroking lightly until Jimin starts to press back onto his fingers, press forward into the kiss, moaning for more.

Yoongi breaks from the kiss, biting at Jimin's bottom lip as he does so, and smirking at the way Jimin is spread before him, naked, waiting for him to move. "Relax," he says, putting his other hand on Jimin's hip, warm, steadying.

Jimin breathes deeply, knows he usually has to with what comes next - the press in of Yoongi's finger, making his muscles relax, trying to wait out the stretch. He always has to prepare himself - mentally and physically, know that he has to loosen up at Yoongi's touch and it gets easier each time. When Yoongi's got one finger up to his knuckles, it's never really a stretch but Jimin keens anyway because it's the little noises he makes that Yoongi loves, that encourage Yoongi to lean forward, kiss him, start to finger him properly until he can coax Jimin into whimpering more.

It's two fingers and a hand on his cock before Jimin starts to get properly hard again - between his refractory period and the stretch, it makes sense but Yoongi's already leaking, smearing precome onto the sheets and against Jimin's thighs. It makes Jimin want to be there too, hard and ready, to be fucked, and he tells Yoongi this, voice breathless as he pushes back onto Yoongi's hand.

Yoongi's reaction is to swear, to pull out completely (and that makes Jimin gasp) and add more lube before fucking Jimin again, three fingers thick and curling to push against his prostate. It's almost too much except it's really not - not yet. Jimin still wants more, arches his back and stretches out his neck, mouth open and lips wet, asking for it.

He's a sight, always is, but like this, Yoongi will want to fuck him - his mouth, his ass, between his thighs. Naked or clothed, on his back or with his ass in the air, Jimin looks like every one of Yoongi's wet dreams, or at least the ones Yoongi has shared with him. This is his dream, but in reality, and getting hard for the third time in one night isn't so much an effort for Jimin as it is a step. Another move in this game and Yoongi needs to start playing for real, because Jimin doesn't want to come again until he's got a cock in him.

"Hyung," he says, impatient, drawing out the vowels. "Fuck me, come on, I'm ready."

And even as Yoongi mutters something that might be brat, he's taking out his fingers, wiping them before opening a condom and slipping it on, adding extra lube because he knows how wet Jimin likes it, how they both relish the smooth slide. Yoongi settles himself between Jimin's legs until he is where he likes to be best, the head of his cock at Jimin's entrance and Jimin's lips in kissing distance. "Now?" Yoongi asks and Jimin almost rolls his eyes.

"Yes, now," Jimin pushes back on Yoongi's cock, relaxes enough so that the head goes in, stretches him out a bit more than Yoongi's hand had. "Come on."

Yoongi gets the message and pushes forward more, one smooth stroke until he's seated deeply and Jimin is taking measured breaths, chest rising and falling under Yoongi's gaze. He's watching, waiting for a sign that it's okay to keep moving; figure he has one when Jimin uses one hand to pull Yoongi's head down, meeting him in a kiss, bringing a hand between them to jerk himself off too.

As Yoongi pulls back, leaves Jimin feeling the stretch and the emptiness, then pushes in again, filling him better than anyone else could, their kisses get dirtier. It's as if Jimin is trying to match their tongues to the way they fuck, like he knows how much Yoongi likes his mouth. He barely even breaks the kiss when he comes for the third time - Yoongi wouldn't've noticed so much if it weren't for the way Jimin tightens around his cock, the way his come hits both their stomachs, the way his breath catches ever so slightly, eyes shutting tight as he lets go.

Yoongi doesn't stop fucking him as Jimin comes, doesn't stop rolling his hips even as Jimin's orgasm starts to fade, only relents a bit on the kisses, pressing softly against his lips, his jaw, his neck instead. He does slow down some, once Jimin has settled a bit more, uses his hands to grip tightly at Jimin's hips, fingers that bite into warm skin, keep him in place.

"You look so good," Yoongi tells Jimin. "So, so pretty for me."

Jimin blushes at the words, as much as he can with a face already red. He's not in a state to talk much but he knows Yoongi wants a reply, and manages to eke out a thank you as Yoongi presses in. They've been to here before, three orgasms for Jimin while chasing Yoongi's first, but when he approached Yoongi earlier, Jimin had asked for more, for four, and Yoongi didn't want to tell him no.

"How do you want to come, after this, hmm? In my mouth?"

Yoongi asks the questions with an everyday air, like he's asking if Jimin wants to shower first, or should they buy this brand of juice? Jimin can tell he's closer though, in sweat starting to bead at his brow, in the way he licks his lips again. His fingers bite in deeper still and Jimin's cock twitches weakly, can get hard a second, third time but he's never tried for four, at least not with a cock in him, not with Yoongi fucking him hard and long and not even caring about how the mess of Jimin's come is starting to smear between them.

"I think I should get you hard with my mouth," Yoongi decides. "Suck you off, and then you can come by my hand again."

Jimin moans, in agreement, in pleasure, in over stimulation from the way Yoongi slips a hand down to tease at his rim.

"Ye- yes, please," replies Jimin, words catching when Yoongi picks up his speed.

It's almost unfair, how good Yoongi looks above Jimin. Jimin is more built but Yoongi is made for this, knows how to make himself look good. Even in bed, Yoongi's only ever seen in the way he wants to show others - he can display the best parts of him, well practised in his skills and always honing new ones. The way he pulls out now, even as he's close, for example, that's new. Jimin's temporary confusion clears when he feels Yoongi's hands on his hips, guiding, directing until Jimin's flipped over, on his knees and braced on his forearms, face almost sinking into plush pillows. He barely has time to adjust to the position before Yoongi's pressing in again and Jimin thinks he must really be a sight like this because Yoongi is back into his rhythm straight away, filthy words spilling from his lips as Jimin muffles his own noises in the bedsheets.

"Can I come on your back?" Yoongi asks and that's new too. "You would look so good with come on you."

The words are shameless but so is Jimin, nodding and gasping when Yoongi pulls out fully, feeling empty but trying to focus instead on the sound of Yoongi stroking himself once, twice more, stripping off the condom before he cries out, coming over Jimin's ass, even down the small of his back. It's warm and Jimin moans at the feeling, feels dirty and hot and sort of wishes he could see himself now, ass in the air, covered in Yoongi's come and cock starting to curve up again. Tonight, Jimin wants to see it all - how much it takes until he starts to cry, until he comes dry.

Jimin feels the bed shift when Yoongi moves to throw away the condom, and slumps forward, his whole body a mess, exhausted but still turned on. Even the press of the bedsheets feels good, the way his cock slide-skips over the fabric, the way his nipples, tight, are so sensitive to the soft blankets. He almost jumps when there's the press of a cloth to his side but then Jimin realises it's Yoongi with a towel. "Wipe your back, then roll over," he dictates and Jimin scrounges the energy to comply.

He still feels empty, the memory of Yoongi's cock barely gone from his mind, and his skin is tingly where Yoongi's fingers bit in. Even as he cleans off the come, Jimin's thinking of how he wants to try that again, but maybe on his chest. On his face. Next time.

Now, Yoongi's apparently recovered enough to be sliding downwards, arranging them on the bed until he can spread Jimin's thighs again, thick and solid and leading nicely to his cock. When Yoongi takes him down for the second time that night, Jimin knows he's not messing around. He goes down smoother than any of his beats, a hand around the base of Jimin's cock for good measure.

"Yoongi hyung," whines Jimin and he doesn't know where he was going with that sentence but it doesn't matter when Yoongi pulls back to lick at the head of his cock - Jimin can't form words. It feels so good, so sensitive, and Jimin's hyper aware of everything around him - the sheets below him, Yoongi's body heat too, the sound of their breathing, the way he's itching to thread fingers through Yoongi's hair.

He's got a hand resting on the crown of Yoongi's head and is surprised when Yoongi's hand joins his, encourages him to hold him there while he tongues at the slit of Jimin's cock, then goes down again. He's sucking Jimin down, lips a tight seal around his shaft while his hand twists at the base, makes Jimin squirm.

It's so, so much, but it's exactly what Jimin asked for and he can't help say thank you, words that escape in gasps and moans, repeat themselves over and over and seem to drive Yoongi to work harder. It's only when Yoongi actually uses his tongue carefully, traces patterns along the underside of Jimin's cock, that it starts to edge into uncomfortable - Jimin so hard he swears he might start seeing stars and he just wants to come already, to come now and it's not just him because Yoongi's pinching at his thigh and apparently that is what it takes to make him come for a fourth time.

Jimin's not sure how much he actually comes, feels like he maybe blacked out for a moment there, but it doesn't seem to matter because Yoongi has swallowed it all down. When he pulls Yoongi up into a kiss, he can still taste the traces of himself and if he had the energy, he'd roll them over, press Yoongi down and lick that taste out of his mouth. If he had the energy, he'd probably try to come again, or make Yoongi come again. It never feels fair that they're not matched one-to-one but Yoongi's said before that seeing Jimin come again and again is more than enough.

"Good? Four?" Yoongi asks and Jimin nods, pulling him in for another kiss. When they pull away, Yoongi's got a small smile on his face. "I'm proud."

Jimin keens at that, happy to have done well, so tired but satisfied. He curls into Yoongi's side and relishes in the contact, even if the heat, the touch of skin, still feels a bit much. Jimin thinks he's done well too, thinks it's a good step forward. Thinks, mentions to Yoongi in a sleepy mumble, that maybe next time they can try for six.