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KNY Smut One-shots

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“ A-aah~! Aah...AH!!!”

Tanjiro is gasping, drooling and sobbing, his body shaking violently as Zenitsu thrusts rapidly behind him. The thunder pillar is famously known for his lighting speed on the battlefield, so it makes sense he would be fast in bed too. Although, with his speed...his thrusts are bruisingly rough as well.
The flame pillar tried to grab for something to hold onto, but his nails would scrape against the wood of the room floor. With each thrust, the head of his cock would slam into his prostate, making Tanjiro’s eyes roll up, his tongue lolling out each time. The redhead can feel his mind quickly turning into mush. Tanjiro turns to look at Zenitsu over his shoulder, with tears in his eyes.

“...S-slow down...ZENITSU! Be gentler!!!” the redhead shouts as the blonde gives another harsh thrust to his prostate.

Zenitsu pants and slows down to stare at Tanjiro. He examines his face, watching how his burgundy eyes cloud with lust, tears streaming down his face, his cheeks the color of a rose, and his swollen lips shining with saliva. The sight before him pushes him to the edge. With a iron grip, Zenitsu holds Tanjiro’s hips up and gives another harsh thrust. Surprised by the sudden action, Tanjiro threw his head back and screamed, body wracking with intense, surprising pleasure as Zenitsu rammed into his sweet spot over and over again.
The sounds of skin smacking against skin, Tanjiro’s moans falling out of his lips, and the squelching of Zenitsu’s cock moving in and out of Tanjiro’s stretched hole echoes throughout the room.

Every rough thrust into him caused waves of heat to crash into Tanjiro, making it feel like he was melting into the floor, his hard nipples rubbing against the wooden floors, the pain causing him more pleasure. The lightning pillar wasn’t letting up at all, nearly suffocating Tanjiro with his harsh thrusts. The flame pillar groans and he feels his legs about to give out, but Zenitsu’s iron grip on his hips keeps him upright. Tanjiro continues to pant, taking in as much oxygen as he can but with the rough thrusts make it impossible. Each time the lighting pillar slams into his sweet spot, Tanjiro is left breathless and gasping for more air.

Zenitsu wasn’t doing any better either. Each time he thrusts into Tanjiro’s swollen hole, he feels warm, velvet walls clench his dick, almost as if it wanted his cock to stay inside, surrounded in slick warmth. And Tanjiro’s screaming didn’t help either.
His screams filled with intense pleasure and his skin glistening with sweat. Zenitsu looks down to where they’re connected. The thunder pillar marvelled at how his cock managed to open that tiny circle of pink between Tanjiro’s ass cheeks, turning into a swollen red from the abuse. The obscene squelch of his cock sliding into the redhead made the blonde shudder in pleasure, inching himself as deep as he could go.

“ Aaaaah~!!! I-I’m...CUMMING!” Tanjiro screams, his eyes rolling up once again.

Zenitsu turns Tanjiro around so he can face him, hooking his legs around his waist, drilling into him deeper. The blonde groans and his thrusts turn sloppy as he gets near his climax. Knowing that his climax is near, Tanjiro hugs Zenitsu against his body, leans into his ear and whispers: “ Cum inside me, fill me up with your hot cum~. I want in me so bad.”

With a loud moan that rang clear in the enclosed space they were in, Zenitsu stuffed his length in so deep and came inside. Tanjiro felt warmth spilling in his abdomen, coating his warm insides with hot, thick cum. The flame pillar moaned, feeling the sticky fluid coat his walls and leak out his entrance.

Coming down from their high, both Zenitsu and Tanjiro panted from the intense activity and stared at one another. They slowly leaned in and pressed their lips together in a kiss, both men falling into a deep sleep.