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Burning flames but gentle heart

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Enji Todoroki also known as the number two pro hero Endeavour. To villains, he was a force to be reckoned with thanks to his powerful fire quirk and excellent use and application of it in the field. To the public, however, while not on the same level as All Might, many loved the number two hero. With his position, most believe to be borderline permanent he has many a busy day, today. For instance, he solved 37 mugging attempts. Somehow a few were by already caught that day perpetrators, two attempted hit and runs, three almost accidental hit and runs out of 7 counts of speeding (oddly enough none with speed based or boosting quirk). And to top it all off, a supervillain who had successfully taken out ten other heroes. The point? He was tired yet still alert in his observations on his path home.

“I’m home” Endeavour announced as he walked through the door, only to be met with his six-year-old son Shoto running towards him

“Hide me!” He whimpered after hiding behind his father.

"Shoto~ you can run, but you can’t hide~” Around the corner came, Endeavour’s second oldest and only daughter, Fuyumi. “The tickle monster’s found you~” The twelve-year-old cooed.

Endeavour watched as Fuyumi chased her little brother while circling their father like he was a simple bit of furniture. He couldn’t help but smirk at this sight. It reminded him of how similar Fuyumi was to her mother. After watching them a little longer, he decided to step in and picked Shoto up and placed him on his shoulder.

“No fair~” Fuyumi pouted

"Tough; besides, I helped you when Touya use to tickle you. Only fair I do the same for Shoto," Endeavour stated as Fuyumi just continued to pout at her bad and little brother.

The three of them walked to the living room to find Touya and Natsuo. Touya was busying working on his homework, Enji was proud his oldest get into UA hero course without a recommendation, he did find it funny how the fifth teen-year-old flat out refused the recommendation. Fuyumi just walked of still in a mood after her father stopped her fun with Shoto. Natsuo, on the other hand, was seemingly hanging around looking for something to do.

"Dad, can you put me down?" Shoto asked. Enji complied and lowered him, son, back down to the ground. Once he was safely back on the ground, Shoto ran over to Touya. “Why didn’t you stop big sis?” he asked his older brother.

"I told you, if you provoked her, she would bite back or in this case tickle," Touya chuckled without taking his eyes off his homework. Shoto grumbled incoherently at his brother, only to have said brother ruffle his red and white hair.

Endeavour watched as Shoto walked away from his older brother get back to his drawing that he had been working on before he got Fuyumi's attention. No matter how many times he thought about it. He still couldn't believe he was the father in this scenario. Frankly, he never imagined family life, but that was before Rei, simpler but by no means better times.

"You ok, dad?" Touya asked "You look like you've gone toe to toe with All Might and didn't get stop fighting him, till they forced you too" Touya jokingly said

"Oh, haha, hilarious," Endeavour said sarcastically as he laid down on the couch. "Just too many people thinking they can do what they want and not face the consequences. Seriously I had one person who was beating his wife on what seemed like a daily basis. People like that make me sick," he grumbled as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

"Well, at least you got the guy. And besides knowing you, the worst part of all these cases is the paperwork afterward, am I right?" Touya asked

“Dad’s asleep” Natsuo pointed out to his older brother, Natsuo was proven right when they heard their father start to snore. It was then that an evil grin crept across Natsuo’s face. "Shoto hand me your makers. Let's have some fun~."


Endeavor didn't know when he had fallen asleep or for how long, but he awoke to the sounds of his wife, Rei giggling. When he opened his eyes, he saw her standing above him, seemingly barely able to hold her laughter in.

“What’s so funny?” He asked

“En-Enji..y-you-ur…fa-ace” Rei said through the giggling and handed her husband a mirror. When Endeavour looked at his reflection, he found his face covered in scribbles, from whiskers, spirals and other childlike drawings across his face, the shock of this almost made him drop the mirror.

“KKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!” Endeavor's roar shook the house and altered just about anyone in a one-mile radius. That his kids were in trouble or to be more precise, Natsuo and Shoto were in big trouble.


Endeavour loved his family, and being a hero, there was no doubt about that, but some days, it seems to leave him a shell, mainly from the exhaustion. Granted, he knew it was partly his fault this time, spending most of yesterday working and then having to punish Natsuo and Shoto. Mainly them being grounded for the next two weeks and sitting in the corner for an hour, sadly for the flame hero, Rei had gotten a pic of his scribbled face and made it her new wallpaper. Thankfully due to the excess of work he did yesterday, he found himself leaving earlier than usual today, so deciding to take advantage of this, Endeavour opted to walk home today.

It wasn’t commonly known, but the Number Two Hero quite enjoyed a quiet walk. Then again, when your daily routine is facing off against villains, its good to have a moment relax. It defiantly helped Endeavour more times than he can count.

“So, it’s a Sunday, that means the kids don’t have school, but Toya and Fuyumi will likely be at a friend's house. Just means only Natsuo and Shoto will be in for certain." Endeavour groaned as he stretched his arms. "Ok, defiantly following Rei advice and going for an early night, granted knowing her the second she sees me this exhausted, she'll force me to go to bed" he let out a mighty laugh.

Endeavor continued to enjoy his walk home. It wasn't until he got to a residential area where he had to handle a few kids who recognized the hero in his casual clothes and were asking for autographs and a few pics. The parents kept trying to apologize for children's rudeness, but Endeavour didn't care. He was saying that he knew how kids were when they saw a hero, especially one in the top ten. After saying goodbye to the last kid, Endeavour was about to leave himself, when he heard the sound of a window being smashed.

Looking up, he saw a rolling pin go flying out a window from one of the apartments, Endeavour was confused, but his experience told him this was likely one of two things, maybe three. Most likely, a couple was arguing and had gotten to the stage of throwing things at each other, or some brat had gotten pissed off with their parents or something else and threw the rolling pin out of sheer frustration. Either way, though, Endeavour decided to investigate, expecting to either stop a couple from killing each other or to reprimand a brat who needs to control his temper.


Locating the apartment was tricky, but Endeavour found it, none the less. As he reached the door, however, he heard what sounded like a woman shouting and more smashing. He placed his ear against the door to see if he can hear anything more coherent.

“……ay!....not……hideo…..irk……bastrd, arnt you!" The woman screamed. Hearing enough, Endeavour knocked on the door, deciding to play it safe. After a minute, the door opened to reveal slim green-haired woman, although she was smiling, Endeavour felt this was just for show.

“Yes, is something the matter?” The woman asked innocently

“Yes, I saw what seemed to be a rolling pin go flying out your window, I came round to make sure everything was alright” The woman eyes widen for a moment only for her to continue to smile at her visitor

"Oh…that…well, it's embarrassing, but I was watching my favorite show, and they just killed off one of my favorite characters. So I got upset and threw the rolling pin, it's idiotic I know, but I guess some people get too into their shows" the woman started to laugh, but Endeavour noticed she was slowly starting to retreat back into her apartment.

"Well… I can understand that my wife and even my son have similar reactions. I once found they froze the TV due to a similar reason. Man, the look on my son's face was priceless!” The pair laughed at this, Endeavour, using this moment and his height to sneak a peek into the apartment. He quirkily noticed a few things were scattered on the floor and what seemed to be a broken All Might figure as well. “Oh, by the way, my name is Enji, Enji Todoroki” Endeavour greeted in a kindly manner, extending his hand forward in a friendly gesture

“Oh…well…my name is Inko. Inko Midoriya” Inko replied as she shook Enji hand

‘She’s hiding something that's for sure,' Endeavour thought as he shook Inko hand. 'From what I heard, it could be something akin to domestic abuse, but if I go barging in without hearing or seeing something suspicious. Then I’m just basically asking for trouble, I need to remain calm, keep up the appearance that I’m just a concerned passer-by who’s having a chit chat, worse case I leave but keep an eye on the place but that has a good chance of not ending well’ Endeavour thought as Inko kept talking.

Endeavor kept talking to Inko, for another few minutes, trying his best to listen out for something that would confirm his suspicions. It wasn't until he started hearing what sounded like a weak moan coming from inside the apartment that his hunch was beginning to look right. Inko looked back into the apartment, and Endeavour caught a look of disgust, if only for a moment until she was smiling back at him.

"Well, it's been a pleasure, but I got to go, got to get this placed cleaned before my husband comes home," Inko said as she quickly tried to shut the door on Endeavour. Only to be met with his foot stopping the door from closing.

"Sorry, but that's where I have to say no," Endeavour growled. With little effort, Endeavour forced the door open and walked past Inko to explore the apartment.

"What the hell!!!" Inko screamed, "Get out of my damn house or I'll call the police and the heroes on you" Inko whole innocent tone was gone now, she continued to scream at Endeavour.

"Ma'am, I am a pro hero, and I can tell you for a fact, that we are allowed to conduct searches if we find a reason to believe the civilian is conducting illegal actions and ever since you opened that door. I was able to tell your hiding something you don't want me to find out something that can likely result in your arrest." Endeavor said as he searched the apartment until he stumbled upon a locked door, this however proved useless when faced against Endeavour.

Using his quirk, he melted the lock on the door in an instant. Once opening the door, he was met with what seemed to be a child's bedroom or what use to be one. The wallpaper was peeling from the walls, and Endeavour noticed a worn-out mattress on the floor with a thin blanket. 'No child could live in this place; hell, this seems more like a cell than a room.'

It was then that Endeavour heard the whimpering again, this time coming from the closet. He approached the closet slowly, pulling the door open. The pro hero was shocked to find a boy with messy green hair, likely no older than his youngest son, cowering in the corner of the closet. The child soon noticed he had company. He looked up at Endeavour. His eyes filled terror. It was then that Endeavour noticed the boy was bleeding from a wound on his head, the child was shaking with fear. Endeavour just wanted to reach out and hug the boy to assure him he was alright, but he knew this could make him react negatively.

“Hey, it’s ok I'm a friend," Endeavour said calmly "I'm not going to hurt you."

“…sory….ue….irk…..plse…mom…y” The boy blubbered as he continued to cry his little eyes out, Endeavour felt a part of himself die watching this.

"You don't need to worry. I'm a pro hero. I'm here to help. You know who I am?" Endeavour asked, the boy just shook his head in response. "I'm the Number Two Hero Endeavour" to prove himself. Endeavor activated his quirk to show the boy his iconic flaming facial hair. Before Endeavour could talk any further, he heard a crash outside the room, and then it hit him, he had been so focused on searching the apartment and the discovery of the boy, he forgot to detain Inko.

He told the boy he be right back and raced out of the room. He just caught a glimpse of Inko fleeing through the front door. Not missing a beat, Endeavour ran out of the apartment and looked for his fleeing suspect. He saw Inko had already made to the ground floor and was fleeing the scene.

'Oh, like hell you're getting away from, you sick bastard!' Endeavor thought as he jumped over the railing. Just as he started to freefall, he activated his quirk and propelled himself towards his target, it was a new move he had only recently developed, and this was obvious to anyone watching the man. But his determination fuelled him. Still, he was only in the next street when he caught up to Inko and landed in front of the woman.

“Going somewhere” He growled, before Inko could utter a coherent response, Endeavour forced her to the ground, the woman barely able to put up a struggle to the giant that was Enji Todoroki. "Inko Midoriya, I'm arresting you on suspicion of child abuse and neglect," Endeavour said as he grabbed the capture tape he always kept on his person and restrained Inko.

Endeavour called up his agency, and soon enough, the police were on the scene. He gave the officers a rundown of the situation and said he gladly head to the station later, to provide a more detailed account. But before that, he had to go back and make sure the boy was safe, Endeavour noticed at the mention of the boy, Inko got angrier as she thrashed around in the back of the police car.

Endeavour ran back to the apartment as fast as he could, he arrived shortly after the ambulance he had his agency call, arrived on the scene.

“Ahhh Endeavour, thank goodness you’re back, we have an issue," One of the paramedics said as he walked up to the hero.

"What's the matter, is the boy, alright?" Endeavour asked.

"That's the problem. We can't get close to him. When one of the other paramedic’s tried to help, he started panicking, we tried to let him know we just want to help, but he still panics whenever we get close to him” The paramedic said as he and Endeavour walked to the apartment. "I'm worried, if we can't treat him soon, his injury may worsen, and if we tried to sedate him, I know he'll likely react worse, and that could likely result in worsening his injury.”

"I'll try my best to calm the boy. Hopefully, I can convince him we just want to help him" Endeavour replied

The pair got back to Inko’s apartment, as Endeavour walked in, he noticed a couple of paramedics were standing read outside the child's room, before heading in. Endeavour grabbed the broken All Might figure he noticed earlier. Walking into the "room" he saw the young boy hadn't moved from his spot in the closet, walking closer he saw the boy give him a slightly less terrified look than before. He sat just in front of the closet, avoiding making the boy feel scared.

“Sorry for up and leaving, but that mean woman who locked you in here tried to run away, but I made sure she was caught," Endeavour chuckled.

“Yo-you…cau- c- caught…Momma?” the boy blubbered

“So she was your mother, huh could have fooled me from how she acted, and she kept you in this room," Endeavour grumbled as he looked around the room once again. "Granted, I'm using the term room, in its widest possible definition." 

“It…n-ot…hr…fault, its m...ine”

“What?” this comment defiantly got Endeavour’s attention

“ md…w- h-en...I used…my q..quirk” The boy said, seemingly he was starting to calm down

“So she got mad cause you used your quirk, was it an accident, did you hurt her?” Endeavour asked

“No…It just a..acts up…..that’s w-what t-the d..oc-or said”

"So, your mother got upset at you and hit you, just because your quirk acts up from time to time?" Endeavour asked again

“yes….she sad…. qirk is," the boy said as he sounded out the last word

“How can a quirk be hideous, sure a quirk can be scary at times, especially when they first manifest” Endeavour was speaking from experience, not only when he first got his quirk, but when his oldest son’s quirk first manifested. “But how could your mother make you think your quirk is so horrible?”

“Sh-she said it-.. its a vill- v- villain's quirk.. it rein..ed her of…. him” the boy started crying again at the end of his sentence. Clearly, the mention of the man scared the boy. Endeavour was beginning to wonder how deep this rabbit hole was going.

‘Crap, he’s getting worse. Urgh, what would that V-haired Blonde windbag say, to help this kid' Endeavour thought, then a light went off in his head.

"You know, I've faced a lot of villains in my time, and you want to know something. I never once saw a villainous quirk. Sure I've seen what other people call "Villainous" quirks, typically blood base or had a connection to something that scared most people or even ones that people just found creepy. But yet it was never the quirk that made them a villain. It was they choose to use it in villainous ways. Now I don't know who this person is or what he did to make your mother punish you for having a similar quirk, but the most important thing to remember is that a quirk is what you make of it, regardless of your history. So you know what I see in front of me?" He asked the boy, shook his head in response. I don’t see someone with a hideous or villainous quirk, but a little kid who is suffering, cause of someone else and that is something I won’t allow” Endeavour finished his speech with a proud smile on his face and the boy looking at him in awe and the slightest hint of a small…nut only a hint.

"Y-you…so-ond…l-like All M-might," The boy replied, Endeavour just chuckled at the boy's statement.

“I guess I did, granted he can be annoying from time to time. He sometimes has a good point" Endeavour turned back to see the paramedics were still waiting at the door for his signal the boy was ok. "Listen, I heard you got scared when one of the paramedics tried to approach you after I left. They aren't here to hurt you or punish you. They just want to help you and stop your injury from getting worse. So can you please let them have a look at your injury?" It was then that Endeavour pulled out the broken All Might figure he found at the entrance. He held it out to the young boy, sheepishly he reached out and grabbed the toy.

“C-can y..ou st-s-stay too?..” He asked quietly

"Of course, don't worry. I'll keep you safe…." And then the realization kicked in again. "…. You know in all the commotion I forgot to ask you what your name is, sorry about that," Endeavour apologized as he chuckled.

“Izu-I-Izuku, my name is Izuku” The boy, now known as Izuku whispered

After that, the paramedics were called over and got to work on patching Izuku up. The entire time Endeavour was remaining next to the boy, even when they said he needed to go to the hospital for further examination. Enji still stayed with the kid, but not before calling up Rei to let her know he likely be late home that night, thanks to an incident.   

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