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A Story From Me to You

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Bernadetta sighed and rubbed her eyes. This was it, she could not find any errors, the formatting was good, the tags updated. It was time to finally release the chapter into the world. She pressed the button and the couple seconds wait for the chapter to be submitted was agony.

Thankfully it went through no problem and she quickly checked it over on the site to make sure everything looked good.

She sighed in relief and looked at the clock on the wall. Ten AM.  She had gotten up early to get some homework done but decided to release the latest chapter of her fanfiction instead. She knew her readers would understand but she liked being punctual with her updated, Fluffyteddybear48 had a reputation to uphold after all!

Well she had a few hours until her first class of the day, her creative writing class. She had to type up a one thousand word story about a falling leaf. Not really her usual cup of tea as someone who loved writing daring tales and spicy romances and her latest fic, A Long Lasting Dream, set in the world of Awakening, a popular video game, had plenty of that to go around.

She cracked her fingers and opened a new document. “Focus Bernie,” she murmured before beginning to type away.


Sylvain let out a long yawn and scrolled through his feed as he waited for Professor Hanneman’s class to begin. The coffee he had this morning was not helping with the long night he had yesterday. Well, a long fun night. He couldn’t remember the name of the girl but her breasts were quite large.

“Here, take one of these and shut that mouth of yours.” Felix tossed an energy shot bottle and it was only Sylvain’s fast reflexes that prevented him from being smacked in the head with it.

“Always can count on you to have one of these on you at all times.” Sylvain saluted Felix before downing the whole thing. “You better not tell Ingrid I had one of these.”

Felix smirked. “And not see the show? I’m letting her know.”

“Oh come on Felix, I had a good night yesterday. I want to have a good morning too!”

Felix made a face. “I really didn’t need to know that.”

Sylvain shrugged and looked down at his phone as he saw a notification go off. An email for a fanfiction site. His eyes widen as he quickly opened the email and gasped.  “Fluffyteddybear48 updated their fic!?”

 Felix stared at him with palatable unamusment.  “I thought you weren’t in that fandom?”

Sylvain shook his head as he tapped the link to the new chapter. “You don’t understand. This is Fluffyteddybear48! Their stuff is amazing. You can take notes for me right? Oh man, it’s so long.” It had to be close to 10k if anything! He checked the word count at the top of the page. Yup. 10k.

“Seriously? You don’t have to read it right away.”

“I have to. Their work is amazing and deserves it!”

Felix shook his head. “Suit yourself. Also do you really have to keep repeating that username?”

“Well duh.” Sylvain set up his notebook and textbook so it blocked the view of his phone sitting on the table. “Tell me when class is done or if the Professor is looking at me okay?”

Felix groaned but Sylvain wasn’t worried. Despite his complaining and bluntness, they had known each other since they were children, Felix would go through hell and back for him and Sylvain would do the same. And well, Ingrid would be waiting for them at the entrance, ready to pull them both by the ear for doing something so stupid. And Dimitri, well he could go either way really, it really depended on the day.

Sylvain was only a few paragraphs in when he heard Professor Hanneman clear his throat. Looking up, he saw the professor standing at the podium, a young woman next to him. “Hello everyone, I think it is time we get started. I guess first we should start with introductions.” He gestured to Byleth. “This is Byleth, the TA for the class. She was supposed to start in the beginning of the year but there was a slight mishap but she is here now. She will have her own office hours and able to tutor anyone that needs help in my class.”

Out of habit, Sylvain gave the new TA a once over. Blue hair, an ample chest, a narrow waist. She was pretty he had to admit and very much his type. Although for some reason, the more he stared at her, the more he didn’t want to think of her in that way. Weird.

“But before we get into today’s lesson, a pop quiz.” Hanneman gestured to Byleth.

Sylvain cursed under his breath. “I’m nowhere near done,” he muttered.

“Take the dang quiz and then get back to it idiot,” grumbled Felix.

True, but Robin was currently contemplating her feelings for Chrom! Sylvain had to know if this was the chapter they were finally going to get together or not!

Sylvain shoved his phone into his pocket as Byleth came up to their row and handed the quizzes to the person on the end of the row of desks. He grabbed one off the pile and handed it to Felix before giving it a once over. Last week’s lesson about the year of 1412. With a roll of his eyes, Sylvain twirled his pen and flew through the answers as fast as he could. A few times he paused, deciding to go with the “wrong” answer. His goal was to coast by college on a B average. His father always complained about Sylvain not applying himself but his future had already been decided for him, why should he bother putting in more effort than he needed to?

Once finished with his B-average quiz, Sylvain gave it a once over to make sure everything looked right before getting up and racing over to Byleth who was waiting in the front of the classroom. In a normal situation, he would have given the TA a wink and a flirtatious smile but Sylvain really wanted to know what was going to happen next  between Robin and Chrom so he just shoved the quiz in her hands before racing back to his seat.

He carefully pulled his phone out and rested it on the table, his books blocking it from view of the professor podium. It was a big risk to read it on his phone now so he waited impatiently until everyone turned in their quizzes. Felix was one of the last and Sylvain had to glare as Felix returned to his seat after handing it in to Byleth.

“Keep glaring like that and I won’t give you my notes,” Felix replied curtly.

Fair point.

Thankfully the lecture began soon after and Sylvain was free to read through the chapter. Like always, Fluffyteddybear48 had a way with words. They seemed to always be able to convey what the characters were feeling in a way that made Sylvain happy or worried or sacred or angry for the characters. And the descriptions! Fluffyteddybear48 always described the scenery in such vivid detail that he was always able to picture where the scene was happening.

By the time the class ended Sylvain had finished up the chapter. While the others packed up, he had to take a moment to take the chapter in. It had started great, Robin was complementing her feelings for Chrom and was consulting Lissa on what to do about it. About halfway through she had gone to Chrom, Sylvain had leaned forward in his seat, so ready for the confession. This was a slow burn fic, the couple dancing around each other for the past twelve chapters. Sylvain had never played the source material, his only knowledge of the game was through Fluffyteddybear48’s fic so he didn’t know if this was the same in the game itself(he doubt it since it was marked an AU fic), but they had always given enough detail that Sylvain had never felt lost or confused although if there was a game term he didn’t know, he made sure to look it up. 

Well anyway, Robin was building up to confess her feelings and Chrom was being dense like always. Well, Robin was dense too when Chrom made advances on her, they were both so dense and normally that would annoy Sylvain but Fluffyteddybear48 wrote it so well that he didn’t care and he was invested in these two characters getting together. Right before she could confess, the Grimleal army attacked and Validar had cast a spell on Chrom and Robin. The spell didn’t seem to do anything and the duo had led the army to push back the Grimleal. After defeating them, Chrom had asked Robin what she wanted to say before and Robin had confessed her feelings. Sylvain wanted to get up and cheer but then Chrom had a pained look on his face and clutched his chest before collapsing in front of Robin, the chapter ending right then and there.

He needed the next chapter now! He had to know if Chrom was alright and what his response would be to Robin’s confession. Oh Seiros, he so hoped Chrom didn’t die but who knows! Only Fluffyteddybear48 knew where they were going with the story.

As the rest of the students got up to leave the classroom, Sylvain shoved his books away and threw his bag over his shoulder before focusing on writing his review as he walked down the steps to leave the classroom.  “Gotta write the best review ever…it was so good…” he mumbled under his breath.

He felt a tug on the back of his collar and noticed Felix had grabbed him before he could barrel into another student. He muttered a thanks before getting back to work on his review, making sure to compliment all the great sentences and all the events in the chapter and what he was looking forward to in the next one. He also had to compliment them on releasing such a long chapter barely a week after the release of the previous one. How fast could Fluffyteddybear48 write!?

Now finished with the review, and after making sure it went through, Sylvain shoved his phone in his pocket and saw Felix checking his phone. “Ingrid said her and Annette can meet up with us for lunch.”

Sylvain grinned. “I’ll keep Ingrid busy for you.” He was really not sure how it happened but one day Felix was listening to one of Annette’s little songs and the next they were dating. Sylvain was still not sure what Felix did that drew Annette to him but they seemed happy enough.

Felix glared at him. “Don’t bother. And the boar said he would try to join us later too, if he could get out of a meeting early. Which you would know if you checked the group chat.”

“Well sorry for dealing with the biggest revelation ever! Chrom is currently unconscious because of what I suspect is something Validar did and Robin is going to worry so much in the next chapter. I have a lot on my mind okay!? Oh and when we have lunch I can have your notes right?”

Sighing, Felix held out the notebook. “Don’t get any stains on it.”

“That only happened once!”