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Taking care of the other at home

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Since the new hairstyle of the new magazine that went a little viral Zhu Yi Long decide to do something as revenge for tease Bai Yu and show him that he really loves him.
So he put the phone in plane mode, he only dressed as one apron with his underwear and he will wait in the kitchen while cooking like that.

Bai Yu was worried because he tried to call multiples times Zhu Yi Long but he doesn't answer generally even when he was working he answered to him.
It's was so weird that he becomes worried.
He began to think about some bad stuff if he falls ill or collapse and he gets scared.

Then he arrives at their home and then he saw Zhu Yi Long in the kitchen, Bai Yu run and hug him

"You make me so scared, Long Ge"

"Xiao Bai..."

"You didn't answer my call, I was worried"

"I wanted to surprise you when you arrive at home, that you see me here cooking for us"

"You are too good but please don't make me more scared"

Zhu Yi Long kiss Bai Yu and then begun to take all the clothes of Bai Yu "What are you doing, you are impatient to go to bed?" he said with one smirk

"Mmh maybe later when I want to please my hubby, but right now let us go to the bathroom and have one nice bath"

"Oh yes I wouldn't say no to this," said Bai Yu

They go to the bathroom where the water was just the perfect temperature when they get in the bath.

"It's so perfect and so good compared to outside," said Bai Yu

"I know, I was thinking that maybe since we didn't have to do something the next day we could stay here and just take care of each other as you promised me before"

"Great Idea"

They enjoy to be in the bathroom, just relaxing it's was true they needed to be only the two of them, taking care of the other and also try to gain a little weight.

"Will you let me hand feed you?" said Bai Yu

"Of course if you let me do this to you"

They never did do something like before in their previous relationship, but right now they really wanted it.
They knew each other now, they knew they wanted to stay together forever if it's was possible because it's was true love.

They had one wonderful dinner then after one good hot cocoa for finish before they go in their bed.

"I did promise you, to please you, my hubby"

"Oh yes, and if you think I didn't see you in the apron with just one boxer you are wrong"

"So you saw it"

"Of course, why do you think I was kinda hot and a little hard after the little scare you gave me"

"Good it's was what I wanted" said Zhu Yi Long between kiss to all the body of Bai Yu.

"It is the revenge of what I did to you last time for your photoshoot"

"Maybe, maybe not"

"Who has created one evil and genius like you?"

"I think it's you Xiao Bai," says Zhu Yi Long while kissing him.

Tonight was about to please the other, to remind that they are both together, that they love each other.
They will do multiples round but they don't care to be tired later they wanted it to remind as the perfect vacation at home where the main objective was to be with the other.
They will not wear lots of clothes during this little vacation at home, where the only heat they needed is the heat is the one from their body when they are together and the heat of cooking together and eat while being hand feed.