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Be My Player Two?

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Denki walks into the house like he owns the place, grinning as he scans the bustling room for his friends. He's 'fashionably' late to the party since he doesn't actually own a car. Reliable buses don't often come in the evening so public transit was his only option. When he spots a familiar tousle of bright pink hair he immediately pushes through the crowd of dancers, shouting over the unbearably loud music as he approaches one of his best friends, Mina. 


"Yo Mina! I have arrived!" The pink-haired girl turns around at the sound of her name, squealing loudly and pulling Denki into a big hug. 

" Denkiii!" she yells happily, straight into Denki's unfortunate ear. He doesn't mind, though - he's probably already going deaf from loud music and video games anyways. Denki hugs her back and gladly accepts the drink she hands him. He can't really see what's inside the red solo cup, but he takes a big sip and grins wider. As usual, Mina knows exactly what Denki likes - drinks that don't really taste like alcohol, and she doesn't even tease him that much about it! What a great friend.

After glancing around the room his eyes settle back onto Mina’s. He asks where everyone is but she just shrugs, yelling back that Sero is probably somewhere in one of the rooms trying to hotbox by now and Bakugou is probably playing beer pong, with Kirishima happily cheering him on. She shrugs again as Denki nods, turning away to leave her to her own devices (which, knowing Mina, will probably end up with her bringing someone back home). 


Denki weaves his way through the crowd, striking up a conversation with anyone along the way who replies, dancing with a few girls - and a couple of guys - until he comes across another one of their little clique. It’s Bakugou, who is in the kitchen making drinks for those who ask with a more than annoyed look on his face. Denki knows he isn’t really that annoyed, mostly because he’s still there and also the fact that the look on his face is the resting scowl that never seems to go away, no matter what mood he’s actually in. For a standoffish architecture major, he's pretty good at partying. Denki raises his cup towards Bakugou as a greeting, giving him a bright smile as he does so. The ash blond returns it with a nod and a gruff “Pikachu”. Denki hoots and grins even wider while he shows off his thematically appropriate Pikachu t-shirt to the other, who just rolls his eyes and scoffs before turning away to grab his own drink. He asks Bakugou where he can find Kirishima and he jabs a thumb towards the back of the house. With no more questions, Denki turns on his heels and heads off in the direction the other pointed him in. 


He eventually finds Kirishima playing beer pong near the back exit of the house. It appears he’s doing quite well seeing as he’s gathered a sizable crowd around himself, and he looks as confident as ever. He enthusiastically waves when he sees Denki, beckoning him over as an invite to join him in the game. Denki shakes his head, refusing the invitation. He knows better than to accept the offer, mostly because of his terrible aim, but he does stay for a bit to cheer Kirishima on before making his way upstairs to hopefully find Sero. 


Unsurprisingly, the anthropology major is inside of a smoke-filled room, already looking as stoned as can be along with a decent gathering of other people. Denki walks over, plopping down into Sero’s lap once he notices there’s no open seats nearby. He snickers as he wraps his arms around the black haired boy. “Hey there, I hope this seat wasn’t taken.” Sero rolls his eyes and hands over the blunt to the hyperactive man sitting in his lap. Denki thanks him before taking a long hit and handing it to the person next to him. Denki won’t admit out loud that he isn’t half tempted to shotgun the smoke in his lungs to the man whose lap he’s in. It’s not like they haven’t done it before, but maybe it’s just the drink Mina handed off to him when he arrived finally taking effect. Sero might be attractive, but they were nothing more than friends. He exhales after a moment before relaxing into his lap, his head resting on the other man’s shoulder. 



He stays there until another blunt is passed to him before getting up to go find someone else to talk to. Sero isn’t the most talkative when he’s high, which is...most of the time. It’s rare to see him not high. 


Denki makes his way back downstairs and back into the party to resume dancing, socializing, flirting, and just enjoying the attention he receives. Eventually he finds himself outside on the back porch to get some fresh air, the crowd of bodies on the dance floor suffocating the air too much for his liking. He takes a deep breath, revelling in the fresh air before sitting down on the edge of the deck with his legs dangling off the edge. The feeling of the cold wind blowing on his heated skin is very relaxing, and he’s glad he decided to take a break. With a quiet hum he lays back, staring up into the night sky. There aren’t many people out here at the moment, most are occupied in the house, either dancing or playing beer pong along to the beat of good-quality music - since someone actually managed to coax Jirou into djing the party. She’s a musical composition major, so she mixed songs from her favorite playlist and brought it to show off and give the party her creative touch. Everyone on campus knows who she is whether she likes it or not (and secretly, she does like it, although she will deny that fact until the day she dies). Her taste in music is impeccable so word gets around quickly once she shares a new song.


A quiet thump and the rustling of clothes alerts Denki to the fact that someone has sat down on the other end of the deck. Curious, he sits up and glances over at the person who sat down a ways away from him. Denki shoots them a wide smile, lowkey checking them out. They stand, walking over and sitting down next to him when they see the jubilant invitation. The first thing he notices once he’s closer is that this dude looks tired as fuck, followed by a ‘damn, this guy’s hair is messy, and a ‘oh wait, I think they might’ve just woken up’. It’s not surprising that Denki’s mouth decides to voice these thoughts. “Did you, like, just get out of bed before you came here?” The person blinks, slightly taken aback, and Denki backtracks as fast as he possibly can. “Crap no, I’m sorry! I’m just super curious and my mouth is dumb. It moves quicker than my brain and it doesn’t help that I’m sorta tipsy and maybe a little bit high too. But you look suuuper tired my dude.” Said dude snorts and shakes their head. 


“S’fine. My friend dragged me out here while I was trying to take a nap.” The purple haired figure lifts their hand and Denki notices the blunt they’re holding between their fingers. A chuckle bubbles in his throat. “Didja get that from Sero?” He ask, the other person nods. The stranger next to him seems more relaxed than they were previously, meaning the weed has most likely hit them. The nameless person next to him offers the blunt to Denki, who happily accepts.


 A rush of confidence surges over Denki as he looks at the stranger next to him. “Ya know, I’d hate to be the one to take the last hit, ‘specially seeing as how it’s your blunt.” Mx. purple haired stranger quirks a brow at him, a sense of curiosity sparkling in their eyes. A smirk crosses Denki’s lips as he takes a hit, gesturing for the stranger to lean in. He leans in, pressing his lips to the others, exhaling the smoke as the strangers inhales. Denki pulls away with a hum, a light flush painting his cheeks. Nothing else in the world matters right now to Denki, not the pulsing bassline of Jirou’s music that he can feel underneath his fingertips, nor the thought of tomorrow's repercussions that come in the form of a nasty hangover. Just this moment between two strangers, sharing a blunt under the moon and stars. 


Denki lets out a soft hum as he leans back on one hand and stares up into the night sky. “So, you said someone dragged you out of bed to come to the party, mind me asking who brought you?” He asks, slowly lifting his gaze back over to the person next to him. The weed is still in effect, but Denki can at least keep up the conversation. Messy purple hair waves slightly as the stranger stares up at the stars that litter the sky with infinitesimal amounts of light. “Midoriya Izuku, probably haven’t heard of him,” they drawl out, their tone sounding dead of any emotion. Denki smiles softly as he remembers the energetic head of green hair. “He’s kinda short, squirrely, and super energetic? Has a tendency to ramble a lot?” 


The person huffs, a small laugh escaping them. “Yeah...that’s the one,” they say with a smirk. “My friend Kacchan is friends with him, so I see him from time to time. Kacchan’s a real character so it’s hard to imagine them as friends. Well, describing them as friends might be a stretch but hey what do I know? I mean he calls him Kacchan so they must be close in some way right?” Denki rambles, the alcohol and weed not letting his mouth stay shut. 


“I don’t know this Kacchan guy in person, but Izuku has talked about him in the past,” the stranger shrugs and fiddles with their hands. Denki comes back to his senses as he sobers for a moment and jolts, checking around his surroundings for the familiar mop of ash blonde hair. “Hey don’t tell him I called him Kacchan, he’ll beat my ass,” He says with a grin and a finger against his lips, a small wink adding to the notion. “Yeah, I don’t think you should worry about that ever happening,” the stranger points out, and Denki slowly realizes, through the haze of drugs and alcohol, that this stranger is right. It’s Denki’s turn to shrug as he looks out into the yard, unable to think up a response. A realization hits him as he finds himself unable to name the person that shares the deck with him, which is unacceptable because this dude seems nice and he wants to get to know them. 


“Hey man, I never got your name! Mine’s-“ He is promptly interrupted by a familiar voice yelling out to him. He immediately recognizes that it’s Mina, a very drunk Mina, running towards him and waving with a wide smile. “DENKIIII! Baby, c’mon. Come play with us.” She slurs out as she stumbles over to him. “We’re gonna play truth or dare, we need another player. Especially you Denks.” Mina crouches down to look him in the eye. “You know it’s not as fun when you don’t play.” She whines, giving him an over exaggerated pout and her best puppy dog eyes. Denki decides to resign himself and starts to stand. “Fine. Fine, I’ll play.” He slowly rises to his feet, steadying himself as best as he can against Mina who’s stood too. “Oh, wait!” He pulls a sharpie out of his back pocket and looks back at the person still sitting on the deck. “Gimme your arm.” 


They hesitantly reach out one arm towards Denki. He takes the stranger’s arm, pushing the sleeve up as he uncaps the pen with his teeth. Quickly scrawling out his name and number on the skin in front of him, he makes sure to add a heart before capping the pen and turning back to Mina. The pink haired girl gives him a wide grin before taking his hand in hers and nearly dragging him back into the house. She leads him into the living room that has mostly cleared from party goers and now has couches and chairs sitting in a circle. As they walk in, Denki can easily spot Kirishima sitting next to Bakugou, and Sero on the other side of Kirishima. He walks over and takes a seat on the smaller couch next to Sero, Mina sitting next to him. The rest of the seats are filled with faces he doesn’t quite recognize, or at least to the point of knowing who they are. 


Denki leans back into the couch, relaxing against the worn cushions as they wait for the rest of the seats to fill up. He yawns, resting his arms over the back of the seat and crosses his feet up under him. Mina leans against his side, sighing quietly. She always gets cuddly when she’s drunk, so this is nothing new to Denki. He’s kind of surprised she isn’t actually in his lap knowing she’s clingy when sober but down right overly affectionate when drunk. A wide grin makes its way to Mina’s face as the last person sits down. She quickly sits upright and claps her hands together. “Well!! Now that we have a full circle, it’s time to start. I guess I’ll begin.” She looks around the circle and eyes a small girl across from her. Denki notices the mischievous glint in Mina’s eye as she asks the girl to pick between truth or dare. She dares the small girl to order her a pizza, which she does. Pineapple, ham, and bacon, her favorite. That heathen . Well, then again pizza does sound really good right now to him. He lets out a small chuckle as he watches the game continue. 


A few people go before Bakugou gets dared to drink a shot full of hot sauce. Apparently people don’t know he puts chili flakes on or in literally everything. He takes the shot like a champ, looking the darer straight in the eye as he does. Denki can’t help but laugh at the darer’s look of horror as Bakugou takes the bottle of hot sauce and downs that as well. The abrasive blonde looks over to the redhead sitting next to him. “Kirishima, truth or dare?” He just shrugs and picks truth. A somewhat terrifying grin cracks over the blonde’s lips as he thinks for half a second. “Alright, Kiri, what’s the most embarrassing dream you remember?” Kirishima’s eyes go wide and his face flushes the same color as his hair, all the way to his hairline. He shakes his head. “Nope, not drunk enough to tell that one. Pass. Hard pass.” 


Bakugou rolls his eyes. “Guess you have to take a punishment.” He looks over at Mina, who perks up as he does. “What’s the punishment for shitty hair?” She taps her chin, thinking for a moment. “Hmm. I think that we just need to get him drunk enough to spill then.” She grins, quickly getting up to grab a bottle of something for Kirishima. Denki watches as Mina walks off for a moment before looking over to Kiri, who’s face now rivals his hair color. He stifles his laughter as Mina walks back and drops a half full bottle of vodka in his lap before walking off and telling him to drink. Kirishima stares at the bottle in his lap for a few seconds before uncapping it and taking a long drink from it. “Mina, I don’t think you’ll get me drunk enough to ever spill about it, but you can try I guess.” He says, raising the bottle to her and taking another drink before looking at Mina. “And since we have to wait, I wanna ask you to pick now. Truth or dare?” She grins wide back at the redhead, the glint returning to her eye as she answers. “Oh, Kiri, I think you already know what I’m gonna pick. Mama didn’t raise no bitch. ” He chuckles lightly, leaning back into the couch he’s sat on. “Alright, I dare you, to get your eyes tattooed when you sober up.” She nods. “Yeah, sounds good to me. I’ve actually been wanting to get it done for a while now.” Denki looks at her wide eyed. “Heck really? You’d get your eyes tattooed? That’s crazy, but then again you do like to go to the extreme don’t you Mina?” She nods, laying across his lap and poking up at his chin. “You know it Denki.” 


She sits back up and looks at Kirishima. “Keep drinking love, your punishment is to get you drunk enough to spill.” She grins sardonically. “Is it my turn now? Hmmm how aboouuut…” She slurs as she rakes her eyes around the circle, her yellow pupils almost predatory. “You!” She says while pointing at some random guy who looks nervous as he meets Mina’s eyes. He picks truth, and soon after Mina asks her invasive question about the sluttiest thing the guy has ever done, the doorbell rings and draws her attention to the door. The sides of her mouth lift up into a wide grin as she scrambles to get on her feet. “PIZZA’S HERE!!” She yells enthusiastically and over dramatizes her announcement with her drunk charm. She opens the door and fumbles with her money as she shoves it at the pizza guy and grabs the stack of pizzas with a devious smile. 


Mina quickly makes her way back to the circle with the boxes of pizza, plopping down again next to Denki and Sero before handing one of the boxes over to him. He enthusiastically takes it, setting it between him and the black haired man who quickly grabs a slice and starts munching on it. Bakugou looks over at them with disgust, clearly judging their taste in pizza. “You got fucking pineapple on your pizza? Who the fuck puts fruit on a goddamn pizza? Fucking disgusting.” He rolls his eyes and slumps back against the couch. “I just don’t understand how someone could ruin a perfectly good pizza like that. Bacon, delicious. Ham, delicious. Pineapple, on its own, perfectly fucking fine. Just don’t fucking put it on a pizza.” Kirishima gives him a slight frown, his eyes starting to get a bit glassy. “C’mon Bakubabe, just let them eat their pizza without giving them shit for it. They aren’t making you eat it are they?” Bakugou grunts, crossing his arms across his chest. If anyone can reason with the hot-headed blonde it’s Kirishima (Denki swears it’s magic or something of the sort). Kirishima wraps his arms around Bakugou’s torso and leans into his side for warmth. The latter tenses at first, before relaxing into the redhead’s strong embrace. “Hey Kats...about the truth earlier…” he murmurs quietly as he flushes into Bakugou’s chest. “Ya know like, the embarrassing dream?” He looks up at Bakugou’s questioning eyes as they meet his nervous ones. “It might’ve been about you.” Blonde eyebrows quirk up as Bakugou listens intently to the blushing redhead. “What’re you trying to say shitty hair?” Kirishima’s blush returns in full force, his face now stained a deep crimson red. He chews his lip for a second before leaning up to whisper to Bakugou about his dream. From what Denki can see, Bakugou’s eyes widen like saucers and his face flushes like ripe cherries. He blinks slowly, seemingly trying to process the information while blankly staring at the redhead next to him. Denki can tell he’s at a loss for words, so of course he wants to know what that dream was about! He leans over to Mina, elbowing her arm lightly. “Whaddya think he dreamt about? It was enough to fluster Bakugou, gotta be something significant, right?” She giggles, mouth full of pizza. She wipes her mouth on the back of her hand, smearing what little lipgloss she had left across her face before speaking. “Actually yes, it was. Kiri told me about it after he had it. He called me in the middle of the night ‘cause he woke up and was trying to figure out what it meant to have a dream like that about his best friend. Turns out he’s just as dense as all those gorgeous muscles he’s got.” 


Denki stares back at his drunk best friend. “Wait, so he had a dream about Bakugou.” After slowly putting the pieces together he realizes that the contents of the dream most likely stretched the boundaries of friendship, leaving him to regret asking at the inevitable imagery that he conjured up. “Oh, oh. OH! Okay, wow.” He clears his throat awkwardly as he looks over at the pining idiots sitting on the couch next to him. Kirishima is still cuddling up to Bakugou and he’s not pushing him away, which is a good thing….. right? He’s not entirely sure, but that’s something to think about more when they're sober. Even in his inebriated state he can recall the many times he’s witnessed hearts swimming in their eyes and the subconscious flirting to the point where it’s somewhat pitiful. He’s surprised it’s taken them this long to realize how the both of them feel about each other. Denki sighs and leans over onto Sero next to him, grabbing another slice of pizza and lazily munching on it.


The game continues with a few more people going before the inevitable sets of eyes point at Denki. A small girl with long blue hair stares intently as she gives Denki his dare. “I dare you to…kiss the boy next to you!” She says with a deviously wide grin. He gives Sero a slow shrug at the news. “I mean, if he’s down for it, why not?” Sero just shrugs back and turns toward Denki. “Eh, why not?” Deciding he wants to put on a show for the group he climbs onto Sero’s lap before wrapping his arms around his neck. Too drunk to care about consequences he surges forward pressing a somewhat rough kiss to his best friend’s chapped lips. Mina is making whistling noises next to them as she watches her two friends kiss, egging them on with too much enthusiasm.

Denki pulls away, moving back to his seat with a smug grin plastered across his face. He shoots off finger guns at the blue haired girl who dared him into kissing Sero before he notices the same messy purple hair that undeniably belongs to the person he talked to on the patio. The dude looks like he’s pissed as hell as he stalks out of the room. “Shit,” denki mutters under his breath. He spares a glance at Mina who has a dopey grin plastered on her face, and he can tell she’s mostly checked out. Quickly sobering himself as much as possible, he scrambles off of  the couch to chase after the mysterious stranger. He probably got the wrong idea about his and Sero’s friendship seeing as how he didn’t know the two very well. Mina grabs his wrist and looks at him, a worried look now plastered on her face. “Denki? What’s wrong?” He shakes his head, pulling his hand away from the pink haired girl. “I think I fucked up Mina.” She watches as he stumbles toward the door in search of the purple haired stranger.