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A Blessing in Disguise

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Wei Wuxian was aware that he was different but it took him quite a long time to figure that out.

At first he thought his situation was normal, believing that others possessed it as well. It was hard dealing with something he doesn’t know anything about and he cannot for the life of him understand how other people seemed to have it easy. He needed answers but no one was willing to give him that and every time he tried to question about it, he received a painful kick to his stomach.

Those were just one of his unpleasant experiences while living in the streets.

No matter how painful and tiring it was, this strange ability had helped him survived. It helped him escaped from those whom had malicious intent towards him. It helped him avoid from those situations he doesn’t want to be entangled with.

It wasn’t until he was taken in by the Jiang family that he realized he was the only one that could hear voices in his head. The questions keep piling up, making him wonder if he was truly alone in this case. But it wasn’t long enough when he found out that those voices in his head were actually the thoughts of other people around him.

Wei Wuxian concluded; he can read people’s minds.

The realization struck him like Zidian and he was at a loss for what to do. It took him a few days before he got over it and since then, things became much easier for him to understand.

To be able to read minds was both a blessing and a curse for him.

He had to endure hearing the thoughts of those people with ill intentions toward him and the Jiang family. But most of the time, it was handy. He got used to it after some time and eventually decided to keep the secret to himself. Undoubtly, it will cause an uproar if he tries to bring it up to the people who gave him shelter and foods.

Then there’s Madam Yu.

She’s greatly known in the cultivation world as a vicious woman, deserving of the title “Violet Spider”.

He had to admit that she was, indeed, terrifying. He had known that she loathe his existence since the day he was brought in by Jiang Fengmian in their sect. It was something that he learned to understand and accepted in the end. Despite this, he respected and obeyed her. He was willing to let himself be whipped, shielding Jiang Cheng from his own mother’s wrath and taking the younger male’s punishments as his own. After all, she made it clear to him that he was only a son of a servant and nothing more.

But that day came when he heard Madam Yu’s thoughts about him.

He remembered it as vividly as if it were just yesterday. Madam Yu had whipped him hard that he could barely walk out of his room. His back was in throbbing pain where he had been hit for a lot of times but it was nothing new for him. He got accustomed to it after many times of punishments he had gone through. The childish part of him expected it when Jiang Yanli came with a bowl of her delicious lotus and pork rib soup. Her smile was warm and bright, the kind of smile that make him feel safe. Her thoughts were only filled with love and the need to take care of her Xian-Xian. His ever kind shijie has always been that way that he couldn’t help but give in and cry in front of her, pouring all of his exhaustion and pain in her loving embrace.

It was right after that moment when Madam Yu entered his room with a heavy scowl on her face, eyes darting from him to Jiang Yanli. He was already used to her treatment but what he wasn’t prepared of is when he heard her thoughts laced with slight concerned.

A-Li, take care of him–

It was the first time he heard Madam Yu’s thoughts without any trace of anger that usually comes with it. Most of the time her thoughts were filled with loathing and punishments for him.

To hear those thoughts coming from Madam Yu, he was at a loss for words.

Jiang Yanli at that time was ready to defend him but Madam Yu had only turned on her heels, leaving them dumbfounded.

He could never forget what happened on that day.

“A-Xian?” Jiang Yanli’s voice snapped him out his reverie and he was quick to flash a bright smile at her.


Jiang Yanli laughed softly as she pinched his cheeks in affectionate manner.

“A-Xian, be good”

He knew what she meant by that but he only stuck his tongue out childishly in respond, earning him another soft laughter.

“No promises, Shijie!”

“Don’t stress A-Cheng too much” She tried to warn him but it lose its effect when she give him an equally bright smile. “But don’t let him miss the fun as well!”

“Aw, Shijie. I knew you would say that!” He laughed heartily before wrapping his arms around her and whispered, “I’ll miss you so much, Shijie”

“I’ll miss you both” Jiang Yanli replied, her voice soft as she patted his head. “Don’t be too reckless, okay?”


But he can’t promise such thing and his shijie knew this. That’s why, she could only smile amusedly at him. She doesn’t have the kind of ability that he has but there’s no doubt that Jiang Yanli knows him like the back of her hand. He knew why she was worried about him but he assured her that he will try to be on his best behaviour.

Today, they will depart for Cloud Recesses for a year to study under the GusuLan Sect and he was looking forward to it. He wondered what kind of adventure he will make in such place.