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To Stay (In Your World)

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"How am I going to get over you, Amara?" Maya sighed, sipping on her drink and then making a face of disgust.

"Ugh. You said drinking would help?" Maya said frustratingly as she pushed the glass away.

"That's because you haven't even finished that glass yet!" Kritika said as she pushed her drink back. "Come on, drink it all up!"

"Fine." Maya drank all the contents of the glass in one go and immediately regretted it. She felt the sting going through her lungs. "What the fuck."

"Yes! That's it!" Kritika filled the empty glass and handed it back to Maya. "Do it again!"

Maya downed it again only for Kritika to refill it and it went on for a long while.


"Aashu? Why are you calling me at fucking 3 in the morning!?" Amara said frustratingly as she turned on her light. It took her til midnight before she could sleep, unable to stop thinking about Maya. Her eyes tired from crying did the trick. But now that she's awake again, she wasn't sure if she could go back to sleep.

"Amara, please. I'll give you a day off tomorrow. Just please come here. I can only handle one drunk girl at a time. Help me out here, please." Amara heard the loud music and the sound of two girls laughing in the background.

"What are you talking about!?" Amara asked, a bit more awake, as she went to wash her face.

"It's Maya and Kritika. They're drunk. I didn't know they could be even more difficult to handle than you. Please, Amara." Aashu said, with desperation in his voice.

"Maya? Drunk? How drunk?" Amara asked worriedly as she hurried to change.

"Like Drunk drunk. Drunk like you but more of a child who keeps making bad jokes. Amara, please I've heard enough bad puns to last a lifetime." Amara smiled at that, remembering how they first met.

"Okay, I'm on my way, Aashu. Just endure it a little bit longer. Her puns aren't That bad."


"Thank God, you're here." Aashu said as he struggled to keep both girls upright in a sitting position.

They were outside the club, sitting on a nearby bench.

Maya saw Amara approaching and immediately held her hands up like a child wanting to be carried.

Amara came to her and enveloped her with a hug. "Who made you drink so much, huh? You never drink this much."

Kritika held her hand up proudly. "I did! I did!" Amara rolled her eyes at her friend.

Maya kept her arms around Amara's waist and held on tight, burying her face to her stomach.

"You take her home. I'll take care of this one." Amara said to Aashu as she rubbed her hands on Maya's back.

"Thank God, I can't take another bad pun, I might actually puke. Speaking of, I'm so glad none of them pu-" He wasn't able to finish when Kritika threw up all over his shoes. "Damn it!"

"It's your fault for saying the word 'puke'." Kritika said and Amara only laughed as she handed Aashu some wipes.

She looked down at the girl on her belly and bent a little to try and talk to her. "Hey, if you feel sick just tell me, okay? Please don't throw up on me."

She felt Maya nod and felt her arms loosen a little bit. Maya let go of her and Amara bent her knees so she can keep her face close.

Maya was avoiding eye contact and kept looking at the ground. Amara held her cheek to try and make the other girl look at her but Maya closed her eyes.

"Why won't you look at me?" Amara said and Maya can hear the pout in her voice.

"Because you're so beautiful I might not be able to resist kissing you." Maya said innocently and kept her eyes shut.

Amara smiled at that and put her other hand on the other side of Maya's cheek and kissed her forehead.

"There. I did it for you." Amara chuckled and Maya opened her eyes and laughed with her.

"Guys. I called a taxi for you. I'm going to take this girl to my car. Be careful, you two. And Amara, you don't need to go to work tomorrow."

Aashu said as he tried to drag Kritika with him and kept whispering, "please don't puke again."

Maya waved her hand exaggeratedly at the two as Kritika did the same.


Maya woke up with a pounding headache and a delicious smell of food which also made her feel her stomach trying to squeeze up vomit to her throat.

She painfully opened her eyes and saw a glass of water on her bedside that she immediately grabbed and drank which she regretted as it triggered the vomit to push out and she quickly ran towards the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach.

Amara heard the noise of a bathroom door opening and vomiting sounds and she immediately stopped what she was doing to help her best friend out of her first major hangover.

Amara found the poor girl kneeling in front of a toilet bowl and buried her head into the water closet and she quickly went to the girl's side to hold her hair up and rub her back.

A couple of minutes later, Maya finally stopped and washed her face, Amara still behind her, holding her hair.
Maya went to hug the other girl and started crying.

"I feel like I'm going to die. My head is throbbing and I still feel like throwing up after I literally just threw all my organs out. Amara, I'm going to fucking die. I feel so hot. Can you feel me? I have a fever. I feel like the whole world is shrinking and drilling through my head."

Amara just hugged the poor girl.

"Awwe, baby, it's just the hangover. I'm sorry. It will be over soon. Just drink some medicine and I'll give you the special tea I made, okay? Come here."

Amara lead Maya back to her room and sat her on the bed giving her the pills she set beside the glass of water on Maya's bedside table.

Maya took the pills and went to bury her head into the pillows.


After a few hours, Maya woke up again feeling a little better. She went to the living room and saw Amara sleeping on the wooden couch and the other girl looks so peaceful and tired and in a seemingly uncomfortable position.

She decided it's best to move Amara to her bed. She was about to carry her as she proceeded to move her arm when Amara opened her eyes. Their faces were so close and Maya's cheeks burned up moving away in an instant.

"Uhh... I'm sorry. It's looked so uncomfortable so I thought i should carry you to my bed so you could sleep better."

Amara smiled and held her arms up.

"I'm okay here. You look like you still need some more sleep. Come here, make me comfortable."

Maya hesitated but Amara was pouting and the offer was really tempting so she gave in and went to lie down beside the other girl. Amara enveloped her in her arms and she put her head on top of Maya's chest.

"Mmh. This. This is more comfortable. How are you feeling? How's your head?"

Maya started playing with the other girl's hair.

"Better. Just a little dizzy."

"Are you hungry? I know I said you looked like you still needed some more sleep but that's just me wanting to cuddle with you." Maya felt Amara chuckle above her.

"Well, now that you've mentioned it." Amara laughed even more when she felt Maya's stomach vibrate underneath her.

Hesitantly, Amara released Maya from her hold and got off the couch, offering her hand to pull the other girl up.

Maya got up and Amara pulled her towards the kitchen.


"So..." Amara tried to start a conversation as the two started eating.

"It's been 3 weeks..."

Maya avoided her gaze and focused on her food.

"missed me yet?" Amara asked in a playful, hopeful tone.

Maya looked at her and smiled.

"I missed your cooking."

Amara laughed at that.

"I bet. How did you manage to feed yourself all this time?"

Maya laughed too. "take out, of course."

"Well, you know, if you let me, I could always cook for you." Amara said more seriously, looking up to Maya with pleading eyes.

Maya smiled. "Of course, who wouldn't want that?"

Amara exhaled and smiled in relief as the two continued to eat their late brunch and talked playfully, making fun of Aashu and Kritika.


"We're good, right?" Amara asked as she went beside Maya washing the dishes.

"...yeah" Maya said, taking a deep breath, meeting Amara's eyes.

"Yeah?" Amara said with fear in her voice.

Maya gave her a reassuring smile.


Amara wrapped her arms around her.

"Good because I miss you, my best friend."

Maya playfully rolled her eyes.

"I miss you too, best friend."

And just like that, they're back to each other's arms. It didn't matter if they didn't kiss, didn't romance. As long as they had each other, at that moment, it was enough.