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Intentions Of Gold

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Steve Rogers was content, he lived a relatively simple life; He was a co-leader of the Avengers, a Married Alpha, and a homeowner. Outside of the occasional battle, he had a quiet life. Both worlds were contently separate. He had great friends turned family and a great beta wife. Yeah it wasn't usual that an Alpha settled for a beta because of the fact of Never getting to bond but he didn't really ever see the appeal to an Omega, They were always too submissive, too eager to please him and he has always enjoyed the moxie and fire of Beta women. He knows there are fierce Omegas out there but he never found one that made him crazy like he knows other Alphas get over them. Marriage is just as good as a bite mark.  Ruts can be managed without an Omega in heat. 

Scouts honor; Steve was content. 

Then one day he world got thrown off its tilter. One day content wasn't a good word to him anymore. That one day where God turned the contrast up in his world cause after that day; after that one second, he swore he never has seen the world as bright. 

It was Maple syrup hair that caught his eye first; like fresh homemade amber in a glass jar sitting in the sunlight of a beloved grandma's table. Then it was the sweet scent that matched the maple hair. He could only see her back; The shine and bounce of her hair as she laughed. 

Her laugh was like the rustle of a summer breeze as it carried his favorite song. He looked at her frame, it was small, curved like it was made for running.

Then her hands moved, the sleek grace from even that simple action told him that regal-like power flowed through her like the warmth of the sun heating the early morning of a summer's day. 

Steve was frozen at the moment, the moment when sweet french toast and coffee drifted under his nose and settled deep inside his bones. 


She smelt like home, that mythical place of belonging that everyone longs for wasn't a place it was a woman. Moreover, it was her. 

He then realized the woman who strikes the very fiber of his being was talking to Tony. Steve’s interest peaked to a new height. Her hand touched Tony’s shoulder  and Steve felt a twist in his gut. He never felt jealousy before. He was always happy for other's happiness but when the woman touched his friend he felt as though he could rip him apart for even taking her attention from where it should be. He wants all her laughs and hands directed at him, and if that meant tearing the world apart with his bare hands so be it; family be damned. 

The woman turned to Steve when Tony pointed him out and her body spun in slow motion. Time crawled for him, Her eyes lit up, her pink rose lips stretched in a genuine smile. Steve never even graze true happiness if this how it felt. He was entranced when she walked over the semi-long distance to him, Tony following behind her. The woman wore faded denim that painted her curves, and a simple white lace top. Tony was talking but Steve was under her spell, ten feet under the syrup drowning in her presence and he was happy to die if she was the one doing it. 

Anything he would do anything for that scent, the home he found in her. 

“Steve?” Tony's hand waved in front of him and reality crash back loudly, all the world that had to seem paused came back with a fierce bite, the hustle, and bustle of Stark tower roared around him.

“Sorry.” Steve stuttered. Tony brows furrowed but he turned back to the goddess who was now standing in front of him. She smiled up at him, her eyes crinkling as she did like she was all-knowing. As if she knew she penetrated deep into his soul and flipped all his lights on like she knew just what magic she flowing thought that smile. 

“Captain Rogers.” She held her hand out for him and he jumped at the chance to touch her. “I’m Vivian Walker.” She introduced herself. Her voice woke his soul up and he didn't even know it was sleeping. Her touch sent shivers of need through him. He wanted to become apart of her.

“Steve.” He croaked and she giggled softly. “Call me Steve, Mrs.” He still held her hand tightly in his, not let it budge even a whisper. 

“Miss, Actually,” She tilted her neck in a slight submission showing she was unmated and His heart launched into his stomach, his cock stirred on its own as he wondered if her skin also tasted like syrup. 

“Miss Vivian.” Steve echoed, swallowing hard.

“Or as you may know her: The Sparrow.” Tony added and she flushed humbly. “We talked about her joining the team remember.” Tony continued to Steve who was still looking deep into Vivian's eyes like they held all the answers to life. 

“Oh!” He said shocked. Vivian took her hand back and Steve had to physically hold himself in cheek as he almost tugged her into his embrace. 

“It is high time we have an Omega in the pack.” Tony teased and Vivian rolled her eyes. 

“I hope that's not the only reason you asked me to join.” She smirked. 

“No. Your designation had nothing to do with you invite, just a bonus.” Tony winked and she giggled. Steve blooded boiled.

“You're the Sparrow.” Thankfully she looked back to him nodding.

“The one and only.” She blinked up at him and Steve instantly knew he was in trouble, He would do anything for her smile, for her eyes. He would move mountains, burn cities, anything as long as she was looking at him.

“Steve, you ok?” Tony asked and Steve's hands made a fist, digging his nails into his palms.

“Yeah still tired from the last mission.” He lied, smoothly watching as Vivians face softened. 

“Well, that's why I’m here, to lift the load.” She soothed and Steve's heart felt like it sagged with relief. She was here to help him, to shoulder his burdens, to care and comfort him. He never noticed how restless he was until he saw her warm and safe. Like somehow it was all someone else’s dream until he met her, now it was his own longing. 

“Well Viv, Your stuff came in yesterday it's in your room waiting on ya.” Tony put his hands on her shoulders. Steve felt a possessive growl echo in his chest but he held it in.

“I look forward to seeing you, Captain...” She flushed. “Steve.” Her soft voice corrected. 

“Well not till next week Caps off till Monday,” Tony said and Steve felt like part of him had died when he realized he was actually on his way out of the tower to go back home to his wife. In fact, he forgot about the bulky duffle bag that was hanging off his shoulder and the now equally as heavy gold band rested on his left hand. “Gotta please the Mrs. Huh Cap.” Tony tease and Steve felt hot, why had Tony brought that up.

“Oh Well, I was hoping to make everyone dinner, meet the whole team.” Her disappointment tugged his heart, her pheromones working voodoo on him. 

“I can come back.” He said so quickly, Her head picked up happily.

“You can?” She asked happily.

“Yeah, I wouldn't wanna miss the gathering,” Steve said touching her shoulder gently He couldn’t help it, he had to touch her. His body was magnetized to her. 

“Seven?” She asked Steve who nodded.

“Sure.” Steve smiled brightly know he was the one who made her happy. 

“Great, Steve see you. Miss Viv, let me get your key card.” Tony  Pulled her away, forcing Steve's hand to drop. Vivian turned back to wave and call a goodbye, Her smile holding him in place. He stood and watched her hips sway lightly as she walked further, each step tearing him apart until they disappear in the crowd, leaving a canyon size void in him and he was free-falling. Falling in to her allure.