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The New Hairstyle suit you

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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long were at their home, they finally in the same room together they have missed each other but unfortunately, they had one fight after their reunion.


Bai Yu Say to Zhu Yi Long  "You are too tired, you work too much and look at you Long Ge, you are becoming skinny and I'm really worried at you are you sure you are okay?" when he saw that he was really skinny and looked so pale. But he said it in one tone very angry. 


Zhu Yi Long answer him by telling him  "You should see yourself, you talk about me but have you see yourself" he said angrily because Bai Yu was like him.

It's was mean because Bai Yu could so the same réflexion to himself.


They were so much busy with new filming and everything that it's true that they are tired, have to weight loss...


They were so mad at each other that they didn't talk to each other during the night, even if they have slept in the bed. 

But they didn't touch each other or sleep cuddled as they do. 


When Bai Yu wakes up he saw that Zhu Yi Long have left already and he was feeling a little sad "Damn I wanted to see him and tell him that I was sorry" 


Finally, he remembers that Zhu Yi Long had one photoshoot planned so he can maybe talk with y before he starts. 

Because he really wanted to say sorry because he doesn't want to stay mad at him. 


Zhu Yi Long couldn't stop thinking at the little fight they had, it's was a little stupid but they were both stubborn. 

He missed Bai Yu, he missed his touch, he missed his kiss.

He was surprised to see him after he had his makeup and hairstyle done. 


"What are you doing here?" he was very surprised


And Bai Yu hug him with one strong hug and tell him "I'm sorry about last night" 


Bai Yu doesn't want to let Zhu Yi Long so he was doing one good hug like for restrain him. 


"I'm so sorry I didn't want to hurt you" 


And Zhu Yi Long caresses the back of Bai Yu and tell him "It's okay I'm sorry too I shouldn't have said it too" 


When Zhu Yi Long was planning to leave Bai Yu to take his hand "Please don't go, I don't want to leave you" 


"I was planning to find another room where we could be together and just alone both of us," said Zhu Yi Long who was blushing


Bai Yu decided to kiss him, it's was one strong kiss who was powerful and means to say "We are together, I love you, I want you, you are my love" 


Zhu Yi Long had his breath missing because the kiss was just fantastic, he just grabbed the hand of Bai Yu and they go in one the room who was empty. 


In the Room, Bai Yu said to Zhu Yi Long  "I promise to take care of you, of me too, that maybe we can do it together" 


Then he continues and says "Maybe when we have finished all our filming we could take one week of holiday where we could cherish each other, take care of each other"


Zhu Yi Long say "Yes of course and I will look back for it" 


They have after this a little makeout session where they kinda enjoy that they had one couch. 


"I'm not sorry for what I will do to you, my love," said Bai Yu


"I don't mind, I want it too," said Zhu Yi Long


They have kissed for a long moment, they had their hair who was a little played where they were kissing and also they liked to pet hair too. 

But they were also a little horny that they have do frottage and also that Zhu Yi Long wanted to please Bai Yu when he saw how hard he was. 

And Bai Yu couldn't stop put his hand on the hair of Zhu Yi Long. 


After their little makeout session and makeup sex too even if they could have wait to be at home but they didn't want it because they wanted to be together now. 


"I'm sorry for your makeup artist and hairdresser," said Bai Yu laughing


"I don't mind at all, it's give a new style to the photoshoot I will do" and Zhu Yi Long was kissing Bai Yu


"I will wait for you at home, my love where after you are home we will have a wonderful meal and we will take care of each other and enjoy also the fact that we have one wonderful bathroom" 


"Oh yes, I look forward to this" say Zhu Yi Long and kiss him before Bai Yu leaves. 


It's was gonna be one interesting Photoshoot with his new style.