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Will things ever get better?

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Daisy knew she didn’t have much time as she handed Robin the carved wooden bird. She knew her team would be there soon to get her back.

Honestly, she didn't want to go back. Sure it had been amazing while it lasted. Shield was the first real family she had.

Don’t be silly, you can never have a family and you know it.

But these things didn't usually work out for her. Just look at how it turned out when she finally found her parents.

Her father was a crazy lunatic who murdered her evil mother, who by the way tried to kill her own daughter. One hell of a family they were.

It always ended in a disaster and she always lost someone. Whether it was a foster family that didn't want her or someone close to her, didn’t matter. She always lost someone when she got too attached.

This time it was Lincoln and it was just too much. She had lost too many people, and she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

Never again.

That’s why she left. It was easier for everyone if she just worked solo and kept her distance. That’s how she became the vigilante Quake. Or as some people viewed her… a terrorist. Which she was not, might she ad.

“You’re too kind,” Polly said with a sincere smile, snapping Daisy out of her thoughts.

“I’m just keeping a promise”, she answered with a sad look in her eyes as she stood up from her crouch and walked away.

She stepped into a side alley and was getting ready to jump, quakes directed at the ground, when she felt the slight prickle in her neck. The quakes stopped immediately and her vision started to blur.

Right before she passed out, she saw three black vans enter the alley and a dozen heavily armed men in black combat suits stepped out.

“We got her”. She heard someone say into an intercom before she blacked out entirely.


When Daisy awoke, she felt groggy as hell. God, it was like waking up with a super bad hangover.

She looked at her surroundings and noticed she was in a straitjacket and strapped to a metal chair.

Definitely not Shield.

In front of her was a table and behind it another chair. On the wall behind was a large mirror. Clearly it was a one-sided window.

She looked to the door when she heard it open and in entered, none other than, Secretary Ross.

She, of course, knew who he was as she had bumped into his file in her days with the rising tide.

And she wasn’t oblivious about the Sokovia Accords. She knew he had played a big part in getting those stupid Accords through with the UN.

Ugh, as she thought about it, she already disliked the man. And him kidnapping her wasn’t helping his popularity.

“Is this really necessary?” She asked in a sarcastic voice and shifted her arms a little as a gesture.

Ross didn’t say anything as he took a seat across from her and put down a file with her name on it.

“Daisy Johnson. Known to the world as Quake. A terrorist and a vigilante”. Ross started in a serious tone.

“I’m not a terrorist.” Daisy stated.

Ross raised an eyebrow at that but otherwise ignored her comment and continued.

“You have directly violated the Sokovia Accords. Not to mention you haven’t even signed them, which you are obligated to do as an inhuman.”

Ugh, fucking stupid accords.

“Therefore, you will be sent directly to the Raft where you will serve your lifelong sentence.” He finished. This was so stupid. She shouldn’t be here.

I don’t have time for this shit.

“I’m not a terrorist and you need to let me go or innocent people will die.” She said calmly, but a sharp edge in her voice could be heard. “Innocent people die because of you, miss Johnson. You are dangerous”. Ross said to her coldly.

“No, you don´t understand”, Daisy said getting frustrated. “I’ve been following a group called th-“

“I don’t wanna hear it”, Ross interrupted her sharply. “You will be sent to the raft to serve your sentence for all you have done.”

Then he stood up and strode out the door and she was left alone with her thoughts as it closed with a loud thud.


Daisy was scared. She wasn’t gonna lie. She didn't want to spend the rest of her life in a supermax, underwater prison in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. She was only twenty-eight for god sake.

When she had tried to quake her way out of this all she could feel was burning pain, coursing through her whole body. As it subsided she noticed the shock collar around her neck.

For the first time in a long time, she didn’t know what to do. If she was taken to the Raft more people would die at the hands of the watchdogs not to mention her life would be over. Living in a prison for dangerous enhanced criminals for the rest of her life was not on her bucket list.

So yeah, it was pretty safe to say she was at least little bit scared.

She didn't like being scared, so she hid it with snark and sarcasm.

“Hey" she said as two guards came in “can you guys point me in the direction of the exit? I kind of need to be somewhere.”

They didn’t answer as they walked towards her with stoic expressions on their faces. “What, you can’t talk?” she asked in a mocking tone when they started to undo the straps of the chair. One of them glared at her, grabbed her shoulder and rather harshly forced her out of the chair so she stumbled and almost fell.

“Well that’s rude.”

“Shut up.” He grumbled.

“Ya know, I don’t think I will” she said back.

The other one took her other shoulder and they pushed her out of the room.

“I’d like to talk with your superior, I have a few complaints about the treatment I’m getting”. They just shoved her harder forward.

As they walked down the long, awfully bright, corridor, she caught a glance at a door with an exit sign over it. This was her chance.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d actually show me the exit.” She said with a fake shocked tone.

As soon as she said it, she quickly ducked, so the guards lost their grip on her, and used her upper body to throw one of them of his feet. Then she swiftly, and with the agility of a highly skilled field agent (she was trained by May after all), kicked the other guard in the face before he even realized what was happening.

She used that moment to focus her powers on the straitjacket and as the corridor shook with quakes, the jacket ripped to shreds.

She quickly used her powers to knock out the guards, who were slowly getting up, and turned towards the exit.

She sprinted to the exit and quaked the door open. Daisy wasted no time and ran outside to the street full of people.

Huh, I’m in New York.

As she was getting ready to jump she felt familiar agonizing feeling all over and fell to the ground writhing in pain.

People stopped to look and some were going to help, when a guard came towards her and hit her with a tranquilizer in the neck as the shock left her body.

Daisy noticed the guard tell the people to back off, that she was dangerous, through her muffled hearing and blurry sight. All hope of escaping was gone as she felt the unconsciousness take over.


“Who do you think the unlucky one is?” Scott asked as a cell was prepared right next to Clint’s.

“Don’t know. But I feel sorry for them already.” Clint answered.

“Hey, who’s this for?” Scott asked the guard preparing the cell. The answer he got was a shock from the collar. It only lasted a few seconds and wasn’t strong, but it was a clear warning.

Scott gasped for air when it was over and muttered “rude” under his breath. Clint laughed a little and Wanda could be heard chuckle.

Sam just found it sad that they were so used to this treatment. They had been here for about five months, or at least he was pretty sure that was correct. It was hard to keep track of time in here.

Steve had tried to rescue them a few months back. Twice. He hadn’t succeeded. The alarms had gone off both times, and they just knew it was him, but he never made it too them. He never joined them in the cells though, so he must have gotten away.

Sam wondered who their knew cellmate could be, but at the same time, he was afraid to know. What if they had finally gotten the others. He knew it was unlikely though. Steve and Bucky knew how to keep a low profile, and besides, Natasha was with them. A super spy and assassin who was an expert at her field. They were fine.

So he had to agree with Clint, as unusual as that was. Whoever their new cellmate was, he felt sorry for them already.


“Coulson, we found her location. She’s in New York.” Mack said standing in the doorway.

Coulson quickly looked up from the report he was making, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

They had been so close yesterday. She was right there, but someone had been quicker than them. They had seen three black vans enter the alley she went in and when they finally turned the corner, they were driving away, and Daisy was nowhere to be seen.

When they tried to follow the vans disappeared. Like literally. They turned invisible and couldn’t be found on any scans used on the area. The people who took Daisy must have good resources if the were able to outsmart their technology.

Coulson swiftly stood up and followed Mack. As they entered the briefing room he saw Melinda leaning against the wall, next to the big screen.

“Didn't think we’d be seeing you here, agent May” he said with a sly smile.

She only looked at him with a raised eyebrow and gestured toward the screen. “You should see this" she said in a serious voice which instantly got Coulson to stop smiling and look at the screen as a video feed began to play.

It showed Daisy bursting out of a building and getting ready to jump, when she suddenly fell to the ground writhing in agony. Coulson’s expression hardened at the sight.

Just a few moments later a guard came towards her and tranquilized her before he dragged her back inside the same building she had exited.

“This feed is taken by a security camera outside a government building in New York, just half an hour ago.” May stated as she paused the feed.

“We're not sure who in the government is behind this but with everything going on with the Sokovia accords our best guess is Secretary Ross. ”

Coulson nodded at Mack’s words. Really it was the only thing that made sense. “We have to get her before she’s sent to the Raft.” Coulson said determined.

May was the one who answered him with a grim expression. “She’s probably already there.”

“Well, then we get her out.” He said with no room for argument.

“I agree with Coulson. They treat people terribly over there, we can't just leave her.” Mack said firmly “Even though she left us, she’s still family.” He added quietly.

May looked at them both for a moment and sighed. She knew they would do this with or without her help. She decided the best option would be to help those two idiots’ because really… without her they would be caught immediately.

Besides, she didn’t want Daisy to be stuck in an underwater supermax prison. She really did care for the girl, even though recently she had been making really stupid choices.

“Alright, let’s do it.”