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Soulmates From Below

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What happens when we die?
Is there such a thing as heaven, hell, and God?
Do I have a soul?
Is is worthy enough for heaven?
What are heaven and hell like?
Will I be sent to hell?
What is hell?
Is it a general place or more personal to the individual?
Is this reality even real?
Do I exist?
When will I die?
How will I die?
When I die, will it be eternal darkness?
How can I understand how long eternity is?
How can I comprehend forever?
Eternal suffering.
Forever and ever.
There is no end of time.
There is no time.
You stare at the ceiling, the small light of your clock shines a dim shade of green. The walls which enclose around you make small creaks, like your bones settling into your relaxed body. The soft lull of your breathing is monotonous.
While the silent whispers of the air from your fan beat against the blanket enveloping you, your head is loud with voices. Asking question upon question about your existence.
Eventually, the voices die down. The only thing that can be heard is the blood flowing through your veins, and your heart pumping the red liquid to your body, repeating the process over and over. Your own large sigh is the last thing you hear before your eyelids fall and your world becomes clad in complete darkness.

Two large, red eyes stare at you.
They chase you and burn their image into your brain.
They brand you. Own you. Mark you.
You belong to them, and they belong to you.
The heat they resonate are like flames of passion.
And then, they dissapear.

Before you know it, the drapes over your eyes gingerly lift, revealing the cruel reality.
It's morning.