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Without Dance, What’s The Pointe?

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Adam Taurus could go fuck himself.


Blake was pissed as she drove to work in her new city. And hurt and angry.


The man she had loved had successfully destroyed her career that she had basically been working towards since she was two years old. Ballet had been her entire life. The thing that brought her joy.


And when she successfully made it to Mantle’s top shows, she soon found herself co-starring alongside Adam. And she thought he had the same passion that she did. The same love and hope and compassion that she did. But it turned that he held a secret hobby; using their tours as an alibi for his crimes. Theft, assault, Hell, even murder!


When he got caught, not even Blake could refute the evidence that piled up against him. It tore her apart to realise that the man she lived had become a monster. To realise that she had been manipulated and used since she was eighteen years old. But what really destroyed her? Was when Sienna asked her to leave their company.


In other words; “You’ll never dance professionally again, kid.”


And so Blake moved to Vale, where she found herself immensely grateful for her mother’s insistence that she get an online degree of some kind while she performed. At least she could still be a journalist, she supposed.


But losing her career was like losing that spark. That special little flame that was all hers. The question now was; would she ever find it again?




The potential answer to that question came one day after work. The day had been long (mostly due to her co-worker, Sun. Sweet guy, means well. But with very little understanding of personal boundaries.) and had decided to get a cup of tea after work.


As she she was sitting at an outside table with a new book, her eyes landed on a dance studio across the street.


‘Greek Fire?’ Blake thought to herself with a small smile. ‘Cute.’


Her ears flicked and she attempted to get lost in her book, but the 22 year old cat faunus soon realised that it was damn near impossible to focus. Her mind and gaze kept drifting to the dance studio. It called to her, like a siren luring sailers to their deaths.


‘Fuck it.’ She finally decided as she finished her tea and returned her book to her back. ‘Let’s go check it out.’


When she entered the studio, she was hit by a wave of modern music. She suddenly felt very overdressed in her jeans and button down shirt.


“Yang, I swear if you say one more thing…”


“Ah, c’mon, Nikos’. Vomit Boy’s not gonna make a move. Go get your boy.”


Blake nearly died when she looked aver at two women that were stretching by the benches, dressed in simple work out clothes; sweat pants and sports bras, though one of them had a glove on her right arm. The issue was that they were very fit, very attractive women and her mind went blank for a moment.


‘Welp. If I had any doubts about my sexuality before, I sure as hell don’t now.’ She thought to herself as the redhead arched her back. Dear God. She had the face of a wood nymph and the body of an MMA fighter!


“Um. Excuse me?” She called, shaking herself out of her disaster state. “Hi. I’m new in town and-“


“Oh! A new potential member, Yang! It’s so wonderful to meet you!”


Blake nearly jumped out of her skin when the redhead came over with a pleasant smile.


“My name is Pyrrha Nikos’ and I’m the captain of this team. I really hope you’ll join us. We could do with some fresh blood.” Pyrrha said, shaking her hand enthusiastically. “I’m getting a little sick of the blonde one.” She added with a conspiratorial wink.


‘Yup.’ Blake thought. ‘Definitely bi.’


“Wow, thanks, Pyrr.” Came a sarcastic drawl as the blonde made her way over slowly. She carried herself with more… presence. Like she knew that eyes were on her and welcomed it. Blake narrowed her eyes at the cocky smirk. “Don’t scare off the fresh meat. She’s too cute to lose.”


Blake tried not flush as she glowered at the blonde woman.


“My name’s Yang, Pyrrha’s best friend. What’s your name, gorgeous?” Yang asked, directing what she probably thought was a charming smile at Blake. Blake, however, refused to play her game.


“Blake.” She said shortly with a sneer as she turned back to Pyrrha, who seemed greatly amused by the current situation. “Is she always like this? Because I might have to leave if she is.”


She smirked at the sputtering sound that followed as Pyrrha hid a giggle behind her hand.


“Oh I like you. Let me show you around?” Pyrrha asked, holding out an elbow as she directed a knowing smirk at Yang.


“Of course. I do appreciate it when a girl knows how to be a true gentlewoman.” Blake quipped, purposefully ignoring the still sputtering blonde.




“Okay. So you’re a street dancing crew?” Blake asked curiously. She had always admired street dancers. The skill and passion that they held for their craft was incredible. “That’s so cool.”


“We are.” Pyrrha said with a flattered smile. “We have our main team, along with several pairs and a few singles.” Her smile turned sharp as they entered the room where they had left Yang, purposely speaking louder. “Poor Yang has been a single for so long. Nobody can put up with her.”


“Fuck you.” Came the eloquent reply.


A loud ringing sound from office interrupted Pyrrha’s retort and she quickly excused herself while Yang decided to take the opportunity to try and make a better impression.


“Hey.” She grinned nervously. Blake stared at her blankly. “Um. I like your hair! Goes great with your… face?”


Blake blinked at her, left ear flicking as she attempted to hide her amusement. At least she wasn’t the only disaster in town.


“Thanks.” She said shortly, inwardly snickering at the almost desperate look on the blonde’s face.


She took the time to really look at Yang. Extremely fit, definitely beautiful. Especially her eyes. Lilac pools that seemed to shine with a kindness and intelligence to them.


“Look, I’m sorry about before.” Yang sighed, averting her gaze. “I like to mess with Pyrrha but I guess I made you uncomfortable so I apologise.” She finished, making eye contact as she apologised.


Blake was stunned. She hadn’t been expecting an apology. Especially not such an emotionally intelligent one.


‘Hmm.” She thought to herself. ‘She’s certainly interesting.’


“Uh. Don’t worry about it.” She coughed into her fist. “You’re good.”


The two stood there awkwardly for a moment until Yang spoke up again.


“So what kind of dancing do you do?” Her eyes were bright with curiosity, a fire within.


“Ballet.” Blake said, slightly taken aback by the passionate gleam in the other woman’s eyes.


“Ballet?” Yang snorted derisively. “Of fucking course. Cute girl, horrible choice in dance.” Welp. Pop goes the bubble.


“Excuse me?!” Blake bristled.


“You heard me.” Yang muttered. “Every ballerina I’ve ever met is stuck up, pompous and pretentious as fuck. Not to mention that not a single one of you can keep up with my crew.” Yang huffed, staring Blake down. “Why should you be any different?”


“That’s a load of bullshit.” Blake growled, ears pinned. “I can keep up with you just fine, Sweetheart.”


When the other woman’s eyes almost seemed to flash red, Blake knew she hit a nerve.


“Don’t call me Sweetheart.” Yang growled, eyes narrowed as she leaned down. Blake, however, didn’t back down.


“Fine, I won’t.” She smirked as she leaned towards Yang’s face. “Sweetheart,” She whispered with a sharp grin. Her competitive nature was showing and she was enjoying herself.


“You really think you can keep up?” Yang said quietly. “Then prove me wrong, Princess.” She walked over to her bag, adjusting the long glove covering her right hand and arm, and pulled out a pen and notebook. She wrote something down and walked back over and handed it to Blake.


“We’re having an open night competition this weekend. If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love to see what the pretty little sugar plum fairy can do.” She smirked.


“Oh.” Blake laughed. “It will an honour to wipe the floor with you.” She said confidently as she walked towards the door. “I need to go. But say goodbye to Pyrrha for me.”


“Yeah, sure, whatever.” Yang snorted. “And don’t forget your tutu, Princess!”


“I’ll put on my best leotard just for you, Sweetheart. Just for you.” Blake said over her shoulder, throwing a playful wink before walking out the door as Yang sputtered angrily.


For the first time in a long time, Blake was excited. She was thrilled.


And she couldn’t wait for the weekend.