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[CHAPTER 1 – The Glass Heart]

Seokjin had his head, laid on the desk as he looked out to the sunny blue sky outside from the window in his classroom. He sighed to himself, “Another day where nothing special happens.”

He wanted more than this whole sitting-in-my-classroom routine that he has been doing ever since the start of university and the expectations he had at the beginning of the year was totally different from the actual reality he’s facing. Partying, hanging with lots of friends and dating; those were the things fixated in his mind but it seems like none of that was happening especially dating.

 His train of thoughts crashed in his dismay, as a familiar deep voice exclaimed in his ear which surprised him, “Jin-hyung!”

Every strand of hair on Seokjin’s body stood up, frantically as he jumped out from his seat and stumbled onto the cold ground while looking over to the owner of this deep voice he hears almost every day of his life, “Taehyung-ah! You don’t have to do that!”

Kim Taehyung. His junior and childhood friend. He stood there with his lips pouted at Seokjin while his slender hands were placed on his waist, “I called out for your name lots of times! But you were too busy daydreaming!”

Seokjin slowly stood up, brushing off the dust over his clothes as he replied, “Maybe, your voice was too soft. Next time, speak louder.” He took a step forward towards Taehyung as their heights differ due to the fact that Taehyung had a smaller frame, which makes him look tiny compared to Seokjin who had prominent broad shoulders.

Taehyung rolled his eyes at the elder, with his arms crossed, “If you weren’t too busy daydreaming about the university council’s president, then you must have heard me.” He wiggled his eyebrows at Seokjin as he closes the gap between the both of them and leaned towards Seokjin’s ear, whispering, “Also, you should wipe off the drool on your face. That made it even more obvious.”

Seokjin’s eyes widened and he could feel his cheeks flushed upon hearing Taehyung’s remark as he swiftly pushed Taehyung away, who was in the midst of laughing. He hovered his hand over his mouth and replied as the sound echoed in it, “Shut up! I wasn’t thinking of him! I was just thinking about dinner!”

Taehyung wanted to laugh at his hyung deep inside, knowing the secret that Seokjin harbor feelings for their council’s president. He scoffed, “Don’t tell me that your dinner starts with the name of Kim Namjoon.”

Seokjin could feel that his heart skipped a beat every time someone mentioned his name. That name was something, basically, someone whom he holds dearly to his heart even though his presence to him was just insignificant. Taehyung’s eyes looked over at Seokjin who was deep in his thoughts and sighed while raising both of his hands up, “Okay, okay, I was just joking alright.”

Taehyung walked towards Seokjin and placed his arm over Seokjin’s shoulder as he pulled the taller man, closer to him, “Come on, Jin-hyung! How about we grab dinner together after school!”

Seokjin looked back at him with his upper lips curled, “You’re horrible, you know.” The younger plastered a smile that reaches his eyes, pulling Seokjin closer, once again without any reply coming out from his mouth. He knew this was Taehyung’s signature style on getting whatever he wants, especially from older good looking men who can’t resist him. With Taehyung’s looks and personality, he dated most of the seniors in their university yet the most memorable one was his fling with Bogum, the popular performing arts senior who stole the hearts of many. Seokjin has never once seen Taehyung’s persuasion failed, except towards him, obviously.

Seokjin slowly pushed Taehyung away and reached for his bag that was placed on the desk, nearby while sighing, “That smile won’t work on me, you know that.”

Taehyung bat his eyelashes at Seokjin who looked back, “You sure, Jin-hyung?”

Seokjin rolled his eyes once again at Taehyung, who had his hands tightly hold together while batting his eyelashes at the same time, “Don’t make me throw my bag at you, Tae! Don’t tempt me!”

Taehyung lowered his head with his lips pressed together into a thin line while fidgeting with his hands, “Alright, I know I’m not Namjoon. You won’t follow whatever I say.” The way Taehyung mocked Seokjin’s feelings for Namjoon was mainly just a joke but he knew Taehyung was right yet he decided to dismiss such thing.

Seokjin shook his head with his lips pursed and eyes rolled before he turned away from Taehyung. He knew better, not to respond to Tae’s sarcasm.  He carried the handle of his bag, in his hand over his shoulder and walked towards the front door of the classroom. As Seokjin’s hand reached the door handle, Taehyung’s voice can be heard, shouting with a little whining in it, coming from behind, “Hyung-ah, come back. Don’t leave me like this…”

Seokjin’s head turned slowly towards Taehyung’s direction as his side profile can be shown, clearly from his angle, “Tae-ah, I’m only leaving for music class so don’t miss me, alright!” He placed his hand on his plump lips and moved it away, fast to send a flying kiss right at Taehyung, alongside a wink as he headed outside.


Seokjin has his head lowered down as he walked through the corridor with heavy footsteps, making his way to the music room. He enjoyed listening to music and singing but knowing his parents, he couldn’t pursue such thing. His parents wanted him to be a lawyer or a doctor, the typical occupation that’s given by every Asian parent but on his mind, there was only music; he even took music class secretly in university, without them knowing. Seokjin, unconsciously smiled to himself as he thought of music because whenever he thinks of it, a certain someone always appear in his mind.

He stopped taking steps as he heard the sound of a piano, beautifully played. He recognized the tune that was playing which made him automatically hummed to it. He muttered under his breath with a soft smile, “River flows in you. He always plays this song.”

He followed the sound of the piano, playing to the tune of River Flows in You as he hummed and swayed to it. He finally stopped right in front of the music room, where the sound was coming from. He knew who played this song but somehow, he was nervous to enter even though this person and him are friends. He gulped as his hand reached for the doorknob of the music room and took a deep breath when he stepped inside.

The door of the music room opened as Seokjin’s foot can be seen taking a step inside, slowly and softly without making a sound. He cocked his head inside, to take a glance at the person who was playing the piano. Seokjin saw the back of a ruffled black-haired guy wearing a black jacket with his hands, gracefully touching and pressing onto the piano’s keys with his pale slender fingers. He slowly let himself in as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed while admiring the pianist who didn’t notice Seokjin’s presence as he was too passionate in playing.

The passionate black-haired pianist finally pressed onto his last piano key and ended the song, gracefully. He let out a sigh of relief but was immediately startled by Seokjin’s loud clap coming from behind. He turned behind to find Seokjin walking towards him while clapping, “That was beautiful as always, Yoongi.”

Min Yoongi. Piano prodigy. Yoongi raised his eyebrows and pointed his index finger towards the door of the music room, “When did you even enter, hyung? I didn’t even hear a single footstep.”

Seokjin rubbed his chin with his fingers while his eyes looked up to the ceiling, “Like 5 minutes ago?” He looked back at Yoongi, maintaining their eye contact as his eyes moved away from Yoongi to the piano with his head tilted to the side, “But you were too busy with the piano so…”

The only sound that came out from Yoongi’s mouth was just an “Ah..” He looked at Seokjin while scratching his neck with his eyebrows raised, “But hyung-ah, what are you doing here? Didn’t you know class is cancelled?”

Seokjin’s mouth was wide opened with one of his eye twitching, “W-what do you mean? Did the teacher even send a message?” Seokjin swiftly dropped his bag on the floor and got on his knees, searching for his phone. His hands were frantically grabbing and scrambling all over, inside the bag but there was no sight of his phone. He took his hands out from the bag and searched his jeans’ pocket while panicking, “Oh god, where’s my phone? Where did I put it?”

He pushed his hair back while his face was already covered with sweat, dripping down. He lowered his gaze to the ground, thinking hard on where he had left his phone. Suddenly, he was taken aback by Yoongi clearing his throat as he immediately looked up, “Here. You can read it on my phone.”

Yoongi held his phone out to Seokjin, who looked up while smiling from ear to ear, “Thank you! Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Yoongi could feel his cheeks burned when his eyes laid on Seokjin’s smile so he swiftly faced the other side while still holding his phone out, “Yeah, yeah. You’re just reading it on my phone, not like you’re looking at my nudes.” He knows that only the sound of a piano would give him butterflies in his stomach but this feeling is exactly the same whenever he sees Seokjin’s smile.

Seokjin’s hand reached for Yoongi’s phone and as he tried to stand up, his legs gave away which surprised him. Due to reflex, he grabbed onto Yoongi’s wrist instead by pulling him down but Yoongi quickly turned around and placed his hand onto Seokjin’s back to balance the both of them from flopping onto the ground while his other hand held onto Seokjin’s wrist, firmly.

Seokjin felt electricity flowing down his spine as soon as Yoongi laid his hands on him. His eyes blinked, rapidly at Yoongi, whose face was only inches away from his. Meanwhile, Yoongi’s eyes were scanning Seokjin’s features, from his sparkling dark brown eyes to his prominent nose and finally, his most beautiful feature that Yoongi noticed from the first time they met, his kissable plump lips. He gulped at the thought of pressing his lips onto Seokjin’s but shook the thoughts away.

Seokjin bit down onto his lips hard while looking away from Yoongi as he feels his cheeks were flushing red, “I-I think you can let go of me now.”

Yoongi’s eyes were still not leaving Seokjin’s lips but he finally came back to reality when he heard Seokjin’s voice. He shook his head, “Right.” He releases his tight grip from Seokjin and moved his hand away from his back. He avoided eye contact with Seokjin and looked towards the piano instead while Seokjin brushed the dust off his clothes.

“So, do you still want to read it?”

Seokjin turned his head towards Yoongi’s voice as he sees Yoongi holding his phone out once again but this time, he wasn’t looking at Seokjin. Seokjin placed his hand on his mouth while holding his giggles back as he finds Yoongi cute and naïve. Soft giggles rang Yoongi’s eardrums as he looked over to find Seokjin giggling while covering his mouth.

Yoongi titled his head to the side while raising his eyebrows, “Why are you giggling?”

Seokjin continued to giggle while his index finger pointed towards Yoongi, “You’re so adorable, Yoongi! You’re like a cute little boy that I want to keep in my pocket!”

Yoongi narrowed his eyes with his wrinkled nose, “What are you trying to say, Jin-hyung?”

Seokjin stopped giggling and looked over to Yoongi, “Are you serious?” His eyes widened as his brows were pulled together in a scowl with confusion, “You really don’t see it, do you?”

Yoongi took a step towards Seokjin with his arms crossed and elevated chin, “You can tell me about it.” His face leaned in close to Seokjin, who was taken aback by Yoongi’s straightforward advance.

Seokjin gulped as he felt his ears turned red while his eyes glanced away from Yoongi’s, “I mean, I don’t really have to repeat myself, right?”

Yoongi’s face leaned in closer to Seokjin’s and this time, Seokjin could feel Yoongi’s breath against his neck which gives him the tingles. He shrugged, due to it and his eyes finally hovered back to Yoongi who was already staring intensely at him.

Seokjin’s eyes widened at Yoongi’s stare with his lips pinched together. As soon as Yoongi parted his lips to say something, the door of the music room creaked open. Their eyes immediately shift to the door, to take a look at the culprit who entered and disturbed the tension they both were feeling.

Seokjin’s eyes were blinking rapidly with his jaw dropped upon seeing the guy who has entered the music room. He had wavy-gel up blonde hair, broad shoulders with a model proportion of a body and in his hand, there was a phone that Seokjin recognized.

The guy’s eyes lingered from Yoongi to Seokjin and he swiftly bowed, “I’m so sorry, Yoongi-hyung. I didn’t know you were pre-occupied with your boyfriend.”

“Pfft,” sneered Yoongi while pointing at Seokjin, “Namjoon please, he’s not my boyfriend.” Seokjin snarled back at him as he rolled his eyes, “Uh, as if I want you as my boyfriend.”

Yoongi ignored Seokjin’s dramatic reply and walked towards Namjoon who was still stunned for a moment, “So, what brings you here, anyways?”

Seokjin touched the base of his neck as he had his head lowered down, avoiding the gaze of his crush, Kim Namjoon who was standing opposite of him with Seokjin’s phone in his hand. He was thinking hard on how Namjoon, the university council’s president has his phone and most importantly, how does he know that phone belongs to Seokjin?

Questions were lingering on his mind and he couldn’t be bothered to listen to the conversation those two were having. He had his eyes focused on the floor while his heart was beating, rapidly. He could feel the palm of his hands were sweating and he couldn’t stop blinking which makes it more nerve wrecking.

Out of nowhere, he caught a sight of his phone being placed on someone’s palm below where his eyes were looking at the ground. He looked up and there, their eyes met for the first time. It wasn’t the first time for him but being this close to meet the gaze of his crush had his knees trembling.

“You must be Kim Seokjin, right? I believe this is your phone.”