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The Golden Spider

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The Golden Spider

Welcome friends, this is Setsuna34, creator of the esteemed Hentai World series, coming at you with something different today. This is a short little story set in the Avatar universe, one of my favorite shows of all time.

In this hard AU of the cartoon, Katara leaves the Southern Water Tribe to find work to better support her family and tribe as the war rages on. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan, and all seems lost when she stumbles upon a lavish building in an Earth Kingdom town one day. This place is the Golden Spider, an expensive brothel that employs girls from the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes and Fire Nation. Initially reluctant, Katara is allowed to work as one of their girls when things get desperate, and things spiral downward from there.

This story is short, at least three or five chapters at most, so don’t expect anything long running this time. I was inspired to write this after reading both Whorra and Assami by Drace Domino, and using ideas from my other work on Fictionpress called Isekai Sex Workers. The girls you see down below is all you’re getting in this story, sorry, but I do hope you enjoy this story.








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Chapter 1-The Water Tribe Working Girl

The Hundred Year War had taken its toll on the world, but few were his as hard as the Southern Water Tribe. Having been withered away into a small pocket of villages in the South Pole, the community had fallen on hard times and it became evident that steps needed to be taken if they were to continue their way of life.

And so many of the tribe’s youth had traveled away from their homeland to find work to help support their families. Among them was Katara, daughter of Chief Hakoda and the only remaining waterbender in the entire South Pole. Like many of her friends, she too left to find work while her brother Sokka stayed behind to protect the tribe with his small but fearsome band of little warriors.

It wasn’t how Katara expected to travel the world beyond her little village, but it was necessary to continue supporting her family. The war had displaced or destroyed many families and everyone who wasn’t joining in on fighting the Fire Nation were simply trying to make a living and pray that the Earth Kingdom emerges victorious.

It wasn’t easy; Katara had been performing odd jobs here and there, and she had scored a couple of good paying jobs thanks to her waterbending (as untrained as she was) while also avoiding the eyes of a few unscrupulous Fire Nation soldiers (particularly the more lewd men who started taking notice of her budding womanly features). Katara had a rough time just finding a stable job where she could make enough money to send back to the Southern Water Tribe, and she was barely able to keep herself afloat with all the traveling. That is until she had a breakthrough.

Katara wasn’t actively looking for a miracle to suddenly pop up, though she did hold out hope. Her search for stable employment had led her to the Earth Kingdom city of Diyu, known for its powerful earthbenders and booming industry. She had just been milling about looking for an inn she could stay in when someone called out her name.


“What?” Katara turned just in time for a girl to ram into her and wrap her arms around her tightly. Katara stumbled back a bit but pulled back just enough to look at the beautifully young girl all dressed up in fine Earth Kingdom fashion. “W-Who are you?”

“You don’t remember me? Wait, it’s the makeup, I know.” The girl smiled, her red lips and dark eyelashes standing out against her tan skin. “It’s me, Nutha! From the Southern Water Tribe?”

“Nutha?” Katara gasped and hugged her friend tight with an excited squeal. “Nutha, it’s so good to see you again. It’s been too long!”

“Way too long.” Nutha chuckled.

“You look…different.” Katara took a good look at her childhood friend and gaped at how good she looked.

Nutha had been a skinny girl when she left the South Pole with her sister a couple of years ago, but the girl standing before Katara now had a fuller, slender form that fit the sea-green dress she wore. Nutha’s dark brown hair was tied up in bun and held together with a pair of chopsticks, and her face was decorated with a tasteful coating of makeup that made her eyes and lips stand out. As for her dress, it was clearly of fine quality, and expensive too, though Katara was taken aback by how much…skin it showed. The dress was separated into two halves, with a light green top hugging Nutha’s ample chest while leaving her midriff bare and tight fitting silk pants that hung low on her hips.

“I just got this dress the other day while out shopping with Niyok. She’s the one who picked it out for me, actually.” Nutha smiled.

“Where did you get the money to buy all this?” Katara asked.

“It’s all thanks to my boss, Madam Ishtar. She runs the place Niyok and I have been working at for almost two years now.”

“Madam Ishtar?” Katara had never heard that name before, though Diyu was a large city. Then she noticed Nutha looking her up and down intently. “Um, what are you doing?”

“You know, I think that Madam Ishtar might actually like you.” Nutha said, before grabbing Katara’s arm and pulling her along. “Come with me, we can talk at my place.”

“Nutha!” Katara exclaimed, but followed her friend anyway. Maybe if she made a good impression, then she might be able to land a job there!

If only she really knew what was going on.


Katara’s dark skin flushed red and the color was getting deeper by the second as she stared at the building Nutha had ultimate led her to. The first clue should have been when they stepped out of the “good part of town” and into what was clearly the city’s red-light district. But while Katara had felt her face heating up and turning pink even then, the waterbender had managed to trick herself.

After all, a massage parlor could be found in a red-light district. It was a place where all sorts of intimate businesses gathered, not just brothels and prostitutes. But, now that she was being led around the back of a brothel by her childhood friend to a side entrance, Katara had to admit that she’d known on some level from that moment on what exactly she was getting into.

This was her own fault and that meant Katara just had to bear with it. She shouldn’t be too judgmental of her friend working as a sex worker (though she was somewhat disappointed. Nutha was a talented girl who could’ve done more than just sell her body to men). Still, her face was practically scarlet as Nutha pulled her into the brothel’s back area. Scantily clad women were everywhere, and Katara did her best to avert her eyes. Not that it did much.

“Nutha! Where have you been, you were supposed to be back hours ago!”

Katara’s eyes widened as she saw another young woman walk up to them. It was Nutha’s sister, Niyok. The shy, reserved girl barely looked recognizable to Katara as she walked up to the pair dress in a tight fitting qipao that left her cleavage exposed and two long slits up along the sides that left her long, lean legs bare. Niyok’s long brown hair was tied back in a braid with a pink flower in the back, and her features were only lightly touched up with makeup.

“Sorry, Niyok, I didn’t mean to be so late, but I just ran into someone I had to bring here.” Nutha pushed Katara forward. “Guess who I ran into?”

“Katara?” Niyok gasped and ran forward to hug Katara, who hugged her back. “Spirits, it’s so good to see you again? What are you doing this far into the Earth Kingdom?”

“Looking for work. Things aren’t looking so hot back in the Southern Water Tribe, so I left to support them. I haven’t been having much luck.” Katara said and looked around at the brothel, blushing at the large amount of half-naked girls walking around without a care in the world. “But that’s my story, basically. What about you two? I’d never expected you two to actually work in a place like…this.”

“You can come out and say it, Katara. It’s a whorehouse.” Nutha smiled. “And yeah, neither of us expected to work here either, but Katara, this place is great. The money we’ve earned here is enough to buy tons of food for everyone else back home.”

“And the madam is very nice too!” Niyok said. “She helped us out when we were lost in the city and gave us a place to stay. All the other girls are very friendly as well!”

Katara felt skeptical, which was natural for her since brothels in general weren’t very nice places to be, even with the high class ones. Still, the Nutha and Niyok looked so happy and eager to have her there. You’d never think they’d make a living spreading their legs for random men.

“It’s great to see that you two are doing well for yourselves, but, Nutha, Niyok…prostitution? That’s what you’re settling with?” Katara asked.

“Katara, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t like this place.” Niyok smiled and grasped Katara’s hand. “In fact, if you’re having problems finding work, we can-“

A loud snapping sound cracked through the air and the three girls froze and turned to face it. Standing in the doorway to the back area of the brothel was a very tall dark skinned woman with long black hair tied up into a bun, a smile across her red lips and clad in a thin emerald green dress that was parted to show her cleavage all the way down to her naval. Her gaze was as cool as the color of her ice blue eyes and when they settled on Katara she froze from the intensity of them. It wasn’t hard to figure out who this woman was as Nutha stepped forward.

“M-Madam Ishtar! I’m really sorry I was late, it’s just-“

“Shush, child. I already know why you’re late. It’s quite alright. Besides, it seems that you have a good reason to be late…”

The madam of the brothel continued forward on her high heels, each step clacking against the floor and filling the mostly silent room with the noise. Nutha and Niyok parted to allow her to get close to Katara. There was a grace to the older woman that caused Katara to tense up. She had an air of authority about her, something that commanded respect.

The tall tan skinned woman finally came to a stop in front of her, and her violet eyes raked down Katara’s form, her painted lips smiling as if she found something good to see. As for Katara, she tried not to look down at the woman’s chest, which was barely covered by her dress, and was sheer enough that she could see the outline of her nipples against the thin fabric.

“You must be Katara. Nutha and Niyok mentioned you before. I am Ishtar, the madam of the Golden Spider.”

“H-Hello…” Katara replied nervously.

Ishtar smiled and once again studied Katara’s form. The Water Tribe girl was on the cusp of womanhood, sporting a slender form that was honed from years of waterbending training and the extensive traveling she did while looking for work. Katara blushed when Ishtar’s gaze settled on her perky breasts for a moment before sliding back to her face.

“You’re a long way from home, little waterbender.” Ishtar said, much to Katara’s shock. “What are you doing this deep into Earth Kingdom territory?”

“I’m…I’m looking for work to support my tribe, like Nutha and Niyok.” Katara answered honestly. “How did you-“

“I have ways of identifying benders. It’s a little…gift of mine.” Ishtar replied smoothly. “Why don’t we talk in my office? You must be tired from walking around this large city for so long.” She glanced at the sisters. “Nutha, Niyok, you two can go rest now. You two still have some clients to take care of tonight. I’ll make sure your friend is properly taken care of.”

“Yes, madam.” Nutha and Niyok said together and waved goodbye to Katara before hurrying upstairs.

Once they were gone, Ishtar wrapped a long, slender arm around Katara’s shoulders and pulled her close. “Let’s go, shall we?”


Madam Ishtar’s private office looked far more lavish than Katara was comfortable being in. the room had a mixed aesthetic that sported décor from all four nations. However, most of the wall paintings and decorations seem to have a bit of a Fire Nation spin on it, especially with the golden dragon statues and paintings.

“Here you go.” Katara jumped a bit when she was handing a steaming hot cup of what she assumed to be tea and quickly took it.

“T-Thank you.” She took a cautious sip, and her eyes widened when her taste buds flared up in bliss. “Wow, this is really good!”

“It should be. It’s called soma. It’s a special drink that my family makes back in my homeland.” Ishtar smiled and sat down behind the desk. “Drink as much as you want. Soma does wonders for your aches and pains.”

Katara realized that she was telling the truth. With each sip she felt more energized, feeling none of the wear and tear from traveling that she usually felt from walking long distances. As she drank, Ishtar’s dark violet eyes never left her face, studying her features.

“Since you’re a Water Tribe gal this far from home, I can only assume that you’ve come to the Earth Kingdom looking for work like your friends, yes?”

“Y-Yes, that’s right.” Katara nodded. “I left the Southern Water Tribe to better support my people back home. We’ve suffered a lot of Fire Nation raids over the past hundred years and it’s starting to really take its toll on the tribe.”

“No need to explain, I can understand that perfectly. A lot of the girls that work here were from families displaced by the Fire Nation and fell into my lap looking for work to help their families.” Ishtar said. “Nutha and Niyok were just the two latest additions to the Golden Spider.”

“Um, that brings me to my next question.” Katara looked down at her cup nervously. Something about this woman made her wary of saying the wrong thing to make her angry. “I’ve noticed that this place is, um…”

“A brothel? Yes, that’s exactly what the Golden Spider is! We’re the biggest and wealthiest brothel in Diyu.” Ishtar smiled at Katara’s nervousness. “If you’re worried about your friends, don’t be. They’re safe here, for I make sure that my girls are safe and well-cared for. I treat these girls like they’re my daughters after all.”

“But don’t you have…clients who are Fire Nation?” katara asked.

“Yes, but most of them are just colonials. We do have some soldiers coming in for a visit, but everyone in Diyu knows not to mess with me or my girls. And the ones who don’t know, well…they learn very quickly.”

Katara had a feeling that whoever needed that lesson taught to them never messed with Ishtar again. It felt good to know that Nutha and Niyok were properly protected, but Katara had to wonder how they were convinced to even become working girls in the first place. It wasn’t something any girl would decide to do unless they were really desperate.

“Katara, if you’re still looking for work, why don’t you try working here?” Ishtar suddenly suggested.

“Here?! As a prostitute?!” Katara exclaimed. “M-Madam Ishtar, I’m honored that you want me to join your…establishment, but I’m not whore. I’m not that desperate—“

“But you are.” Ishtar interrupted her. “I can see it in your eyes. The way you look. The way you sound. You are very desperate for a stable job, and nothing’s worked out so far because of the Fire Nation’s tightening grip on the outer Earth Kingdom territories. Why, I even heard that Omashu was conquered as well, and their king is one of the strongest earthbenders in the southern Earth Kingdom.”

Katara looked down at her cup, which was near empty she realized. Ishtar reached over and tilted Katara’s head up with a finger to show her smile.

“Nutha and Niyok were in the same position as you when they came here. I offered them a night at the Golden Spider as temporary workers, and now they live here with full bellies and tons of money and food to send back to their people. You can join them as well, Katara. I won’t force you, but I don’t think your friends would like it if you were the unfortunate victim of Fire Nation violence like so many other Water Tribe members.”

Katara wanted to say no, she wanted to refuse. She had too much self-respect to just go and whore herself out like this. How would she face Sokka or her father after all? But seeing how happy Nutha and Niyok were, on top of the absurd amount that the girls were being paid here…she didn’t have a lot of alternate options to choose from aside from this.

“How…how much could I get for one night?” Katara asked softly.

“Since you’re such a good friend to my newest girls, I’ll let you keep what you earn for tonight. If you’re interested in continuing your employment here, we can talk it out afterwards.” Ishtar suggested. “How does that sound?”

Katara thought about it for a moment before nodding. “I’ll do it.”


As night fell and Katara spent the evening having dinner with Nutha and Niyok, the time came for her “trial run”, as Madam Ishtar put it. She was shown to an empty room up on the second floor of the brothel where she would be servicing her client.

Taking some time to get ready inside the expensive wash room, Katara stripped out of her clothes into her white undergarments, a white breast wrap that was tight around her full breasts and a white loincloth around her hips that left her firm stomach bare. She took some time to mentally prepare herself for what was to come before stepping out into the bedroom.

Her client was an Earth Kingdom noble who was probably old enough to be her uncle. He had short hair that was cut close to his scalp and was a bit chubby. The madam had told him to undress as soon as he got to the room, so once Katara went to greet him, she was caught off guard by the cock that would soon be piercing her. His cock was bigger than anything she had seen, thick and long, probably as long as her hand, with a massive head that was already oozing with a bit of precum. The look on the noble’s face made it clear that he knew just how impressive his member was, though he tried to play it off as nothing special.

“Heh, you look a little dumbstruck, darling. I’m not that big.”

He most certainly was! But Katara kept such thoughts to herself, instead dropping to her knees before the noble and moved up to grasp his cock at the base. Too thick to wrap her hands around, she could only pull it forward and line it up with the front of her lips. Licking her lips, Katara leaned forward and got to work.

For the time being, all she could do was kiss his cock up and down, pressing her lips full and flush against his shaft and pursing them enough to leave a big, sloppy kiss along the side. His cock was simply too big for her to stuff into her mouth, and so she had no option but to play it safe by kissing up and down while her hands worked along his shaft.

One scooped underneath his sack and cradled his balls while she licked all over them, but by the time she looked up again it was clear her kissjob wasn’t doing it. Sure, he was clearly excited and his cock was throbbing and hard, but if she was going to get him off and earn that money, she had to try and tackle the beast. With a deep breath Katara drew strength from within herself, and looked at that monolithic prick as it cast a shadow over her face. She could do this. Even if she had no sexual experience, all she had to do was not push herself too fast and build up to an amazing climax.

As her lips moved to stretch over the tip, Katara gave a pathetic whimper but continued to push forward. She worked her mouth down his massive inches, and the noble gave an impressed smile as he moved his hands down to grab deep, tight fistfuls of Katara’s hair.

“You’re really good for a first timer. Guess even Ishtar’s newbies are better than the common stock.” He grinned, and with his fists in Katara’s hair refused the young girl to pull her mouth back up. If anything, he pulled her down deeper, yanking her into an unexpected and unwanted deepthroat. The more she took, the more her eyes watered and the more her body strained; yet, for some reason, her gag reflex wasn’t flaring up. It was just the strain of having something so thick lodged in her throat that she had a hard time handling.

Without another word, the noble started to fuck Katara’s face raw. With his grip in her hair it was easy to pull Katara’s mouth down on his cock no matter how hard she pushed against his lap. While his incredible girth stretched her throat, the wayward waterbender groaned in a wet display of strain and lust, spit sliding from the sides of her lips across his shaft and her tongue going flay underneath his rod. The Earth Kingdom socialite jammed his cock as deep as he could into the girl’s throat. He didn’t give up at her murmured protests, didn’t give up as her hands pushed desperately against his lap, and didn’t give up despite the pleading look in her eyes.

“This brothel is the best. Won’t find any other places willing to shell out young girls like you!” He beamed. “Too bad I have to do all the work, but it means being the first to break you in, then I guess that’s a bonus.”

The heat that had been growing within Katara’s loins steadily grew the harder she was facefucked. If her family knew what she was doing right now, she’d be shamed beyond belief. The last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, whoring herself out in an Earth Kingdom brothel. It felt like a sick joke as her client shoved her face down against his lap and made her gag around his girth.

“As much as I love to fill that tight throat of yours with cum, I’d rather pump my seed into another hole of yours.” He smirked, forcing his hands to the back of her head and shoving his cock down to the base. “Time to get inside your pussy, whore.”

The man moved with surprising speed and strength as his fingers flowed into Katara’s hair, yanking her head off his cock and letting threads of spit connect her lips to his well-sucked prick. He pulled her up to her feet and threw her forcefully to the bed, landing atop her almost instantly and ripping her white wrappings off like a ravenous beast. The first bit of cloth to go was her breast wraps, and he didn’t hesitate to squeeze her perky but still growing chest in his greedy grasp. Katara howled as his hands sank into her soft, warm flesh, and he grinned wide as the feeling of her nipples hardening against his palms.

Katara breathed heavily as the larger man settled himself between her legs and pushed her thighs apart to tear away her loincloth. His big, heavy cock slapped down on her pussy before lining up and shoving inside; caring nothing for hesitation as he plunged himself in. Katara was still reeling from her growing arousal to really notice the pain of having her virginity taken by such a large man and her eyes went crossed as he stared to fuck her.

His arms locked around her legs to keep her half-suspended and his steady slams forward filled the room with wet, loud slaps, making it unmistakable that his domination of the younger girl was complete. Katara stared up at the ceiling, her eyes watering and mouth agape, finally realizing something she immediately knew: this would not be the last time she did this.

He slammed in so deep and stretched her cunt so completely that it struck places she didn’t even know she had, and it made her soft, plump thighs shiver in desire. Katara’s earlier reluctance dissolved completely as she forced her arms to reach forward and her fingers to interlock behind the man’s neck.

‘S-Spirits…he’s so big!’ She thought, her mind becoming a haze of lust and pleasure like she never experienced before. Her legs stretched out and hitched against his sides, holding onto him harder and harder. “I’m…I’m going to…” Katara couldn’t finish her sentence as she did what she tried to announce to him, her eyes rolling back in her head once more as she squirted against his lap. It was a violent first orgasm that left their laps damp and yet the man showed no signs of stopping. If anything, he seemed all the more resolved as his hands drifted forward to slap and squeeze her breasts again.

“Let’s see how many orgasms I can squeeze from you before I cum.” He grinned.

Katara’s senses took leave of her in rapid order as the evening continued, and he just kept stuffing his massive cock into her as she had climax after climax across it. The entire time it remained stiff and ferociously thick, and the entire time the man held himself back from cumming. He forced this newly made Water Tribe slut to shake and shiver across his member time and time again, and continually resisted rewarding her the prize of any whore worth her salt: her client’s cum. Katara wasn’t fully expecting this, completely entrapped in the bliss that rippled through her body.

It wasn’t until an hour and a half later when Katara was nearly a shivering mass of pleasure and sweat that her client decided she had earned it; that the newly inducted Water Tribe slut was finally deserving of a thick load of cum as a reward. Katara was pressed flat on her back when the time came, covered in sweat, her perky tits bouncing in time with his thrusts and legs hanging limp by his waist.

“Here it comes.” He said and licked his lips. It was a test of his will not to cum the minute he started pounding into this girl, but he just barely held on until now. He hoped she was permanent. Pussy like this is so hard to come by, even in this place. “Get ready…you’re getting all of my cum.”

Katara barely registered his words, and part of her wanted him to do it outside. However all she could muster was a faint moan.

The man drilled his cock down one more time into her depths. His head rolled back as his cock unleashed a torrent of cum that filled the girl more than she ever imagined, a wash of sticky warm cream rushing inside and filling her entire body with a soothing sensation. Katara howled and screamed, her legs automatically locking together to keep him lodged inside her as he pumped his cum into her womb.

When their orgasms subsided, her legs finally gave way and he pulled his cock out, grinning at the sight of Katara’s pussy leaking an enormous amount of cream out onto the bed. Judging from the limp form of the girl, she’d definitely be sleeping in that wet spot for sure that night. Despite this, Katara had fallen unconscious, fast asleep from exhaustion.

“That was great, girl. Always happy to break a girl in for Ishtar.” He sighed and got off the bed to get dressed. The night was still young. Maybe he could get a massage before the brothel closes for the night.


Madam Ishtar grinned as she took a nice, long puff of her golden pipe. She sat in her office, lounging about on the soft golden couch as she listened to the moans and cries of her girls pleasuring and being pleasured in turn. It was such a soothing sound that she loved to hear every hour of the day, though the addition of a new moan made her grin wider.

“Well done, Katara,” Ishtar muttered, her violet eyes glowing ominously in the dim lighting of her office. “Welcome to the family.”

There was no doubt about it now. There was no way Katara could go back now. She had gotten a taste of what the Golden Spider could offer, and she will want more when she wakes up. All her girls want more after their first time here. The money and the sex was too much to ignore.

“Humans,” Ishtar chuckled, taking another puff from her pipe. “So easy to snatch up during times of upheaval.”

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Chapter 2-Welcome to the Family

Ever since she was a little girl, Suki imagined herself doing great things as a Kyoshi Warrior. Granted, she never expected to really join the war considering that Kyoshi Island was as remote as you can be from the Hundred Year war that’s ravaged the world. It all seemed like a distant dream, really.

And then she met the Avatar, and suddenly the war became a real thing and she felt like, as leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, she was inspired to do something more. Following meeting the Avatar and having him save her village from the Fire Nation, Suki and her Kyoshi Warriors prepared to travel to the greater Earth Kingdom and join the war effort in their own small way. If there was anything they could do, they had to do it.

For a time it was perfect. Suki and her girls traveled the Earth Kingdom saving lives and helping their fellow countrymen fight back against the Fire Nation. The Avatar was also helping save lives as he traveled the world learning the four elements with his Water Tribe sidekick Sokka. But all good things never last forever.

The Kyoshi Warriors had an unfortunate run-in with Princess Azula of the Fire Nation of all people while traveling to Ba Sing Se. Suki didn’t know who the princess was, of course, only that she was Fire Nation, and a powerful firebender at that. The fight was embarrassingly short as the princess overpowered the highly skilled warriors and had her men capture them on the spot. At that moment Suki was afraid that she’d die in some Fire Nation prison camp with her warriors, never able to see her home again, or to see the Avatar win. Things seemed grim for her and the Kyoshi Warriors, and even the courageous Suki thought that this was the end.

However that didn’t happen. For some perverse reason, instead of shipping them off to the prison camps, Azula had the Kyoshi Warriors carted off to the city of Diyu, where Azula sold them off to a brothel called the Golden Spider, to their new “mistress”, the madam Ishtar. The beautiful madam looked unassuming and weak, but Suki knew better now. Madam Ishtar was far scarier than she looked.

That was about a week ago. Throughout the week Ishtar had each of the Kyoshi Warriors, though Suki hardly felt they could be called such anymore, sell their virginity off to the highest bidder. Suki had to watch as her friends were forced to become prostitutes of the Golden Spider one after the other night after night, until only one girl was left—her.

Now Suki stood in front of a full-body mirror inside the room she shared with her the other warriors turned whores. No longer donning the traditional Kyoshi Warrior garbs and sporting her white face paint, Suki was all dolled up in her obligatory Golden Spider outfit. It simply consisted of a thin red top that left her toned midriff bare and long crimson skirt that stopped at her calves. Suki winced a bit as she felt the soft fabric of her top rub against her nipples, for she was forbidden to wear any wrappings or undergarments.

‘This is it,’ Suki morosely thought to herself. ‘The moment I stop being a proud warrior and end up a hole for another man’s pleasure.’

Suki had tried to escape with her friends only once before, on the same night they were sold to the brothel, but their first and only attempt failed thanks to the intervention of female firebending guards disguised amongst the girls. The Kyoshi Warriors had been subjugated in minutes and that wasn’t even counting the very firm warning that Ishtar had given them to behave…or else. Something about that woman made her seem inhuman in a certain light and it honestly frightened her.

A gentle rapping at the door, even as it opened, gave Suki little time to address her visitor as a familiar figure stepped inside. A slender form clad in a tight red silk top that exposed her stomach and left one shoulder bare, as well as baggy silk pants and golden sandals. The girl’s long chocolate brown hair was tied up in an elaborate hairstyle common amongst the Golden Spider’s girls, and deliciously dark tan skin contrasted her bright blue eyes that were like two sapphires.

“Hey, Suki.” The girl softly greeted her, standing beside the door and politely folding her hands before her. “Just coming to check up on you. Are you feeling alright?”

Katara, one of the newer girls in the brothel who joined two months ago. Suki knew about her from Sokka; she was his little sister and the last waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe. Suki never thought she’d see such a sweet and kind girl working in a place like this, and she almost didn’t believe her when she said that she worked at the brothel willingly, but Katara wasn’t the kind of girl who lied. Suki’s time at the Golden Spider probably wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as it did without Katara making sure that she and the others were at least having a decent stay at the brothel before they became whores.

“I’m doing fine, Katara.” Suki smiled, though it was a bit shaky and not as genuine as she wanted it to be. “Just a bit nervous, that’s all.”

“That’s okay. I was nervous during my first time, but once you get into it, you’ll find yourself feeling silly for even being nervous in the first place.” Katara assured her. “You’ll get used to it in no time, just like your friends!”

“Y-Yeah…” Suki said. She really didn’t need a reminder about how her friends, noble and proud warriors she’s known since childhood, had slowly turned into cock-loving whores eager to please their clients at a moment’s notice. It was like someone flipped a switch and they were slowly corrupted into accepting their new line of work.

“Here, drink this.” Katara handed her a cup of soma, which Suki drank gratefully. She moaned at the milky taste, taking a moment to relish the lovely flavor. “Tastes good, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, it does.” Suki admitted after taking a moment to savor the rich flavors on her tongue. “Where did she get this?”

“I think she has someone produce it for her. Soma tastes great and it really energizes you for the day. The madam makes all her girls drink it to keep them going for the entire day…or night.” Katara giggled. She also neglected to mention that soma was also a potent contraceptive that kept the girls from experiencing any unwanted accidents from taking their client’s seed day in and day out. “Feeling better now?”

“Yeah, yeah, I feel a little better.” Suki nodded. Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, Suki took a deep breath and turned to Katara. “Okay, I’m ready. Let’s get this over with.”

Katara smiled softly and gripped Suki’s hand. “You’ll be fine. Your client is a regular at this place. He’s suited for taking care of new girls like you.”

Suki nodded and smiled back, letting Katara escort her out of the room and to her client.


“Thank you for choosing me, sir.” Suki greeted her customer with a bow, trying to hide her nervousness. She straightened up and gulped when she saw her client for the first time. He was no what she was expecting at all.

Suki had thought up the misconception that most of the brothel’s customers were smelly old men born into Earth Kingdom nobility interested in having a younger girl for the night. But instead of some slobbery old man, it was a tall, muscular, dark skinned man who looked like he hailed from the sandbender communes in the Si Wong Desert. He was young, strong, and very eager judging from the bulge in his robes as he grinned at Suki.

“About time someone got here.” He exclaimed before letting out a whistle. “Hey, they weren’t kidding. You’re a cutie, huh?”

“U-um, well, I…” Suki stammered out before the man grabbed her wrist and dragged her forward. Despite being yanked like she was made of paper, it seemed like the man had barely put any effort into the move at all.

He had her pinned against the wall, and his gaze was not unlike a Tigerdillo eyeing a fresh meal. “You’re the new girl, huh?” He asked. “I take it you’ve heard of me?”

“N-No, I haven’t.” Suki gulped, feeling more like a spider-rat than a Kyoshi Warrior right now.

“Ah, you must not be from the mainland. I’m Gin, the best earthbender fighter in this part of the Earth Kingdom.” He bragged, his hungry eyes roaming over her barely covered form. “I’m a bit of a regular, you see, and when Madam Ishtar calls me up to break in a new girl, that means you’ve must’ve given her some problems earlier, huh?”

Suki paled when she realized that this was the madam’s punishment for her little escape attempt. Handing her off to a guy who looked ready to turn her into a cock sleeve at a moment’s notice without care for whether she was ready or not. Her first night on the job was not going to go smoothly for her.

“No matter, I’m skilled in getting rowdy bitches to get in line. Gets me more perks that way.” Gin grinned and threw his robe aside. “But let’s get to fucking before my cock goes off on its own.”

Suki unconsciously looked down and gaped at what she saw. Coated in a maze of throbbing veins, stretching way too far down towards the floor, hung a truly awe-inspiring monstrous cock. Suki guessed the beast must have been 11 inches of raw, streaming fuckmeat. She heard some of the girls in the brothel joke that earthbenders were the biggest men to come to the brothel, but she thought it was just a crude rumor. How wrong she was.

“You’re not gonna make me cum just by staring at it.” Gin remarked, taking Suki’s hand and placing it on the pulsing shaft. Suki gasped at the immense heat coming from Gin’s cock, and she started to notice how muggy the room smelled. It was a musky scent that made her head swim, and Suki realized that it was the scent of Gin’s hardening cock.

“You better get to work on earn that money. I don’t think Madam Ishtar will be happy that you left me waiting.” Gin grinned.

“N-No, I suppose not…” Suki muttered, blushing deeply as the monstrous cock began to rise up in her hands, becoming fully erect. Gin reached up to place his hand on her head and slowly pushed her down to her knees. She allowed him to do so, settling in front of the now erect monster cock that hung right in front of her face.

She pursed her lips as his shining cockhead was pushed against her face, precum rubbing all across her face. The smell was so pungent it was making her dizzy. As soon as Gin leaned back and planted his cockhead against her smooth lips, Suki obediently opened up like the good little slut she now was.

Of course Suki’s mouth wasn’t able to swallow down all of the fat schlong she was presented with, but she made sure to give it a good try. She kissed and licked and suckled on the head like a doting maid before opening her lips wide and taking the head deep into her mouth. Gin’s cock realized where it was and began dumping thick droplets of precum which Suki began swallowing down.

‘Why the hell does he taste so good?’ Suki angrily wondered to herself, concerned at how fast she was getting drawn into this depravity.

Gin sighed in pleasure. His massive cock throbbed possessively in Suki’s mouth, eliciting a muffled shout of surprise. “Damn, nothing like a girl’s mouth around your cock to make the world seem right. The spirits must be granting me tons of fortune today.”

He looked down at Suki, who glared up at him, her mouth still sucking down inches upon inches of thick cockmeat. “I see you’re still a bit defiant. Time to change that!”

Gin effortlessly reached down to the cock-sucking Kyoshi Warrior and got a tight grip on her head and began fucking her throat with pulsing glee. He forced inch after inch of his thick rod into Suki’s well-fucked throat. Her eyes bugged out as Gin began to insert way too much cock down her poor throat. Her eyes crossed and her toes curled as she struggled to contain more and more of his shaft.

Gin didn’t stop pushing, his head rolling back in pleasure and sighing blissfully as he made a cocksleeve out of Suki’s mouth. Somehow, by the grace of the spirits, Suki managed to swallow down every last inch of the man’s huge cock and now his balls were pressed against her chin.

Now that he was full embedded inside the girl’s throat, Gin began a steady pace of cunt-shattering thrusts, the kind that would make a lesser girl pass out. But Suki was clearly made of sterner stuff as her juicy throat took the strain of Gin thrusting in and out with nothing but the odd gag and spitting up some cum-mixed saliva that drenched the long length of her client’s shaft.

“Ugh, spirits your mouth feels…wonderful…” Gin grunted, mercilessly throatfucking the former Kyoshi Warrior. “Shit…here it comes, girl!”

Gin’s large balls contracted before pumping out a truly epic load. Suki’s throat was treated to an explosive climax as Gin began pumping shot after shot of steaming thick jizz down her well-fucked throat, her belly quickly filling to capacity from the sheer unrestrained load of incredibly fertile semen. He leaned backwards to pull out, rivulets of reeking cum spilling out over Suki’s dazed face as he began to pump his cock with one hand, shot after shot firing out and drenching the poor, well-used cocksleeve in thick streams of cum.

Suki struggled to swallow the thick load of cum in her throat, her body shuddering from the sudden orgasm she experienced from both the creamy facial and having her throat pounded raw by the earthbender’s greasy shaft.

She yelped when she felt herself get yanked along the bed by a pair of strong hands. She was thrown onto the mattress and had her skirt shoved up to expose her legs and soaked pussy, spreading her wide so he could settle his body between her thighs. Gin began flicking the tip of his monster cock up against Suki’s dripping cunt, eliciting squeak of shock from the girl.

‘N-No way, that’ll never fit!’ She thought. Suki tried to beg him to stop, but she was ignored.

“Don’t worry, whore. Once you get used to it, it’ll feel great!” With that, Gin thrust forward. Like a hot knife through butter, his massive shaft plunged into Suki’s depths, and the two of them stiffened and twitched from the explosive pleasure of their first, but certainly nowhere near last fuck. Gin’s mouth hung open as he groaned loudly, relishing how tight Suki felt around his cock. Suki had her hands clasped over her mouth, trying to keep her voice from screaming out in sheer, well-fucked bliss.

Gin stood on the floor with Suki on the bed, her legs now raised in the air as he lowered his weight down and began thrusting hard into her cunt. Wet, lewd sounds echoed throughout the room as Gina powerfucked the new whore with glee, eyes rolling back in bliss as he fantasized about all the possible ways he could fuck her into submission in the future. Suki could hardly think straight as Gin’s massive cockhead pressed against her womb, shuddering the entire body of the poor girl. Even when not directly connected to the earth, the ravenous earthbender seemed to be drawing strength from some unknown reservoir to maintain a steady pace of womb-punching thrusts that made her entire body shake violently.

Gin leaned forward and licked all over Suki’s face, marking Suki as his. Suki opened her mouth to try and take Gin’s tongue between her lips, resulting in a loud, sloppy make-out session that was only overshadowed by the overly loud thrusting of Gin’s massive cock into her.

The familiar churn and tightening of Gin’s balls signaled the end. The end of their wild fuckfest and the end of Suki’s role an honorable Kyoshi Warrior. As soon as the insane load he was building up for graced her insides, Suki would become a proper whore of the Golden Spider. Had she been in her right mind, Suki would’ve fought as hard as she could, but while getting powerfucked into the bed, with the burly man licking her face and neck like a slobbering dog, she had no willpower to resist him. Suki accepted her defeat, looking straight into her client’s eyes as his thrusts grew harder.

“Cum in me,” She declared between breathy pants. “Empty your balls and break in the new slut.”

She would’ve said more but Gin’s eyes rolled back as he felt himself finally reach that climax, his body stiffening against hers and his cock finally released its load into her with a series of violent cum blasts.

Suki was filled in an instant. Her eyes rolled back from the sheer power of the first cum shot. It fired like a hose, continuing on long past the point it made sense to do so. Her belly began to fill up with jizz, her womb already filled beyond its capacity to hold anything more, yet still the man continued to cum inside her, his pulsating balls pressed up against her toned ass.

Filled to the brim with thick rivulets of cum dripping out in excess, Gin finally pulled out of her, strands of cum and juices connecting cock to cunt, and released the last few shots of his load out onto her stomach. Even those final shots of cum were thick and gooey enough to stick to her skin. Pumping his cock a few more times to eek out the last of his flood, Gin’s orgasm finally came to a stop and he sagged his tense muscles once it was all over.

“I’m so glad I managed to snag you once you were open for business. You Kyoshi Warriors are really popular with the soldiers.” Gin said to the near comatose Suki. “I’ll make sure to give the madam a good word for you. You were great for your first night, girl.”

Suki, cum filled and glazed with seed and sweat, could only moan in response as her thighs were coated with white cream leaking from her well-used cunt. Gone was the proud and fierce Kyoshi Warrior, and only a newly minted whore remained, yet another addition to the odd family that she found herself in.


Madam Ishtar took a long drag from her pipe before snorting the smoke through her nose, her glossy lips smiling as she sensed another girl fall into her web. Suki was certainly a tough nut to crack, but not even she can resist getting pounded by some of the strongest earthbenders in Diyu. She hummed in pleasure and closed her eyes, listening to the amorous sounds of sex within her little kingdom. Business as usual in the Golden Spider.