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The Golden Spider

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The Golden Spider

Welcome friends, this is Setsuna34, creator of the esteemed Hentai World series, coming at you with something different today. This is a short little story set in the Avatar universe, one of my favorite shows of all time.

In this hard AU of the cartoon, Katara leaves the Southern Water Tribe to find work to better support her family and tribe as the war rages on. Unfortunately, things don’t go to plan, and all seems lost when she stumbles upon a lavish building in an Earth Kingdom town one day. This place is the Golden Spider, an expensive brothel that employs girls from the Earth Kingdom, Water Tribes and Fire Nation. Initially reluctant, Katara is allowed to work as one of their girls when things get desperate, and things spiral downward from there.

This story is short, at least three or five chapters at most, so don’t expect anything long running this time. I was inspired to write this after reading both Whorra and Assami by Drace Domino, and using ideas from my other work on Fictionpress called Isekai Sex Workers. The girls you see down below is all you’re getting in this story, sorry, but I do hope you enjoy this story.