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A Lovecraft tale

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Dear Miss Lenore Lovecraft

We are pleased to accept your application to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Please see below what will be provided once you are enrolled as a teacher at the school and ensure to meet Professor McGonnigal at the Hogwarts gates at the break of Dusk this Friday.

Newly enrolled teachers will reside within a standard sized and fully furnished bedchamber and private lavatory, modifications are allowed to suit the resident’s needs and preferences.

A house elf will be provided along with all and any stationary which may be needed.
Any modifications to given classroom and office is solely up to the appointed teacher.

Kind Regards
Deputy Headmistress
Professor Minerva McGonagall


The weekend couldn’t come any quicker for Lenore. Once she finished packing everything imagined that would be needed for the year, whether it be demonstrative for students or simply something to keep busy, it was packed without a second thought.

The day before, Lenore thought it wise to apparate to Diagon Alley to pass the time and hopefully come across anything that might prove useful at hogwarts. Maybe a book or two...

“Where are you going?” Said a tiny voice.

It was Mr. Arthur, Lenore’s baby corn snake.

The snake was saved a few weeks ago from shamans searching for rare animal skin and upon finding Mr. Arthur a few distances from her cottage, a rare albino who was only just hatching from its egg. The Shamans believed it to be an omen from their ancestors until Lenore gifted them with a sleeping draught and saved Mr. Arthur from a fate she didn’t want to imagine.

“I’m off to Diagon Alley, would you like to come along?” Mr. Arthur nodded his tiny head and Lenore indicated for him to slither up her cloak into a little pouch where he could rest comfortably.

Lenore was a parselmouth, being a Lovecraft meant she was a descendant from the famous Salazar Slytherin family. One of Slytherin’s daughters married into the Lovecraft family one of which became the famous HP Lovecraft, Lenore’s great grandfather, who was, among other things, a practiced parselmouth.

Once in Diagon Alley, Lenore dashed to Flourish and Blotts hoping to find anything of interest.
When inside she walked to the invisibility section. She could see from the corner of her eye a dark figure gliding past her as she scanned for anything of interest.

“Curious,” Lenore jumped at the sudden break of silence and turned her head to have a look at the culprit behind her. It was Severus Snape. He took note of Mr. Arthur on her shoulder. She didn’t even realize the silver snake slithered out of the pouch to inspect the new environment he found himself in. “Oh! Good Afternoon Mr. Snape,” Lenore hoped she didn’t sound too nervous speaking to the potions master, “this little creature is Mr. Arthur, a corn snake, doesn’t look it, but he doesn’t seem to mind the difference.”

Snape continued to curiously look at Mr. Arthur for a few more moments and looked up at her, his mouth subtly curving, “Good Afternoon Miss Lovegood, I hope you’ve been keeping well. I hear your application for the Defense Against the Dark Arts post has been accepted,” Lenore know Snape has been after the post for years, why Dumbledore denies him the position is beyond her, she only hopes Snape wouldn’t hold anything against her for having her application accepted.

“Yes Mister Snape, I’m very excited to start the year, I’ll be at the Hogwarts gates tomorrow evening and settling in my quarters over the weekend.”

“I see,” Snape replied, sounding almost pleased, “I look forward to seeing you at the dinner table Friday evening then, as well as Mr. Arthur,”

Lenore could feel her lips forming into a faint smirk, “So, what finds you here in Floutish and Blotts?” Said Lenore curiously, trying not to sound neither too interested nor nosy. Snape brought a thick tome from his satchel which read: Nicholas Flamel on advanced alchemy.

“Flamel?” replied Lenore, admiring the engraving on the leather bound tome, “one of his new volumes? would you say it’s a page turner? I’ve read his volume on the theory of the philosopher stone, I couldn’t put it down. Although I was a bit annoyed by the vagueness of some of his arguments,” Snape was taken aback by her interest, clearly expecting Miss Lovecraft to nonchalantly wave off the book, “Uh- yes indeed.” Snape answered hesitantly, “I expect you might enjoy this then, I can lend it to you when you’re at Hogwarts.” Snape placed the tome back in his satchel, “If you are looking for a page turner, might I suggest Moste Potente Potions or the updated volume of Sapiens,” he walked to a pile of books and gestured for Lenore to follow. Snape pulled out the two books and handed it to Lenore, “apparently a muggle wrote a similar book to Sapiens, but...” Snape gently tapped on the sapphire blue bound book leaving a faint mark on the cover, it was dusty and had an embossed engraving of the title and author, “...this in particular speaks about the development of magic,” fascinated, Lenore opened the book and ran her fingers down the contents page, “Goodness, this is most fascinating! I’ll give it a read, and perhaps we can have a friendly debate. Thank you Mister Sn-“

“Severus, please.” Severus said abruptly, “I expect my colleague to call me by my name, and yes, I look forward to our friendly debate. Good day to you... Lenore” Severus hesitated saying the name but remembered his own words to her, he turned to the silver snake, “and to you Mr. Arthur,” the snake hissed in return, Lenore was careful not to speak to the snake or acknowledge him speaking. No one can know her abilities, it’s too dangerous. Lenore kindly greeted Severus in turn and left for Knockturn Alley after purchasing the books.
The doorbell rang when she entered Borgin and Burkes followed by being greeted by a pale and worn man, Mister Borgin.
“Aaaah, good evening Miss Lovecraft , anything I can assist you with?” Borgin said quietly.

“Good afternoon Borgin, do you perhaps have any new books in stock?” Lenore asked hopefully.

Borgin’s face brightened, “Indeed I do, but I’m afraid it will be extremely costly. I saved it just for you actually,” Borgin reached for a black chest, unlocked it carefully and bore a strange book which seemed to be bound in various types of leather and have metal clasps. “This...” Borgin said slowly, “is the original necronomicon, I believe your grandfather owe his fame to it,” -stunned, Lenore couldn’t believe what she saw. Can this truly be the original necronomicon? She moved towards it hesitantly unsure if she should be afraid or excited.

“How did you get this? Were you going to sell it to anyone else?” Borgin had a certain twinkle in his eyes, clearly pleased with Lenore’s reaction to the book.

“Of course not! I can only trust this in your hands which is why I would give it to you as a gift. I originally wanted to sell it for at least a hundred galleons, but decided against it. These dark wizards would do anything to get their long fingers on this book. A wizard came in the other day bearing the book, seemed quite happy to be rid of it, didn’t even ask for a single knut!”

Pleased, Lenore safely covered the book with a cloth provided by Borgin and apparated to her cottage where she spent her evening paging through Sapiens aware of the faint mark on the front cover, knowing Severus would like to know her thoughts on the book.
Mr. Arthur was coiled on her lap resting peacefully.