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Fulfillment of desires

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Bruce Wayne had spent a lot of time at work for some time. At his civil work. A separate office of the head of the company and the ability to close the doors - this was definitely a huge plus. Not that closed doors could stop them, but fortunately none of his new-found heirs were eager to see "papa" at work – at his civil work.

Unfortunately, forever holed up in office not allowed debt and conscience: Batman could not drag the entire its arsenal in the corporate building, and Alfred was already not in those years, to leave his on at the mercy of violent teenagers. Lately Bruce has been accustomed to be glad of little – the house was not Smoking or in ruins, but not too hopeful – the hall greeted him with a suspicious silence. Without venturing to find out for himself, Bruce turned into the kitchen. The kitchen had the status of an inviolable sacred place – eternally hungry children realized the importance of the smooth functioning of the food source.

Alfred was drinking tea in the kitchen, and Bruce allowed himself to relax a little.

"Where is everyone?"

"Do you want a full report for the day, sir, or can I limit it to the last hour?"

"I suppose if someone had suffered life-threatening injuries, you'd have told me by now, so let's get to the bottom of it."

"Miss Barbara has moved to the West wing, and I strongly advise you to use the guest bathroom instead of trying to evict her from yours."

"We should call Jim and…"

"Commissioner Gordon has called himself, sir, and has asked very much to keep miss Barbara with us at least until the weekend, because - I quote- he deserves a rest, and we must not care."

"Until Friday night, period. And how did the others perceive her presence?"

"Master Damian gave miss Barbara his favorite brass knuckles."

"Why so generous?"

"It's a cunning calculation and a bribe, sir: he wants miss Barbara to remove your lock from his computer."

"And the others?"

"Master Jason and master Tim didn't bother miss Barbara. They found a supply of red paint this morning that I bought to update the obstacle course markings. I tried to convince the boys that this shade suits even them, but I don't think they believed me, so I guess we won't see them for the next few days, so I served dinner under the door…"

"At least there's some use in petty hooliganism."

"... and I suppose the East wing will have to be overhauled when they come out of voluntary confinement."

"In any case we wanted to restore the ceiling of the hall after Dick's exercises with a pole and a chandelier."

"Master Dick has been in the cave all day."


"Taking the engine off your plane, sir. He believes that his suit can be supplemented, and the plane as a way to fly is already obsolete."


"And now he's testing himself, his new suit, and the roof of this house."

"Where does Clark look?!"

"I suppose Mr. Clark is closing his eyes, sir, and trying not to look at anything at all. A little more, he would order a full-length lead safe to be locked from the inside. Today he was already interested in the contacts of the metalworker to whom I addressed.""

"Did you order a safe for yourself?"

"No, sir, I ordered a sign for you. Bruce Wayne boarding school for troubled Teens. I think it would look great on the gable above the front door."

"Let me remind you that of the two of us, you've always wanted children!"

"I sincerely appreciate your eagerness to please me, but next time, sir, try to grant my wishes on a smaller scale."