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kurodai week 2019

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uh, alright

i can’t focus on what needs to get done

i’m on notice hoping that you don’t run, ah

you think i’m tepid but i’m misdiagnosed

cause i’m a stalker i seen all of your posts, ah-ah


When Tetsurou first met Sawamura, he noticed that while Sawamura seemed like the poster child for average, he was actually terrifyingly observant, cunning, and steadfast on court. He wouldn’t let the ball drop no matter how many times he took a spike to the arms. Tetsurou was impressed, albeit reluctant about it. Sawamura was an amazing player if one took the time to pay attention. And Tetsurou made sure to never let him get up to anything, for they were rivals after all. He had to make sure Sawamura wasn’t up to anything, what with his steady attitude, encouraging cheers, broad shoulders, strong thighs, handsome face…well, anyway Tetsurou would have to keep an eye on him. Not that he’d complain.

After the little Shrimpy-chan finally gave up on asking for more sets-where did his energy come from?!-the teams started mingling, eager to get to know each other. Tetsurou knew most of his team were pretty sociable, but there was something so magnetic about Karasuno that even Kenma gravitated toward them, only to talk to Shrimpy-chan. Still, more talkative than normally.

Tetsurou smiled and crossed his arms, content in the fact that his team and Karasuno would get along well.


He turned around surprised to see Sawamura there. Pretty quiet for a large guy like him. Tetsurou leered at him in retaliation for Sawamura surprising him. “Why yes Sa'amura-kun?”

Sawamura smiled and stuck out his hand. “It was a good game we had, even though you won.”

“It was well-fought, but don’t start thinking we’ll be easier to beat,” Tetsurou replied, accepting the handshake. Sawamura’s hand was surprisingly soft, fingers and palm absent of a player’s usual calluses. He must use lotion, Tetsurou mused. He blinked, then let go of Sawamura’s hand, which he’d been grasping for far too long. Thankfully, Sawamura didn’t seem fazed. He turned back toward their teams, Tetsurou echoing his actions.

“Y'know,” Tetsurou started. “I’ve never seen Kenma socialize this much.”

Sawamura chuckled. “Hinata has that affect on people,” he said, gesturing to where Shrimpy-chan was talking excitedly to Inuoka while also commenting vigorously on the game Kenma pulled out. Kenma was smiling quite big, answering any of questions Shrimpy-chan asked. Tetsurou softly smiled. Kenma always struggled socializing, their anxiety making them unwilling to. Not to mention their peers would often judge them and their habits.

Stretching his arms above his head, he glanced to the side and caught Sawamura staring before he quickly turned his head, the tips of his ears turning pink. Tetsurou leaned closer with a smirk. “See something you like Sa'amura?”

Sawamura snickered, shocking Tetsurou with how adorable it was. He felt heat bloom on his cheeks, and almost missed what Sawamura was saying.

“Sorry, but your hair cancels out your good looks.”

Tetsurou ignored the fact that Sawamura called him good-looking. “Says the one that can barely reach my shoulder.”

“Do you want to go Kuroo?”

“What are you going to do, go for my kneecaps-ouch Sa'amura! That hurt! Get back here!”

Sawamura darted away to his team, laughing. Tetsurou grinned, a warm feeling spreading through him. He started after Sawamura, before he was tugged back by the collar of his shirt.

“C'mon Kuroo,” Kai said. “We have to group up. The coaches want to talk with us.”

Tetsurou let himself be pulled away, but not without throwing one last glance back at Sawamura. He was back to being the serious captain, face stoic and attentive as he and his team listened to Nekomata-san’s comments. Tetsurou let out a shout when a sharp elbow attacked his ribs, facing forward towards Karasuno’s coach.

“Kuroo!” Yaku hissed from beside him. “Pay attention!”

“Sorry,” Tetsurou whispered back. As he devoted his attention to what Karasuno’s coach was saying, he pushed all thoughts of Sawamura aside.

Later in the day, when the sun was starting to set and Karasuno was long gone on their way home, Tetsurou was laying on Kenma’s bed fiddling with his phone. Kenma was at his desk working on homework while occasionally answering texts on his phone.

Tetsurou flipped over on his stomach, swinging his feet back and forth. He looked at the contact on his phone, trying to figure out what nickname he should give Sawamura. He turned to Kenma. “Hey, ask Shrimpy-chan what I should name Sa'amura.”

Kenma looked at Tetsurou with a deadpan expression. “Why.”

“Because I need to give him a different contact name that’s not just his name. It’s boring.”

Kenma rolled their eyes. “I don’t believe Daichi-san would want a nickname Kuro.”

“Well, it’s my phone, my rules.”

Kenma looked at Tetsurou, a strange look on his face. “You very attached to Daichi-san, more than any other team captains.”

“What do you mean?” Tetsurou asked. “Bokuto’s one of my best friends.”

“Yeah, but it’s different. You and Daichi-san are…more flirty.”

Tetsurou blinks, then blushes brightly red. “Wh-what the fuck does that mean?!”

Kenma froze. It’s not often that Tetsurou swore crudely. This must be a touchy subject he’s been thinking about a bit; Tetsurou wouldn’t usually give an outburst like that.

They fully turned toward Tetsurou, spinning in his chair. Tetsurou stared back, an almost desperate look in his eyes, and a red tint painted high on his cheeks. Kenma stared for a moment, then shrugged. “Well, not in a bad way, just like playful almost. Just more touchy…I don’t know.”

Tetsurou nodded, relieved. “Yeah,” he said, “yeah, I get that. Maybe it’s the historic rivalry.”

Kenma spun back toward their homework after one last stare that Tetsurou couldn’t quite interpret. Even though they’ve known each other practically their whole lives, Kenma still had a few looks that kept Tetsurou in the dark about his thoughts.

Tetsurou flipped back on back, staring at Sawamura’s name glowing at him. He deleted it, then replaced it with “crow captain ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ”. Tetsurou grinned, pleased with his decision. Then he reached down to his school bag for his homework, and told himself that Sawamura was just a rival and Kenma wasn’t right about any flirting.

Didn’t help that Kenma was usually right about people.


and i’m just tryna play it cool now

but that’s not what i wanna do now

and i’m not tryna be with you now, you now



you make it difficult to not overthink

and when i’m with you i turn all shades of pink, ah

i wanna touch you but don’t wanna be weird

it’s such a rush, i’m thinking wish you were here, ah-ahh



Daichi startled so violently that he accidentally squeezed his water bottle, spraying a stream of water right up his nose. He spluttered as Suga slapped his back to try and help, emphasis on try. Coughing, Daichi glared at Suga, who only looked nonchalant.

“Sorry Daichi, but you weren’t listening.”

“That doesn’t mean yell in my ear!”

Suga rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah, okay. Anyway, as I was saying-since you keep zoning out-what’s the deal with the Nekoma captain?” he leered with an arm around Daichi’s shoulders.

Daichi’s brow furrowed. The deal with Kuroo? There was no deal as far as he was aware. Did Suga say something before and Daichi forgot? Wouldn’t have been the first time Daichi forgot something important. What did he forget? Maybe something concerning the other captains at the training camp? That Bokuto guy…it was Bokuto right? Oh gods, is that what he forgot? Kuroo did all this work to invite Karasuno, and Daichi couldn’t even remember his best friend’s name-


Daichi smiled sheepishly at Suga’s irritated expression. “Sorry.”

“Shit Daichi,” Suga said. “Why are you so absentminded lately? Is it because this is so different from what we’re used to?” he added, concern twisting his mouth.

Daichi shook his head vehemently. “No no no, not at all! I guess I’m just worried about messing up, well, everything. I mean, Kuroo did invite us to this camp, and I don’t want to make him regret it.”

“HA!” Suga crowed, jabbing a finger in Daichi’s face. “I knew there was something going on with you and Kuroo! You always stare off into space in his direction!”

“What! No I don’t!” Daichi argued, facing forward to prove himself. But lo and behold, there stood Kuroo, cocky grin and all, as he smirked at Daichi from his court before fluttering his eyes and blowing Daichi a kiss. Daichi immediately flushed bright red, Suga cackling in his ear.

“See you’ve got a chance!”

Daichi groaned, grabbing Suga’s wrist and tugging him to where the rest of their team stood warming up for their next practice game. But not before Daichi vowed to crush Nekoma into the floor next time they had a practice match against them. For now, he had to focus on this game against Shinzen. Daichi tried to listen to Coach Ukai discussing rotations and weaknesses, but it seemed like his mind couldn’t get off of what Suga had said.

Unfortunately for Daichi, Suga immediately jumped back into it as soon as possible. Daichi should’ve guessed that Suga wouldn’t leave it at that. When they were in their room setting up futons, Suga inched toward him, Daichi trying his hardest to ignore him. That plan was thrown out the window when Suga, in a seemingly generous act of helping Hinata with his futon, took the opportunity to remark out of the corner of his mouth, “I never would’ve pegged Kuroo to be your type.”

“Suga!” Daichi hissed. “Would you shut up?”

Suga shook his head with a shit-eating grin. “Hell no Daichi, not when it’s up to me to be your wingman.”

“My wingman.”


Daichi elbowed Suga in the side in an effort to shut him up when he noticed Hinata looking up at them whispering fiercely with a quizzical look on his face. With one final determined glare at Daichi, Suga turned to finish setting up Hinata’s futon, a disarmingly angelic smile gracing his features.

Daichi had trouble going to sleep that night as Suga’s words bounced around his head, ghostly whispers of wingmen and crushes, all while Kuroo’s face hung in his mind’s eye, messy hair and unavoidable smirk haunting him. Daichi’s frown grew.

He couldn’t possibly have a crush on Kuroo could he? Kuroo wasn’t even that attractive. He had a constant case of bedhead and his jokes were always cheesy. And his gaze wasn’t even that sharp, not when his eyes were that gorgeous amber color. Plus, his lean figure did nothing to Daichi, he didn’t want to curl up into Kuroo’s muscled torso, not at all.

Daichi turned over and screamed into his pillow.

When Daichi woke up, Ennoshita had asked him what was wrong, leading Daichi to assume he didn’t get nearly as enough sleep as he hoped. Not to mention, Asahi passed a small tube of foundation while nodding in an understanding fashion. All in all, Daichi most likely looked like complete shit.

Suga waltzed up during breakfast, scooting in close to Daichi with his tray. “How’d you sleep Daichi?” Daichi gave him one deadpan glance and Suga passed him his shrimp onigiri in apology.

Daichi stared tiredly at the table where Nekoma sat, gazing at Kuroo through half-open eyes. Kuroo didn’t look like he lost sleep at all, the lucky bastard. In fact, he was joking and jostling around with the libero, who honestly looked like he was one word away from stabbing Kuroo in the eye with his chopsticks. But Kuroo was smiling wide, genuine happiness emanating from him. When one of his first years accidentally spilt their orange juice, Kuroo threw his head back and laughed, eyes closed in mirth. Daichi had never seen someone so attractive. He moaned and let his head fall into his crossed arms on the table.

Gods, Daichi was so, so screwed.


and i’m just tryna play it cool now

but that’s not what i wanna do now

and i’m not tryna be with you now, you now


but i could be your crush, like, throw you for a rush, like

hoping you’d text me so i could tell you

i been thinking ‘bout your touch like

touch, touch, touch, touch, touch

i could be your crush, crush, crush, crush, crush

i got a fascination with your presentation

making me feel like you’re on my island

you’re my permanent vacation

touch, touch, touch, touch, touch

i could be your crush, crush, crush, crush, crush