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“Hey bro!”

“Yeah, dude?”

Bing stopped his skateboard, a raised eyebrow as he waited for Chase to stop rummaging through the trash can.

“Do you know how tough your skin is?”

Bing stared at Chase, confused.

Chase held up one finger, before sticking his hand back to pull a broken pipe put. He struggled a bit in holding the heavy metal.

“If I whack you with this pipe, would it break or you?”

Thousands of outcomes shot through Bing’s head before shrugging.

He didn’t think he would get damaged. Much.

Chase smiled, and he walked over to his friend, pipe held in both hands.

“Okay, bro, ready?”


With that response, Chase brough the pipe over his head, before whacking Bing with it.

Everything seemed fine, for just one second, before Bing’s eyes and logo flickered and he crumpled to the ground.

Chase started panicking, and a small worry crawled to the front of his mind.

I am dead meat.