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Count Chocula goes to the Store

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Booberry knew that this was the year to bring together the remaining monster cereals. After the redeaths of yummy mummy and fruit brute in 2014 Boobery realized how important a community is. None of them ever knew what year the population might decide theyre no longer important or delicious. He decided to hatch a scheme to reunite them all again.

He sent Count Chocula a letter to come to the beach at the next thunderstorm, and he dragged him and his brother to the beach when that occurred.

At the beach it was a nice and stormy day. Count chocula had shown up and he was living for this weather. He brought his cool dude sunglasses and a beach umbrella. Thunderstorms were the only time he was allowed at the beach due to his obsessions. Frankenberry also lived for this weather because he liked being struck by lightning. This was the perfect beach day.

When count chocula and frankenberrys eyes met you could feel the tension between them. Booberry got between them and tossed up a beach ball. “Lets play monkey in the middle! Ill be the monkey” he proclaimed. Frankenberry got the beach ball first and then hit it as hard as possible into count choculas nose, which popped it immediately. Booberry was sad. Count Chocula put one of his marhsmallows into his mouth until it was movable and he used it to seal back up the beach ball.

He then tossed it back to frankenberry. Count Chocula had no real grudge against Frankenberry besides when Frankenberry decided to act all crazy like this, which is what hes been doing for the past how many years. Frankenberry was furious that Count Chocula was acting so cool about this. It made him hit the ball even harder, but it struck booberry, or it wouldve if he werent a ghost, and it flew directly into the ocean. The marshmallow seal broke and the ball was deflated again.

“Frankenberry what the FUCK is your DEAL” exclaimed count Chocula. Frankenberry just stared in shock at his brother that he almost hit. “I-I don’t know anymore. I used to be jealous of how you were skyrocketing to fame. But now im just not sure what I am mad about. Strawberry sweeties are best no contest, but it is not worth being mad about for this long. I am sorry Count Chocula.” Count Chocula was set back by his kind words.

“Well actually, chocolate sweeties are far superior, just ask the people, but I agree that no petty grudge should keep us monster cereals apart. After the gain and loss of yummy mummy and fruit brute i feel like my family is shrinking. I do not want to lose you too.”

Booberry had gotten the beachball and brought it back,”This was exactly my goal for bringing you two together. I am glad you both agree, now lets get back to the game.” Booberry possessed the beach ball and the count and franken had a great day at the beach.

As they walked home together they were discussing their different sweety ideas and what if they did collabs with their cereals. What if they had count chocula with blueberry and strawberry sweeties. The possibilities were endless.