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Count Chocula goes to the Store

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One day in the september/autumn season Count Chocula went to the store. He was looking to buy himself some small umbrellas for his drinks. Count Chocula was an addict to anything with an umbrella. This is why he was not allowed to exist in any other season but fall. The beaches were never the same again before they enacted this law.

As count chocula peered into the aisles His large nose tore up a lot of the shelves. He was very old so he had no care to clean up his messes. He always thought it was creating jobs. At last he finally found his precious small umbrellas. He grasped them in his gross ugly vampire hands. He came from a time before vampires fucked and it shows.

As he went to go to check out for his one item he saw a thick bitch with ten boxes with his face on it. How could this be! An admirer? He hasn’t gotten any action in 30 years. Count Chocula went over to the unsuspecting bitch and sniffed her hair. She was instantly aroused. She spun around to see her icon in the flesh. “OMG!!! UR BAE AF FAM!!!” and then she jumped him. Count Chocula was traditional so he took her out to dinner first and then invited her back to his home.

She pinned him on the bed and tried to put her womanhood on his vampirehood but a forcefield bounced her off. He was so old fashioned that he could not enter without permission. He asked her if he could enter and she said yes and then love was happened.

The next morning count chocula woke up in a large bowl. The bitch was pouring milk all over him. Ah. True love. The last minutes of count choculas life was spent being crushed up by a cartoonishly large spoon. She ate all of him and moved on with her life. “See you next year” She thought.