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My Blood Rose

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It was like any day of school, waking up late and just making it to class, and sitting through a boring lecture. That was until the teacher brought forward a new student.

“Toga, will you introduce yourself?” The teacher said. The girl nodded happily,”Hello! I’m Toga Himiko, I look forward to sharing a class with you!”

Toga soon took her seat in the back of the class. Then the class continued as normal, writing notes and preparing for the test the next day. It wasn’t long before the lunch bell rang.

Uraraka walked into the cafeteria holding her lunch box. She gazed across the cafeteria searching for her friend group. She soon spotted Izuku and Todoroki sitting at a table talking to each other.

Uraraka walked over to the table quickly. “Hey did you hear what was on the news yesterday?” Izuku said looking at Uraraka smiling, like normal. Uraraka frowned,”I didn’t, did something happen?”

Todoroki spoke next,” Yeah, apparently there was reporting of weird killings around here.”
Uraraka tilted her head,” Weird as in...?” Todoroki sighed,”Weird as in people’s blood being completely sucked out of their body.”

Iida walked over to the table,”Todoroki are you still going on about your weird vampire conspiracy theory?” Todoroki turned away from him,”I’m just saying that the signs match up, the murders only happen at night and how else would someone get all the blood sucked out of them?”

Izuku laughed,” I don’t know, maybe someone built a machine to do that or something.” Todoroki glared at him,”I’m telling you, it’s vampires.” Uraraka laughed,”Come on Todoroki, theres no such thing as vampires.”

“That’s what they want you to think.” Todoroki said as the bell rang to say that lunch was over.

The next class Uraraka has was art. She walked into the art room holding her sketch book. She looked for a seat and saw the only one open was the one next to Toga. Uraraka walked over to Toga and asked,”Is it okay if I sit here?” Toga smiled,”Sure! You don’t need to ask!” She said in a very cheerful tone, it was a little off-putting.

Uraraka looked at Toga was drawing, it was a little chibi anime dog,”Aw thats a cute dog.” Uraraka said. Toga smiled,”Thank you! I can’t really draw much besides anime like stuff, which is kinda why I’m taking this class.” Uraraka laughed,”It’s still better what I can do, I’m only here because I have to be.”

School soon ended and Uraraka started walking home. Her house was a few miles away from school so she knew this would take a while. As she walked home she pulled up her phone to see a new group chat called “ Vampires?! “ Uraraka let out a small giggles, god her friends were weird.

She opened the chat to see nothing but Todoroki’s full theory, it was at least a good ten paragraphs long.

Uraraka: todoroki omg

Todoroki: You guys don’t believe me, when all the evidence is there.

Izuku: sometimes i wonder why i even date you

Todoroki: :(

Izuku: sorry

Iida: Can you guys stop, I’m trying to study for the test tomorrow.

Izuku: we have a test?

Iida: Yes! If you payed attention in class instead of texting your boyfriend you would know!

Izuku: oh, Todoroki wanna study at my place?

Todoroki: Okay, heading over there now.

Uraraka our up her phone and looked up,”Wow, it’s already dark...” She said wondering if she took a wrong turn.

Suddenly Uraraka heard a scream. She froze, and slowly turned in the direction of the scream. After a second of making sure she had her pepper spray on her she ran to see if she could help the screaming victim.

She turned the corner and saw something that she would never forget.

Toga Himiko with blood dripping from her mouth, fangs full extended from her teeth, and a passed out man at her feet with bite marks on his neck.