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Danganronpa 2: Roommates of Despair

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    Hajime flips to the next page of his book, absorbed in the story unfolding on it’s pages. With his legs kicked up on the couch beside him and a blanket draped over his shoulders he was in heaven, a peaceful reverie that he knew could break at any time. He was trying to savour it. 


    Moments later, it was broken when Fuyuhiko stuck his head out of the gap in their kitchenette and yelled, “Alright, who the fuck keeps putting coffee grounds in the sink?!” 


    Hajime sighed, tucking his thumb between the pages of his book and looking up, “Don’t ask me, I don’t drink coffee.” 


    Scowling, the boy stepped fully into the living room, “Most of us don’t, so how the fuck do they keep ending up there?”


    “I don’t know. Maybe Sonia?” 


    “Why would she throw them in our sink?!” 


    “What’s with all the noise?” Shuffling into the room, Kazuichi yawned and scrubbed at his eyes. He had clearly just woken up, his pajamas wrinkled and his usual braid undone from his hair. 


    “Someone’s putting coffee grounds in the sink!” Fuyuhiko reiterates. 


    “It’s like one in the afternoon.” Hajime opens his book again, “How did you sleep so late?” 


    “I was up late!” Kazuichi protests, flinging himself down beside the other boy and watching as Fuyuhiko gives up on yelling at them to clean the drain, “Working on a project.” He had been inadvertently burning the midnight oil on his newest project, working into the wee hours of the morning before realizing the time. 


    Before he can go into details, the door is thrown open and Gundham enters, followed by Nagito, “Guess who won the lottery again?” The white haired boy grins, holding up a scratch ticket. The two of them move into the kitchen to drop off the bags of groceries they’re holding before joining the others in the living room. 


    “I can’t fucking believe you.” Fuyuhiko snatches the ticket from Nagito’s hands and looks it over, “This is the fifth one.” 


    Nagito runs his hands through his hair, laughing, “I know right? I was totally expecting to lose.” 


    Gundham rolls his eyes, “Your luck is truly frightening sometimes.” 


    “I’ll take that as a compliment from you.” He laughs again, walking over to Hajime, “What do you think I should use it on Hajime?” Sitting next to the boy he curls up against his side, throwing his legs over Kazuichi’s lap despite the mechanics protests. 


    Hajime loops an arm around his boyfriend's shoulders, not looking up from his book, “You should really donate it at this point, you win so often.” 


    “That’s fair.” Nagito pauses for a moment, clearly in thought, “But Chiaki has also been eyeing that new playstation that just came out and her birthday is coming up.” 


    “Why not just enter into a raffle for a free one?” Kazuichi groans, still trying to remove Nagito’s feet from his lap, “You’ll probably win.” 


    “I can’t be that lucky.” He insists, twisting a strand of white hair around one finger.The others all roll their eyes, knowing that he was just talking his talent down. Gundham joins Fuyuhiko in the kitchen, the sound and smell of sizzling eggs filling the air. Kazuichi manages to free himself from Nagito’s legs and and shuffles off to the kitchen to join them. 


    It’s a usual morning scene for their weekends, starting the day off with some arguing and then Nagito distracting them all from it with a stroke of his usual good luck. 


    Hajime can’t help feeling concerned however with how happy his boyfriend is being. It seems like a good thing, but this level of smiles and jokes with Nagito either means he’s having a really good day, or an absolutely terrible one. 


    He cards his fingers through Nagito’s hair, “So, what are you doing the rest of the day?” 


    “Not sure.” Nagito shrugs, leaning into Hajime’s touch, “Well, I have a doctors appointment later.”  


    “Do you need a ride?” Kazuichi reappears, an energy drink in his hand as he plopped down on the other couch, “I need to head back to the garage soon and it’s on the way.” 


    “It’s okay.” Stretching his arms over his head, he adjusts so his head is lying on Hajime’s book, “It’s nice out. I’ll walk!” Gundham and Fuyuhiko emerge from the kitchen, passing out plates of food. Fuyuhiko was a surprisingly good cook, not to Teruteru’s level but still good enough for the five of them. Gundham settles in beside Kazuichi, smacking the boys hand away from his pile of toast. Nagito sits up to eat, and after handing him the plate Fuyuhiko moves to the armchair and sits with his legs up over the arm. 


    At Gundham’s fervent request they put Planet Earth on while they ate. His Four Dark Devas of Destruction peeked out from the folds of his scarf, stealing breadcrumbs from his plate. 


    Kazuichi frowned at him, “Really? We talked about letting them eat from the plates.” 


    “Should they be starved?” Gundham glares back, “Is that what you wish upon them? The slow aching agony of starvation?” 


    “That’s not at all what I meant!” The mechanic grits his pointed teeth, “I meant that it’s unsanitary!” 


    Their argument is cut off when the door is kicked open by one Ibuki Mioda, who enters in all her colourful and hyper glory. She’s nearly foaming at the mouth, her hands flapping near her face. 


    “Ra...Ra…” She pants, pupils the size of pinpricks. 


    “Ibuki?” Nagito stands, approaching her, “Is everything okay?” 


    She manages a deep breath, and then screams one word, “ RAT!” She points out the door to the apartment across the hall, still wailing one high note. The boys clamor to their feet and run to the other apartment, all save Hajime who opens his book and resumes reading. 


    Fuyuhiko flings open the door to an unusual scene. Mikan is crouched by the door, whimpering and crying with her hands over her eyes. In the center of the room, Sonia and Peko stand back to back, the former with an empty water bottle and latter with her wooden sword. Chiaki sits on the couch, too absorbed in her game to even notice what is unfolding around her. 


    “What the hell is going on?!” Fuyuhiko’s hand slips off the doorknob as he steps into the apartment. 


    “Ah! Fuyuhiko!” Sonia turns to them, her face dreadfully pale, “Our apartment has been invaded by rodents!” 


    “Do not worry.” Peko’s hands tighten on the hilt of her sword, “I will handle it.” Her red eyes dart around the room, keen to the slightest movement. 


    “You dare insinuate that you will strike the creature should it show its face?” Gundham snarls, pushing past Fuyuhiko into the room. Kazuichi tries to hold him back with a hand on his arm, but it’s futile. 


    Peko glares right back, “I will take care of it.” 


    Nagito ducks around them, and hops onto the couch next to Chiaki, “Good morning.” He kisses her cheek, careful not to distract her. 


    “Morning.” She mumbles, eyes locked on the tv. He settles in, ignoring the growing argument between the two Ultimates behind him and watches her play. Suddenly there are shouts of alarm and Peko lunges. 


    Gundham lunges too, both of them moving at the couch and, startled, Nagito accidentally elbows an empty cereal bowl off the arm of the couch. 


    It flips over and then falls, landing on top of escaping rat and trapping it. 


    “Huh.” He leans over the arm of the couch, watching the bowl inch across the ground, “That was lucky.” 


    “I can’t believe you.” Kazuichi sighs as Gundham carefully moves the bowl and scoops the rodent up. The poor thing was drenched in milk and bits of cereal, its shaking form still trying to escape from the Warlocks fingers. 


    “It will be alright.” Gundham says, rising and carrying the rodent back towards the door, “ I will take care of it.” He glares at Peko as he passes, holding the rat away from her. The woman had resheathed her sword, her arms crossed over her chest. 


    “Look at you all.” Nagito claps slowly, smiling wide, “Hopes of the world. Coming together to catch a rat. Truly inspiring.” 


    “Hey, Nagito.” Fuyuhiko pinches the bridge of his nose, “Shut the fuck up.”