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Gallows, Men

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Sunday, August 25th. 11:25 pm.
McDonald's on 27th.

"Rick," a pair of fingers snapped in front of his eyes. "Yo, you with us?" Sasha asked, raising her eyebrows at him.

Rick stuffed another fry into his mouth and nodded. "Yeah, sorry, what?" He slowly came back from being zoned out.

"We were asking if you're taking AP Psych this year." Andrea reiterated the question.

"Oh, yeah of course. If only just to see if Mr. Porter lives up to the hype." Rick ate another fry.

"Don't you mean Dr. Porter." Tyreese called, giving jazz hands around the word doctor. Ah yes, the never ending pretentiousness of Dr. Porter was well known to the students at West Seattle High School.

"Okay, that's now 5-4 for people taking AP Psych, I think you're going to loose the bet Shane." Andrea quirked her lips at him and he smirked back at her. "Magna?"

Magna just rolled her eyes. "Don't patronize me." She said, stealing a chicken nugget from Yumiko's plate.

"This is getting pretty intense Shane, I think you're going to owe me five dollars and have to stop using the f slur, as per the rules of our bet."

"Someone ask Connie." Shane said, trying to act disinterested in the bet he had started.

Rick tapped on Connie's shoulder and slowly spelled out A-P P-S-Y-C-H. Most of their friend group knew the letters, but Connie was pretty good at reading lips as well.

No, sorry Andrea. She signed back to them and Shane triumphantly held out his hand to receive five dollars from her.

"Pay up, fag."

"I really wish you would stop saying that." She said miserably as she handed him five singles.

"What, who's gonna be offended here?" He retorted narrow-mindedly.

They ate in silence for a few more moments as McDonald's employees tried to mop the floors around them. They were the only ones left in the dining area as it was nearing midnight on a Sunday.

"Hey, could I get a ride home from somebody? School night a all." Glenn finally piped up and Rick let out a sigh of relief. He'd been waiting for someone else to go so he wouldn't be the first one bailing from their weekly Sunday night McDonald's tradition.

"I can." Rick offered and pulled his coat on to protect himself against the rain outside. Rick stacked Glenn's tray on top of his own.

"Would you mind giving me a ride as well Rick?" Aaron stood up, already anticipating Rick's nod.

"I will see you cowboys at 7:15 sharp in Dr. Porter's classroom." Rick grinned at them and was met with a series of lack-luster good-byes. Andrea offered Rick a small, sweet smile before he ran out into the rain with Glenn and Aaron in tow.

Rick's beat up Honda was a welcome reprieve from the rain. Aaron had to push the passenger seat forward so that he could climb into the back, and when Rick got it started a Led Zeppelin CD picked up right where he left off and he had to quickly turn it down as they all jumped.

"Glenn you're up on the other side of the hill and Aaron you're on uh, fifth street?" Rick re-familiarized himself with where his friends lived. As some of the few members of the group with no car, Rick was often giving them rides home. Along with Connie and Sasha occasionally.

They both responded with some degree of yes. "Can you take me home first? Sorry Aaron but my parents will kill me if I'm out past midnight."

"Already on it." Rick agreed.

"You know, I really wish that Shane would stop saying that word." Aaron was staring out the window with a pinched lip expression on his face. Rick realized that he probably didn't need to go home, just wanted to be away from Shane. "I like everyone else in the group just fine, but why can't he just get the message?"

"It's probably better for you that he says it Aaron, it means he still doesn't suspect a thing." Glenn shrugged, always trying to find the bright side of a shitty situation. "Although on the other hand I'm sorry he makes you feel too uncomfortable to come out."

"Yeah, he'd probably be saying the N-word if Tyreese and Sasha weren't around." Aaron said spitefully.

"I know he had his problems, but deep down I think his heart is in the right place." Rick said, always coming to Shane's defense.

"You've been saying that for years man. When's it finally going to mean something?" Aaron asked, shifting to the middle of the back seat so he could talk to the two of them.

Rick sighed and rubbed at his face.

"You guys have no idea what it feels like to have to live like this. Sometimes I wonder how many of you guys would actually stand up for me if I came out."

"Hey, don't say that man. I'm sure that everyone would come around, even Shane eventually."

Rick tuned out of them talking for a moment and focused on the road. You guys have no idea what it feels like... repeated in Rick's mind.

He did have an idea how it felt like. He knew exactly what it felt like. It was shit.

He always felt proud of the fact that Aaron had been comfortable enough to tell him and Glenn his sexuality. Rick conversely felt like a coward that he still wasn't able to tell his friends. He felt like a coward because he was still dating Lori Smith, still pretending that he could stand her.

He stopped his car in front of Glenn's suburban condo, perfectly matched with the rest of the houses on the street. It was a good neighborhood that he lived in. The same neighborhood his mom had always dreamed of moving in to.

"Thanks for the ride Rick! See you tomorrow at school, and at practice of course." Glenn said with a smile and bounced out of the car. Rick liked Glenn, he was always good for a smile.

"Yeah, see ya Glenn."

Aaron climbed over the center console and into the front seat, not bothering to buckle his seat belt.

They were silent for a moment as Rick turned the car around and drove down towards the bay. Aaron's family was very well off and he lived in a condo on 5th street, the downside was that his parents were gone often and Rick could tell that Aaron was lonely.

"Hey Aaron, I'll try to talk to Shane soon." Rick promised and Aaron nodded, but Rick could tell it wasn't enough. He'd been making too many empty promises for too long at this point.

"Thanks Rick. I know I can get heated and whiny sometimes, but it means a lot to me how much you guys care." But just like Rick's line of 'his heart is in the right place,' the platitude was rehearsed.

"I'll see you tomorrow man," Rick said as he got out of the car. Aaron just offered him a half smile in return.

Monday, August 26th. 12:15 am.
Rick Grimes' house.

He parked his car on the street and triple-checked that all the doors were locked, window's rolled all the way up before walking up to his door.

It was late, but his mom wouldn't care, she never really cared how late he was out. Her car was parked on the street as well, so Rick knew that she was home.

He glanced lacklusterly at their broken window (repaired with cardboard and duct tape) as he unlocked the front door. He key slid in and clicked no locks, it had already been unlocked.

"Mom?" Rick called out as he let himself in, closing the door behind him and making sure to lock it.

"In the kitchen!" She returned and Rick found her leaned against a counter, eating some microwaved broccoli doused in sriracha sauce, wearing her pajamas.

"You have to remember to keep the front door locked." He told her, feeling very much like he was scolding a child. She simply shrugged.

"I was waiting for David to get here. Didn't want to have to get up." She explained and Rick wanted to roll his eyes, but held back. David was her on again/off again boyfriend/drug dealer. Rick really didn't like him.

"Do you need something to eat?" She asked, already going towards the fridge.

"No, no I already ate with my friends." He explained and she frowned but went back to eating her food. "I'm gonna go to bed. Can you try to keep it down out here?" He asked and she nodded around her fork.

"Yeah of course. It's still early though, why bed now?"

"Mom, school starts tomorrow." He reminded her, and she looked embarrassed to have forgotten.

"Of course. Get a good nights sleep sweet heart. I'll wake you up at six, alright?"

"Yeah, thanks mom."

Monday, August 26th. 6:05 am.
Rick Grimes' house.

Wanting to give his mom the benefit of the doubt, Rick had laid in bed for an extra five minutes, waiting to see if she would actually come wake him up. Finally though, he had to get up.

He turned the shower all the way up, but when he got in he realized it was still cold. He pitifully wondered what the chances were that his mom had paid the rent this month if she hadn't even paid the water bill as he took the worlds quickest shower. He was shivering by the time he stepped out.

In the kitchen he found some off-brand cereal that filled him up, and he gathered his backpack and soccer duffel, making his way out to his car. His mom was asleep on the couch, three or four other people were also asleep through out the living room. He was glad they at least hadn't woken him up.

Rick threw his bags into the back of the car and slid in, mentally going over his schedule one more time in his head. Hopefully the year wouldn't be too tough, he wasn't sure if he could deal with that.

Andrea texted him while he was stopped at a red light, asking what he wanted from Starbucks. He texted her back quickly, and that brought a smile to his face that she was thinking about him.

He pulled into his usual parking spot, having the pick of the litter for 0 period. He spotted Yumiko's green bug in the spot next to him. When he walked by the car he saw that Magna was asleep in the back seat, a common occurrence. Magna didn't have a car, she also didn't have a 0 period. Yumiko would give her a ride to school and then Magna would nap or read for the hour before school started for her. Lori had offered to give her rides to school, but Magna and Yumiko had always been best friends, and she preferred it this way.

It was still about ten minutes before class started so Rick found a seat in the classroom. The desks were set up in a circle, with a spot for Dr. Porter to teach by the white board. He picked a random seat.

Across the room from him was a girl that he remembered from tennis last year, Tara he was pretty sure her name was. She didn't look at him, focused on her phone.

The next person to enter was Andrea, looking very peppy for 7:10 in the morning. She had a Starbucks drinks carrier with four drinks in it. Yumiko's usual black cold brew, Aaron's hot caramel macchiato, her own iced white mocha with extra whip in a reusable cup with a reusable straw, and his cold brew with cream.

"Jesus, did you take out a loan for this?" Rick joked as he grabbed his drink. Tara glanced up at them from her phone for a moment, then looked back down.

"I'll have you know I made some fat stacks this summer." She took her drink out of the holder and took a long sip of it.

Other students started coming in eventually, taking random seats. Aaron sat next to Andrea and very excitedly grabbed his drink.

"I gotta say Andrea, your shirt and these drinks don't really match." He commented and Andrea looked down at her shirt that said, very poignantly: 'stop the use of single-use plastics' with the link to some gofundme or other on the back. Rick rattled his iced coffee to drive the point home.

"Oh shut up. I wasn't also going to buy you all reusable cups. And like you can say anything mister k-cup." She accused Aaron and he put his hands up in surrender.

"I admit it, I'm trash."

Andrea was intimately familiar with the recycling habits of all the members of their friend group, and made sure to be very 'in-your-business' about it. She's always been that way though. He fondly remembered the 'save the whales' song she used to sing back in elementary school, complete with a choreographed dance.

Yumiko sat next to Aaron looking incredibly tired.

"Hey, where've you been? I saw your car like twenty minutes ago." Rick questioned and Yumiko just gave an over-dramatic sigh.

"I was printing off a stupid report for AP Chem. Oh, and then Mr. Ford found me and told me that for Symphony this year we're doing the school musical, Fiddler on the Roof. With the chamber orchestra."

"Yikes! Imagine being a band nerd who's obsessed with petty inter-department squabbles? Couldn't be me." Andrea said, scrunching her nose up.

"Seriously?" Rick said, pursing his lips. "I hate playing in the pit." He complained and Aaron nodded wisely.

The last students in the room was Michonne Davis, who took the last remaining seat next to Rick. Yumiko looked pissed off that Michonne was here. Probably the stupidest rivalry at the school was the one between Yumiko and Michonne, who had each other academically matched in every way. They took all the same AP classes. Michonne was first cellist in the chamber orchestra. Yumiko was first flutist in band. Michonne was captain of doubles tennis. Yumiko was captain of the girls soccer team. Real stupid stuff to get worked up over.

Dr. Porter was a few seconds late and carrying a hand-full of freshly printed papers. He stared at the class silently for a second before actually speaking. "I will be passing index cards around. Please write your preferred name at the top and given name at the bottom, for attendance taking purposes of course. And your preferred pronouns." Rick raised his eyebrow at the system, but was also kind of impressed. It prevented Porter from potentially dead naming a student. Rick briefly thought about what Shane's reaction would be if he was here right now, probably not very kind.

He wondered to himself why he was even friends with Shane.

8:15 am.
AP Literature classroom.

Mrs. Peletier's classroom was very inviting. The chairs were also in a circle, but completing the circle was a well-worn looking couch that Rick found Shane laying completely horizontal on, stopping anyone else from being able to sit on it. He moved when Rick entered and Rick sat against the other end of the couch. Shane then put his feet on the cushion in the middle, keeping anyone else from sitting with them.

Andrea scowled at Shane when she entered and proceeded to sit directly on top of his knees. "There's three cushions, that's three seats." Andrea complained to him.

"Oh my God you're breaking my legs. What do you eat? Bricks? Mrs. Peletier, Andrea's assaulting me." Shane complained.

Mrs. Peletier peaked out from behind her computer screen and stared at them incredulously. "Let her sit down."

Shane begrudgingly moved his legs and Andrea took a dignified seat in between them.

"Hey, what are single-use plastics?" Shane asked her, pulling a notebook out of his backpack.

"Hmm, like those Juul pods you waste your money on."

"You just have a stick up your ass."

"RIP to people who are addicted to nicotine, but I simply wouldn't Juul." She retorted and Shane shoved at her, she shoved back. It was a typical back and forth for the two.

Lori took a seat in the desk closest to Rick and gave him a soft smile. He grinned back up at her. Then he felt Shane poking his shoulder.

"What?" He asked and Shane beckoned him closer. So he and Shane awkwardly leaned over Andrea so Shane could whisper in his ear.

"What the fuck is Dixon doing in this class?" Shane asked and Rick shrugged, he hadn't even noticed.

When he looked up though, he saw that Michonne and Daryl Dixon were sitting with their desks very close, almost protectively together.

Mrs. Peletier introduced herself and they had a brief introductory discussions about the books they'd read over the summer: 1984 and The Road. It was very laid back and Rick appreciated that.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful. Most of his classes were acceptable and didn't seem like they were going to be incredibly draining or anything. He had Andrea in most of them which was nice. He, Shane, and Andrea had been friends since 1st grade. Andrea was a year/grade younger than them but she'd always talked big had become fast friends. She and Shane had many, many ideological differences, and Rick had often felt caught in between them while growing up, but he still loved both of them.

Saturday, August 31st. Noon.
The ocean.

"Rick! Check the left rod." Dale instructed from across the beach.

It was hot outside, they had four rods set up on the stretch of white sand beach that they'd found, sequestered between two thick scatters of pine trees. It was the only beach they'd been able to find that wasn't all rock.

By the time Rick got to the rod, there wasn't anything on it, and it pulled out of the water with ease.

"Figures that the one day I can go fishing, nothing is biting." Dale complained and grabbed a beer out of the cooler, sprawling out gracelessly on a towel they'd set. All they had to provide shade was a rain umbrella that they'd shoved into the sand and could really only cover your head if you were laying down.

They made do though and Rick lay down on the towel next to him, most of his body still being hit with the sun.

Dale fumbled with the cooler and then held out an ice cold Corona to Rick, also passing over a bottle opener.

The bottle was cool and slipped in Rick's sweaty hands as he gripped at it. He fumbled with the opener twice before finally getting the top off, letting it land somewhere far off on the beach.

"What is it? One month? Two?" Dale asked offhandedly as they lay and drank, neither one of them really had their eyes on the rods at this point.

"One and a half, to be precise." Rick corrected and tipped the Corona back at his lips. Rick thought that it was akin to being waterboarded, drinking while laying down. It was uncomfortable, most of the liquid just pooled in your mouth, and more often than not it caused a coughing fit.

"You staying with your mom?"

"Would you have?"

"You know I didn't."

Rick drank faster after that. Dale did too.

"Just let me know what you do, alright son? I don't care where you move, just tell me where it is and I'll be fine with it. And don't worry about your mom, she'll tell you not to move out, but do whatever you think is best."

There was another long pause where neither of them really knew what to say. They weren't like this very often: open with their feelings. More often than not they would keep things bottled up for years on end.

"Yeah, will do. Sucks that you have to go home soon." Rick said and dug the empty bottle of Corona into the sand next to his torso. He stretched his arms above his head and heard the crackle rippling through each of his joints, then he caught a whiff of himself when his arms were up and wrinkled his nose.

"It does suck. The offer is still open though if you want to join me. Come your birthday, Aurora and I would be happy to clean up the guest bedroom."

Rick didn't respond directly to that. Dale had brought it up time and time again. Move in with me. It sounded like the perfect solution to all of his problems, but often times in life, things were too complicated to be solved by a 'perfect' solution.

Dale was his uncle, his dad's brother. After his dad had died Dale had stepped up and been there for him, but Dale lived in Missoula, Montana. About a twelve hour drive away. Dale always tried to come visit on long weekends and school breaks. There had always been a standing invitation that Rick could go and live with Dale, but he'd never wanted to leave his mom alone. Rick had been seriously considering going to the University of Montana for school, so he could live with Dale.

"How are classes going?"

"Eh, fine. Still too early in the semester to really tell. I've only been in classes for a week." He pointed out and Dale nodded.

"And your girlfriend? Andrea, right? How's she."

"No, Andrea's my friend. Lori's my girlfriend. Lori's okay, she's just kinda... I don't, like a girl." Rick emphasized the word.

"So, bitchy?" Dale supplied and Rick snorted. "Now son, I can promise you that not all women are like that. You just have to find the right one."

"Thank you for the sage advice."

Rick heard a rustling behind them, coming from the direction of the parking lot. He glanced back and made eye-contact with Daryl Dixon for a fleeting moment before Daryl made to turn around.

"Hey Daryl!" Rick called. "Come have a beer!" He offered.

He never really understood what Shane had against Daryl. Sure the kid obviously wasn't financially well-off, but Shane knew that Rick wasn't exactly rich either, so it kind of bothered him that he would make fun of Daryl.

Daryl faltered in his foot steps and eventually turned around. "I don't want to impose." He said, his words more polite than Rick would have thought he could be.

"Not at all! This fish aren't biting, so there's nothing better to do." Finally Daryl came over and Rick and Dale sat up.

"Uh, thanks Rick. I'm Daryl, sir." He said timidly, shaking Dale's hand as Rick handed him a beer.

"I'm Dale, nice to meet you son." Dale reached over and shook his hand as Daryl fiddled with the top of the Corona, finally pulling a lighter out of his pocket and popping the top off with ease.

"Daryl goes to my high school Dale, he's in my English class. Do you live out here Daryl?" Rick asked. He really didn't know anything about Daryl personally.

"No, I was scouting for hunting season." He explained and motioned to his large backpack, a pair of binoculars hanging off the side.

"Oh really? What do you hunt around here?" Dale asked, taking another sip of his beer.

"Mostly deer. Cheaper than buying meat at the store." Daryl's voice was barely more than a rumble. Each word slipping into the next one and making it hard to completely understand what he was saying.

"I used to hunt whitetail when I was younger. I had a moose tag once, but I never got it." Dale said.

"I don't even know what I'd do with an entire moose." Daryl responded easily and Dale chuckled.

"I suppose I don't know either. Just seemed like it would have been cool to get." He shrugged.

"I didn't know you used to hunt Dale. Seems like a better alternative than spending all that money on groceries." Rick's interest was piqued, maybe this was something to look into.

"Yeah, but you'd have to go to hunter's ed, and that course sucked." Daryl explained and just like that Rick's hopes were dashed. He supposed he'd also have to get a gun, learn to shoot... It probably would have been impossible.

"I forgot that you kids have to take that course." Dale said, as if reminiscing.

"You didn't have to?" Daryl asked, confused.

"Don't you know? People born before 1972 didn't have to take it. Grandfathered in."

"So they just let anyone hunt, with no training or anything?"

"Well, when you put it that way it probably was pretty bad." Dale laughed and Daryl even pressed his lips together into an amalgamation of a smile.

"Rick if you want meat you can have what's left from last year. We still have about thirty pounds left, and it's deep frozen." Daryl explain, Rick grinned at him.

"That would be great!"

Daryl looked sheepish at the praise.

"Rick, looks like your losing a line over there." Dale pointed towards one of the rods and Rick shot up off the ground, running to grab it before the fish yanked it into the ocean.

"I wish I knew how to fish." Rick heard Daryl say, staring at him as he reeled it in.

"I could show you how if you like, son." Dale offered and Daryl looked very embarrassed suddenly.

"No, I don't even have my license. I wouldn't want to impose." He rushed out.

"Nonsense. I don't see any parks rangers around here. If you don't tell, I won't tell." Dale said and Rick had never seen Daryl smile so much.

Tuesday, September 3rd. 6:30 am.
Rick's car in a Walmart parking lot.

"Mag-na, Mag-na, Mag-na." The group in the car was chanting while the girl continued to breath in an impossibly big hit off of her dab pen. When she finally pulled the pen away from her mouth she held it in for a moment before breathing it out and visibly deflating while it left her lungs.

"Rick, you again?" She offered, but he was already high enough for a school morning. Yumiko took another hit and vegged out nicely in the back seat. Magna put the pen back into her backpack while Aaron lay his head against the window.

"I'm gonna drive us back." Rick said, shifting the car into reverse.

"Take it slow cowboy."

"I'm pretty sure my brain in running in half-speed right now, so ten-four." He said and very cautiously backed his car out of the spot before getting on the interstate. Driving while high was, of course, never a good idea. But they weren't really sober enough to realize that at the moment.

"Hey guys. I think I'm in love." Aaron mumbled from his seat, sinking down further and further from a sitting position. Rick raised an eyebrow at him.

"Yeah buddy? You know where you are?" Rick said, trying to make sure that Aaron didn't out himself to Magna and Yumiko.

"Oh don't worry, they already know..." He trailed off, losing track of his thoughts. "His name is Paul." He finally found where he was going. "He plays first violin. He's so good... He's so hot." Aaron trailed off again.

"Is he that freshman prodigy?" Yumiko asked.

"No, that's Siddiq." Rick answered for her.

"Okay! So he's not a prodigy! He's still very good." Aaron said, very defensive for no reason. "And I'm going to marry him."

"Good for you man." Rick laughed, which make Aaron laugh too.

The drove in silence for another moment before Rick spotted someone walking, about three blocks away from the high school, with a heavy looking backpack. Rick recognized him from behind, it was Daryl.

Rick signaled that he was pulling over.

"Woah man, too high?" Magna asked disgruntled from the back.

"No, I'm gonna offer Daryl a ride." He explained. No one contested so Rick rolled down Aaron's window and yelled to Daryl, who froze up when he heard his voice being called. "Daryl! It's Rick! Get in the back." He called as Magna and Yumiko scooted up next to each other, leaving room for Daryl.

He stood for a moment and Rick wasn't sure if he was going to get in or not, but then finally he timidly walked towards the car and took a seat in the back. "Wow, I've heard of pregaming, but you guys are taking it to the next level." He said and the car erupted in laughter. Daryl suddenly looked embarrassed after having made the joke, but Magna offered him the dab pen and he took it with no complaints as Rick merged back onto the road.

By the time they got to school, the car had a great weed stench, and none of them were getting out smelling pretty.

Rick pulled into his usual spot. "I'm gonna take a nap in the backseat. I'll lock up when I leave." Magna announced and Rick just shrugged, not really caring.

The rest of them piled out of the car and Aaron stumbled for a moment before steadying himself and shaking his head to clear it of the pot-induced fog.

"You good man?" Daryl asked, steadying him.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm so good." Aaron said and Daryl chuckled.

"I'll see you in Lit Daryl!" Rick called as they went different directions.

Daryl offered him a small smile.

"Hey guys, we don't seem high, right?" Yumiko whispered as they walked.

Rick shook his head quickly, which kind of made his head spin. "No of course not. We're totally normal." He said. They were not, in fact, totally normal.

They filed into Psych and all but collapsed into their chairs. Andrea eyes them suspiciously but the rain and wind outside and mostly gotten rid of the scent.

Dr. Porter stood up shortly after the bell rang and taking attendance. "Alright class, as I mentioned last week we have a guest speaker coming in. We're going to do a joint presentation where I talk about how drugs affect the brain and he'll talk about the more real-world consequences, so let me just get the power point up and ready." He said and then pulled the projector screen down.

A few moments later a man in full police uniform came in and the three of them tensed up all at once. Not one of them breathed, fearing the absolute worst. Finally though Dr. Porter looked at him and nodded. "Negan," he greeted the man. "This is Officer Morgan from the narcotics department at SPD." Dr. Porter introduced and Officer Morgan offered them a small wave.

They all let out a breath as they realized they weren't about to be arrested.

Rick watched the presentation with interest, though he already knew a lot of this information from first hand knowledge. He took pretty good notes aside from the fact that it felt like his hand was melting while doing so, and stared pretty intently at the incredibly handsome and confident Officer Morgan. If Rick wasn't taking notes, he was daydreaming.

The class wrapped up all too quick though.

"If you guys ever want to reach me personally for something, just call the non-emergency number and ask for officer Morgan." He made sure to tell everyone and Rick had a momentary lewd day dream wherein he called Officer Morgan and had phone sex with him, but Rick was forgetting all about the hot cop almost as soon as he left the room and headed to Lit.

"Hey Rick!" Andrea called after him as he left and then fixed him with her best mom-look. "Magna?" She questioned.

"That's me!" The girl heard from across the hallway and did a dramatic flourish with her hands before walking away.

"Okay, so definitely Magna." Andrea chuckled and rolled her eyes.

"What? I feel like you're accusing me of something." Rick said jokingly and theatrically collapsed onto the couch when he got to Lit class. Andrea shoved him over and took her own seat.

Before class started, Rick and Daryl shared a small, genuine smile.