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But how you gonna lie like that?

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Hope has to stop getting herself into this mess.


She doesn’t understand exactly when all of it started- but all of her friends decided to start going to parties thrown by kids at Mystic Falls High rather than going to the Old Mill. They didn’t have many reasonings, the only real reasoning they have is there’s too many supernatural creatures at the Old MIll. Sometimes at parties they get overwhelmed, and they just want a break from all of the supernatural drama. 


The worst thing that’s ever happened at a human party is a game of spin the bottle. Or at least, Hope’s convinced that it happened at every single party. Which ends up being the start to all of the problems at parties, anyways.


The first time the game was proposed, she was talking to Penelope- who surprisingly wasn’t drinking- she was already chosen as the designated driver, and was dealing with a slightly more than tipsy Josie when a student from Mystic Falls High asked Hope and her group of friends if they wanted to play spin the bottle. 


Penelope sneered at the question, MG chuckled nervously, Kaleb was in the kitchen getting another drink, Hope was trying to figure out if she should propose another game, and Lizzie seemed disinterested, already talking to some boring, normal guy. And Josie- bless Josie, she was the one who agreed before finishing her drink and plopping herself onto the couch that humans were already getting comfortable on.


“I swear, she’s not as innocent as everyone thinks she is,” Penelope grumbled before following her girlfriend and sitting next to her, “I’m too sober for this bullshit.” 


“Aw, is Penny already getting jealous?” Josie mocked, cupping Penelope face before she leaned into Penelope’s ear, “We can spell the bottle, you know.”


“If you just wanted to kiss me, you could have asked, Jojo. And you know I don’t like being called Penny.” 


“But it’s more fun this way. And yes you do, Penny. ” 


“Whatever you say.” Penelope gave in, knowing there was no way she could change her girlfriend’s mind. 


Hope ended up sitting between MG and Kaleb. She had to admit, it was pretty entertaining watching the group from Mystic Falls get annoyed and disappointed over the bottle constantly landing on Penelope whenever Josie spun, or vise versa. She did notice that Lizzie sat across from her, away from their friends, and Hope couldn’t comprehend why Lizzie wanted to do that. 


Hope didn’t have to kiss Lizzie that first night. She had to sit through gruesomely awkward kisses between humans, to MG’s first time kissing a boy- which ended up better than they all thought- to Lizzie kissing some boy that Hope was convinced was the perfect specimen for Lizzie. 


The thing is- as Hope watched Lizzie kiss the perfect, muscular brunette boy, Lizzie didn’t seem to be interested- which, honestly, was out of character for the younger witch. 


Sure, Lizzie kissed him and whispered something flirty into his ear after their turn was up, it’s just that while Lizzie was sucking face with him, Lizzie’s eyes sort of opened and fell onto Hope. She just sat there, kissing some strange boy as she looked over his shoulder and never once took her eyes off of Hope.


Hope never looked away, and she thinks that’s maybe why Lizzie kept looking. The other witch blinked and shifted, but she never once took her blue eyes off of Hope. Hope wasn’t creeped out by it; she was just more confused as to what exactly happened. 


But once it was Hope’s turn, and she landed on a pretty cute girl, Hope thinks she made it worse. Because the girl really was pretty, with her brown eyes and her soft skin. She was a good kisser, too, but Hope couldn’t bring herself to close her eyes. Instead, she found herself looking right into Lizzie Saltzman’s blue eyes as she was kissing a different girl in front of her, and she could taste the pineapple flavored vodka on the girl’s lips, but as she made eye contact with Lizzie, the only thing she could really think about was kissing Lizzie instead, tasting the Jamba Juice that the other witch had been sipping on all night, or running her fingers through Lizzie’s blonde hair and Hope had started to fist the carpet into her hands and- 


Okay, maybe it was a little creepy. Definitely borderline creepy to be staring at her life-long acquaintance and her newly developed friend while she was too busy kissing other hormonal teenagers, but it wasn’t her fault. It was Lizzie’s


Lizzie Saltzman started it, and Hope certainly wasn’t about to finish whatever it is. 


“Hurry up loser, we’re going to be late,” Penelope bursts into Hope’s room, dressed in her typical party outfit. “MG is the DD tonight, so you know what that means.”


“That you and Josie are going to be annoying the whole night?”


“No, it means you need to party with me, Park-style. Come on. I have edibles, I already ate some with Josie but it hasn’t hit us yet,” Penelope’s phone rings, and Hope watches as Jojo flashes onto the screen. “Shit, okay, maybe it hit her.” 


“Are you going to answer her?” Hope asks when Penelope hesitates. 


“I will when you get ready,” Penelope answers as Hope sighs and turns to her closet as Penelope answers Josie. “What’s up, babe?” 


“I did something really stupid,” Josie giggles into the phone, and Hope rolls her eyes as Penelope starts to laugh, too. “I went to the kitchen with MG, and I accidently put a spoon in the microwave.” 


“Did the microwave explode?” 


“No, but MG freaked out, so that was funny,” Hope glances over and she sees Josie and MG crammed onto Penelope’s screen, Josie smiling widely as MG looks disappointed. “Hope!” Josie exclaims when she sees Hope. 


“Hope, come here, I have to tell you something,” Josie demands, and Hope listens. “So, I created something new today.” 


She shares a look with Penelope, and Penelope just shrugs, “Okay. What is it?” 


“I made a new drink with MG. I put chocolate syrup into milk and made a new drink.”


“Josie, that’s chocolate milk.” Hope tells her. 


Josie frowns, “Penelope likes my new invention.” 


“Very original, babe,” Penelope pipes up. “You should save me some.” 


“You guys are ridiculous.” 


“We’re not ridiculous, just high.” Penelope defends.


“That’s the same thing.” Hope retorts. Josie hangs up suddenly, and Penelope grabs Hope’s wrist. 


“You’re ready, right?” 


“Is Lizzie coming tonight?” 


“Lizzie always comes with us.”  


Begrudgingly, Hope follows Penelope and allows herself to be wedged in between Kaleb and Josie and Penelope in the backseat of Penelope’s car as Lizzie sits in the front with MG. She can hear Penelope and Josie whispering to each other as Penelope sits on Josie’s lap, lost in their own world, nearly every time they’re together. 


Hope’s talking to Kaleb and is doing her best to avoid Lizzie’s presence until she makes the mistake of looking up when MG speaks, and she sees that Lizzie’s opened the mirror on the visor, looking into the back. Hope manages to look away the first time, but the second time, she gives up and looks back at Lizzie. 


Lizzie doesn’t say anything, just raises her eyebrows like she expects Hope to say something, but for once, Hope doesn’t have anything to say, so she stays quiet. Ignores when Josie starts giggling and Penelope’s kissing her- it wouldn’t have been the first time the two of them have forgotten that their friends are with them.  


Hope survives almost the whole night without really saying anything to Lizzie. She stays on the sidelines with MG, until a girl starts flirting with him, and she ends up being that one idiot who is alone in the corner. Watches as Josie and Penelope dance together, watches as they end up going upstairs and- 


“Yo, you look way too lonely here to be Hope Mikaelson,” Kaleb tell her at her shoulder, handing her another drink. “We need to find you somebody.” 


Hope sighs. “I don’t need somebody.” 


“You sure? Cuz whenever you see Penelope and Josie together, you look sad.” 


She shrugs, “I’m happy for them. It’s not my fault they’re that disgustingly cute couple and that they parade it around.” 


“You could y’know, talk to people, we’re at a party.” 


“I don’t really need dating advice, Kaleb.” 


“Could’ve fooled me.” 


“We’re playing spin the bottle!” Someone announces from the floor. Hope looks in the direction of the voice, and she immediately notices Lizzie sitting with a group of teenagers, holding the bottle. Hope thinks about running the other direction, but when she sees her other friends joining Lizzie, she knows she should join. 


Lizzie spins first, and Hope feels like an idiot when the head of the bottle points to her, and everyone looks at her hesitantly. The past few weeks, her and her friends seemed to have an unspoken rule: no kissing each other. Excluding Josie and Penelope, of course. None of them wanted to get stuck in some bizzare love triangle as Lizzie put it once. 


But Lizzie is sitting across from her, legs criss crossed, and she does this dramatic sigh before getting on her knees and leaning over the bottle, into Hope’s ear, “We don’t have to.” 


“Rules are rules.” Hope answers with a shrug, and when Lizzie looks at her, Hope can see the surprise across her features. It seems that the surprise does little to diffuse Lizzie’s next action. 


Hope doesn’t stop her, and Lizzie Saltzman is kissing her, her hand on the back of Hope’s neck and Lizzie tastes like the Jamba Juice she always makes for herself and Hope threads her hand through Lizzie’s blonde hair. She forgets about the other teenagers around them- even when they start whispering among themselves. 


Wow, they’re really going at it. One comments, causing Hope to crash out of her stupor. She pulls away and Lizzie’s looking at her with dark eyes, and Hope feels her stomach twist. Lizzie returns to her seat, and Hope wipes her lips, getting rid of the lipstick Lizzie left behind. It’s not that Hope’s ashamed of kissing Lizzie. She’s kissed plenty of girls before, but her stomach only twists when she remembers that Lizzie’s the one who kissed her, and she’s not sure if she likes that feeling. 


Ignoring Lizzie’s stare, Hope spins the bottle and wants to fling herself off a cliff when she lands on the boy sitting in between Lizzie and MG. He smiles sheepishly at her, and Hope knows that the entire group agreed to stop whenever someone feels uncomfortable, but Hope would be bailing out on the wrong reasons, so she sucks in a deep breath and closes the gap between her and the boy. 


She tries her best to close her eyes. Tells herself that if she puts her hand on his shoulders and holds him in place, it’ll make her focus more, that if she keeps her eyes shut, she won’t have to deal with everybody watching them. 


Against her will, her eyes flutter open, and she finds Lizzie already staring at her. Hope’s stomach twists again, the way it usually does when she catches Lizzie looking at her. She could look away. Focus on the strange painting on the wall behind Lizzie, or the hole on the sole of MG’s sneakers, the solo cups littered on the floor, or she can just close her damn eyes, but her attempt is useless. She closes them, but she can just feel Lizzie’s stare burning her skin, burning every inch of her face, so she opens them again, and Lizzie looks entertained. 


Then she pulls away, just like she always does because she can’t shake off the way Lizzie Saltzman is staring at her. 


The next morning, when she’s in Penelope’s dorm and helping her nurse her hangover with some magical potion, she just crawls under the covers with Penelope, and the two of them lay there silently before Penelope mumbles, “Can you stop thinking so damn loudly for once? You’re making my headache worse.” 




“Are you gonna tell me what you’re thinking about, Mikaelson?”


“I kissed Lizzie last night.” 


Penelope rolls onto her side and stares at Hope. “You kissed her?” 


“I mean, it was during spin the bottle but-” 


Penelope scoffs, “I thought you meant you actually kissed her.” 


“No, but it was kind of weird.” 


“Lizzie’s kind of weird.” 


“I thought you’d be nicer to your girlfriend’s twin.” 


“Not when she’s constantly calling me Satan because she thinks I’ve corrupted her sister.” 


Hope lets out a dry laugh. She’s seen Lizzie and Penelope throw each other insults for hours on end before they both give up, mostly due to Josie asking them to knock it off.


“Honestly, she’s not that bad. We just enjoy insulting each other.” Penelope admits, “Sometimes she can be a bit much, but other than that she’s fine.” 


“Are you trying to convince me?” 


Penelope shrugs, “I think she was just surprised when Josie and I started dating. The most I know about her is that she wishes I didn’t steal Josie’s heart. But I mean, I don’t hate her or anything. ” 


“Could have fooled me.” 


Hope debates on telling Penelope about the staring. How the only time Hope and Lizzie talk to each other now are at parties. Hope and Lizzie only spent ten years disagreeing to become somewhat friends to… Nothing? Hope can’t remember the last time they hung out like normal friends instead of silently staring at each other for hours. 


“You’re not falling in love with her, are you?” Penelope jokes, and Hope has to laugh.


“No, I’m not .” 


She’s not. One kiss isn’t enough to make her fall madly in love. One game of spin the bottle doesn’t have the power to change her life, not really. Right? 


Hope’s proven wrong that weekend when she allows herself to get dragged into another game of spin the bottle. She’s not doing anything she hasn’t done before. She’s kissing a girl named Maya, and out of a habit, her eyes look for Lizzie, who’s sitting near Penelope as she’s kissing her. 


She was flirting with Maya before the game, so she’s not really surprised when the other girl seemed satisfied when the bottle landed on Hope. Hope wasn’t going to back down, and when she looks at Lizzie just like she has before, her stomach twists. Everything was the same. To them refusing to look away, to the way Lizzie’s posture changes whenever she notices Hope staring. Even Lizzie’s annoying amused expression. Everything stays the same until Lizzie smirks.


And winks. 


Elizabeth Saltzman fucking winks as Hope’s kissing Maya and she knows her eyes flash yellow by Penelope’s reaction- her face falling from amused to concerned. She slams her eyes shut before she pulls away like Maya burned her. The circle looks at her strangely, but she ignores them, just like she ignores Maya concerned glance as she spins the bottle. 


It lands right between Penelope and Lizzie. 


Hope is about to spin again when Lizzie looks at Penelope briefly before Penelope shrugs, like she’s forgotten what just happened mere seconds ago because of Lizzie. Hope promises herself that it’s her last game of spin the bottle ever. 


She kisses Lizzie Saltzman for the second time that night. In between all of the drinks, all of the weird and awkward kisses, to the intoxicating taste of Lizzie’s chapstick and the feeling of Lizzie’s hands cupping her face, Hope momentarily forgets where she is. Until Penelope clears her throat and Lizzie’s giving her a satisfied smile as she sits back down, and happily takes her turn. 


Hope’s done with parties. She swears. She doesn’t need to go out every weekend with her friends to have fun, and she certainly doesn’t need to use parties as an excuse to kiss Lizzie Saltzman. 


She gets proven wrong, once again. Two weeks go by, only two parties go by without Hope playing the game again. But the third week, she gives in. Gives in to the idea of having an excuse to kiss Lizzie again. Because she’s noticed that Lizzie spends more time looking over her shoulder while in class rather than at the teacher, and there’s been a few times where they start their staring thing again- until their teacher clears their throat to get their attention.


Besides, she could never say no to her friends constant nagging to join them. The third week she gives in and attends a party with them, without the intentions of playing the game again, but once someone announces that the game is starting, Hope joins a game of spin the bottle when she sees that it’s free of Lizzie Saltzman, but Lizzie ends up joining halfway through. 


Lizzie lands on Hope, and they kiss. A kiss shorter than the ones they’ve had before, because Hope can’t really allow herself to kiss Lizzie any longer than that. Hope spins, and lands on Lizzie. 


There’s a few shared glances, and Hope only sighs before she leans over and kisses Lizzie again, her breath hitching her throat when Lizzie playfully bites on her bottom lip. Hope looks at the ground after that particular kiss, not really sure what to think of that. She’ll spend most of the games staring at Lizzie, or avoiding Lizzie’s stare. Or pretending like she wasn’t doing anything when Lizzie catches her staring. Then of course there’s the intense staring whenever they’re kissing somebody else. 


Hope only looks back at the bottle when she hears the group break out into whistles and cheers. She groans when she sees the bottle pointing at her, again. Lizzie looks like she wants to run away, like she truly wasn’t expecting for it land on Hope for a second time. 


“That’s the third time they’ve landed on each other!” Someone exclaims. 


Lizzie’s still staring at her. She shouldn’t feel so excited at the possibility of kissing Lizzie again. Her excitement goes away at the next words she hears somebody shout. 


“You know what that means! Seven minutes in heaven!” Hope looks around at the group, racking her brain for any memory of seven minutes in heaven being mentioned. She can’t find any. Lizzie’s staring at her, like she’s waiting for Hope to complain about it. In fact, Hope’s surprised that Lizzie hasn’t shut down the idea. Instead, Lizzie seems completely okay with the idea. 


What. The. Fuck?