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Daddy Issues

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The holidays were upon them. And as many working adults know, holidays mean holiday parties. This wasn’t any different for pro heroes. Crime and villains may not have stopped for te holidays. However, being a pro hero wasn’t just about saving people. It was about being someone who brings people hope. And what better time to be inspire others to feel safe and do good for others than the holidays? Thus, there were parties held by the various hero agencies.

Enji Todoroki’s agency was no different. He really wasn’t one for parties, but it was expected of him. Both as the number one hero and as the man in charge of the agency, he had to put in an appearance. Besides, it did prove to be a good networking event. Plus, Shouto seemed to be having fun. He’d brought those friends of his from UA along. Eni wasn’t entirely sure how he felt about that. But they both had strong quirks and the potential to be great heroes. And it was nice to see his son getting along with other kids his age. Especially after he’d kept the boy isolated for so long.

There was a long list of sins that Enji was atoning for. Far too many of which involved his family. He was trying to be better, for their sakes.

Now wasn’t the best time to be focusing on the sins of the past, though, As one red feathered, far too smug looking hero appeared. “Endeavor! I’ve been looking for you! I wanted to congratulate you. I didn’t know you knew how to have fun!”

The younger hero always seemed to know how to take a well placed verbal jab. Even when cleary tipsy. But, right now, Enji couldn’t summon the urge to serve up his usual fiery glare. Because Hawks was right. The majority of the planning for the party hadn’t involved him at all. He’d delegated that task, only signing necessary paperwork and looking over plans. Of course, the agency also footed the bill. But, he wasn’t known as a fun hero. Maybe that was why his popularity wasn’t so great. And Hawks was incredibly well liked. He came across as fun loving, even if he didn’t have a smile on his face. Hawks was cool according to the kids. Endeavor was regarded as intimidating, kind of terrifying. He didn’t exactly fit the role All Might had left behind.

“Ah, thank you, Hawks. Truthfully, I didn’t help much in the planning. But, everyone seems to be having a good time so I’m pleased with how things turned out.” That clearly wasn’t the answer Hawks was expecting. He looked surprised, but pleasantly so. That smug smirk softened a bit. For as much of a hard time Hawks gave Enji, he never seemed to disrespect the man. And Enji appreciated that.

Spying Shouto out of the corner of his eye, Enji smiled a little bit. A sight that made Hawks blink is surprise as the man wasn’t used to seeing the number one hero smile. Enji knew he was known to be a hardass. But, he was truly happy to see his son getting along well and being happy. As any parent should be.

Hawks looked to see what it was Enji was smiling at. “Ah, that’s your youngest, right? He seems to be having a good time. Those are his friends from UA, right? I recognize them from the sports festival.”

“Yes, they’re doing their work study with me. He along with Midoryia and Bakugo show promise as great heroes with time and training.” Enji couldn’t help but feel a great sense of pride in his son. But, he was also proud to see him blossoming not only as a potential hero, but in finding camaraderie with others as well. His other children were also fine upstanding citizens. Fuyumi was a teacher, molding the minds of the next generation. And Natsuo was in university. All of his children had grown into fine young adults, or almost young adults. Whether or not he’d had much influence in that, Enji wasn’t entirely sure.

Well, almost all of them.

“Have you ever thought about having children one day, Hawks?” In the back of Eni’s mind, he had to admit, a part of him couldn’t help but think Hawks could be a good match for Fuyumi. It’d be interesting to see what sort of children their children might have. But, he squelched that thought right down as soon as he realized it. Wasn’t looking at his children as simple stepping stones, ways to make sure his legacy endures how he got into the mess he was with his family? Still, Hawks was a handsome man. One who was popular and seemed to do well with children. He was still a bit too young, too cocky. But Enji could see the young man being a great father one day.

For once, Hawks didn’t come back with a quick repartee. He was quiet as he thought about it for a bit. Fatherhood was a lot to consider when sober. And Enji had the impression Hawks wasn’t. After a moment or two, Hawks grinned up at him.

“I don’t know about having kids anytime soon. But, I do like it when your son calls me Daddy.”

Enji’s eyes may have never been bigger. The world around him seemed to screech to a complete stop as he questioned if he’d heard the younger man correctly. No, not a stop. Everything felt like such a blur. Though he was entirely cognizant of it. Shock was not something that Enji Todoroki was used to feeling. His head was reeling as he felt Hawk’s hand pat him on the shoulder and watched him walk away like he just hadn’t dropped the nuclear TMI bomb.

Dizziness led Enji to grabbing a glass of water and leaning against a wall for support as he tried to process what he’d just heard. Had Hawks truly just admitted he was sleeping with one of Enji’s children? One of his sons?

“I do like it when your son calls me Daddy”

Those were words no father wanted to hear.

Enji tried to move as swiftly without drawing too much attention to himself through the crowd towards the bathroom. He was going to be sick.