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'Tis the Season for Holiday Ficlets

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Kara settled back into the booth at Noonan’s, glancing over to where her sister was waiting in line for her drink. She nervously fiddled with the paper sleeve on her own cup of hot chocolate, unable to stop her brain from rehearsing what she was going to say to Alex.


It wasn’t a big deal; everything was going to be fine. She was just going to bring up the idea of inviting Lena over for Christmas Eve with the rest of the superfriends, simple as that. Lena hadn’t mentioned any Christmas plans and Kara had a sneaking suspicion that it was because she didn’t have any.


And while Kara knew that Alex liked Lena just fine, she was still worried about the reactions the rest of the group might have if Lena showed up on the 24th without warning.


She was determined to get the words out as soon as her sister got to the table but the second Alex sat down, Kara froze.


“You okay?” Kara looked up and saw her sister looking back at her with concern.


“Hm? Oh yeah. Just fine,” Kara laughed nervously, nodding her head.


Alex narrowed her gaze, leaning forward on her elbows.


“You sure?”


“Yep!” Kara squeaked, doing her best to avoid Alex’s gaze.


Alex shook her head and tapped her sister’s forehead. “Crinkle. Spill.”


Kara scowled and pushed her hot chocolate off to the side.


“I was just- would it be okay-,” 


Alex leaned forward and rested her hand on top of her sister’s, “Kar, it’s okay. Whatever it is you don’t have to be nervous around me.”


Kara let out a sigh and looked up, finally meeting her sister’s gaze. 


“I want to invite Lena to Christmas Eve but I’m not sure how everyone else will take it.”


Oh. Alex’s face relaxed. That’s it? She opened her mouth to respond but Kara barrelled on.


“It’s just, she didn’t mention any other holiday plans and I know that means she’s probably planning on working straight through the holidays holed up in her office alone. And- and no one should be alone for Christmas! And I know that you and the others were wary of her at first but I promise she’s not like her family. She’s- she’s good and she’s honest and kind and she deserves to be around people who care for her during the holidays.” 


Kara let out a breath as she finished her ramble. A quick glance down at the table revealed that she’d ripped the paper sleeve from her cup to shreds from her nerves.


Face flushed, she quickly brushed the pieces off to the side and mustered up the courage to look at her sister.


Alex was looking at her with a knowing smile, shaking her head. 


“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” Kara sheepishly shrunk back into the booth, crossing her arms.


“Kara,” Alex laughed, “we thought you already invited Lena to Christmas Eve.”


Kara’s face scrunched up in confusion, “What?” 


Alex shook her head again. “Winn’s been bugging me about it for weeks- he’s so excited to geek out with Lena now that he knows she loves Star Wars. Brainy too. Nia and Kelly both can’t wait to catch up with her and you know how Eliza feels about Lena. She’s like her third daughter. J’onn’s got a soft spot for her too.”


And Kara? Kara just melts at that. Because all she ever hoped was that her friends would see Lena just as she did. And to hear that they were all excited for Lena to be there? Kara couldn’t wait to invite Lena to Christmas Eve.



Kara sped around her apartment, frantically adjusting every Christmas decoration in sight to make sure that everything was absolutely perfect for when Lena arrived. The rest of the superfriends were already there, along with Eliza and J’onn and they all just watched knowingly as Kara adjusted the garland along the island for the fourth time. 


Alex observed her sister from the couch, her arm around Kelly and a beer in her hand as she waited for the festivities to begin. She rolled her eyes as her sister obsessed over every minute detail, leaning into her girlfriend to whisper “She’s totally whipped.”


Kelly snorted and Alex couldn’t help but laugh. That was, until she heard the clanging of ornaments and a frantic “Everything’s fine!” and she saw Kara floating up near the ceiling to adjust the freaking star on top of the tree.


“Okay, that’s enough.” Alex set her beer on the coffee table and stood up. “Kara get down here.”


Kara floated down to the floor, nervously wringing her hands and avoiding her sister’s gaze.


“I know you’re anxious for Lena to get here, but I draw the line at floating up to the-”


Kara’s head perked up, “Lena’s here!” She sped past her sister and stopped right in front of the door, frantically adjusting her christmas sweater. 


Not ten seconds later, a knock rang out through the apartment and Kara let out a deep breath before opening the door. 


“Lena!” Kara breathed. The dark haired woman stood in front of her, nervously clutching a bottle of wine in her hands. 


“Hi,” Lena said quietly, “I’m sorry I’m late.” Kara shook her head at the apology, stepping aside to let Lena in.


“No need to apologize, we’re just getting started.” Kara rested her hand on Lena’s shoulder, giving her a small smile. 


Lena felt her cheeks flush as she handed Kara the bottle of wine and shrugged off her coat. 


Kara set the bottle on the kitchen island as she watched Lena hang her coat on the rack. She marveled at the softness and beauty that Lena radiated in something as simple as jeans and dark green sweater.


“Oh Rao.” Kara whispered under her breath, face flushing as Lena turned around. 


Kara caught her gaze and her brow instantly furrowed at the nervousness that she saw clouding Lena’s features. 


Kara reached forward and took Lena’s hand, squeezing it gently. “Hey, everything’s going to be fine, Lena. I promise.”


Lena dropped her gaze to where their hands were intertwined and nodded. “I know, I just- I’m nervous. I feel like I’m intruding, I mean- Christmas is supposed to be spent with family, Kara.” 


“You’re right,” Lena looked up, worried, only to find Kara looking at her with nothing but kindness and care in her eyes. “But family isn’t always by blood. Sometimes it’s found.”


Kara squeezed Lena’s hand again and led her further into the apartment. 


“Lena!” Winn jumped up from where he was sitting next to Brainy on the floor, sorting through the board games for the evening. Brainy quickly followed, racing over to where Lena was standing. 


Kara let go of her hand as the boys started rambling on about Star Wars and asking Lena’s opinion on this that and the other thing. She looked over at Lena with pride as she saw her friend enthusiastically debating the best parts of the newest movie. 


“Okay boys, calm down for a minute and let the rest of us say hi, will you?” Alex made her way over to the small group and shooed away Winn and Brainy. 


“I’m glad you made it, Lena.” Alex smiled softly and squeezed Lena’s shoulder. Kelly was right behind her and wrapped Lena in a hug, asking how she was doing since they last saw each other. Nia and J’onn followed and Kara just stood there, beaming as she saw all of her favorite people welcoming Lena with nothing but love and open arms.


“You picked a good one, Kara.” Eliza’s voice came from behind her as she wrapped her arm around her daughter.


Kara felt her face redden as she sputtered, “Oh, no- Eliza, we’re not-” 


Eliza just winked at her as she stepped away and made her way over to Lena. 


“Lena, it’s so good to see you.” Eliza wrapped the CEO into a hug and Lena relaxed into it, relishing in the warmth the entire group was welcoming her with.


“Thank you for having me. I know I’m not family-,” Lena started but Eliza interrupted her.


“Nonsense,” Eliza said, waving her hand as she stepped back from the hug, “You are family and you are welcome here any time.”


Lena felt a newfound warmth grow in her chest as she looked over at Kara who was beaming, her smile as bright as the sun.