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[Hanase Shouma has created 'Class 66']

[Hanase Shouma has added 15 others to 'Class 66']

Otomoto Kazuto: Hanase the fuck???

Hanase Shouma: I thought it would be fun!

Hanase Shouma: Plus, other classes have their own chats, why not ours?

Otomoto Kazuto:

Otomoto Kazuto: you got a good point there man

Haibara Nonoka: Ooh! Nonoka agrees with Hanase-kun!

Dokugawa Kyo:

[Dokugawa Kyo has left 'Class 66']

[Hanase Shouma has permanently added Dokugawa Kyo to 'Class 66']

Dokugawa Kyo: damnit

Murakami Yomiko: Hehehehehehe

Oniyanagi Myoko: omg why did you add Murakami

Hanase Shouma: It would be rude not to!

Murakami Yomiko: Hehe thanks for adding me Hanase~!

Usuki Aisa: ...Not to be a downer, but..

Usuki Aisa: You do realize this will go downhill really quickly right?

Otomoto Kazuto: ah right

Hanase Shouma:

Hanase Shouma: Still!

Saizaki Chie: ...I fail to see the importance of this chatroom Hanase-kun...

Hanase Shouma: You know to bond?? Become closer??

Saizaki Chie:

Saizaki Chie: I see...

Cherry Barrister: This was a great idea Hanase-kun!!

Hanase Shouma: Thank you Cherry-san!

Hinomiya Ena: This'll be chaotic

Hinomiya Ena: And I love that

Hagane Shigeru: Why is my phone blowing up at 6 AM???

Yakumo Oboro: Wait its 6 AM???

Cherry Barrister: OH CRAP IT IS-

Usuki Aisa: Jeez.

Usuki Aisa: I'm gonna mute the chat. PREPARE FOR CLASSES PLEASE!

[Usuki Aisa has muted the chat until 11 AM. Reason: SLEEP AND STUDY]