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Forgive the Stars

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The celebration was dazzling. There were cheers when the restored Cross Continental Transmit System tower at Vale lit up and Beacon's Headmaster, Glynda Goodwitch, appeared on screen, greeting the people of Atlas. Confetti fell from the ceiling on both ends, people waved and shouted their celebratory cheers and it only got louder when the Headmaster of Haven Academy appeared on screen and so did the Headmaster from Shade Academy. James Ironwood, General to the Atlas Military and soon-to-be-retired Headmaster of Atlas Academy, silenced the crowds.

"I want to thank you all for taking the time and opportunity to join us in this monumental celebration of the restoration of Vale's CCTS Tower, allowing all of us to communicate and bridge our comradeship as neighboring kingdoms," Ironwood said, raising his hand after a moment to silence the crowds once more. "Additionally, I would like to welcome our newest ally and huntsmen academy, Liberty, hailing from Menagerie. Headmaster Ghira Belladonna, welcome." 

The final image of Ghira Belladonna, the current activist leader of the White Fang, appeared in the midst of claps and cheers. He greeted everyone with a proud smile, "Thank you all for welcoming us into this bright and new future."

Winter Schnee stood off to the side. Years of going to parties when she was younger had worn her out of the eccentric festivities, but as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Military and Specialist, she had an image to present. Following the dress code of the jamboree, she, for once, wore all black in honor and celebration of the tradition of naming future generations after color.  

Klein who loved dressing her and her siblings up since they were children helped her pick the dress. Tight around her chest with a demure neckline, the fabric on the back was made of black lace, velvet draped over her hips down to her feet. Winter caught sight of Weiss, a short cocktail dress with gem woven as accents. Whitely wore a black suit and bowtie, his button-up shirt and pocket square were also black but of a different material. Her mother, Willow, stood right next time to him and wore a dress that was loose and airy. They were all here to stand united and in support of a better future, accepting their social responsibility as heads of the Schnee Dust Company. 

Winter joined in the next set of applause when she felt a presence behind her, standing closer than socially polite. But she soon smelled a familiar cologne of sandalwood and musk mixed with the scent of a spiced whiskey that seemed to have penetrated his skin despite being sober for two years now. A large hand settled on her hip, a warm chest flushed against her back, and a stubble cheek pressed against her smoother one. 

"Did something occur?" She asked professionally even as she was being tugged backward from the room. She shifted her gaze at him when he took too long to answer. "Branwen."

"Just here to report the investigation in Mantle was settled," Qrow Branwen grinned against her cheek. 

"You said it would take five days."

"Well, I got an incentive to finish it earlier since my reward from last week had to be postponed."

They were out in the halls. Winter following Qrow closely, "I told you to bring a condom," she said in a low voice, not wanting anyone to hear them.

"I forgot. We haven't used one in years."

"Should I assume you have one now?"

He grinned wolfly at her, "Why'd you think I finished my mission a day early?"

When Qrow arrived at Atlas last week, she was changing her birth contraceptive and doing a comprehensive medical exam that Atlasien woman had to do every three years once they turned twenty. It was perfect timing for her doctor to run tests without the effect of her hormonal birth control. However, it was bad luck on Qrow's end that he appeared unannounced during the middle of it.

Lost and on a time crunch, Qrow settled for a satisfying blowjob and but ultimately an unsatisfying sexual encounter with her before he had to leave for his mission in Mantle. He cursed his luck and condoms, and during the worshiping of his cock, he asked her why don't they just settle down. 

"A house with a brat or two sounds nice, doesn't it? I'll prefer it if we live in Vale, though."

She nipped the soft skin above his cock in annoyance for his poor timing regarding that topic of conversation, but it only made him stiffer and her work harder for his seeds. 

This wasn't a new conversation for them. The first time it was brought up was a week after her twenty-fifth birthday. He surprised her at the park near her home with a cup of hot chocolate, a gift, and an apology for missing her birthday. Again. Sometime during that night, he let it slip he wanted to have kids with her. Since then, the thought of a family became appealing to her. 

It was always appealing to Qrow, ever since Raven and Tai tied the knot and Yang was born. He was waiting for the day he could have a family of his own, too. But due to his insecurity with his semblance and never finding someone he wanted to have one with, it was set aside for years until they met. He wanted a family with her. Winter, who was unsure of how to be a mother, how to be something other than a huntress and specialist, how to be soft, simply asked for more time. He accepted her answer. Never pressuring her. 

But she wondered how much longer he would wait for her?

At twenty-six, about to be twenty-seven in a month, she was young enough to set the biological desire to have a child aside. Qrow, however, was 13 years her senior. He celebrated his fortieth birthday this past summer and spent the past few years entertaining an undefined relationship with her. More than friends but never confirmed lovers. She didn't know what they had, what they were, but in the silence of the night as the moon passed over the black sky, she knew she didn't want what they had to end. 

"Here I am with my hand up your dress and you're thinking," Qrow growled into her throat, "I'm kind of offended."

"Do you expect me not to when you decided having sex in the stairway is a good idea?" Winter stated sharply, pushing thoughts of domestic life out of her head. 

"We're on the twentieth floor of some technological advanced Altasien hotel. There are two sets of emergency staircases, and we're in the one opposite of where the party is at. No one is going to take the stairs down. Also, the cameras are on odd floors only, so we're fine."

"Cameras!?" Winter hissed at him, her nails biting into his shoulder when he stroked her heat with two steady fingers. The thin material of her panties soaked with her juices. 

"Odd floors," he reminded her as he rubbed her clit, smirking at her whimper against his cheek. "Just concentrate on me, Snow Queen. I'm making you feel good, right?"

"Egotistical grackle," she sighed, back arching off the wall. 

"I have you grinding on my hand," he kissed her, "Of course my ego is going to be big."

"Qrow," she tried to give him a stern warning but her voice trembled and it only made him smirk. 

"No bra?" Qrow hummed, his thumb glossing over her erected nipple.

"The dress did not call for one."

He thought of earlier when he caught her figure between the mass of people. The lace covering her bareback was what enticed him to bring her here, his blood rushing south too quickly for him to conjure up the patience to wait for later tonight to have her in an actual bed.

"Must've been hard for your back since you have a massive rack," he caught the hand that was going to hit his shoulder and kissed her. He ground his swollen cock against her thigh and deepened the kiss, nibbling on her plush bottom lip and coaxed his tongue into her mouth. He reached to grasp her ample bottom, moaning as he gave it a squeezed before going up to unzip her dress.

Pulling away, he was disappointed when it didn't fall forward like he was expecting. He furrowed his eyebrows and she laughed lightly. Delighted in the rare sound, he kissed her jaw and roamed his hand over her neck, finding the clip that held the dress up and undid it, too. 

He was kissing her again, pressing her into the wall as she loosened his black tie and unbuttoned the first couple buttons of his shirt. She was touching his skin and he shivered at her cool hands, calluses smoothed and cared for by beauticians unlike his that were roughed and jagged. Her fingers explored the many raised scars he had. 

"Not so reserved now, huh?" He snickered, pulling her dress down to her waist and cupping a heaving breast. The soft flesh overpoured from his grasp and he pushed his hips harder against her leg, almost angrily at how desperately he wanted her. 

"I can always change my mind," she half-heartedly glared, bring the hand on her waist to her other breast. 

"You have me right where you want me," he chided her, "why change your mind?"

"To spite you," she smirked and then gasped when he captured one rose pink nipple with his mouth. 

He teased it with his tongue and teeth until it was hard as a pebble and pulsing. He lavished her other nipple with the same attention all the while he pushed himself between her thighs and continued to rub his erection against her. Nipping at the sensitive skin of her breasts, he left a few love marks in his wake before he trailed his lips down her flat stomach. He licked the smoothed scars along his way. 

"Dress on or off?" He asked once he was on his knees. 

She frowned, her cheeks had a dusting of pink as she imagined herself completely naked in an empty stairway with a party just on the other side of the hotel with influential people and her boss. "On."

"Hands against the wall and ass out, then." He patted her thigh heavily. 

"Do not get distracted," she instructed and shoved him lightly with her foot but did as he said. Whenever she was in this position, Qrow would be taken aback for a moment for some incomprehensible reason. She has been in this position many times for him and yet he would admire her longer than she could wait.  

"Impatient tonight, aren't you?"

"I am the one being teased."

"And the one who got all my messages about wanting to fuck you," he kissed her shoulder, his stubble caressing her skin and left a pleasant stinging behind. "Did you touch yourself like I asked?"

"Silence, you dolt," she hissed, her hands trembled slightly from the fear of being caught. The concrete blocks were rough on her palms and she felt him kiss her back, soothing away what she assumed were red marks left from the wall. 

He shimmied her dress up her legs and rested the fabric above her ass, gripping her hips he grounded his erection against her. "Did you?" He asked once more. 

She bit her bottom lip at the moan that wanted to escape and stepped on his foot when he chuckled. He wouldn't move until she answered, and with her cheeks red and hot, she said, "I...I did." 

"How many times?"

She imagined pushing him over the railing but came back when he pinched her hip. "Three."

"Only Three?"

"It was a busy week."

Qrow took a step back and tugged her towards him, his foot tapped hers to make her widen her stance just slightly. "I'll relieve some of your stress then."

Winter looked over her shoulder at him, "I am certain I am relieving yours."

"You'll be relieving all the cum I have back up. I'm going to fill your cunt until-"

"Condom," she interrupted. 

Qrow fell silent for a moment and gave a long groan, "damnit, Winter."

"You are the one who forgot," she huffed a laugh, "do not pout like a child." She froze after the word tumbled from her mouth and took a glance at him. He was too busy glaring at her wet heat that he didn't notice her slip or her reaction. She was thankful but still rolled her eyes.  

"I'm not," he finally grumbled. Annoyed mostly with himself, he nipped the back of her neck and refocused on the lingerie she was actually wearing. He tugged on one of the garter belt straps that held her stockings up and let it slap against the flesh of her ass. 

Kneeling down, he grasped her hips and moved her towards him just a bit more, getting her at a good angle for him to comfortably eat. He lapped at her clothed pussy, savoring the taste and scent and the jolt she made. He tugged the black, laced panty down her long legs, smug when a string of her juices stretched between the fabric and her opening. 

Qrow gave her a quick, long lick, gathering as much of her taste on his tongue and groaned, "You're fucking delicious."

She felt him tap ankle and she lifted her foot up so he could remove her panties. Her heart was thrumming with excitement and anticipation, and she didn't want him to linger too long. She was already imagining his cock filling and stretching her. 

"Hurry up."

"Don't rush me when I'm trying to enjoy my meal," he said, his mouth on one inner thigh, crawling up towards the crease where her thigh met the abundant flesh of her ass. He liked that crease to the point he left a mark there consistently.


"What? Your fingers weren't enough to keep you satisfied while I was gone?" He placed his thumb right at her entrance, tapping it there as he lavished her other thighs with marks. He was smirking against her skin, and he knew she could feel it and that was most likely annoying her. "Well?"

Winter pursed her lips, irritation filled her and she was tempted to just say she could look for someone else to calm her limbo. But, she didn't want somebody to push inside of her, she wanted him and she wasn't in the mood to start a fight. Leaning her forehead on her arm, she bit back pride back and answered the infuriating man she fallen in love with. 

"It was not."

"What was missing?"

She twisted around to glare at him, "why must you be so infuriating?"

"Becuase I like it when you get annoyed with me," he winked and used his thumbs to part her lower lips, marveling at her plump pussy. "By the Brothers, I missed you."

He attached his mouth to her cunt, suckling the honey from her and Winter shuddered. Her breathing came out heavy and she pushed her hips back onto his face, pressing her lips together as another moan formed. His thumb, the rough texture that drove her crazy and desperate, rubbed quick circles on her clit. 

"Q-Qrow," she sighed, legs twitching as his tongue pushed through her opening and rolled. His other hand was gripping her hips still now, pulling one lip apart so he could suckle, lick, and drink from her easily. 

Her body began to quiver and she tried to move away but he wrapped an arm around her legs and anchored her to his mouth as he worked her to a peak. Her nipples were tight, her toes curling, and she was sweating when his thumb gave her that last needed hard swipe for her to release. 

Her moan was long and airy. She was never loud during their intimate activities, but Qrow has become so accustomed to her sounds and took pride in every single one he could pull from her. He groaned as he cleaned her, his head full of her taste and his cock throbbing to be buried inside her tight sheath.

Standing tall, he hastened to unbuckle and unzip himself, his cock practically sprang free. Licking his lips, he was about to push in when he remembered the condom. He made a long sentence of profanity and Winter held in her laugh, turning to kiss him and calm his frenzy slightly. She pulled the condom from his hand and ripped it open, sliding the wrapper into his back pocket. 

He was nuzzling her neck as she rolled the condom over his cock, kissing her soft moan that fell from her lips when she pumped him once. Turning her around again, he gathered the fallen fabric of her dress and pushed it over her hips again. Qrow grabbed his cock and slapped the head against her entrance and pushed in. 

His appreciated grunt echoed loudly through the stairwell and Winter smacked his chest. His smirk only grew as he grabbed her jaw and pulled her towards him to kiss her deeply. When they were both breathless and her walls clenched his length, he started moving. 

Immediately, he noticed the difference of sensation with wearing a condom compared to when they had sex raw. The pleasure dulled ever so slightly, but not enough for him to stop thrusting into her. Qrow pulled her hips into his and leaned forward to kiss her shoulders and neck. Their skin meeting was loud and expressively lewd, the skin of her ass rippled hypnotically, and he was thrilled by it. By her. 

Her breathing was quick and deep, tiny gasps escaping her and when he rubbed against that little hill inside of her, her whimpers pushed from the depth of her lungs. Electricity shocked through them and built their high. Qrow stopped immediately when she came and let out another praised. "That was so good, Win. Fuck, I felt that in my bones."

Winter blinked at the blurry ground, fingers twitching from the wave of pleasure that overtook her. Her throat was parched. "Q-Qrow."

"Hm?" He wrapped an arm around her chest and pulled her against him, thankful that her heels made her tall enough to rest her head on his shoulder. He gripped one of her breasts, teasing the harden pink nipple. "Was it good?" He asked, licking the curve of her ear. 

"It was."

"Hey," he waited until she turned her head to him to kissed her long and passionately. "Who made you cum?"

"You are a degenerate, Qrow Branwen."

He laughed, "close enough."

He began another shallow rhythm, steady and slow but strong. She gasped with every hit of his head against her cervix. Tears pooling at her lower lashes as she felt him low in her stomach, invading her and making her dissolve in acute pleasure. 

She interlaced one of her hands with his and the other was guided by his hand to her clit and he made her stoke the little jewel until she came a second time. He bit her shoulder, needing to focus on something other than his pending release. So, he distracted himself with killing grimm in his mind until she tightened her walls around him. 

"Damnit, Winter! I'm trying to last here!"

"Stop being an idiot. I want you to cum in me," she narrowed her eyes at him. 

"Don't...say that," he groaned, licking his dry lips. "You know I'm weak when you say things like that."

"I am aware. So, stop being dramatic. Love me properly," she pulled him down for another kiss, pushing her hips back to him to entice him and it worked. Qrow pressed a hand to her lower stomach and gave long sharp thrusts now, pounding into her heat until it was beating red and her juices ran down her thighs. 

His heavy sack trembled and scrunched, his own orgasm about to burst.  "Are you close?" 

"I am," Winter gasped, throwing her head back. Her voice low and lovely, "You are overwhelming me. I cannot think. Qrow. Please."

He grunted, her voice doing wonders to him. He kept thrusting into her and when she pulled his hand interlaced with hers to her mouth, muffling her cry of ecstasy, he released his seeds into the condom. He felt his cum cover him, felt it fill the condom, and sighed a little disappointedly. 

She noticed and gave a soft scoff, "you are pouting again. Was it not good?"

"It was, he argued, licking the sweat from her temple. "I just prefer fucking you raw."

"Next time," she said. "after the tests are done, you can cum inside of me as many times as you want." 

He perked up at that, "I'm holding you onto that promise."

As Qrow pulled out, he felt the familiar sensation of his semblance activating. He waited to hear a crash or a scream but heard nothing. He glanced around as he tied the condom and grabbed a tissue from his pocket, wrapping the used condom in it. 

"Something the matter?"

"No. I just felt my semblance flare but nothing happened."

"Perhaps someone spilled their drink at the party?" She smoothed his hair and tilted her head to the side to feel his lips on her neck as she tucked him inside his pants and carefully zipped him close.  

"Maybe it was Jimmy," Qrow chuckled and kissed Winter's back before zipping her dress back up. "I think I just felt an aftershock of cumming. Gods, it felt good."

"Even with the condom?"

"That's why I said good," he winked. "Hey, you're done with the party, right?"

"Technically, yes."

He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, "how about we head back to my room or your place, and use the rest of the condoms I brought."

"I suppose I would not be terribly missed."

"Good. Because you can't go back in there when you look like you just got fucked good - which you did," he winked and she jabbed his side.


Her period was thirteen days late. 

That never happened. She was always on time like clockwork. So, she wasn't terribly surprised when the pregnancy tests she purchased, all neatly placed out on her coffee table in a row, came out positive. Every. Single. One. 

At first, she wondered how. 

When she went to get her new birth control they had her take a pregnancy test per protocol, and it came out negative. Then, she remembered the celebration that occurred more than a month ago where she and Qrow had sex in the stairwell and then at her home. Qrow mentioned his semblance flared twice that night but didn't notice anything amiss. Was the result of his semblance activating was the condom breaking or tearing, and neither of them noticing? As for the negative result from the lab, she did get her new birth control two days after that encounter so a false negative was plausible. 

Winter sighed loudly. How fitting that the first time since they started their carnal affair with her being off her birth control and him using a condom would result in her becoming pregnant. Winter pursed her lips and rolled her shoulders in an attempt to release the tension she had. 

Should she tell Qrow? 

Of course, she should. 

This was something she knew he wanted but it scared her terribly. What did she know about motherhood? She wasn't prepared for this. She was still young and this child was conceived out of wedlock. The Atlas gossip columns were going to have a field day with her while also compromising Qrow's identity. He was good at what he does because no one knew who Qrow Branwen was. Everyone knew who she was, which was why infiltration was never a true possibility for her career-wise.

There was also some uncertainty she had over her relationship with Qrow. What they had was fun and liberating and comforting, but that didn't mean they were compatible to be parents together. She could solve this easily. All it took was a trip to her doctor and a fifteen-minute procedure, and it would be done. But that thought shook her to the core because she wanted this baby to live. Her other option could be adoption. But this was her child and she wanted it, and that shot another jolt of electricity through her. 

 She wanted it.  

Unplanned as it was, it was a product of a love she had worked for and cherished. A love that was kind. Frustrating at times. Painful at others. Never perfect but it was forgiving and accepting. Winter placed her hand on her stomach, hoping to feel anything despite knowing that she won't. 

At least, not yet.

A chime from her phone interrupted her thoughts, it was an email regarding a mission she was going to be sent on. Glancing at her hand still pressed against her flat belly, she decided with the new state she was in that the best thing to do for the moment was to tell Ironwood of her situation. He was an uncle to her, and she trusted him and his guidance. She had for years. 

Arriving at his office was difficult. Her steps heavy with nerves, but her stoic expression did not betray her inner turmoil. His personal secretary let her into his office after a polite knock. "General Ironwood, sir," Winter saluted him.

"At ease, Lieutenant Colonel," Ironwood gestured to a seat across his desk, "take a seat. There's a lot I need to go over and-"

"Permission to interrupt, sir."

Ironwood paused, "Can it not wait?"

"It cannot."

He set the controller of his projector down, "Permission granted."

"I cannot lead this mission due to unforeseen medical concerns."

His eyebrows furrowed slightly. She didn't look unwell. "What's wrong?"

"I am pregnant, sir."

Out of habit, he congratulated her as he had done with any other person who shared such personal information with him. However, the whole circumstance finally settled in his mind. "When did you find out?"

"This morning, sir."

A silence fell on them. 

He had known Winter since she was five. Helped train and mentor her through her education and in her career in the Military. So, he overlooked professionalism and asked her, "What will you do?"

"I considered my choices and am aware of the impact and results this will undoubtedly have on my life," she said, unnerved and unafraid, "and I have decided to keep the child." 

"Is the father-"

"It is," she cut in swiftly, not wanting the name to be spoken out loud in case it manifested him.

He sighed, almost disappointingly. Winter and Qrow's relationship, whatever it was, was a well-known fact to many. Neither of them would say they were dating or seeing each other, but they would also not say they were not. Since the moment Qrow interfered with a senior class mission Winter was leading almost seven years ago, they somehow became a couple much to Ironwood's concern. 
Whenever they were in the same room, one could find them standing next to each other or leaving functions around the same time. The way they interacted was informal and intimate, spurring rumors that they were in a relationship even if half the time they were launching insults at one another. 

Winter never acknowledged the rumors. "Gossiping is unbecoming," she would say. 

Qrow would shrug and grin, "Thought the military was above schoolhouse rumors."

Ironwood had overheard many soldiers pine over Winter and wanting to take their chances in approaching her, but someone with a steady head on their shoulders would always remind them that while not officially off the market, she was taken. And all that undisclosed commitment and loyalty they strangely had for each other ended with Winter having a child out of wedlock with a man thirteen years her senior.

Military gossip was one thing but Atlas' Upper Society was another.

Honestly, he should be surprised it didn't happen sooner.

"Have you told him?" 

Winter pulled her hands behind her back when she caught herself fidgeting ever so slightly, a subtle act of her nerves that would go over most people’s heads. "I have not."

“I see,” Ironwood sat down, laced his hands on top of his desk. "Winter."

"Yes, sir?"

He paused, mouth dried as the request he had finally solidified into words. "Don't tell him."

Her breath halted, paused in her lung, and then she released uneasily. She felt her emotions spike and she pushed it aside, her mask hardened. "Pardon?"

"At least not yet," Ironwood sighed, "Qrow -"

"I never...." Winter's interruption wilted, not able to come up with a remotely believable lie or an excuse to dissuade the fact that Qrow Branwen fathered the life developing inside of her. 

Ironwood began anew, "He has a unique skill set that is not only vital to our government but the relationships we have with the other kingdoms, and we cannot afford him to be distracted from these missions, these goals." 


Was that what she was?

The word stung deeper than it should have.

"There is an open position in a settlement in the south, east of Mantle, the City of Lumturi. They could use your guidance," he suddenly said, pulling out a thin folder from his bottom drawer that was filled with neatly kept paper. He presented it to her, "I can have you switched from combat duty to active. I can have you transferred there by the end of the week."

"How long will the transfer be?"

"A year. Hopefully."

Winter met Ironwood's gaze, holding in her rejection of the position. One year of hiding while wasn't long in concept, could damage the relationships she had personally and professionally in Atlas. It could even officially end her relationship with Qrow. "My family, sir?"

"They cannot know of your situation either, so we can tell them that this is a classified mission that will required discretion."

Winter glanced at the black folder for a second longer before taking it, reading over the position summary quickly. "He will look for me."

"I know, and I will have a few false leads ready for him when he does. But, worry not, I am certain he would stop attempting to look after six, perhaps seven, months." He said and it buried the stinging knife deeper into her chest. He stood up from his seat, "I know...I am asking a lot from you. But as always, we need to consider the greater good of the world. So, will you accept?" 


He fucking had enough. 

Qrow fumed as he marched onto the Atlas Military Base. Destroying a set of sentient when the Atlas Specialists surrounded him, pointing their weapons at his persona. He demanded to see Ironwood and after arguing and his semblance snapping, causing a mecha to catch on fire, he was unhandcuffed and taken to wait outside of Ironwood's office. The secretary was skittish under Qrow's gaze but answered most of his mundane questions until he asked about Winter. The secretary went silent. 

Three months. It was three months of Qrow attempting to get into contact with Winter through the military, her small friend group, and her family. What made him snap, deciding that this had something to do with Ironwood, was when Qrow went to her modest condo and saw that it was sold. Her things were gone and he couldn't find a storage unit or a forward address. No one knew where she was, even her family. She hadn't been in contact with anyone either. Even, her personal scroll line was cut. 

It felt as if she simply vanished and people in this day age, especially someone like Winter, do not simply vanish. Ironwood had told him many times that Winter was undercover but Qrow never believed that. She couldn't go undercover with a name like hers and it wasn't what she specialized in. 

The flower vase on the secretary's desk broke the moment before Ironwood came in. Giving a polite greeting and informed his secretary that he will be in a meeting with Qrow, they entered his office. He was not surprised when Qrow demanded Winter's whereabouts. 

"Where'd you stationed her, James."

"Specialist Schnee's mission is-"

"Bullshit! Where is she?!" 

The wiring on the back of a painting on the south wall snapped, causing it to tumble to the ground, its black frame cracked. "Qrow," Ironwood sighed, "I can't-"

"Her condo was sold. Her office is empty. Her things are gone. Her scroll has been cut. There is no record of her renting a storage unit here or Mantle. There is no record of her setting up electricity or gas here or Mantle. There is no record of her using her finance score to rent a new place in general. She hasn't opened her messages. She hasn't spoken to her family or friends for three months now. She didn't leave your damn kingdom through the airport because her identification visa didn't ping. She is not on a mission," Qrow roared angrily. "So, where is she?!"

Ironwood held back his surprised and took a breathe, his chest pained as he spoke, "She's on a classified miss-."

"She's not! So, stop with the bullshit, James!"

"Her mission surpassed the timeline we have anticipated," Ironwood argued back, holding the vehement glare Qrow was stabbing into him with. "When I get an update and ETA, I will let you know."

"And I'll let you know this, Jimmy. You're lying to me. I don't know what you're doing or why, but I'm going to find her because, hey, that's what I do best."

"Ozpin's last mission-"

"What about that?!" Qrow roared, "worried that I'll abandon it?! Because I will if you don't tell me where she is!" A window broke behind Ironwood, a strong gust of cold wind rushed in. 


"Yeah, well, fuck you, too, Jimmy," Qrow spat and marched away raging as he kicked the door open and scared the secretary.

The bitter cold air didn't bother him. The frustration and rage he felt kept him plenty warm as he marched out of the military base. His semblance kept flaring, causing people to trip, flower pots to fall from window sills. He didn't know what game Ironwood was doing but he wasn't going to accept Ironwood's answer that she was on a mission. 

Qrow was going to find her.