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A Family Curse

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England was notoriously known for being bad at spells, to the point where most nations doubted anything about magic that came from him. There were some that did believe him, but pretended not to in order to piss England off. One of those people happened to be America, who was the owner of the house Greenland was staying at. Greenland on the other hand, knew that England had magic, and knew that at times his skills were quite impressive, but it was his curses that he often failed at, and those were the ones that he constantly was trying to show off. The only reason this information was at the forefront of Greenland’s mind was because she could hear England screaming at America from the floor below her. She wasn’t doing something that required much thought, just slicing open her thighs and watching the blood run down her legs. While she listened to the fight below she moved the blood in the bathtub around with her foot, it helped keep it from clotting, clots get stuck in the drain and leave evidence. She didn’t want to mess up America’s bathroom after all.

“You bloody wanker! I’ll show you magic and make sure you respect me!” Was the final shout before a blinding white light flashed through the entire house. Greenland covered her eyes with her arm and hoped with all her heart that England hadn’t affected her as well. She knew her wish was not granted as sharp pain whipped through her body, amplifying the pain that had already been there in her legs. She held in a cry and waited until the pain became manageable before opening her eyes. The room appeared to be bigger than before. Nothing had moved, but it was all much taller. She looked down to realize it wasn’t the room, but herself that had changed. Before her legs were quite long and hairy as she hadn’t needed to shave for this meeting. Now they barely bent while resting in the blood at the bottom of the tub. She seemed to have lost most of the hair on her body. Her scars were gone, but the cuts were not, and they were throbbing angrily. Tears pricked her eyes but she blinked them away. Taking time to examine herself she realized that she no longer had the small boobs she once possessed. Her affliction was clear, she had the body of a child. She was going to murder England.

She decided that she couldn’t kill England in this state, she had to look presentable to bash him over the head, so she stood on the edge of the shower bathtub (she slipped once but caught herself) and used the shower head to wash the blood off the bathtub floor and her legs. She dried off with the towel gently and searched her room for something to wear that would fit her new size. Eventually she found a large t-shirt that covered her enough to be slightly comfortable and headed down the stairs. The stairs lead to the kitchen and she glared at the high counters that would now be a struggle to reach. Glowering, although if anyone else had seen her it would have appeared as a pout, she made her way into the living room. Greenland had always been quiet, even with little chubby feet, so she wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t noticed. The room was in chaos anyway. America and Canada were only in their previous T-shirts and America and France were shouting at England, who was yelling right back. Canada was watching teary eyed for some reason. Greenland went around the couch to stay out of sight and went behind the two adults left. Canada spot her and his eyes widened. Greenland ignored him and went behind England before kicking him in she as hard as she could in the back of his calf. She fell from the force and the pain in her foot but took satisfaction in England’s cursing and jumping up and down. All eyes were on her now, America’s big blue ones in shock before he burst out laughing.

“Mon Dui, you transformed as well Groenland!” France exclaimed looking her over.

“Why on Earth did you kick me?!” England asked turning to face her. She looked him in the eye, putting all of her frustration into the glare. Her pudgy face didn’t help, nor the slight traces of apathy from her session upstairs still lingering.

“Because I heard you boasting from my room and now I’m suddenly a child. I told you I don’t care what you do with your magic as long as it doesn’t affect me, well now I’m affected, so you’re going to feel it too.” Greenland huffed. England grumbled something under his breath and the room fell silent. It was unsettling having to look up high to talk to England and France, but it was also strange to see America and Canada like this again. The pain was still there slightly, her back ached and her head burned.

“Are you guys still in pain?” America asked quietly and Greenland nodded her head.

“My head is the worst of it, it was like it was on fire,” Canada answered. England frowned and looked away from both of them while France was agape with horror.

“I will get you three painkillers!” He made his way to the kitchen leaving the children with England. Looking at them longer Greenland guessed that America’s body was the same as a seven year old, while Canada seemed a little younger, Greenland was definitely smaller than both of them but not by that much.

“I’m not sure where the spell went wrong, so I can’t fix this immediately but I should have it done within a few days,” England coughed out, standing tall but looking towards the kitchen as if waiting to escape.

“A few days! The world meeting is tomorrow, that’s the entire reason why all of you were here in the first place- how are we supposed to go like this?” America whined, Canada nodded earnestly with his brother but Greenland kept still. She had already known that England wouldn’t be able to fix it right away, he never could, but there was no way that she was going to a world meeting like this. She was just going to skip it, no one would really care, the most she would get was an angry text from South Italy. However America’s absence would be noticed, and if England and France explained the situation that might draw others to go visit the now little nation. Perhaps only America could go, the other nations would get their curiosity satisfied and Canada and Greenland could stay home unnoticed and unbothered.

“Well you still have your mind intact, the only thing different is your bodies. Honestly if the curse had worked the way it was supposed to you wouldn’t even have that…” England mumbled the last part but Greenland still heard it and ground her teeth. From what she could infer England had wanted to revert America back to his childhood self, back to a time when America respected him. If the spell had done that to America it would have been damaging enough, trying to calm the child to a different world would be difficult and England’s attachment might have made England reluctant to change him back. But to have all three of them change would have been a handful, especially since Greenland’s younger self did not trust any of them, and was slightly terrified of magic. On a smaller level it may have also gotten Greenland’s little habit caught, and that would have caused a whole slew of problems.

“You really think people won’t try to take advantage of us in this state England?” Canada asked sarcastically before his eyes squeezed shut and he held his head in his hands. America frowned and put a sympathetic hand on his back before glaring at England.

“No one is going to hurt you, just tease a bit, they’ll probably make fun of me more than you,” England went on waving his hand as France came in carrying three glasses of water and a bottle of pills. He handed each of them a glass and two pills, starting with Canada and ending with Greenland, she knew she looked too deeply into that action so she pushed away her thoughts about it.

“We can’t go to a professional meeting only wearing over-sized shirts, we barely get anything done there anyway, why don’t we just stay here?” Greenland added her input after taking the pills.

“That would look bad, and my boss would be pissed,” America argued and Greenland resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

“Won’t your boss be unhappy if America’s reputation is tarnished because he had to waddle into a meeting as a little child?” Greenland shot back and he raised a finger but was unable to come up with an immediate response. “If anything England shouldn’t go to the meeting either, he should focus on coming up with a counter spell. France can just take notes for once and we can give those to our bosses.” Greenland explained further. She was tired from the long day and wasn’t in the mood for the others endless arguing about everything.

“What should I say if someone asks about your absences?” France asked, going with the idea.
“Just tell them the truth, if you lie the others are bound to become suspicious,” England answered crossing his arms.

“Are you calling me a bad liar Angleterre?” France accused raising his voice.

“Your lies are always awful, like when you tried to convince me a marriage licence was a calendar!” England argued back and Greenland sighed. She got up, making sure that the shirt she was wearing didn’t ride up and made her way around the couch again. She noticed America and Canada watching her walk away.

“Goodnight,” she gave as explanation before making her way upstairs and with a struggled climb, made her way into bed. The ache in her back was a bit better laying down, and her thighs pain had dulled down, but her head still burned like a raging fire. It was enough that she couldn’t sleep, she spent the night staring at the back of her eyelids and out the window. By three in the morning she gave up and opened the window. She climbed to sit with her feet dangling out the edge. She did this often when she stayed at America’s, the air was clearer outside and the sky was prettier without glass blocking the view. It reminded her of childhood when she would sneak out of England’s place and sleep in the woods. Part of her was inclined to go out and look for a tree now, but that was stupid. Just because she had the body of a child doesn’t mean she should act like one, no matter how fun the idea seemed. In fact, she should probably make the effort to act as mature as possible, keep out emotions as much as she could. She could tell that she was at least slightly affected by the spell emotionally as tears came much quicker than she used to. That and she was close to eye rolling earlier, normally she just thought the words eye roll. She had learned how to suppress her emotions after years of practice, but now it seemed she was back a couple hundred years, when she was first starting to learn. Well she could use one of her methods she had learned down the years.

She took off her shirt and walked to the bathroom. She closed and locked the door behind her and grabbed the razor off the edge of the tub. She frowned realizing that she had been careless before, the razor belonged in the medicine cabinet, which she couldn’t currently reach but if she climbed on top of the toilet she could. Keeping this in mind for later Greenland sat on the edge of the tub and held the razor up to examine it. Flecks of dried blood stained it making it look rusty. It was thin and doubled edged, the ones stereo-typically seen in the “edgy memes” America accidentally showed her once. He wasn’t a fan of them, just popped up in his search as he tried to explain the concept to her. On her own time she found them funny in a bitter sort of way, people really would demean others for literally anything. Well not really demean, encouraging suicide was more than that. She dismissed those thoughts and looked at her legs. Dried blood stuck to the wounds from earlier, there were only about ten or so. She was only half way through. She wasn’t sure if she would need to start all over or if a few would satisfy for now. At least it could distract from her head. She dragged the razor across her leg slowly getting the same feeling as when a pair of scissors glides through the paper. It stung worse than normal, but then again that may be the amplified emotions, she had to get used to it. So she made another, the same length, but she pressed harder. They took their time in globing together enough to fall down her leg and before the first trail happened she had five new lines. She watched them run down her leg and pool around her heel. She continued on until she felt cramped between blood and open cuts and moved onto her other leg. Once she was done she picked the big clots out and dumped them into the toilet and flushed it. Then she climbed to the shower head, washed the tub and sprayed down her legs and waited patiently on the tile for the wounds to stop weeping blood. She doesn’t think much, just watches her little legs bleed. Dabbing at them with some toilet paper she decides that they’re done and hid the razor properly before leaving the bathroom and putting the shirt back on and climbing into the bed. This time she was able to get a couple hours of rest.
* * *